Author's Note: Since this is the end of the story, I decided to make this a double-length chapter, rather than split it up into two chapters. I hope you enjoy it, everyone!

A sense of dread fell over the crowd as the evil and immortal Namekian warrior, Shredder, began speaking.

"As you see, I have just defeated your planet's strongest warrior," Shredder said. "Anyone who tries to stand up against me will suffer a similar fate."

Shredder gestured towards Erasa. She was face down in the grass, crying and howling as blood leaked from her face.

Shredder smirked. Erasa was the only fighter he had been worried about, because she was the only alien he knew of. Her reputation as a superhero, it seemed, was quite unfounded.

"You may now refer to me as King Shredder," Shredder said. "Of course, every king needs a palace, so I will be taking the one belonging to your current leader. Given that you humans have poor taste, I will no doubt need to redecorate."

The announcer wearily stood up and approached this villain. "Um...listen, Shredder..."

"King Shredder," Shredder corrected.

"Right, King Shredder," the announcer said. "There seems to be a misunderstanding here. Just because you won the World Martial Arts Tournament—Junior Division—it doesn't automatically make you the ruler of the world. King Piccolo tried the same stunt at a previous tournament—you sort of look like him, by the way—but he was..."

Shredder charged up a small energy ball and threw it at the announcer's head. The announcer screamed and ducked.

"As I was saying, I am now the ruler of this pitiful planet," Shredder said. "And to be honest, you should be grateful. You humans have done a horrible job with your planet so far. It's time for an alien to take control."

Hercule was in his private quarters, getting ready for his match against the winner of the Junior Division Champion. Most fighters prepare for their matches by stretching or going over techniques. Hercule, on the other hand, was standing in his underwear, in front of a full length mirror.

"Oh, yeah!" Hercule said, flexing his muscles. "Who's the man? I'm the man! I am SEXY! S-E-X-E!"

"Uh, Hercule?" a man's voice asked.

Hercule shrieked like a cat and dove behind a couch, hiding.

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" Hercule shouted at the monk who had entered the room. "Don't you know that you should knock before entering a room?"

"My apologies, sir," the timid monk said. "I'm just here to tell you that there's...a problem with the Junior Division Champion."

"Yeah?" Hercule asked. He had no idea who was the champion was; he stopped paying attention to the Junior Division Tournament, once Videl was eliminated.

"He's gone crazy and declared himself the King of Earth," the monk said. "And since you're scheduled to fight him anyway..."

"You want me to beat some sense into this kid," Hercule said. "Yeah, I getcha. I've beaten the crud out of tons of teenage boys who don't have their heads on straight. One more can't hurt."

Hercule was referring to certain teenagers who he had to scare away from Videl. The last time he had "protected" Videl from teenage boys was at a football game, four months earlier.

Four Months Ago

Videl and Hercule found their seats in the tenth row of the stands, ready to root for the Orange Star High football team. Videl got some popcorn from her backpack, while Hercule looked around.

"Hey, I think that one kid is looking at us," Hercule said, nudging Videl.

"He's probably staring at you, because you're famous," Videl said. "Want some popcorn?"

"HEY!" Hercule shouted. "Hey, punk! Stop looking at my daughter, you pervert!"

"Dad!" Videl cried.

"I will pound you into a little ball and use you to play ping pong!" Hercule said, shaking his fist.

The boy in question left as quickly as possible. Hercule leaned back in his seat, when he noticed something disturbing.

"Now there are even more boys starting at you!" he said.

"Dad, they're staring at you, because you just threatened a little kid!" Videl exclaimed.

Hercule grabbed the teenager next him. "What are YOU looking at, punk?"

"N-n-n-nothing," the boy said.

"Good! Make sure it stays that way!" Hercule said. He threatened all the other boys nearby, while Videl tried to hide behind her backpack. When this was going on, a handsome boy came up to Videl and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Uh, I think you're in my seat," the boy said.

"Don't talk to my daughter!" Hercule shouted. He grabbed the boy and pushed him backwards. The boy fell over the seat and landed in a heap.

"Dad, you're out of control!" Videl said.

"Nonsense, honey, I'm just making sure no one disturbs you," Hercule said. "You never know when and where boys are going to strike. Why, one time, I—who is that guy, waving at you?"

"It's the team mascot," Videl said, sighing. There was someone wearing a mascot costume, who was waving at everyone in the stands.

"AAARRR!" Hercule shouted, running onto the field and tackling the mascot. "LEAVE MY DAUGHTER ALONE!"

Hercule and Videl ended up getting a lifetime ban from attending football games at Orange Star High that day.

As Hercule was lost in pointless memories, our three teenage heroes ran to the side of the wounded Erasa.

