I was awoken by cold hands shaking my shoulder roughly disturbing me from my dream. "Daniella-Kate Jane! Wake up! You're going to be late for you first day" yelled my mum. Ugh, I hated it when she called me by my full name. Opening my eyes I found my mother looking through my room, "what are you doing?" I said, catching her by surprise. My mother took one last look under my bed then got up, turned swiftly on her heel, and walked out. Great. Not even my mother trusted me now. I grudgingly stormed down stairs to have a shower. After letting the steaming hot water wash away my fears. Walking back to my room I found the clothes I had picked out last night and got dressed. The shredded purple skinny jeans, escape the fate t-shirt, leather jacket, and my legendary converse; mother would go skits. Just what I wanted. I use to be the perfect daughter. Smart, queite, goody goody two shoes. Until the 'accident'. Laughing to myself I turned on my speakers, gorgous nightmare by escape the fate started playing full blast. My favourite song. I started dancing and singing along when my phone started to ring. Shit, where was my phone. I tried searching my room when my mum rushed in screaming at the top of her lungs for me to turn the music down. But I didn't hear her so I kept on searching. All of a suden the music completely stopped. I swiftly turned around to find my mother standing near my speakers tapping her foot furiously. I was about to tell her to get out when my phone went off again. "are you going to answer that Danniella?" said my mum. "GET OUT!" I screamed. She stormed out furiously, minutes later I heard the car back out of the drive way. Great. There went my ride. My ringtone started going off again. I found my phone and answered. "what?" I managed to get out without yelling. "well it seems that someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed, grumble bums. You coming to school today, or are you gonna' sit at home being a lazy turd?" my bestfriend Kassie said into the reciever. "hahaha, im like total rofl'ing right this second, bitch. I was, but I just lost my ride". "slut! You are coming today! Riley wont stop asking were you are, it so annoying, i'll be at yours in 10. you better be ready. Laterz skank". Before I could argue she hung up on me. Bitch. I said aloud to myself. I knew I couldnt escape school today, she'd literally murder me just to make me go. So I quikly rushed around trying to find my schoolbag, threw my long black hair in a lose pony tail, put on my black eyeliner, grabbed my skateboard and ran out the door. She was already waiting for me in her old rustbucket of a car, blaring 'massacre' by escape the fate. We were twins when it came to everything, except looks ofcoarse. I had long black hair that fell in loose curls, blue eyes, and curves, plenty of them. While Kassie on the other hand had chocolate brown hair, hazelnut eyes, and was a little over curvy. We had the same taste in music, guys, and style. Kassie and I were bestfriends since kindergarten when I threatened to dob on her for pushing me off the swings unless she would be my bestfriend. We have been ever since. I laughed to myself and jumped in the car without hesitation. "what are you laughing at butt head?" asked my bestfriend quizically. "nothing" I said, smiling to myself.