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Oliver felt for a pulse-

And there it was, strong and rapid.

Turning a tearful, broad smile at Miss Martian, Green Arrow managed to hiss, "Thank you."

"Come on," Batman growled as Flash and Arrow simultaneously lifted their partners into their arms. "We need to get them back to the Mountain."

Then, the wolf-pup- Eskimo- yipped lightly. M'gann grinned at her, finally getting a good look at the creature, and squealed. "Oh, she's adorable!" Taking the puppy into her arms, Miss Martian began to attack it with hugs and kisses.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Artemis dismissed with a wave of her hand, worried eyes lying upon Wally's degrading body. "Megan, you need to lead us to the ship."

M'gann smiled. "I can do better than that."

They all watched as the Martian girl handed the dog to Superboy, who eyed it suspiciously. Eskimo snorted at him like a foal, then kissed his nose. The clone had to work not to smile.

M'gann touched her fingertips to her temples, then closed her eyes. Her lips moved silently and softly as she called forward the ship. Then, her topazes jumped open. "It's here."

The 'fathers' took no time in getting the injured boys into the ship. Dick was the only conscious one, his whole body being racked by violent shivers and soft spasms. Batman hesitated before setting the un-masked Robin in a seat. The boy curled into himself, his eyes closed tightly as his blue lips shivered.

Superboy saw this and put down Eskimo, who darted over to the incline where M'gann sat and curled up over her feet, a little warmer.

Flash set Wally down on a medical table, injecting him with some sort of blue substance. Artemis, who was standing at the head of the makeshift bed, her face contorted with worry, asked, "What's that?"

As he tucked a blanket around Wally's body, Flash replied bluntly (without his usual enthusiasm), "It's a concoction I came up with. The Speedster Shot- it has the kind of nutrients of a full day's food and electrolytes- Kid should be up in minutes."

As if on cue, the ginger's eyes shot open. He gasped for air, then shook once, a slight, "Ugh..." coming from his lips. Flash pulled down his cowl, becoming Barry Allen. He stroked Wally's crimson hair gently, whispering soothingly.

Green Arrow laid Roy down on the other 'stretcher'. Batman crossed over, a med-kit in hand. "A wolf bit him," Arrow said after slowly peeling off the jean fabric. It pulled off some dead skin, making the wound again bleed freely. "Crap..."

"It must have hit a major artery," Batman said expressionlessly as he pulled out an antiseptic. He put the shot into Roy's neck, then took out another substance and added it to the needle. "This should help stop the blood flow."

Oliver took off his mask and hooked it to his belt, nodding as the Dark Knight injected his son with a mile-long needle. Good gosh, Roy. What did you get yourself into this time?

"He'll need stitches," Batman spoke.

Oliver nodded. "I know how. You go tend to Richard."

Batman smirked lightly, nodding over his shoulder. "Someone else's got that covered."

Oliver snorted when he saw Superboy sitting in Dick's chair, the dark-haired Gypsy in his arms, wrapped up like an infant. Connor was saying nothing nor showing any emotion as he sat there with the younger hero in his arms, stroking his hair comfortingly.

"I don't know why Boyscout doesn't like him," Oliver snapped in a hiss, reminding himself of the teen's super-hearing.

Batman didn't answer. When the archer looked up, he swore. "I hate it when they do that..."

The Dark Knight was already at Wally's and Barry's sides, watching over Artemis as she lightly stitched closed the large wound on Wally's forehead. She tied it off, then applied a gel and gauze.

"Good job."

The blonde jumped, swearing as she pricked herself with the needle. The comment was so rare from the Dark Knight that it shocked her to the bone. "Oh- um... Thanks." Batman turned to Barry.

"Did you give him the shot?"

The speedster nodded with a signature smile. "Yup! He's gonna make it! I think..."

"Thanks, Uncle Barry," Wally moaned as Artemis pulled the blankets up further over his chest.

Barry winked at his nephew. "Just a joke, Kid."

"Batman," came Kaldur's frightened voice.

