Okay, so, the 'kids' are alway getting hurt by VILLAINS, but what if they were up against NATURE?

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The raven-haired boy shivered in the car, pulling his coat closer towards his trembling body. Roy looked into the rear-view mirror, his blue eyes showing excitement, but also worry. "Cold, Dick?"

The youngest nodded, and Roy turned up the heat in the van. "We have about... thirty more minutes."

"UGH!" came the reply of a rather antsy ginger in the front seat. Roy abruptly thumped Wally on the head, and the speedster cried out.

Dick laughed loudly, his signature cackle that drove everyone mad. "Watch out, KF- no one like an angry Speedy-"

"It's. Red. Arrow," the oldest growled into the mirror.

Wally and Dick laughed in unison.

They drove further and further along the one-way road covered in ice. Snow fell all around, making the boys wonder why they even wanted to come at all.

Then, they saw their campgrounds, and their minds changed.

The ground was laden with white powder, and a harder, compact layer of the white was underneath. Large pine trees loomed over the small clearing, their under-branches a deep emerald while the tops were covered in powdered sugar- or at least seemed to be. It was already getting dark, and the moon was shining brightly. The boys had come at just the right time- full moon, no blizzards set for the next week, and with chalky powder on the ground, perfect for doing tricks on their boards.

Roy stopped the car, and everyone felt the cold settle in immediately. Wally shivered, pulling a woolen hat down over his red fluff and his already pink-colored ears. Opening up his door, the speedster stepped out, followed by Dick and Roy.

Dick breathed out heavy white fog, shoving his tingling fingers into his pockets. Turning, the 13-year-old saw Roy already unpacking the supplies. "Need a hand?"

The archer smirked and tossed Dick a nap sack. Dick turned and set it down before turning-

And wet, white fluff hit him straight in the face.

As Dick wiped off the snow, he saw Wally in the background, laughing and doubling over as he held his stomach. He growled and picked up his own snowball-

Only, before he could act out, a larger ball of white hit Wally square in the-


Wally doubled over again, only this time, for a much different reason. Dick beamed at Roy, who was wiping snow off on his jeans. He turned an innocent face to the boy. "What?"

"Nothing," Dick chuckled.

Soon enough, they had all of their bags out of the car. Wally had decided not to help, and was instead making snow angels. Roy went over and kicked his head gently. "Ouch!"

"Come on, Kid Mouth. We've got about three miles' hike before we get to the Glades."

The Glades was an area the boys all knew well, having been there several times before- birthdays, holidays, weekends, and even just for the heck of it. In all, they had probably been to 'their spot' about fifty times.

The Glades was somewhat of a clearing- a patch of no trees and short grasses where making fires was easy. The trees came up and around it like a dome, guarding the small 'clearing' from snow and rain torrents.

The hike there was treacherous.

And, to be honest, the three had never been in the mountains when it had this much snow out. When Dick stepped in it, it came up to his knees- so it came up to about mid-calf for the other two. Snow had begun to fall gently again, and the boys were all soaked by the time they got halfway to the Glades.

Roy turned around and dragged Wally in front of him. Snow coated the ginger's shoulders and head lightly. Roy smirked and hit it off playfully, making his best friend cry out. "Hey!"

Roy rolled his eyes. "The snow's a bit thick," he spoke, light white clouds emerging from chapped lips. "Set your stuff down," he ordered, becoming the protective, responsible big-brother once more. "Get on your snow shoes."

Wally nodded and did as he was told. The snow came up to his waist, even when he was sitting on the bag. "Woah," he said, shivering. "It's a lot colder than I thought it'd be..."

Roy nodded, stretching. "Yeah. You wanna go back?"

Wally made a face. "No way!"

Roy smirked and turned. "Hey, Di-" He stopped short.

Dick wasn't there.

"Dick?" Roy tried to keep his voice even as he re-traced the route from before. "Dick!"

Wally got a bit nervous when Roy called out a third time. He tied off his snow shoes, then began to call out, himself. "Dick? Dick!"

They both stopped, sharing a terrified glance. Wally's cheeks were turning red already, and Roy's already were. The sun was down fully by now, and they should have already been at the Glades. Wally stood in one spot, vibrating (from nerves and for warmth) as Roy dug around in his duffel for a flashlight, scenarios ran through Wally's head.

