Kack- Kickin' It's Jack and Kim Chapter 67 The Truth Uncovered

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Kim's POV

After what seemed and probably was our longest kiss, we separated and Jack had excitement written all over his face…too much excitement. "

Ok, what's up with all your excitement?" I asked as we stood up and I put my hands on my hips.

"What do you mean" he said now passing obvious.

"Well I had something planned today if you weren't busy"

"Well I'm not so what is it?"

"Follow me" he said leading me out the door.

The sun was about to peek over the horizon soon and Jack led me somewhere.

Then he stopped and turned to face me and said "Close your eyes"

I did as I was told and I covered my eyes with my hands as he carefully led me through what I think was grass until he stopped and turned me slightly to my right.

He then let go of me and said "Open" and when he did so, I opened my eyes to a picnic basket near what appeared to be a lake.

"Jack, it's so amaz…" was all I could say before I noticed he was nowhere in sight.

Jack's POV

After I told Kim to open her eyes, I put a note in front of her feet then quietly sprinted behind a bush.

From there I could still hear whatever she said and see what she does.

I peeked through the bush and heard her say "Jack, its so amaz…" before she noticed I wasn't there.

She turned around a few times in her place and couldn't see me.

She then noticed the note that was on the ground, turned towards the lake, and that's when I made my move.

I snuck up behind her, wrapped my arms around her stomach, and bent over slightly to lay my head on her shoulder.

As I did this, at the same time I said "Hey Kimmy" to get her attention.

She immediately turned around and asked "How did you do this when you were with me the whole time?"

"I have my resources" I said smirking a bit. "But I just wanted to have this time for us. That's it" I said turning on the charm a bit.

I then picked her up bridal-style and carried her over to the blanket.

Kim's POV

When I was about to tell Jack how amazing it was, I couldn't finish when he disappeared.

I turned around a few times looking in all directions but still couldn't find him.

I then noticed a note on the ground that said "Look forward".

Right when I looked forward two firm arms grabbed me around my waist and a felt a chin rest upon my shoulder.

I knew it was Jack and asked "How did you do this when you were with me the whole time?"

"I have me resources" followed by "But I just wanted to have this time for us. That's it".

He unexpectedly picked me up bridal-style and carried me over to the blanket and set me down.

I walked around me then sat by me as he started to unveil the basket.

Before he pulled anything out he told me to close my eyes.

My eyebrow rose but went back down as I closed my eyes.

"Open your mouth".

After I opened my mouth he plopped in a strawberry and it was delicious!

"Ok, now try this" he said as I opened my mouth again.

He plopped another strawberry in but this time sprayed whipped cream inside.

"Yum" I said sarcastically as I opened my eyes.

Jack's POV

After I plopped in the strawberry then the strawberry with some whipped cream, Kim said "Yum" sarcastically which made me chuckle.

She then snatched the whipped cream from me and said close your eyes.

After I did so instead of spraying it in my mouth she sprayed it on my face all over making me look like a weird looking monster or a snowman.

Kim couldn't stop laughing because honestly if I was her I would be laughing too.

When her laughter died down just a smidge she smirked at me and I said "Haha very funny, now how about a hug?" as a grin grew across my face.

"Oh no, don't you dare!" she warned as she shot up from her spot.

"Come on, it's now like want it" I said I approached her.

She started walking backwards but after a few seconds she turned around and took off in a smooth motion.

"Don't you dare Jack!" she screamed as she continued to run with me behind her.

Kim's POV

After he said for me to give him a hug I shot up, said "Oh no, don't you dare!" and backed up as he walked towards me.

I then decided it was a good time to run and I turned around and ran as fast as I could.

After minutes of continuous running, I yelled "Don't you dare Jack!" as he gained up on me slightly.

Then at the worst possible time I tripped on a plant root and fell to the ground.

I flipped over on my back with my hands supporting my upper body off the ground.

Jack then said "Come on Kimmy" before walking up to me quickly and hugging me getting whipped cream all over me.

Immediately afterwards I whipped the whip off me and Jack got off me just in time to see the fury I my eyes.

He then walked up to me and said "Oops, missed a spot" then let his lips crash into mine which got whip all over us.

I fell backwards onto the ground and Jack propped himself over me as we continued to kiss.

Jerry's POV

We were gonna play football in the park as Eddie, Milton and I saw something we never ever thought we would see.

Kim and Jack were already there except they were making out.

Kim was on the ground with Jack holding himself over her and they also had some white stuff on their faces and clothes.

I think its whipped cream.

But as we all saw this the first one to speak was Eddie who said "I knew it!" in a whispered tone.

"Man, we totally knew something was going on since we were at Hawaii" I said smirking at them as they still made out.

"Wow, it's been already two minutes since we got here and they're still kissing" Milton said.

"Um, guys as much as fun as this is we should leave them alone right now" I said.

The guys turned towards me eyes as wide as the horizon and said "Wow that was actually smart Jerry!" Milton said surprised.

"Yeah, I guess it is! I think…" I said trailing off.

We then all left and went to the dojo to wait for them to get back so we can tease them.