"Erasa!" Gohan said.

"No!" Videl said.

"I'll help you!" Dende said. "My healing powers never fail!"

Erasa kept crying. She had her face firmly planted on the ground.

" have to get up before I can heal you," Dende said.

Erasa shook her head. "Nooooo..." she said. "I'm...owwwww...I don't want anyone to see me..."

"It can't be that bad," Videl said.

"I don't know," Gohan said. "She's bleeding pretty badly."

"Come on, the sooner you get up, the sooner I'll heal you," Dende said.

"Okay..." Erasa said weakly. She slowly raised her body into a sitting position, revealing her bloody and smashed-in face. Everyone winced at the sight.

Dende brought his hands to Erasa's face, then used his healing powers on her. The blood disappeared, and her nose reappeared.

"Hey, it worked!" Erasa said, as the pain disappeared.

"Of course it did," Dende said.

Erasa stood up and flexed her muscles. "Wow, I feel stronger than before! Thanks, Green Guy!"

Erasa gave Dende a kiss on the cheek, and the Namekian fell over in shock.

"So, I guess this means Shredder won the fight," Erasa said.

"Yeah, he's the Junior Division Champion now," Videl said. "And I think he just declared himself the King of Earth."

"Well, I don't like the way my fight with him ended," Gohan said. "If he tries to start trouble, I'll continue our fight."

"Any reason you're not continuing it now?" Videl asked. "This guy is clearly evil."

"Hey, he might not be evil," Gohan said. "So far, he hasn't hurt anyone besides the people he was fighting in the tournament. There's nothing wrong with that."

"Hmmph," Videl said. Apparently, Gohan had a habit of trying to see the best in other people. "What about the fact that he thinks he's conquered the planet?"

"And he beat me up!" Erasa said. "That makes him evil for sure! And since you're the only strong guy here who knows about Namerians, that means you have to kill him."

"It's Namekian, not Namerian, but you're probably right," Gohan said. "Still, I don't want to fight if I don't have to."

Meanwhile, in the arena, Shredder was continuing his inaugural speech as the new King of Earth. He was currently outlining his major plans for the planet.

"There will be no more nonsense about separate countries," Shredder said. "From now on, there is only one government on the planet: mine. Anyone who disagrees will be swiftly defeated."

"Hey!" a booming voice said.

Shredder turned to see Hercule in full fighting gear, standing heroically.

"Who are you?" Shredder asked.

"My name is Hercule, and I'm the World Champion of Martial Arts!" Hercule said. "And it's time for us to BATTLE!"

"Goodness, I didn't expect a rebellion so soon," Shredder said. "Well, you'll make a good example of what happens when you stand up to me."

"And you'll make a good example of what happens when you mess with the Champ!" Hercule said.

The crowd started cheering for Hercule, and the announcer spoke excitedly into his microphone. "Hercule is here!" he said. "It's time for the Junior Division Champion to face off against last's tournament's champion! It's the battle of the champions!"

"Are you ready to lose?" Hercule taunted. "I've beaten green monsters like you before, and I'll do it again!"

"Picking your nose doesn't count as defeating green monsters," Shredder said.

"AUGHAAA!" Hercule said, falling over. He got back up quickly and tried to cover up his mistake by making some poses.

"Pathetic," Shredder said.

Hercule charged Shredder. Similar to what Shredder did with Sharpener, he just stretched his arm out and picked up Hercule. Then, he tossed Hercule aside, throwing Hercule directly into the one remaining tower in the arena. The tower fell on top of Hercule, breaking at least ten of Hercule's bones instantly.

"Dad!" Videl cried.

"Oh no!" Erasa said.

"And that's my cue," Gohan said, cracking his knuckles. "Dende, you heal Hercule. I'll stop Shredder."

Gohan flew into the air, and he flew directly towards Shredder, stopping four feet away from the villain. Gohan had a very intense look on his face.

"This ends here," Gohan said.

"You again!" Shredder said. "I beat you already. Go back to where you came from."

"You won on a technicality," Gohan said. "It's time for a real fight."

"Does everyone on this planet have a death wish?" Shredder wondered. "Fine."

Shredder disappeared and reappeared, right in front of Gohan. He tried to drive his fist into Gohan's stomach, but Gohan dodged and hit him in the head.

"Lucky shot," Shredder spit. He drove his knee into Gohan's side, and Gohan retaliated by driving his elbow into Shredder's back, following the attack up with a punch to the neck.

The second fight between Gohan and Shredder was much better than the first one. This was mainly because Gohan stopped holding back, out of concern for his opponent's health and well-being. Gohan fought fast, and he fought hard. Shredder was surprised at how hard he had to work, in order to keep up with Gohan.

