Chapter 7: Round Two with Slade

Robin wasn't happy with Duke Nukem leading the charge against Slade, but he sadly would be a better choice than going alone with Slade. As the other Titans handled the alien survivors, Robin along with Duke went against Slade, two against one.

"This hardly seems like a fair fight" said Slade, "but the way you handled those Titans didn't sound fair to them."

"We'll just see about that" said Duke.

Duke charged first at Slade as he delivered several punches at Slade. Slade was able to block them all with ease, and deliver a punch of his own sending Duke flying nearly hitting Robin who just got out of the way.

"You were facing up with a bunch of amateurs!" laughed Slade as he was enjoying the second round with Duke.

"I am going to make you sorry for that!" said Duke.

Duke then charged again, but was knocked right out with one punch by Slade.

"Losing your skill, I see" said Slade.

Robin then came in to help out Duke, though Robin didn't like Duke as much, Slade was indeed always going to be ten times worse. Robin and Slade clashed with their fighting rods as Slade took out his.

"Try to defend a low life like him?" laughed Slade, "Amusing how you failed to even crush him when you had the chance!"

"At least he's no criminal like you!" roared Robin as he delivered a good kick sending Slade sliding on the floor.

Slade held his ground and then charged at Robin, he was about to smack Robin right in the face with his rod until Duke Nukem himself grabbed Slade's end of his rod.

"I think I can learn a thing or two from these amateurs, unlike what you haven't learned a thing from them" said Duke.

Duke then began to swing poor Slade around, and around making Slade quite dizzy as he was trying to hold onto his rod. Poor Slade was then let go and he went flying right into the air crashing against some Assault Troopers and pig cops.

"You just don't seem to get Duke Nukem" said the Assault Trooper who wasn't happy that Slade didn't live up to his promise in defeating Duke.

"Ready to join your friend Slade?" laughed Cyborg.

The alien survivors instead ran for their lives in the mere sight of the Titans and Duke Nukem, Robin then ordered the Titans to charge at Slade with Duke also joining in.

"Titans, go!" ordered Robin.

Beast Boy went first as he changed himself into a gorilla and began to smash Slade around. Starfire then began to shoot star bolts at him, and Raven began to use her powers to throw large rocks while Cyborg would use his sonic cannon on the rocks making it obviously harder for Slade. Robin then charged with Duke directly at Slade, both of them delivered a punch quite hard at Slade to which poor Slade collapsed to the ground.

"Now that's what I call team work" said Duke, "you know, you Titans are alright. Sorry I got into a fight with you."

"Sorry for continuing it" said Robin.

About a few hours later, the EDF arrived to place Slade in handcuffs again, Slade was indeed going to be heavily guarded this time to ensure he would not escape from the EDF.

"You Titans haven't heard the last of me!" roared Slade as he was being taken away in a well secured military van.

"Good work" said the General to Duke and the Titans, "we can assure you that Slade will no longer be a threat to anyone ever again."

"And the alien survivors?" asked Robin.

"Running like cowards" replied the General.

"Well, I guess that's all settled, until next time" said Duke as he hopped onto his monster truck and drove off leaving the Titans which the scene ends from there.