A/N: This is my entry to the Silver Screen Fan Fic challenge. I had selected Emily Prentiss and the film "Notorious" as my character and film. My assigned second character was…Ashley Seaver. This was a challenge to me on many levels because I don't particularly like Seaver, but the bigger problem is that I never really got a grasp on who Ashley Seaver was. She felt too much like a blank slate to me with what the show presented. So, that's my first word of warning: while Ashley is definitely a main character in this story along with Prentiss, likely my version of Ashley isn't going to match up with how you or anyone else may see her. Second caveat on this story: I selected Emily as my main character and was assigned Seaver. Under the rules, I had to use them as main characters but it didn't mean other characters couldn't be prominently featured and they are. As a Hotch/Prentiss shipper, expect HEAVY shippiness. I mean, story needs to be rated "M" in one part shippiness if you get my meaning (if you don't, think S-M-U-T). It'll only be in one chapter so you can skip that chapter if you want. Third caveat: If you like JJ, you might want to skip this story, that's all I'm saying except things will be explained in the end and resolved…to an extent. But really, JJ lovers, don't say I didn't warn you or say how OOC I'm writing JJ. You were warned! Fourth caveat: The framework of this story is similar to "Notorious", but it's not an exact replica. And if you haven't seen the movie, do so. It's pretty great and I totally can see Thomas Gibson in the Cary Grant role and Paget Brewster in Ingrid Bergman's. Fifth caveat: It seems I'm incapable of doing a one or two or even a three shot, but this story is not going to be an epic. I won't be able to meet the deadline if it was. It'll likely have no more than a dozen parts, if that many. And last, those waiting to read updates on my two other stories, "Reckoning" and "A Rose By Any Other Name", they're taking a slight back seat to this story since there's a hard and fast deadline, end of the month, for this to be one to be completed. But it is almost done so I should make that deadline and be back to posting in the other two. So I hope folks enjoy my trip into the fan fic challenge/smutty side of Criminal Minds. Feed back is appreciated.


Ashley Seaver stood watch and guard by the door, keeping an eye out while also listening to the hushed conversation between the man and the dying woman behind her. How had everything gone so wrong? she asked herself as she bit her lip, willing herself not to cry right now. She needed to be as sharp and collected as possible if any of them hoped to get out of this alive.

If only they had acted faster, if she had spoken up sooner. But she was still unsure about herself and what her position on the team was, especially after her confrontation with JJ last month. The delay would likely cost Emily her life and for that, Ashley would never forgive herself.

"Hang on, Em," Hotch said quietly as he brushed back a strand of raven hair from her perspiration damped forehead, even as the other applied pressure to the bloody wound on her side. "I'm getting you out of here."

How? Ashley wondered. It was just the two of them and an incapacitated Prentiss. Hotch would likely have to carry Emily, leaving only Ashley as the only one defending them. She couldn't shoot their way out of here, Mason had too many henchmen milling about. Sneak out? It was hard enough when she and Hotch sneaked in, now with a weakened Prentiss who couldn't negotiate some of the trickier spots, it would be impossible.

"No," Emily said weakly. "You and Ashley go while you can. Take the flash drive. It has all of the information on the terrorist cells." She tried to remove the cleverly concealed flash drive disguised as a locket from around her neck, but she was too weak and Hotch's hand stopped her.

"Hold onto it," he ordered her gently. "Keep it safe and you can give it to the Bureau yourself."

She smiled wanly at him. "I'm not sure if I can last that long," she whispered.

"Don't say that!" he said in a fierce and angry voice that didn't quite cover up the note of fear. "I'm getting you out of here and you'll be treated and you'll get better. Then we'll finish what we started."

"Aaron," she said softly, rapidly fading. "It was over before it begun. But know it did mean something to me, no matter how we left things." Her fingers traced his lips. "I think I've always been in love with you."

"This is my fault," he said in a broken voice. "I should have never allowed you to take this assignment."

"No choice," her voice was growing weaker. "But it finally brought us together. For that, I'm grateful."

Seaver glanced nervously back at the couple. Though she could only see Hotch's face in profile, she could still see that determined, hard look on his face and heard him declare in an angry voice:

"Don't you dare give up now, Emily. I'm getting us all out of here."