How could a mere human be so strong? Shredder wondered, as he took another blow to the face. He grit his teeth in anger, then began a furious assault, performing fifteen punches in twelve seconds. Gohan was able to dodge all of them, then hit Shredder from behind, on the shoulders. Shredder fell to the ground.

"Look, I don't want to hurt you," Gohan said. "If you agree to go back to Namek peacefully, I'll stop."

"Are you...asking me to surrender?" Shredder asked.

"I'm not even using a tenth of my full power," Gohan said. "You're a good opponent, but there's no way you can win."

"Fine," Shredder said, getting up slowly. He held out his hand to Gohan. "Truce?"

Gohan smiled and grabbed Shredder's hand, shaking it. "Truce," he said.

That was when Shredder took advantage of his closeness to Gohan by conjuring up an energy ball and smashing it into the half-Saiyan's chest. Gohan was caught completely off guard.

"AUGH!" Gohan screamed.

Shredder followed up with an attack which was similar to the Special Beam Cannon. Gohan barely managed to dodge it in time.

"Fool!" Shredder said. "I'd rather die than lose to the likes of you! I will kill every Earthling, if I have to!"

"Grrrr..." Gohan growled, as he ripped off his charred shirt. "I didn't want to do this..."

"Do what—die?" Shredder asked. He powered up and continued with energy attacks, which were more deadly than his physical attacks. Gohan was forced back on the defensive, and his injuries were starting to hurt.

If this continues, I'll have to go Super Saiyan to defeat him, Gohan thought. Better finish this before I have to do that, though.

"One last chance," Gohan said. "Give up peacefully."

"You're a [bad word]," Shredder said.

"Fine," Gohan said. "You just signed your own death warrant."

Gohan then put his lips together and started whistling the DragonBall Z theme song.

"What are—AAAAAA!" Shredder screamed, grabbing his ears in pain. Namekian ears are so sensitive to high-pitched sounds that they cannot handle whistling.

Gohan took a deep, grim breath, and while still whistling, he charged up an extra-strength mansenko and aimed it directly at Shredder's head. Shredder was too busy screaming to dodge, so the attack was a direct hit.

Shredder's head was blown clean off his shoulders. The head disappeared, and Shredder's decapitated corpse fell forward to the ground.

Gohan shook his head sadly. He didn't like killing Shredder in such a gruesome manner, but Piccolo always said that the only sure way to kill a Namekian was to destroy its head.

"As long as my head is still intact, I can regenerate the rest of my body," Piccolo had told Gohan once.

Gohan wiped the thin layer of sweat off his forehead.

"HE DID IT!" the announcer shouted. "Gohan has killed Shredder!"

Gohan's three friends ran to the edge of the arena, closest to Gohan.

"You won!" Videl said.

"You're the greatest!" Erasa said.

"Did you have to whistle?" Dende complained, rubbing his ears.

Of course, the audience was cheering loudly for Gohan. This caused Gohan to be slightly confused. He thought the audience would disapprove of his violent defeat of Shredder.

"They—they're not mad that I'm a murderer?" Gohan wondered.

"Gohan, you're too hot for anyone to be mad at you," Erasa said, admiring the view of a topless Gohan. The fight made Gohan's muscles stand out more than they did normally. "I swear, if Videl breaks up with you, I am going to—"

"Keep your hands off my boyfriend," Videl said, glaring at Erasa.

"Oh, so it's official now?" Erasa asked. "Gohan's your boyfriend for sure?"

"...Maybe," Videl said.

"That's great!" Dende said, wrapping his arm around Erasa. "They shouldn't be the only couple that leaves here today, you know!"

"Stop touching me, Greenie!" Erasa said, wriggling out of Dende's grasp.

Gohan laughed, relieved. The fight with Shredder had been tense for a while, but now it was finally over and...

Gohan froze as he felt a great power rising behind him. With a sense of dread, Gohan turned around to see Shredder's headless body, standing up straight. Shredder was powering up, and before long, his head regenerated.

"What the—?" Gohan asked.

"Kill me? KILL ME? You can't kill me!" Shredder yelled. "I wished for immortality on the dragonballs! I can never be killed!"

"D-dragonballs?" Gohan asked. "Immortal?"

"You, on the other hand, are DEAD!" Shredder said. "You are [bad word] DEAD, you hear me, [bad word]?"

Shredder flew at Gohan and smashed him ferociously, then shot a large energy blast at him. When the smoke cleared, Gohan was standing there, looking angry.

"Super Saiyan time," Gohan decided.

"I couldn't agree more," a voice said.

Vegeta, in his Super Saiyan form, landed down in the ring, between Gohan and Shredder. As you might expect, Vegeta looked cocky.