What if he got lost? Wait, how would he have gotten lost? He was right behind me! What if he got dragged off by a wolf? Oh, God, he's thirteen- Oh, God! BATMAN IS HIS DAD! Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God! Where is he? Oh! Klarion turned him into a mouse! That's it! It's so obvious I don't know how I- wait. That's magic! It's not plausible at all! Oh, God, this snow is getting to me...

Roy stood and turned on the flashlight, shining it out into the distance. "Dick?" he called as loud as he could. "DICK?"

Taking a few steps forward, Roy had to catch himself before he tripped. He swore under his breath, "Dick, where are you?"

Wally's eyes suddenly saw something in the distance. He gasped, pointing back from where they had come, only down-hill, off the path a bit more. "Roy!"

The young man turned and sighed with relief when he saw Dick, bundled up in his blue and black coat, his cheeks bright red with snowflakes on his eyelashes, walking towards him. "Dick!" he snapped, running forward.

When he got a few feet from the boy, he saw an unnatural lump in his coat. Roy cocked an eyebrow. "Um, Dick, what-"

Dick opened his jacket slightly to show a medium-sized Husky puppy. It was white and had heavy black spots on his forehead. The puppy's pink tongue lolled out, and it blinked its crystal blue eyes up at Roy.

The archer scowled at the puppy. "Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no."


Wally and Roy were packed back up like camels after everyone got their snow shoes on, their loads a good five pounds heavier.

Dick cooed at the tiny, fuzzy rat (as far as Roy was concerned) in his arms. "What're you doin' out in the snow, huh, baby? Huh?" The puppy licked its hero's nose, blinking and seemingly smiling at him. Dick gave his chuckle, and the puppy barked, smoke coming from its lips.

"I'm naming her Eskimo," Dick said to two very grumpy gingers.

"Great," Wally droned sarcastically. They still had a good mile left in their trip, and Dick was playing with a stupid puppy!

"Where do you think she came from?" Dick asked Roy innocently, reverting to his 13-year-old 'Bruce's baby boy' act so that the archer wouldn't set his butt on fire.

"I don't know," Roy growled, shifting the bags higher on his back. "Probably got lost with a family she was camping with."

Dick brushed his hand along her neck, feeling for any sign of a collar. "No tags."

Roy shrugged. "We'll get her to the kennel when we get back."


Both red-heads snapped around, staring at Dick as he protectively held the Husky to his chest. The puppy seemed to be mind-reading the boy who held her, because she began to whine pitifully.

"Dude," Wally scoffed, "you think Bruce's gonna let you keep that rat?"

Eskimo barked defensively, making Wally stagger back as she showed off pearly white canines. Dick cackled, and Roy tried to hide his smile. Wally scowled and began to trudge on, muttering something like, 'stupid rat'.

Dick went on to answer Wally's question. "Alfred thinks I'm getting 'distant' and 'disoriented'-"

"It's called puberty!" Wally shouted over his shoulder.

Dick rolled his eyes pointedly, making a face at Roy and pointing to the speedster. "Anyways," the boy began again, "Alfred thinks I need a- a friend..." His voice got quiet, so that only Roy could hear the last part.

He frowned at the boy, slowing down to let Dick catch up. He flung an arm around the boy's shoulder, sending snow flying as he did. "C'mere, Dickie-bird," he teased, hugging the kid slightly. God, he's so... tiny.

"Dick," he said softly, a bit more serious, "we're your friends, you know that? You can talk to me and Wa- well, you can talk to me about anything."

Dick quickly shrugged Roy off. "We'd better catch up to Wally."

And he ran off.


They reached the Glades in an hour, and when they did-

"Woah..." Wally gasped, eyes wide in horror.

Dick hefted Eskimo higher on his chest, and she whined when he frowned.

Roy was in utter... Shock.

Someone had come in and completely chopped off the dome.

The Glades- their place- was ruined.

Snow had fallen even higher in the small twenty-by-twenty foot circle clearing, at almost three feet in the deepest spot. The trees had been cut off to match the height of the others around them, leaving a wide hole that reached straight into the sky.

Dick's eyes filled with tears, and he wiped his nose with his sleeve.

The three of them had so many memories here.

