The hedgehog
By Belletiger Bt

A/n: hi there! That's my first KHR fanfic, With fem Tsuna and Hibari. I hope you guys like this story.^^



A young man, around of his 20 years was smiling sadly to a small hedgehog in his hands. The small hedgehog didn't look at the man's eyes directly. He looked like he was in shame for what happened to him.

"Sorry for not telling this soon, little brother. Our parents and I decided to not tell you about this until the time is right."

The small hedgehog didn't do anything, only starting at the ground. The young man only petted the hedgehog's head, being very careful to not get hurt from the spikes as he started to explain the things to him.

"Little brother, the reason why you become a hedgehog on your 10th birthday because a witch had cursed our ancestral to become one. Our ancestral could only be a human on the nights of new moon, when the witch's power of moon is weaker. The curse would continue through the every boy in our family bloodline and we would become a hedgehog in our 10th birthday." The young man explained to the small hedgehog. "Like you, I've also become a hedgehog until I was able to break my curse."

The small hedgehog's eyes widen in surprised, for the first time he looked at the young man. His eyes were asking 'how did you break your curse?'. The young man just chucked.

"The only way to break the curse is…"


Chapter 1

Sawada Tsunayoshi was a typical 15 years old girl. She studies at Namimori Junior High, but she was not the best student in her school. For being so clumsy and useless, everyone in there calls her 'Dame-Tsuna'.

Tsuna would have dropped the school if it wasn't for her best friend Yamamoto Takeshi. Ever since the incident that killed her mother and having a bad relationship with her father, Yamamoto was always there for her; comforting and giving her strength every time she needs a shoulder to cry on. She even was able to work as a waitress at Yamamoto's sushi bar and she views Yamamoto's father, Tsuyoshi, as a father figure. She lived with the Yamamoto family since her mother's death when she was 7 years old and leading into a bad relationship with her father. After she became 14, she was able to rent a small apartment to live since she does not want to be a burden to the Yamamoto Family. Thought she liked her somewhat independence, she admits she misses to be welcomed by someone when she gets home.


"Stupid fangirls." Muttered Tsuna darkly.

Standing in front of the large mirror, Tsuna winced; there was a nasty red bruise on her cheek. Splashing some water on her face, Tsuna adjusted her clothes and headed back out onto the sushi bar.

It was always the same thing: Tsuna gets bullied by fan girls at the school because they were always jealous of her close relationship with Yamamoto who was the baseball star at their school. She was not only bullied by fan girls but by boys as well. For being the famous Dame-Tsuna, they always make her cleaning the rooms by herself while they would go home early. She hated this. She was not their maid for them to boss around.

Before going to the sushi bar, Tsuna went to Namimori Shrine. She always go there at least once for week to ask to the Shinto gods for good luck and a better future; a habit that started after her mother passed away. Tsuna throws a coin and rang the bells as she stared to pray.

"I wish I could also have someone especial." Tsuna thought as she looked at to the shrine.

Then, she blinked in confused as she heard a strange sound. When she turned around, she saw near trees a small creature that looked like a hedgehog, fighting against a hawk. In normal situations, Tsuna would have left the nature leading its course but seeing the small hedgehog fighting for its life had reminded Tsuna the way she always fights against the bullies and having no one to help. There was only one action Tsuna had to do.


She throws her bag book at the hawk.


" Wow, you saved this little guy from a hawk while you were visiting the shine?" Yamamoto asked.

Tsuna blushed embarrassed as she nodded to her friend. After saving the hedgehog from the hawk, Tsuna didn't know what to do next. She couldn't leave the poor thing alone, so she took the hedgehog and put it in a box shoe and took it to the sushi bar with her, deciding what to do later. Yamamoto examined the sleeping hedgehog.

"Hum... It doesn´t s look hurt pretty much." Commented Yamamoto " What are you going to do with it?"

Tsuna sighted as she placed a bandana on her head.

" I really don´t know. The hedgehog doesn´t seem to be a wild one since hedgehogs are not found in the wild here. The little guy must have been a pet of someone. It might either have run away or..."

Tsuna didn´t finished her sentence. Images of a rainy day after an ugly fight with her father came to the mind. For some reason, she was seeing herself in the little hedgehog.

" Tsuna-chan?"

Yamamoto´s voice made Tsuna returning to the reality. She asked if she could leave the hedgehog in his room until her working hours are over. Yamamoto smiled to her, agreeing on leaving the small animal in his room while she works at his father´s sushi bar. Tsuna hugs him.

" You´re the best, Yamamoto-kun!"


After the working hours, Tsuna finally arrives to her small apartment, along with the Hedgehog in the box. She placed the box in the ground as she smiled and asking to the hedgehog to wait in the box while she takes a bath. When the hedgehog finds himself alone, he looked at his new surrenders. The apartment was pretty small. It had only had space enough for one person to live.

Something flashed on the table near the bed. The hedgehog reacted, even though it was just the flash of the moonlight against the crystal of a photo frame. The small animal got out from the box and climbed all the way to the top of the bed. He looked at the picture once again. It was a beautiful woman with short brown hair and gentle brown eyes. The hedgehog thought the woman in the picture was Tsuna´s mother, since he could see how much the woman looked like Tsuna. He didn't know how long he was starting at the photo frame when the hedgehog hears Tsuna voice.

"How did you get in the bed?"

The Hedgehog gasped when he saw Tsuna all wet and only with a towel covering her naked body. He closed his eyes; he didn't want to see that girl's naked body. Tsuna was confused, why the Hedgehog was closing his eyes? It was her impression or the small animal was blushing?

