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Finn sat on the couch of the apartment he and his wife shared watching sports center when he heard the door down the hall open and slam shut. "Babe," he called slightly worried.

Rachel rounded the corner and looked at him with narrow eyes, "You don't talk," she said collapsing on the couch next to him. "My career is over," she mumbled into his chest. Finn smirked.

"So I was right?" He asked, while trying to contain his excitement.

"This is your fault," she said looking up into his eyes.

"But I was right." he mused.

"Of course you were right." She sighed. "I knew that you were right, before you even asked. I've known for a while, I just chose to ignore it."

"Considering your history was that even safe?" Finn's voice had changed a little.

"Don't." She started. "Don't even go there." She said frustrated that he would bring that up. "I talked to the doctor, and she said everything looked fine, so far. I asked her if there was anything I could do. She said she could put me on bed rest for a while, but I'd be miserable and it rarely proves effective since we pretty much know last time was a freak occurrence." Rachel assured him.

"But you're not excited?" Finn asked, referring to her attitude.

"Oh I ecstatic, we want this." Rachel told him. "Finn you have to understand that I'm having these feeling that I've worked so hard to get where I am but I'm going to lose it all."

"You don't have too," Finn told her while playing with her hair. "You'll be done with Funny girl in a few months, after that you could take like a year off and be back on something amazing."

"That's the problem Finn, what if I take a year off and decide I don't want to go back. Being on Broadway, living my dreams, it's amazing but recently the idea of buying a house in the suburbs and being that mom has sounded appealing." Rachel told him.

"Well," Finn took a deep breath not sure how to answer his wife. "You end Funny Girl in two months; you'll take a break because you cannot start a role being 3 months pregnant. Then once you have the baby, and we'll see what happens. You know take it one day at a time."

"I just don't want our kids to be the ones that remember their Nanny being the ones who take them to the park or play with them in their doll houses. I want to be the one to kiss them goodnight, get them up and ready the next morning." Rachel vented.

"Well Rach I'm not completely certain we can afford a full time nanny anyway, maybe a part time. But I think a pricy Manhattan day care is more in our reach." Finn joked, Rachel slapped him playfully.

"I can tell you one thing." Rachel told him.

"What's that," Finn asked curiously while playing with Rachel's engagement and wedding ring on her hand.

"I refuse to drive a mini-van." Rachel looked at him for his reaction, and hit him when he rolled his eye. She laughed with him while sinking back in the couch, stealing the remote from her husband.

Rachel Berry Hudson, as her stage name went, sang the last notes of her final song of her final performance of Funny girl. She had tears in her eyes, she had sung for many sold out shows the past two years, but she knew this one was for her. They had come to see the star do her last performance ever in the iconic role. Little did they know they were most likely seeing her last performance ever on a Broadway stage. Finn who was sitting front row did not even know. She had determined a few weeks ago that she could not let her children be raised in the hectic schedule of an actress, and Finn always had to attend conferences and such for his job. It would just be too much. Then she had returned to the thought of buying an actual house in a New York suburb and driving them to soccer games and dance lessons.

Rachel was sitting at a table, at an expensive restaurant with surrounded by family and friends. Her Dad's and Finn parents had flown out to see her closing show. Kurt, and Blaine had come and Rachel had also invited Lacie and her boyfriend to come too. They had all insisted that she had done her best performance yet, and she was taking the compliments in stride.

"Rachel and I actually want to tell you guys something." Finn said, causing Rachel to look at Finn with raised eyes, she thought they might wait until at least their drinks were here. The doctor had suggested that they wait until after Rachel had passed her first trimester before they told people she was pregnant. Rachel had been gaining some weight and she had a slight bump. She knew Kurt had been suspicious of her for a while, but last week she had a fitting her dress for Kurt and Blaine's wedding and he hadn't said anything but she knew the stylist had to tell him that Rachel had a few added inches.

"Well, I thought we'd at least wait until after we got the drinks, but I guess it's now or never." Rachel said looking at the expectant faces of her and Finn's parents, a smirk on Kurt and Lacie's face, yeah she knew they already figured that out, and Blaine sitting there fairly unfazed. "So, a few months ago Finn and I got some news we were not entirely expecting." Rachel didn't know why this was so hard. She had been pregnant before, yes it ended badly but it should be less awkward seeing that she and Finn had been married for two years now and she was turning 25 in two days.

"What Rachel is trying to say, in some weird guessing game form," Finn said confused. "Is that she is pregnant."

The reaction they got was not what they expected. Carole and Leroy both turned to their husbands telling them I told you soo's. Kurt sat back in his seat pouting and Lacie gave them an excited smile.

"Well, I guess that is it, I'm thinking about the bowtie pasta, in the pesto sauce. What about you Finn?" Rachel said trying to change the subject.