Barry leaned over the fire, tossing some more wood in. Dick jumped up and shouted in his adorable eight-year-old voice, "Ooh! I wanna help!"

Bruce was about to reach forward and say something along the lines of, 'I don't trust Barry around my kid with fire', but Oliver reached a hand out towards his fellow billionaire. Bruce glared at him, and he mouthed, 'Watch.'

Barry pulled Dick into his arms, holding the boy a good ways away from the fire and above where the flames could hurt him. Dick squealed and threw a piece of wood in. It made it perfectly, and Wally, from his spot sitting at Bruce's feet, shouted, "SCORE!"

Bruce smiled and, without thinking, ruffled the hair on Wally's head. The ten-year-old looked up, blushing, but when he saw Bruce's smile, he returned to his cheeky self.

Roy leaned in towards Bruce and Oliver. "Can we have s'mores now?"

A tear trickled down Dick's cheek without him realizing it. Eskimo licked it up.

Wally turned, his eyes red, brimmed with tears. "They- they just- they just ruined our spot- our spot!"

Roy sighed, pulling both boys into his sides. "Technically, it wasn't our spot, guys. Sorry, but, whoever did this, well, we can't have stopped them-"

"Who cares?" Wally cried out angrily, stalking away into the clearing. He turned in his spot, snowflakes falling onto his reddened nose. "Look what they did!" he shouted furiously.

Eskimo nuzzled Dick's cheek, and the boy was pulled back into reality.

"They... How could someone do this?"

Roy sighed, pulling Dick into his side once more. He gestured for Wally to follow him to the edge of the clearing. "C'mon, kids. We can't spend the night in the snow, and we can't just walk back to the van- we're too far out."

Wally stumbled over. It was an odd sight- Wally, fleet-footed Kid Flash, stumbling.

It almost made Dick laugh.


Roy sat his bags down, groaning slightly as the pressure was relieved from his back. He stretched, popping joints and stretching limbs. A sigh of relief came from the 18-year-old's dry lips, and he forced them into a smile. But, truthfully, his insides felt like they were doing flips. This had been their spot- his spot.

Even when he wasn't with the boys- sometimes just with Oliver, or sometimes just alone- he would come out here for a weekend or a week, just to relax and camp out. You could see the stars from in between the branches, but the rain and snow didn't make it onto your face or fire, and the trees were so far out that you didn't have to worry about a blaze.

"See, Roy?" Oliver spoke, sitting back, wiping his charred hands on his forehead to get sweat off.

The sixteen-year-old nodded. "Right. You have to stack rocks around the fire-"

"-after you dig a hole-"

"-and fill it with fuel. I got it, Ollie, I got it!"

Oliver rolled his eyes and batted Roy's head. The teen winced playfully. "Ouch! You abuse me."

"Technically, you're a legal adult since I got you signed."

Roy rolled his eyes. "No, Speedy is a legal adult. Roy Harper is a sixteen-year-old kid."

Oliver chuckled. "Well, I like that sixteen-year-old kid just as much."


The red-head shook the thoughts away to see Wally and Dick (and Eskimo) looking up at him. "Roy?" Dick repeated, looking burdened. "Roy, do you want us to start digging?"

Roy nodded. "Yeah- yeah, sure." Dick set Eskimo down, and she began to trot around the boys, yipping playfully. Wally couldn't help but crack a smile. Roy just groaned.

"She is kinda cute, Roy-"

"Shut it, Kid Incompetence."

Eskimo sat down on Roy's duffel, and she seemingly stuck her tongue out at him. He snarled and reached over to pick up the bag. She nipped at his fingers. Though it didn't catch blood, especially since she just had milk teeth, but it did sting.


Dick turned around, not being able to hide his laughter, while Wally bit down on his lips tightly. Roy grumbled to himself silently. He swiftly pulled the bag out from underneath Eskimo, and she barked fiercely (and by 'fiercely', he meant how she tried to be fierce).

"Dick," the archer mumbled roughly, "go get some firewood, and take the rat with you."

Dick rolled his eyes and scratched Eskimo behind her taunt ears. She yipped happily, making Dick smile.

Roy bristled gruffly. If she made Dick happy...

"I'll make sure to get enough food out for... Eskimo, too."

