This is basically a follow-up to "Destiny and Free Will", but just in case I ever actually write a more fleshed-out continuation to that (which I would dearly love to do, if only I had enough time and inspiration), I'm posting it as a separate story rather than as a new chapter for that one. The more I think about Rose/Scorpius, the more in love I am with the pairing, especially since yesterday I realized how similar they are to Elizabeth/Mr. Darcy (well, with the personalities I've given them, at least). So I pretty much had to write this. Also in honor of the last movie, which I very much liked. (I went to it dressed as Luna.)

Disclaimer: As much as I adore them, they belong to JKR. Except Rose's cat, Ubasti. She's mine.

Dear Rose,

I've wanted to tell you all of this for a while now, but for some reason the words never manage to make it all the way out of my mouth when I'm with you, so I'm writing them instead, because I can't go another day without telling you the truth. Even in writing, I'm not really sure where to start with finding the words to explain exactly how much you mean to me, but I'll do my best.

I love you. I've loved you ever since I met you and Al on the train our first year. I think it was the moment you told me you'd still be my friend even if you were in Gryffindor and I was in Slytherin that started it, and everything you've done since then has only made it stronger. I love the way the sunlight catches in your hair and brings out all the different shades of red in it on the days we're lucky enough to get sunlight. I love the way the freckles on your nose crinkle when you're concentrating on your notes in class. I love the way your eyes dance with excitement and discovery when we're discussing one of the new in-depth concepts or spells we're learning. I love how fiercely and passionately you put yourself into everything you do. From the Astronomy Tower all the way down to the deepest dungeon, there isn't a room in this castle that doesn't light up when you walk into it.

There are some days when the thought of seeing your smile when you meet me and Al outside the Great Hall before breakfast is the only reason I can drag myself out of bed so early. Your warm hugs are the best part of any day. And you can't imagine how invincible I feel every time you kiss me on the cheek. It might be just your spontaneous way of saying thank you for doing something that makes you happy, but every last one of those kisses has been precious to me. As much as I like hanging out with my friends from my own house in the evenings after we all go back to our common rooms, I'm still more excited when I see Ubasti slinking into the dormitory with a note from you on her collar for me and Al. (You know, I think the letters we send back and forth from Gryffindor Tower to Slytherin Dungeon all the time are the only things keeping your cat in shape.)

We're in our sixth year at Hogwarts now, and I don't want to spend any more of our time here as only your friend if I don't have to. I want to court you, if you're open to it. I know how ludicrously old-fashioned that sounds, but you can blame it on my upbringing. Mum and Dad (and Dad's parents) always taught me that the only way to prove that I really care for a girl is to always be a gentleman and show her the utmost respect, and that's what I intend to do. I'm sure they all expected me to fall for some Slytherin girl with a pedigree and apply their lessons to her, so I'm not sure how they'll take it when they learn which girl is actually benefiting from them, but that doesn't matter. Besides, I think your dad would hex me into a sludgy substance if I tried any other approach. Then again, he might do that anyway.

Will you go to Hogsmeade with me next weekend?

Yours always,


P.S. If you're worried about what Al will do in Hogsmeade without us, don't be, because he caught Alice on the way to her common room an hour after dinner and asked her to go with him. Judging from the idiotic grin he's been sporting and his complete obliviousness to anyone attempting to talk to him ever since, she said yes. So it looks like I owe you a Galleon.

(That was Alice Longbottom, a Hufflepuff and the daughter I decided Neville and Hannah might reasonably have, mentioned there in the post script.) So, at least in my head, the old wizarding families (particularly the rich ones) are very proper and old-fashioned about things like courtship and etiquette. This theory is rather encouraged by the way Lucius Malfoy looks like he fell out of the Revolutionary Era in the movies (but in a hot way). Hence Scorpius's desire to court Rose old-school style. Which I personally find ridiculously adorable. Your mileage may vary. There's a possibility that I'll write a letter from Rose to Scorpius to go along with this, but that's mostly up to Rose, my muse, and whether or not Rose would declare her love via a letter, which I kind of doubt. She seems bolder than that. There's also a possibility that this will grow to include things like Rose being invited to an awkwardly formal dinner at Malfoy Manor and Scorpius being invited to a raucous Weasley family party, but those are only mental images at the moment, not quite writeable. Also, the bit about Rose kissing his cheek whenever he does something that makes her happy originated with this drawing I did earlier in the week: http:/ Taaroko. deviantart. com/art/ First-Years-243419747 (take out the spaces).