"That's not it," Carole exclaimed. "When are you due? When did you find out? Were you trying?" Finn and Rachel blushed a little at the last question. "Oh this is so perfect, just wonderful and perfect timing."

"Yeah the timing is pretty good mom" Finn said rubbing his neck uncomfortably.

"We found out a couple months ago, the doctor suggested we wait to tell everyone till after the first trimester. I'm due June 24th."

"Oh lord Rachel, I was thinking August, maybe July." Kurt exclaimed. "Last week after you're fitting Ashley told me she thought you might be pregnant, but not due three weeks before my wedding. That dress is going to be so unforgiving on an 9 month pregnant woman." Kurt sighed.

"What Kurt is trying to so pleasantly say," Blaine told them. "Is that, he wished you told him sooner so he could design a dress that was better suited for you Rachel that looked better when you are pregnant."

"We can work something out this is nothing we need to stress about now." Carole warned. "I'm sure you can work something out. I'm more excited about the baby, so you guys are in clear when it comes to issues?"

"Well with any pregnancy there are risks at any stages, but at this point we are past when I miscarried last time, and everything is looking normal" Rachel told her mother in law.

"That's just great baby girl," Leroy told his daughter.

"Thanks Daddy, actually Finn and I have sonogram pictures. They are a little old because our next one is in a few weeks." Rachel said pulling the pictures out of her bag handing one to each couple at the table. Finn rubbed Rachel's back soothingly while her friends and family passed around the photos oohing and awing at the photos.

"Finn will you stop fidgeting." Rachel hissed quietly while looking through a pregnancy magazine in the waiting room of her doctor.

"Well Rach, you know being at the lady doctor is kind of awkward." Finn told her while trying to read some stories in a highlight's for children magazine; they reminded him of his childhood and going to the doctor to get shots or sitting at the nurse's station because his mom couldn't find anyone to watch him.

"Well, I don't understand why. You're 25, we are married and having our first child there are plenty of worse situations that could have you sitting here." Rachel told him pointedly. "Plus this isn't just another appointment where I talk about how I'm feeling, and that I'm taking my vitamins. We are going to find out whether we are having a boy or a girl."

"Really you haven't mentioned that at all recently," Finn teased.

"Don't tease the woman carrying your child." Rachel playfully slapped him. "Why are you reading a magazine aimed for 8 years old with a third grade reading level?" She asked.

"It reminds me of my childhood." He told her putting it back down. Just then Rachel was called back and she nearly ran to the room with Finn trailing behind.

"Ok Rachel why don't you lay back so we can look at your baby, and see if we can find out what you're having." The doctor told her, as Finn sat next to her holding her hand. The doctor rolled up Rachel's shirt revealing her very prominent baby bump, her belly button was even starting to pop out. "So Rachel have you felt any movements you're half way. Most women can feel them at 18, but sometimes first time mothers don't feel them till 20 weeks."

"Well, I read online that it feels at first like butterflies, or popping popcorn and I think I felt that a little bit the other night. It was pretty cool. I think Finn got a little jealous" She joked.

"Well that's perfectly normal, and Finn, you should be able to start feeling things in a few weeks." The doctor smiled. "Ok here we got, there is the heartbeat," there was a sigh of relief from Rachel as it was a continuous scare that someday it would not be there. "And I see ten little fingers and ten little toes." Finn and Rachel both stared at their baby as it actually looked more like a baby than their last sonogram when Rachel first got pregnant. "Now have you to thought of names?" The couple nodded.

"If she's a girl she'll be named Alianna Carolyn, and if he is a boy he'll be Liam Christopher Robert." Rachel told the woman.

"Oh, what pretty names, well I'm not going to keep you waiting. This is Miss. Alianna Carolyn Hudson." The doctor said pointing the screen. Rachel gasped, and smiled broadly. She heard Finn mumble a profanity under his breath.

"I told you so," Rachel teased, sticking her tongue out at her husband.

"Well, I know you think I wanted a boy but a little girl that I can spoil is perfectly fine." Finn told his wife in response. "She'll be beautiful like her mother."

"Just as long as she has her daddy's dimples," Rachel told him.

"Well you two, I think you're all done." The doctor told them. "The front desk will have your picture, and they will have a cd with photos on them and a video of the sonogram, I made sure to put in the labels." She smiled, shaking Finn's hand as Rachel cleaned off her stomach. Finn sneaked a kiss before Rachel rolled down her shirt.

"Yuck, that gel is gross," he said licking his lips. Rachel laughed at him, hopping off the exam table.

"Oh come on you loser." She told him taking his hand, and pulling him out of the exam room.

Finn and Rachel were half naked on their couch clothes discarded on the floor while Rachel sat straddling Finn's hips; it was more comfortable to accommodate her growing baby bump. Her hormones and Finn's odd work schedule were to blame for this five o'clock rendezvous. She was kissing her way down his chest when they both looked up alert to the sound of their front door opening and closing. "Shit" she mumbled pulling herself off Finn as he sat up.

