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Jealousy was a feeling that Kiba hated.

It bubbled up and swirled around in his chest, toying with his mind and making him see red. And honestly, he didn't even want to feel jealous. Not of Naruto, anyway.

Truth was, he really couldn't help it.

Naruto was one of his best friends, and it just so happened that he had a thing for Hinata Hyuuga, the girl Kiba liked.

"It's not fair," Kiba mumbled. "I've known her longer. I've loved her longer."

But Hinata was in love with Naruto and they were together and he made her so, so happy. She was always smiling these days, smiling with a confidence Naruto probably inspired, and Kiba sighed. "She'll never smile like that because of me. It'll always be Naruto."

Naruto was something special—he gave her courage and happiness and now she shone with a brilliant, beautiful radiance that Kiba could never even dream of giving her.

And in return, Hinata softened Naruto's heart and gave him those pretty little smiles of hers (the ones he loved) while her face turned pink—and then jealousy reared its ugly head again.

But Kiba only gave her a small, forced smile, stated how happy he was for her through clenched teeth, and cursed himself later for lying to her again and again and again.

"Whatever. I can get over her. Hinata is just some girl—one of my best friends, but just a girl."

Don't lie to yourself, Kiba.

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