Dick beamed up at Roy. Before the archer could do anything, Dick had his arms wrapped around the older's shoulders in a hug. Roy winced as Dick choked the air out of him, but when the boy said thoughtfully, "Thanks, Roy," it was all worth it.

Dick grabbed a piece of neon orange climbing rope and swiftly fashioned a leash for Eskimo. She didn't object, so Dick pulled her gently to lead her on. He snatched up a flashlight as he left. "Be back in a few minutes!" he called out, waving.

Wally waved back at super-speed as Roy bent over and began to shovel the snow away with his hands. "Come on, West. Help me with this."


Dick shuffled through the snow as he headed back towards camp. One arm held up the bundle of wood- about ten large pieces and at least twenty twigs- and in the other, he flashed the light onto his path. He had Eskimo's leash clipped to his belt loop.

Suddenly, the puppy whined.

Dick peered over the pile of wood in his arm to get a good look at the dog. She seemed uneasy. She's just tired, he assured himself silently.

They trudged on.

Eskimo whimpered again, only sharper this time, and more aggressive. Dick stopped again.

He peered down at Eskimo again, curious and worried. Her tail was firmly down and between her legs, her shackles raised and her black lips pulled back, showing off her tiny milk teeth. That may not have been very frightening, but her eyes were. Her pupils were wide, almost taking over her blue irises wholly.

Dick slowly allowed the light to shine upward at where her nose was pointed.

He gasped, and his hand tightened around the wood pile.

There, right in front of them, was a wolf.

A wolf with blood-stained teeth.


Wally sat back on his sleeping bag, rubbing his stomach. "I'm hungry!"

Roy grumbled, "We just ate two hours ago."

"Three, actually. Remember?"

Roy rolled his eyes. "Once Dick gets back-"

A sudden, blood-curdling scream filled the air.

Roy was standing in an instant, his bow in his hand. Wally was already out in the middle of the clearing, facing Roy. His cheeks were still red, but his expression showed how ashen his face was beneath the chill.

"Where did it come from?" he asked, vibrating in his spot, melting the snow.

Roy darted in the direction Dick had gone, and Wally shot in front of him, ready to break bones if need be.


The wolf darted forward, and Dick dodged, dropping his wood pile in between him and the wolf. He rolled, unclasping Eskimo's leash as he did- she would only hinder him in the fight.

The wolf snarled, hackles raised high and lips curled back towards its nose. Its gums were black and rotten, and there were pieces of meat stuck in its teeth. Dick didn't want to think of what animal that meat had come from.

If it had been an animal...

The wolf bolted towards Dick, jaws open and eyes blazing.

Again, the boy tuck and rolled.

Eskimo was in the background, snarling and yelping, still in an aggressive stance, but not attacking. The wolf was completely ignoring her, instead focusing on Dick. It must have known that Eskimo wouldn't give him as much meat...

No! Don't think like that...

Dick let himself get distracted.

One of Batman's first rules had been: "Never, under any circumstances, let anything or anyone distract you. It only means death."

He had been right.

Dick hadn't been distracted with that wolf, though, oh no. He was completely focused on the snarling, meat-loving monster in front of him.

It was the one behind him that caught him off guard.

The beast leaped through a bush and knocked Dick to the ground. He turned just as he fell, and the wolf sunk its jaws into his shoulder.

Dick hadn't been ready for the blow, and he let out a scream that shook the Earth.

This only made the wolf bite down harder.

Blood rushed from the puncture sight, flooding over Dick's coat, staining the blue brown and the black... black, only darker. The jagged, bacteria-filled tooth struck bone, and Dick hissed loudly, grabbing at the creature's jaws, trying to muscle its mouth open.

Eskimo jumped forward, biting the wolf's tail. The beast pulled away, growling fiercely. Dick clutched at his shoulder, feeling a deep hole going down into his body. "No!" he cried at the wolf. It bit Eskimo's ear and threw her into a tree. The dog fell, whimpering, and scuttled into the shadows.

That done, the two wolves rounded on Dick. He stood, shaking as his shoulder throbbed. You've fought with worse...

In a forest, alone, in 5-degree weather, in a heavy-set coat, when you're already tired from a long hike?

Um, no.

The first wolf charged, and Dick grabbed its throat, throwing it at the other. Sadly, the second dodged and continued its path-

Knocking Dick over into the snow.