"Hello, Hello," Kurt's voice filled their apartment. "Rachel baby, you home? I'm dropping off something in the nursery then I brought you dinner, I thought you said Finn was working late.

"How the hell did Kurt even get in here?" Finn whispered annoyed, even as Finn was married and moved out of his parents' house his stupid stepbrother was an amazing cockblock.

"Hey Kurt I'll be right in, I wanna see what you brought," Rachel yelled back calmly. "I might have given him a key," Rachel told Finn pulling her t-shirt over her head.

"Why would you do that?" Finn asked standing up to pull his discarded work pants back on.

"Because he brings me food in the middle of the day," Rachel said while finishing pulling on her yoga pants. Kurt walked out, as Finn was still buttoning his pants; he took in both Finn and Rachel's appearances.

"Oh my god you were having sex weren't you." Kurt said setting down the food on their island.

"I have needs Kurt and I did not expect you to be coming over," Rachel sighed waddling over to her best friend and brother-in-law. "But speaking of needs, what did you bring me to eat?"

"Steamed vegetables, some fried rice and a veggie spring roll." Kurt said pulling things out of the bag. "Finn there is some lo-mien I got for Rachel to eat tomorrow or tonight you can have that since I thought you might not be home," he called to his brother who was not flipping through channels on the TV.

"Yeah I surprised Rachel, by getting off early, we talked about going out." Finn said not looking up from the television.

"It's okay Finny," Rachel said from her stool at island. "We can go out another night." She was eating vegetables right out of the plastic container.

"I told Blaine I was coming over he said he might run over after work." Kurt told Rachel.

"Oh cool!" Rachel said, "Finn can have some company."

"So I talked to Ashley, she told me the dress ready for you, it will be nice because she put in stretching panels under the outer layer so it's draping on you but supportive." Kurt had redesigned his form fitting dress that was originally supposed to show off Rachel's curves, to a dress that went to her knees in an elegant draping without looking like it was an off the rack maternity dress. It was one shoulder and had one long row of fabric that went down from her shoulder to clench above her knees and another on that swept from her chest under it loosely. It fitted at the chest, and accentuated her boobs that had grown quite a bit in the past few months.

"Ashley kept telling me that my breasts are going to look amazing. I could care less about how they look and rather that I don't look like the huge cow I've become." Rachel told him.

"You're pregnant Rach, not a cow." Finn emphasized again sitting next her and eating some lo-mien.

"You have to say that, you want to finish what we started tonight." Rachel wiggled her eyebrows as Kurt made gagging noises behind him.

"Hey guys," Finn said walking up to the table that seated his former glee club. It was Kurt's wedding and Finn and Rachel were doing their best man/maid of honor duties and making the rounds saying hello to the guests.

"Hey look its Frankenteen," Santana said while taking a sip of her wine. "Where is Mrs. Frankenteen?"

"Uh, I think she is talking to a table full of Blaine's third cousins," Finn said. "When she comes over, no 'you look like you're about to pop' or 'you're so big when are you due?' things" he warned. "I think she about clobbered a woman some Blaine works with."

"No problem dude, when is she due?" Puck asked.

"Um like in three weeks." Finn said taking a sip of his beer he had been drinking.

"So Finn are you excited?" Tina asked him, the rest of the glee club nodded.

"Yeah, excited, nervous, scared shitless," Finn laughed, "Same thing, right?"

"I think you'll be a great father." Quinn said from her seat next to Puck.

"Thanks Quinn, Rachel seems to think so too," Finn told the group. "So what is everyone else doing?"

"Well we were just talking about the new music store Sam is helping open with the company he's working for."

"Oh yeah I read about it in that email you sent me, it looks really cool." Finn said to Sam.

"What is really cool about it, is that it is enabling a problem with digital music and music stores. Say you're 13 and you're at the mall with your friends, you can walk into my store plug in your iPod or mp3 player and drag and drop 20 songs into it, and pay cash right there for them."

"Sam Evans changing the music industry one mall store in Cleveland Ohio at a time." Mercedes joked, they all laughed when Rachel walked up wearing her fake smile.

"Hey guy, how's it going? Are you guys enjoying the reception? It's so pretty don't you think. Who had the steak I hear it was superb?" She said like they were rehearsed lines. Her smile quickly faltered and she sighed pretty much collapsing into Finn side, he wrapped his arms around rubbing her arms soothingly.

"You sound exhausted diva." Mercedes told the woman. The rest of the group nodded in agreement.

"I'm fine I'm just sick of making mindless chit chat with family members I'll never meet again." Rachel told the group.

"Well If it helps that dress looks yummy on you." Santana told her.

