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AN: This isn't beta-ed either. :P

She's asking. What if you, the all-knowing one, doesn't know the answer? That's a problem. She's asking about love, and you can't answer her.

Fabricate some half-assed lie about, "You'll know it when you see it."

God, you didn't expect her to actually remember it. But she did. And now Lily Luna Potter is back. And she says she's seen it.

Lily Luna Potter had fallen in love with you, Teddy Lupin. Teddy Engaged to Victoire Lupin. And you can't love her back. But guess what? You can't break the poor girl's heart.

So you talk to Rose. She's smart, right?

Who do you love? Platonically or otherwise? You love Victoire, she gets that out of you. So the engraved invitations go around and Lily Luna Potter gets her heart broken.

But she's okay with it, because she knew it would happen from the moment she fell for you. She tells you. It's okay. She understands.

And now you can be free. You aren't guilty anymore, and you can love. Victoire loves you and you love her. It's TeddyandVictoire not TeddyandLily.

AN: I was getting tired of the ones where he ALWAYS leaves her for Lily, so I wrote this. I hate Teddy and Lily now. Sorry to any lovers.