The Boy Wonder roared and grabbed the wolf's jaws in either hand as he fought it off. The dirty teeth bored into his gloves, nicking at Dick's palms. He hissed and tried to open up the wolf's mouth enough to make its jaw crack- or at least hurt enough so that the beast would leave him alone.

In a sudden burst of strength, the wolf bit down on one of Dick's hands. The raven-haired boy let out another shrill shriek, using his foot to kick the thing away.

It bit him twice.

It no longer deserved to be called a dog.

Or a wolf.

Dick winced as he shoved himself to his feet, cradling his right hand to his stomach. They had to have heard me... He scoffed. Batman had to have heard me in Gotham! What kind of a hero am I?

The two wolves suddenly retreated, snarling in Dick's direction.

Heaving a loud sigh, a release of pain, the boy allowed himself to slump against a large tree.


Wally, clad in his parka and khakis, knelt down next to Dick. When he saw his best friend's neck wet with blood, his face went a considerable three shades lighter. "Oh, God, Dick!"

Roy followed swiftly behind, his bow out before him, a bow locked and ready, aimed at the brush where the wolves had retreated. Casting a glance over his shoulder, Roy caught sight of Dick, pale and shaking. He swore under his breath. "Wally, fix up his hand first."

The ginger nodded and took off his scarf, pulling Dick's hand out.

Wally hissed, his emerald eyes squinting as he put a flashlight in his mouth to illuminate the wound. There were four distinct bite wounds, one on the boy's thumb, three on his palm. There was blood splatter on the back of his hand, as well.

But Wally couldn't worry about that right now.

He quickly (super-speedily) wrapped the scarf around Dick's hand. "Tell me if it hurts."

Dick nodded, but bit his tongue. Wally rolled his eyes, mumbling, "Bats..."

"Wally!" came Roy's terse cry.

Eskimo ran out of the shadows, hiding herself behind Roy's boot.

And also out of the shadows came three blood-thirsty wolves.

Dick's eyes grew wide, and he heaved himself to his feet, using Wally's shoulder as leverage. "Wally, get Dick out of here!" Roy snarled, sounding oddly similar to the wolves.

Dick shook his head, reaching into his pocket for his utility belt. "No, No I can he-"


Wally turned, dragging Dick along with him. Dick turned back around and screamed, "Eskimo!"

The Husky obeyed diligently.

Wally tried not to super-speed too much, as to not end up sending Dick into the snow face-first, but the sound of snarling was growing louder. There came several flashes of gray from the trees around the duo, and Wally stopped short, staying silent. Smog lifted from both boys' lips. Wally gripped the shorter, bleeding boy tighter into his side. "Dick..."

Dick shivered, but didn't answer.

Slowly, the snarling grew louder and louder.

And suddenly, at least eight wolves were in front of them. All showed battle scars, some missing eyes, some missing ears, some missing patches of fur. All had the same blood-thirsty snarls and red, beady eyes.

Wally felt his breath come short. Dick bent over and scooped Eskimo into his wounded arm, wincing. Wally grabbed up the younger bridal-style, Eskimo settling on Dick's chest, and in a blur, they were running back to Roy.


Roy let his third arrow fly, striking the last wolf straight in the heart.

He suddenly let out a breath he didn't know he had been holding.

Okay, apparently they were going to try and make the hike back to the van tonight.


The red-head was knocked off his feet by a snowy blur. "AUCK!" He landed face-first into the snow. Sitting back, Roy spat out the powder, Wally's name on his tongue-

Then he saw the speedster's wide, fearful eyes. Dick, his coat now covered in blood, was lying in Wally's arms, that cute little rat on his chest. It was obvious that Dick was fighting with unconsciousness.

Roy stood abruptly, anger overwhelming him. He felt it boiling through his blood, pumping up his adrenaline. "WALLY! You were supposed to take him back to-"

A wolf's cry pierced the night.

Three heads jolted spines as they turned to face at least twenty wolves, standing above them on the mountain. Roy felt his mouth open and his eyes widen, his tongue grasping for words.

Wally found them.


They bolted.

Wrong move.

The chase went by like a flash of lightning.

Wally ran in front, going down the mountain, away from their campsite, as fast as he could without tripping on a rock or a root and sending himself, Eskimo, and, most importantly, Dick flying.