"Santana you can't eat dresses," Brittany pointed out.

"Please, Kurt did an amazing job on this dress but I look like a cow, someone told me I was so brave to be in a wedding when I was soo overdue, and then another asked if I was having twins." Finn raised his eyebrows at this.

"You're not that big Rachel; in high school I'm pretty sure I was larger than you." Quinn tried to tell her, "People are just ignorant."

"Thanks Quinn," Rachel smiled, she turned to Finn, "Kurt said that after his first dance he wouldn't care if I went upstairs to bed. So if I disappear I'll be up there." She told him kissing him chastely on the lips. "It was really great seeing you guys, I'll be at breakfast tomorrow morning so I'll see you then but I still have a few more people I need to talk to." They all said bye to Rachel, Finn raised his eyebrows at his the group once she was gone.

"Dude she seriously isn't having twins?" Puck joked, and Quinn on one side and Mercedes on the other slapped him in the head.

"Rachel," She heard Kurt's voice scream from outside her hospital room. She laughed as he ran into the private room looking at her with wild eyes. "So Blaine and I land from a 4 hour flight and I have three voicemails from you two from Finn and one from my mother all saying you went into labor and no one is there. What happened you were fine when I talked to you on the phone?"

"Well about 20 minutes later my water broke." Rachel told him fairly calmly. "Then I started having some contractions and so I took a taxi to the hospital. I tried Finn but the dumbass left his phone in his room so it took me an hour to contact that stupid convention and get someone to go find him. Oh you poor thing you look so burnt."

"How are you so calm?" Kurt asked in disbelief, "You're in labor."

"Well about an hour ago I got over the initial shock that I could be doing this alone, and it's actually a lot more comforting that you're here." Rachel told him.

"When can I have the drugs," Rachel whined to the doctor.

"Soon Rachel very soon," she assured the woman in labor.

"I want them NOW," she practically spat. She groaned in pain again squeezing Kurt's hand.

"Rachel, I thought we talked about no pain meds or anything. All natural," Kurt questioned.

"Kurt, I love you I really do, and I mean this in the nicest way possible. Even though I know you're very happy, with your role as the more feminine person in you and Blaine's relationship, at the end of the day you will still have a dick, and when you have to push and orange out of it then we'll talk. Because right now there is a tiny person with your brother's head and my hips trying to come out of a hole that was originally the size of a golf ball." Rachel said through gritted teeth.

"Rachel I'd say a bit smaller," her doctor joked.

"We'll there you go, even smaller." Rachel told him collapsing into the pillows. "Oh I've been at this for 7 hours, when is Finn going to get here?"

"You stupid idiot, you are 6 hours from your pregnant wife who is due in a week and you leave your phone in your room. You know how many people I had to call to get someone to go in find you. You asshole, you did this to me and then you bail on me." Rachel was screaming at Finn as Kurt left the hospital room, he went over to his husband and sat down.

"Oh my god I'm so jetlagged." Blaine said leaning back in the chair.

"Me to, and my hand hurts." Kurt said rubbing his red hand, from the death grip Rachel had on it till moments ago.

"It's only 8 pm," Blaine groaned. "Do you want some coffee?"

"Yea sure," Kurt said grabbing his husbands hand as they walked to the coffee machines.

"You are never touching me again." Finn snorted, "What you don't think I'm serious, if I say we are never having sex again I mean it, and I'd pray I don't crush your right hand." Rachel snapped at him.

"Sorry" he mumbled as she gripped his hand tighter.

Rachel sweetie you need to push. Rachel groaned and screamed louder with each push until a new set of wails filled the room. The new occupant of the room certainly had her mother's lungs. Rachel's death grip let go as Finn was instructed to cut the cord. The baby was handed to Rachel. Rachel stared into her own eyes looking back at her; except for the eyes she looked exactly like Finn. The nurse picked up the baby and it was the first time Rachel registered what was going on.

"Where are they taking her," She asked tiredly.

"They just want to clean her off and take her weight and everything." Finn assured her, wiping the sweat covered bangs out of her eyes. "I'm sorry," he told her. "I screwed up I shouldn't have ever left you."

"I was the one who went into labor early," she told him with a smile. The nurse brought back the tiny girl wrapped in a pink blanket. She was tiny like her mom but she was tall, like her daddy. She looked so delicate. It scared Finn when Rachel offered the tiny bundle to him. A big man like him would surely crush the tiny thing in his wife's arms. Rachel assured him that he'd be fine and a nurse offered him a chair pushed up next to the bed. The nurse snapped a few photos of the small family on the camera in Rachel's bag before she left them to be alone.

"She is perfect," Finn told his wife, who nodded watching him with her; he was so gentle with the tiny thing. "Alianna Carolyn Hudson, perfect little Ali," he whispered cradling the tiny bundle in his arms.

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