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"What if nobody likes me?" The little boy whined as he pulled on his mother's skirt anxiously. "Cloud told me First Graders eat boys like me!" he shuddered, terrified.

"Don't believe everything your brother says." The woman smiled, trying to calm down her son. "You'll have a lot of fun. There are many children your age to play with, and I made you a special treat for recess. It'll be fine, I promise." She ruffled her son's spiky hair, to which he just giggled and nodded.

"Love you mom!" He said as he gave a few steps towards the school building, each one slower than the last.

"Love you too, Roxy! Now hurry up or you'll be late!" She called. The boy straightened his back in fear and ran towards the school, leaving his mother chuckling behind.

Maybe Cloud had lied about having to stand with bricks strapped to your wrists if you arrived late, but he didn't want to find out. He found the classroom easily enough, but was scared of actually opening the door.

"Excuse me." The boy jumped in surprise and turned around. A brunette with a kind smile and a pink dress gestured towards the door. "Are you in this class?" He nodded, not sure about what to say. "You nervous, huh?" Roxas nodded again, cheeks reddening in embarrassment. "It's okay. I'm Aerith, and I'll be your teacher this year."

She kept smiling at him. It was so contagious he gave a small smile back, feeling relieved. His teacher seemed too nice for any of those things his brother had told him, so he allowed himself to relax and entered with her.

The classroom was already full, and could be divided in two groups. The front chatted animatedly and seemed cheery about being in school, while the back of the class was full of quiet children that were either drawing or playing around with their hands, seemingly entranced by the movement.

Roxas went to sit in the middle, in the not-too-defined limit between the two groups, still not quite sure if he belonged to either. The boy beside him grinned and waved. Just as he was about to say something Aerith cleared her throat, getting everyone's attention.

"Good morning class. I'm Aerith Gainsborough, your homeroom teacher." The woman said as she explained briefly how things worked in elementary school and gave them their schedules. Once she was finished, she gave them the rest of the period free to let them know each other.

Roxas decided to sit in a corner, watching everyone play. He realized not entering early had pretty much rendered him friendless, as he saw everyone already going to someone: A blonde girl drawing alongside a chatting redhead, a blond boy cracking jokes with a tubby black haired boy, and even the boy who tried talking to him earlier discussing with a silver haired boy over something.

He lingered on those two a bit when he saw the boy angrily stomp his foot in defiance and walking over to him.

"Hi! I'm Sora!" The boy said with a huge grin.

"Um… Hi." He responded nervously. Sora didn't speak for a moment, and Roxas wondered if he had done something wrong.

"What's your name?" the brunet finally said. The blond blushed in embarrassment at his own cluelessness.

"It's Roxas." He said immediately. The boy nodded and asked him to play with them. Roxas accepted without a second thought, and practically jumped towards the silver haired boy alongside Sora.

"Hi…" He greeted, self-conscious as the other eyed him down, probably judging him.

"Riku." The boy shrugged, seemingly unwilling to say anything else.

"This is Roxas!" The brunet grinned as he presented the blond. "Let's all play together!"

Roxas sighed, practically giggling at the memory. Sora had been his first friend through all of elementary school. The boy's cheeriness was unprecedented to the poor blond, who could barely keep up with the brunet's hyper attitude.

Riku, on the other hand, was the kind of person who was always there, but only shone during competitions and sports. Roxas had been pretty surprised when he discovered the boy could run fast enough to leave Sora behind. He was pretty cocky, but an overall good person.

He would now remember all those kiddie adventures tenderly. To be honest, those were the best six years of his life. After that, his father had transferred and he had to move to Twilight Town, to his friends' displeasure. Sora had even tried to 'adopt' him in an attempt to make him stay, and somehow (don't ask him how) ended up with a puppy. He had pretty much lost contact with them, and every once in a while he wondered what had happened to them.

Roxas wasn't what people would call 'sociable', so it was quite difficult for him to get along with others. While in Twilight Town, Olette had been his only friend. While far from being on bad terms with his other classmates, he was universally known as 'that weird boy who always sits in the corner'.

This time, however, the blond couldn't help but sigh happily as nearly endless summer was finally coming to an end. His father was transferred back to Destiny Islands, and he was somewhat excited and nervous. He didn't even know if his old friends remembered him, but being back in the place where he grew up filled him with hope of no longer being on his own.

When he was in Destiny Islands he remembered summer vacation never being enough to play and go exploring with Sora, Riku and Kairi (who had joined them after girls officially stopped having cooties). But while Twilight Town was really nice and had lots of things to do, he found it almost impossible to do much other than watch struggle matches, always embarrassedly alone.

Olette always left on vacation, so he was pretty much alone until the end of summer. His father had been working nonstop for almost six months, his mother was busy with packing the whole kitchen and labeling every box almost obsessively, and Cloud was always doing some odd jobs to save up enough for a motorcycle. Roxas couldn't help but huff a bit as he packed the last things (a paopu pillow, his books and some trinkets he had received thorough the years) in a box and put it with the rest.

He looked around his room. It seemed a lot bigger now. The only thing besides the bed was a checkered wristband Olette had given him to remember her.

"Roxas, dinner is ready!" He heard his mother say downstairs. He slipped on the wristband and looked at the sunset in his window. He smiled.

In a week, he wouldn't be able to see the buildings tinged in the same shade of orange. He knew Olette would be alright, so he turned around and headed to the dining room.

"Roxas!" A ten year old Sora tackled him into a hug, while Riku and Kairi looked on just a few feet behind them. "You're late! I was getting hungry!" he complained, his arms still around his neck.

"Sorry, but you could have started without me." He chuckled nervously. The brunet just shook his head.

"It wouldn't be fair for Roxy to miss lunch!" He rubbed his cheek against Roxas, who glared.

"Don't call me Roxy! I'm not six!" The blond said, huffing angrily.

"It doesn't matter! Cute things deserve cute nicknames!" He bellowed, not caring about the whole cafeteria watching them.

"… Don't be so loud." Roxas looked away, hoping to hide his blush from as many people as possible.

Riku was smirking at him, while Kairi just smiled lightly. This was pretty much a daily occurrence. If Sora wasn't his friend, he was pretty sure he would have punched him, hard. He went towards their table and unwrapped his lunch, trying to ignore Sora, who was nuzzling him while whining like a dog.

"Don't ignore me Roxy!" He pouted. Roxas looked over to Kairi for help, knowing Riku enjoyed this too much to do something about it. She just shook her head guiltily, and he sighed.

"Do you have to do this everyday?" he finally turned around, much to Sora's delight.

"As long as you're my adorable Roxas!" he vowed, grinning. Roxas shook his head in defeat, but a smile found his way to his face.

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