Roy ran at an angle, almost ten feet behind the speedster. He had abandoned his gloves earlier, before he and Wally ran to find Dick. He could shoot better now, but his fingers were on fire.





Arrow after arrow flew by in the night. The only light was that of the moon and stars, which could barely be seen past the treetops. Wally kept stumbling over the very rocks and roots he was trying to avoid, and Roy kept missing his target.

Eskimo nestled into Dick's chest as his eyes fluttered. She licked his nose, as if she knew she had to keep him awake. Dick managed a small, pain-laced smirk. "T-T-Thanks, Eskimo..."

She almost nodded.

The wolves were gaining on them. For every one that Roy shot down, another two seemed to take its place. Like the Hydra...

"I thought-" Wally grunted to Dick, "-the point of-" grunt "-this was to get us-" grunt "-out of harm's way for a week!"

"Y-Y-Yeah," Dick tried to joke, but the blood loss was getting to him by now. Wally managed a peek at his friend and saw that Dick was falling asleep.

"Dick! Dickie, no, no, no, no, no! Don't go to sleep! Not yet! Just... Just stay awake, okay? Just stay awake!"

A root seemingly jumped up, and Wally tripped, sending himself, Dick, and Eskimo into the air.

Wally fell into the snow on his side, his ribs making an unearthly crunch on the frozen soil. "AUGH!"

Dick began to roll down the mountain, his limbs going every which way. Snow flew up, and rocks slit open his coat and cheeks. He wanted to cry out in pain- his lungs begged him to- but if he did, he would end up swallowing those rocks.

Tiny teeth latched onto the hem of Dick's sleeve, stopping him mid-roll. He slid down a ways, but his bloody, throbbing fingers found a hold in between two sharp rocks.

Eskimo let go and, whimpering, curled up into a ball next to Dick's cheek. He breathed in the scent of her fur, using his free hand to pet her gently. "G-G-Good girl, E-Eskimo... Good g-g-girl..."

The snow was falling gently, still.

Everything was silent, as if nothing had ever happened.

There was not the sound of snarling or howling, or that of an arrow flying through the air, or even of leaves crunching beneath feet.

Dick lay in the snow, his shoulder still bleeding, his hand still throbbing. The icy ground stung his cheek, and some of it found its way into his open, rasping mouth. Eyes shut tightly, Dick blocked out the world, welcoming darkness...


Roy managed to throw the wolves off of him by running past a deer carcass- probably the earlier dinner that had peaked the monsters' hunger.

With his bow still in his hand, Roy made his way down the mountain, his breath coming in shallow, high gasps. "W-WALLY!" he croaked, stopping to catch his breath.

No answer came.


Again, no answer.

Oh, God... Roy thought grimly. They didn't have cell phones, and even if they did, they wouldn't have service. They didn't have walkie-talkies, either. How was he-


Sometimes, Roy is sure that he is the stupidest smart person on the face of the Earth.

Pushing two fingers against his earwig, Roy gasped into the static, "Wally! Dick! Are you- are you there?"

There was only static.

Roy changed the minute buttons and dials and rang the Watchtower.

"Red Arrow to- to Watchtower... I repeat- Red- Red Arrow to Watchtower..."


"Damn it!" he hissed, throwing the comm unit into the snow. It wouldn't be any good if it didn't have a signal.

He needed something to calm him down.

So, the poor comm unit got squished under Roy's boot.


The call was so distance, so quiet, that the archer almost didn't hear it.


Roy's head snapped up, and he licked dry lips. "Wally?"

"Roy!" the speedster repeated, louder.

Roy ran, slipping in the snow, towards where he heard Wally's voice. He bolted past a tree that blocked his view and saw the 15-year-old sitting in the snow, his hat having fallen off earlier, clutching at his ribs.

Anger consumed Roy again, and he pulled Wally up sharply by his bicep. "You can't be sitting in the snow, idiot! You'll get frostbite-"

"I-I know," Wally stuttered, his breath coming shallow and quick, just like Roy's.

The archer sighed, then squeezed Wally's shoulder. "Where's Dick?"

They both looked forward instantly, as if pulled by a link they had with their 'little brother'.

In the snow, they saw signs of a struggle.

And blood.


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