After dressing her night grown, Tsuna sat down in the bed and took the photo frame from the table. She smiled softly at the photo. She hugs the photo frame before placing back on the table while she placed the Hedgehog back in the box. The Hedgehog noticed a stray with sliced apple.

"Yamamoto-kun did a little research for me while I was working." Tsuna said to the Hedgehog. "He said you're an African Pygmy Hedgehog and you usually eat insects but pet Hedgehogs can eat dry cat food and some small amounts of fruits. I'll try to buy some dry cat food for you tomorrow, please, just bear with these pieces of apple for tonight." Tsuna said , smiling softly to the small animal.

With that, Tsuna turned off the lights as she lays down in her bed, going to a deep dreamless sleep.



Yep, once more Sawada Tsunayoshi was going to the school late. Being late for school was not an unusual occurrence in Sawada Tsunayoshi's life. Tsuna ran through the gate and going directly to the to her classroom. She was lucky that the head of the disciplinary committee is not in the day classes. She only saw Hibari Kyoya once, when she came out from detention very late. Thought she only saw him once, she knew the head of the disciplinary committee is not someone you should get trouble with. She entered to the class room, the teacher did nothing but continue on. All of the teacher had stopped reprimanding her since she never get in the school right in the time and saying she will get another detention with him. Tsuna groaned. She hates detention with the math teacher. Unknown to everyone in the room, a small Hedgehog came out from Tsuna's bag and rushed out from the classroom (Tsuna accidentally left the door semi opened).


After what its seens to be hours, Tsuna's thanked to all the gods the detention was finally over. She phoned to Yamamoto to warn him she will be a little late for work because she still need return home to clean herself and also to check how the Hedgehog was doing.

"Don't worry, Tsuna-chan, I will tell to my old man. I will see you later at work." Yamamoto said.

Tsuna smiled softly; she was thankful that she had Yamamoto's father as a boss since he understands her situation. She was going to her way out when she was stopped by an older student.

"Hey Sawada-chan," the boy named Mochida opened the door, looking at her, "I have a Kendo competition coming up and today I have class duties. Would you do them for me."

Tsuna only glared at him. She might be the worse student of the school but she is no maid to him or any other student. She is tired coming home late because the others are bussing her around to do their own duties. For the first time, she will not do anything what Mochida wil ask her do.

"Sorry Senpai." She said, bowing him as she smiled to her. "I have my own duties and I do not have time to do any of your favors since its almost dusk."

With that Tsuna starts to walk off before she feels something hitting her back before everything going black.


Tsuan groaned as she wondered what happened. Then she noticed that her arms and legs were tied in the bed of the infirmary, she was also gagged.

"Good evening, Tsuna-chan. I hope I didn't hit you that hard." Mochida said, smiling to her.

Tsuna glared at Mochida, She tied to move her arms but it the ropes were tied too tight. The young girl never felt so useless in her life as Mochida was starting to undo her buttons.

"You know, this would never happen if you just had followed my order and cleaning the classroom like I ordered you to." Mochida said, smirking. When he opened her blouse, he whistled. "Wow, for someone like Dame-Tsuna, you have nice pair of breasts"

Tsuna was now crying when Mochina touched her breasts. She couldn't cry out for help because of the gag. She was praying someone to save her from the pervert. Suddenly something attacked Mochida. Tsuna's eyes widen in surprised when she saw a hedgehog biting and scratching Mochida's face furiously; it was the same hedgehog she saved yesterday ! But how did the small animal get there? Mochida growled as he throws the hedgehog to the ground.

"You stupid rat! I will crush you." growled Mochida darkly.

He got out from the bed as he grabs his kendo sword. But what happens next caught both Mochida and Tsuna out of surprise. The hedgehog's eyes glowed. Tsuna didn´t know what was happening in there as the small hedgehog's eyes glowed blue before the ground was covered in smoke.

Mochida gritted his teeth, preparing himself whatever was forthcoming from the smoke. He could see a tall shadow behind the smoke sheet. As the smoke cleared, a young man, around his teens and approximately 15-years of age, stepped forward. He had a pale skin complexion, onyx-color eyes, and short hair. Mochia paled when he recognized the naked figure.

"H-Hibari Kyoya?"

Tsuna´s eyes widen in surprise when she hears that name. Hibari Kyouya was the famous leader of the Namimori Middle discipline committee but he never could go to the school every day because she heard he had some type of illness that not allow him to go out home often, being home tutored and only coming to the school for one night to do all his school exams. She only saw him once when she had detention late of night but she already knew Hibari was not someone you should anger.

"You dishonor the nanimori uniform for sexual assaulting this herbivore. I shall bite you to death."

Next thing Tsuna saw was Mochida getting a beating of his life. Even without his tonfas, Hibari was still strong as he crushed Mochida's kendo sword with his bare hand. She almost feel sorry for him. The keyword ´almost´. After he had beat Mochida senseless, Hibari removed his uniform, only leaving the underwear on the pervert as the dressed his clothes to cover his naked body. Tsuna was about having a panic attack as Hibari was walking towards her. He glared at her.

"This idiot didn't hurt you, did he?" He asked as he removed the gag and the ropes that had tied her in the bed.

She was too shocked to say anything. Was the famous Hibari Kyouya the small hedgehog that she saved? She was starting to hyperventilate as she fainted. Hibari tisked annoyed as he cared the herbivore in his arms in bridal style. He kicked Mochida's chest before leaving the school grounds.

"What troublesome herbivore." He muttered.

To be continued.

So did you liked? I hoped I didn't made tsuna too OOC. Like I said, this is my first KHR fic and I was into the fandon for the short time. Say, should I continue this story? please, I want to hear your sincere opinion.