Barry and Batman both turned to see Dick convulsing in Superboy's arms.

"Put him down!" Batman ordered sharply as he crossed over.

Looking confused, Connor gently laid the thirteen-year-old on his back, careful to keep his head padded beneath the numerous comforters. Batman crouched next to his son, and a curse lifted from his lips. How could he have not checked his son for injuries?

"He's going into shock from the cold," Superboy said with realization.

Batman put a gloved hand on Dick's cheek, another on his shoulder to try and hold him down. A sudden cry emerged from the boy's lips, and batman pulled away.

There was a sickly, blackish liquid on his fingers. "Damn... Aqualad- get the med-kit. Now."

In an instant, Kaldur'ahm was at Flash's side. Barry handed him the kit as he tried to hold down Wally. "Uncle B- let me up! I need to check on- check on..." His voice was growing weaker. The shot was already wearing off.

Kaldur sat down in front of Dick, Superboy, and Batman. The Dark Knight instructed him sharply, "Get out the medicine labeled, SDT."

The dark-skinned teen found it quickly, then, at Batman's instruction, applied it to the needle.

Dick's sapphire eyes rolled into the back of his head, and drool mixed with a slight bit of blood ran out of his mouth. Batman tensed as he snatched the needle from Kaldur, who sat back, in shock at Dick's condition.

Batman swiftly tore off Dick's coat, revealing his bloody shoulder and black undershirt. He injected his ward, then pulled away.

The acrobat's irises rolled back into view, and he coughed rapidly, blood trickling from his nose. "Lay down," Batman barked, trying to lower his voice as to not worry the kid.

Dick did as he was told, and Batman dressed his wounds.

"We're here!" M'gann squeaked. Eskimo jumped up onto the Martian girl's lap, and M'gann wrapped her green arms around the wolf puppy, who barked happily.

It took no time at all for the mentors to have their proteges (and ex-protege) in the Medical Ward, being latched onto several different buzzing and beeping machines. Roy had a blood-bag, while Wally had an IV bag that was three times as large as a normal one. Dick was already high on pain-killers and antibiotics, as Batman could tell his wound was getting infected.

"What now?" Connor asked as he stood back, away from his teammates. It was past midnight, already, and the bright lights of the medical room were a stark white in comparison to the outside skies.

"You all-" Barry turned to the conscious Young Justice members "-are going to bed. You've had a busy day."

Green Arrow held up a hand as Artemis began to protest. "No, Artemis. I'll call your mom. You all need rest."

With wistful glances at their friends (minus Roy in Artemis's case), the Team left, yawning and stretching as they went to their retrospective rooms.

Batman turned and sat next to Dick, not even caring that the others had seen his eyes. They would know who he was now- so what?

His son was alive.

And that is what mattered.



The first thing Roy's foggy, hazy mind brought up was the numbness in his hand. "Ugh..." he moaned, trying to pry apart his eyes.

He did and was met with the grin of a young ginger.

"Hiya, Speedy! Oh, gosh, I was soooo freaked out when you didn't react to the medicine but then Uncle Barry told me you were just exhausted and then I was all like ooooh okay yeah that makes sense because you worked so flippin' hard to keep us alive and I just wanted to say thanks because you like an older brother to me and oh gosh Roy I'm so frickin' happy you're okay!"

Wally enveloped the sore archer in a hug, earning a grunt in reply. "Nice to see you, too, Kid- Wait! Dick-"

"Is right next to you," came a familiar voice.

Roy looked up to see his adoptive father's blue eyes crinkling at him, his lips in a firm smirk. "Hey, Roy... How do you feel?"

Roy looked down at his heavily-bandaged hand. "I can't feel my fingers."

Oliver laughed deeply as he set himself on the side of the bed. He put a knee on his son's knee, giving it a gentle squeeze. "That's the pain-killers. Don't worry- they'll wear off soon enough."


"Now, if Dinah were here, she'd tell you not to be sarcastic with your father."

Roy's sky-blue eyes suddenly got brighter at the word 'father'. "Y-yeah... She would, wouldn't she... Dad..."

