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so without further delay, chapter 3 of Forgotten.

Turns out my mom had packed me some clothes and given them to Nate for me. Did I ever mention how much I LOVE her? And Nate let me take a shower first. Did I ever mention how much I LOVE him? When I got out I threw on a pair of my Nike shorts and a tie-dye v-neck and attempted to put my hair in a ponytail. When I finished in the bathroom, I saw Jason staring out the window, Nate testing his blood sugar, and Shane sleeping on the couch. I decided to talk to Jason. Quietly, I came up behind him and tried to look where he was staring.

"Jase, what are you looking at?" I whispered, and I swear he jumped a foot into the air. When he finally calmed down, he pointed to a tree.

"See those birds over there? They're building a nest. It's amazing isn't it?" Jason was totally in awe watching the birds. Once I was positive he wasn't paying attention, I tiptoed away. I didn't see Nate, so I figured he must've gotten into the shower. Shane was still sleeping. Hmm, a nap doesn't sound too bad right now. Maybe I'll go lay down on Nate's bed. After making my way to Nate's bedroom, I slipped into bed. It didn't take long for sleep to overcome me.

I awoke to voices whispering.

"Nate, it's like six. Shouldn't we wake her up?" Was that Jason?

"No, just let her sleep. She looks so peaceful, she must've been so tired," Shane maybe?

"Shane, why do you even care about her? You had no problem ignoring her for three years, why start acknowleging her now?" Definitely Nate.

"I care about her!" Shane shouted.

"Like hell you do!" Nate retorted.

"Guys, shut up! She's sleeping!" Jason hissed. Oh Jason, my knight in shining armor making the evil boys shut up.

"Shut up Jase!" Nate dissmissed him. Jerk! I decided it was time to stop pretending to be asleep. I rolled over, then sat up, stretching and wiping my eyes. When I looked around Nate and Shane were glaring at each other and Jason was looking hurt.

"Hey guys," Their heads all snapped towards me. Shane and Nate both forced smiles upon their face.

"Hey Kay, did you sleep okay?" Nate sat next to me on the bed as I nodded.

"I didn't realize I slept for 5 hours, I'm so sorry Nate!" I apologized, feeling bad that he'd been doing nothing whilst I slept.

"Don't worry Kay, I kinda slept a little too," He admitted sheepishly. I rolled my eyes at this. And to think, I felt bad for a second there.

"Well I'm hungry. Can we get food now Natey?" I only called him Natey when I wanted something.

"You can go get something, I'm not doing anything," He smirked, flopping back onto the bed and flipping on the TV. Pouting, I turned to Jason.

"Jase, will you get me some foo-" He cut me off.

"Shh Mitchie, my bird documentary is on!" Great. The only one left is...

"Shane? Will YOU get me food?" Shane smiled in response.

"Sure, you wanna come with? We could talk.." He trailed off hopefully. Sighing, I climbed off of the bed and slipped on some flip flops my mom had packed me.

"Nate, I'm going with Shane to get food, mkay?" Nate just grunted in response. Jerk. After grabbing my phone, I allowed Shane to take me down to the limo. There weren't very many paps left outside, so we didn't run, just kind of power walked. Once we were safely inside the limo, Shane started.

"Look Mitchie, I'm so sorry. Words don't explain how sorry I am," He began, but i had to interject.

"If you're so sorry, then why didn't you ever come back? Or even call?" I countered.

"I did call. Or, at least I tried.."

-Two Years Ago-

"And you know I'd walk a thousand miles if I could just see you, tonight," My phone chorused obnoxiously loud. It also didn't help that all the people in the aisle with me and my mother at the grocery store were glaring at me. With a sheepish smile, I dug out my phone and pressed accept.

"Hello?" I whispered into the reciever.

"..." Silence.

"Hello? Anybody?" I tried again.

"Shane? Who are you talking to?" My heart started racing at these words. Shane called me? He hadn't forgotten about me? Suddenly, I heard a click, then the dial tone. My hope was shattered.

"Who was it mija?" My mother asked as we exited the aisle.

"Nobody, mom. Nobody," I sighed.

-Present Time-

"So it was you?" He nodded.

"I was too scared to say anything. Usually I would dial your number, then chicken out. I was scared I guess," he admitted sheepishly.

"Why would you be scared to talk to me? We were so close.." I trailed off.

"I was scared because I heard you REPLACED me!" I wasn't expecting the venom in Shane's tone.

"Where on earth did you get the idea I replaced you Shane?" He scoffed.

"Don't think I didn't know. As soon as I was gone, you replaced me with Cade. I heard all about it. I even came back to visit you and saw you two making out in your backyard!" I'd never seen Shane so mad in my life. His eyes were filled with rage, anger, and jealousy?

I remembered Cade. And Shane was partially right. But after a month of no contact, ignored phone calls, and no sign of him, I was so lonely. And Cade was there. He was there when Shane wasn't. And he made me feel better. He made the pain of Shane not being there go away, even if it was just temporary. He was almost like a rebound, except I wasn't dating Shane, so there was nothing to rebound from. After about a month with Cade though, he wanted more than I was willing to give him. When he tried to force me into what he wanted, I broke it off and cut off all contact with him. Then I met Sierra, and she's an amazing friend.

"You don't know the first thing about what happened between me and Cade. So why don't you mind your own fucking business Shane!" Rage was building with every word I said.

"It's my business too Mitchie! You replaced ME with HIM. I don't see how this isn't MY business! You're my best friend!" We had moved closer, and our faces were about a foot apart.

"You lost your right to call me Mitchie and call me your best friend a LONG time ago Shane Adam Grey! You can't just not contact me for three years then expect me to freaking run back into your arms like nothing happened! I can't believe yo-" And suddenly, his lips were on mine. I was kissing Shane Grey.