"Who the [bad word] are you?" Shredder asked.

"I am Vegeta, the Prince of all Saiyans and Slayer of Namekians," Vegeta said.

Shredder scowled. "...Vegeta," Shredder said. "I take it you're the same Vegeta who killed all those Namekians years ago?"

"The people in that pathetic village barely put up a fight," Vegeta said, baiting his opponent. "I did them a favor by killing them quickly."

"You killed them all," Shredder said. "Even after they gave you the dragonball, you still killed them! WHY?"

Vegeta shrugged. "Boredom, I guess," he said. "Why, did I kill one of your relatives? Boo hoo."

"I'll kill you, too!" Shredder promised. "Both of you! DEAD!"

"We'll see about that," Vegeta said. He turned his head to look behind him, at Gohan. "You! Step away. I'll take this battle."

"But..." Gohan said.

Vegeta hit Gohan. "This is my fight," Vegeta growled. "You just stay behind and try not to get hurt!"

"But—you—you can't win!" Gohan said.

"If I die, I imagine you'll be just like your worthless father and pull some miraculous victory out of nowhere," Vegeta said. "Now go away."

"Yes, leave," Shredder said. "I'll get back to killing you soon enough. I need to avenge some Namekians first."

Gohan decided to stop arguing, and he jumped out of the arena, landing next to his friends.

"Vegeta's either being his normal pig-headed self, or he's deliberately trying to buy us time," Gohan said. "Let's figure out a plan."

"I have an idea," Erasa said. "Why don't we run and hide, so the crazy aliens don't kill us?"

"Plan! Plan! We need a plan!" Gohan insisted. "How do we stop Shredder?"

"We can't kill him!" Dende said. "He's immortal!"

"Can't we trap him in another dimension he can't escape from?" Gohan said. "Something like The Dead Zone?"

"Tricks like that only work in movies, Gohan," Dende said. "They don't work in real life!"

"Well, we still need a plan!" Gohan said. "We can't let this immortal jerk take over the planet!"

"Excuse me, how did Shredder become immortal again?" Videl asked.

"He used the dragonballs," Dende said. "And Piccolo said the dragonballs were just used last night! Now we know what they were used for."

"The dragonballs are those magic wish things, right?" Erasa asked. "Didn't we use them up when we wished away all of Majin Buu's destruction?"

"You can use the dragonballs more than once," Gohan said.

Erasa almost fell over. "You can use them more than once?" she asked. "Wait, are saying you have access to unlimited wishing power—and you never use it?"

"They're not unlimited," Dende said. "Actually, they're very limited. You have to wait an entire year in between every use of the dragonballs, so they can recharge."

"Yeah, that's the downside to using the dragonballs," Gohan said. "They take too long to recharge, and besides, finding them all takes forever."

"Let me get this straight," Videl said. "It takes a year for the wish balls to recharge."

Gohan nodded.

"Why don't you wish that they could recharge in only a week?" Videl asked.

Dende's jaw dropped. "Guh..."

Gohan hugged Videl. "You are the smartest, best girl ever," he said. "If Shredder doesn't kill us, I'm going to take you out on a date."

Vegeta stood in place, impatiently tapping his foot as he stood over Shredder's decapitated corpse. After about thirty seconds, the body got up and started sparring with Vegeta. After another thirty seconds, Shredder regenerated his head.

"Quit blowing off my head!" Shredder demanded.

"But it's so much fun," Vegeta grinned. "Besides, you don't need it for anything."

"Oh yeah?" Shredder asked. He stood in place, and his antennae stretched out, towards Vegeta. Vegeta took a step back in shock, while the antennae wrapped themselves around his body, many times over. Before long, Vegeta's entire body was covered with the antennae, making him look like an odd sort of mummy.

"What stupid trick is this?" Vegeta demanded, struggling to get loose. The antennae wrappings were surprisingly strong—either that, or they were just too tight for Vegeta to move around much.

"I call it the Antennae Attack," Shredder said. The villain closed his eyes and a third antenna sprouted from the middle of his forehead. This one was three times as thick as the other two antennae, and Vegeta watched as it grew and formed a noose.

"I sentence you to death by hanging!" Shredder said, as he grabbed the large antenna in his hand, then threw it over Vegeta's head like a cowboy lasso. The noose started tightening around Vegeta's neck, and the Saiyan Prince was lifted up off of the ground.

I can't die in such a ridiculous fashion! Vegeta thought. Death by choking was considered a disgrace in Saiyan culture, and Planet Vegeta was once plagued by a Saiyan serial killer, who snuck into people's houses and used his tail to choke people to death while they were sleeping.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!" