If only you'd believe like I believe
We'd get by
If only you'd believe, if only you'd believe in miracles
So would I

He'd smiled that familiar smile, the one she knew and loved, but it wasn't the same. This smile had grief and pain inside, masked nowhere near as well as she knew he wanted it to be. "And I suppose…if it's my last chance to say it…"

Her heart had leapt with anticipation. He was going to say it, finally, after all this, and all it took was her being trapped in an alternate world with no hope of escape.

He took a breath, and the smile widened just a bit. "Rose Tyler—"

And then he was gone.

Just like that, he was gone. How could he be gone? He'd burned up a sun just to say goodbye to her, and she half-expected his image to reappear, expected him to pop back out and finish the sentence.

But he didn't. And she knew he never could again, because he'd told her that. He told her she couldn't, not ever…but he'd said that before, hadn't he? He'd told Mickey there was no way back, and Mickey had found a way just the same.

"Yeah, well, it's not the first time he's been wrong," Mickey had told her, and that thought gave her hope, even as she sobbed in her mother's arms.

He could be wrong this time too.

So she spent the next few years working with Torchwood and their technology, trying to find a way. Trying to find a way back to him.

And finally, she managed it. It was a miracle. A way through, and it worked. And not only did it work, it was necessary. She was needed, needed to help Donna and to warn the Doctor.

And if that meant seeing him again, she didn't have a single problem with that.

It took far longer than she'd hoped, but eventually, she did see him again. Another miracle. They'd just looked at each other for a long moment, and then they'd begun speeding towards each other. After all this time, she was finally going to be able to hug her Doctor again.

But then out of the shadows came a Dalek, and it shot him to the ground before being destroyed itself. She'd screamed, dropping to her knees beside the Doctor and pressing her hand to his. He couldn't be regenerating, couldn't be leaving her when she'd only just found him again…

And then he hadn't regenerated—yet another miracle—and she had been with him for a whole nother day.

But even that hadn't lasted. He had taken her back to the parallel universe, back with the other him that wasn't him, not really, and just left her there. And even as the other Doctor stood beside her, holding her hand in his, she watched the spot where the TARDIS had been, waiting for him to come back.

But she must have used up her supply of miracles, because this time, he never did.