-Twelve Years Ago-

"But Mommy, I don't wanna go!" I sniffled, clinging to my mothers legs, arms locked like iron chains.

"Michaela Torres?" My head raised in the direction of the voice, "Hi, I'm Ms. Halloway, your kindergarden teacher. Why don't you come in and I'll show you your desk, okay?" Slowly, I released my mom's legs and nodded. "Alright then, lets get you to your seat Michaela,"

"Mitchie," I mumbled, still wanting to go home.

"I'm sorry?" My teacher leaned down, to hear me better.

"Mitchie. My name is Mitchie." I repeated a little louder. She smiled and took my hand, leading me away from my mommy. Mommy waved, and then she was gone. I felt like crying all over again. Ms. Halloway led me over to a table with a little boy already sitting at it.

"Mitchie, this is Shane, your table partner. Shane, this is Mitchie." She made introductions, then went to the door to get another little girl. I looked at Shane. He smiled, and I could see that he didn't have any front teeth.

"Hi, I'm Shane. You can call me Shane. I like your name, it's cool," He grinned a lopsided grin, and I giggled, feeling a little better.

"Thanks, your name is cool too." I think I'm gonna like sitting here.

-Nine Years Later-

"You promise you'll call everyday?" I grabbed Shane's hand, pulling him around to face me.

"Twice a day. No, three times a day," He grinned his signature grin, making me blush. He was so cute when he grinned.

"I wish you could stay here Shay," I whispered, tears gathering in my eyes.

"I wish you could come with me. L.A. won't be the same without you Mitch," He slung his arm around my shoulder.

"At least you'll have Nate. I'll be all alone," Looking down, I quickly wiped the tears from my eyes. "I'm sorry, I just hate goodbye's. Especially when it's my best friend in the world," Shane tilted my head up, forcing me to stare into his eyes.

"Then don't say goodbye. We're not saying goodbye. We're saying see you soon," I flung my arms around his neck, never wanting to let go. I felt Shane kiss the top of my head.

"Go. Be a pop star. Just don't forget me when you're famous," I joked. His eyes turned serious.

"Michaela Marie Torres, I could never forget you. Not in a million years," Before I could process what was happening, my lips were on his. He pulled away, and smiled. "See you soon Mitch," Shane grinned, and walked down my driveway. I had no clue that this would be the last time I saw him for three years.

"Mitchie? Mitchie Torres?" Shane repeated, as if he didn't understand. I fixed my eyes in a glare at him.

"Shane, how nice of you to remember my name, considering you haven't talked to me since we were what, fifteen?" I spat, feeling all the hurt I've been pushing back for three years resurfacing. Clenching my hand around the fabric of the limo seat, I tried to push down my hatred and hurt. Having an episode here with Nate watching would NOT be good. Shane looked guiltily at the celing of the limo, and for a second I felt bad for saying that. But then my anger flared up inside of me, all feelings of guilt erased.

"Mitchie, I'm so sorr-"

"Sorry? Sorry doesn't even cut it Shane. Three years you ignored me. Three years I waited for you to call me. Three years I hoped you would come home to see me. Three years I prayed you hadn't forgotten me! But guess what? You did. You forgot all about your best friend. The one you've hung out with, told all your secrets to, and know since you were five years old. You changed your phone number. You never came back. 'See you soon,' turned into see you never. Spare me your stupid apology Shane, it doesn't change a thing," I was seething. Throwing myself back onto the seat, I fought back tears. Shane slumped back, looking defeated. Nate and Jason looked uncomfortable. I sat up, and then smiled.

"Hey Jason, I haven't seen you in forever. Give me a hug!" I forced a smile and leaned foward to hug him.

"Mitchie! Do you still like birds? Cause I can make you a birdhouse, just tell me what color! I have green and blue and yellow and grey and black and red and-"

"Jay! You're going to scare her off before I've even had the chance to properly tell her hello!" Nate joked. He slung an arm around my shoulder, and pulled me to him. "I love what you did to your hair Mitch, the side bangs and length look good. Wow that sounded gay!" I giggled, Nate always knew how to lighten the mood.

"So Mom and Sierra set this all up?"

'Yep, pretty amazing huh?" Smiling, I tightened my arms around his waist.

"Definetly. So, just a question, where are we going?"

"To our hotel. We're staying for a week while we have a break," Shane piped up, not meeting my eyes. He looked truly upset. Well boo freaking hoo. He deserves it, the stupid jerk.

"Yep, and you're staying with us for the weekend," Nate smiled at me.

"Mitchie, do you still sing?" Jason asked, excited.

"Actually I do, I love writing my own songs too. I really hope I can make it in this crazy business," I confessed.

After awhile of catching up with Nate and Jason, and ignoring Shane, we arrived at their hotel. Outside of our car were about a hundred screaming teenage girls and paparazzi.

"Dang! Is it always like this?" I commented.

"Sadly, yes. I love the fans with all of my heart, but they follow us everywhere. It'd be nice to have some sort of privacy every once in a while," Nate spoke so highly of his fans, I loved it. I hope I have fans like theirs someday. The driver came around and opened the door for us. Nate grabbed my arm and held me close to him. Shane and Jason stayed close behind us.

"Nate who is this?"


"Is she your girlfriend?"

"Shane, I want your babies!'


"Shane who is the girl?"

"Jason, care to comment about the girl?"

We finally made it inside the hotel.

"Oh my gosh, that was insane!" I jumped up and down. Nate chuckled, and pulled me toward the front desk. Once they had recieved their respective room keys, the boys all headed towards the elevator, dragging me along. When we got into the elevator, I was forced to stand by Shane. He smelled the same, like Polo Ralph Lauren Cologne. I wanted to throw my arms around right then and there, but I resisted. Finally, we got off at the boy's floor. Before we headed into the room, Shane stopped me.

"Mitchie, I want to explain. Can we talk later?" I almost turned him down right then, but I made the mistake of looking into his eyes. They were so sad, so sincere, so..adoring? I couldn't say no now. Stupid Shane with his amazing eyes.

"Fine. We'll talk later," I turned on my heel and curtly walked away from him into the hotel room. I sat down in a chair, realizing what I had just done, and what was happening. I was falling for Shane Grey. I am so screwed.