Oliver's grin fell, replaced by a look of astonishment. "Yeah, son, she would."

There was an awkward silence, then-

"You've been out for like eeeever and I was starting to freak out I mean it only took like two days for me to get better but you were out for like four and-"

Roy sat up abruptly, his head suddenly throbbing and spinning. "W-Wait! I've been out for... how long?"

"Four days," Oliver replied grimly.

Roy felt his face pale as he turned slowly over to Dick.

The boy was hooked up to dozens of machines, a Breathalyzer over his chapped lips. Batman was sitting next to him, soothingly stroking the young teen's hair. "He hasn't woken up yet..." Wally spoke deathly silently, his heart shattering. "We- we're not sure that... He has staph from the wolf bites, and his fever won't go down..."

Roy let out a shaky breath, closing his eyes. "It's all my fault-"

"Don't say that."

Roy's eyes snapped open to see Barry suddenly in the room. Wally darted over and hugged his uncle in greeting. The Flash ruffled the youngster's hair before turning back to Roy, an arm around his nephew's shoulders. "Don't say that, Roy. You had no idea that those wolves would attack you, or that a blizzard would come. I checked the weather readings- it was an amateur that did the report that day." The man let out a snort/growl. "Stupid little-"

"Language," came a feminine voice.

They all turned to see Black Canary there. She smiled and walked over, sitting down opposite of her boyfriend. "Hey, Speedy-"

"Red Arrow."

She rolled her eyes, throwing her hair over her shoulder. "Whatever. How do you feel?"

Truthfully, the pain-killers were wearing off, and Roy felt like Hell. "Great."


Roy winced at Dinah's accusing voice. "Okay, okay, okay... A bit sore, but nothing some training won't fix up."

There came a sudden groan from the other side of the room. Wally jetted over to Dick's side, watching intensely.

Batman glared at him, but said nothing. After the second moan, his eyes flashed back to his ward and protege. "Richard... Dick, can you hear me?"

Blue eyes fluttered open, and Dick blinked in the harsh lights. Dinah stood and quickly turned them down.


Bruce felt his heart lift. "Hey, Dick... How do you feel?"

How do you think we feel? Roy thought snappily.


Batman couldn't help but smirk as he pushed black bangs away from the boy's eyes. He pulled away slowly, pulling off his glove to reveal a calloused hand. Gently, he felt Dick's forehead. "Your fever is going down," he said with a suddenly uplifted heart.

Dick smirked. "I don't have a fever. I'm just naturally hot."

Wally rolled his eyes, smiling all the same.

Oliver and Barry were helping Roy (who was still weak) out of bed. He slowly hobbled towards Dick's bedside. "Hey, Kiddo. Feelin' better?"

Dick's stomach suddenly growled loudly, and everyone laughed, even the acrobat. Through his mask, he spoke, "Yeah. A bit- just hungry-"

Suddenly, Barry was gone, then, he was back with arms full of peanut butter, bread, jelly, chips, ravioli, spaghetti, fish sticks, soda, and milk. "Hungry, anyone?"

With Bruce's help, Dick took off his mask and grinned. "Starving."

There was a sharp bark, and everyone looked down.

There was that little wolf- the little wolf that aided in saving the lives of three boys.

Wally hefted the now-growing Eskimo onto Dick's lap. He smiled as he petted her behind the ears. Then, mustering up the most fearsome of all adorable puppy-dog faces in the whole universe, the teen turned his pout over to his foster father.

Even with his cowl on, Dick could tell the Dark Knight's eyebrows were furrowing. "No way-"

"Pweeeeease?" Dick's pout deepened, and everyone melted- except Batman.


"I'll take care of her!"




"Alfred says I need a friend."

"N-" Dinah slapped the back of Bruce's head.

"Just say yes already, Bruce Anthony Wayne!"

The Dark Knight glared at her, then grumbled. "Fine..."

Eskimo yipped and turned to Dick, licking his nose. Then, she seemingly winked. Dick shook his head. I must be reaaaally high on those meds...

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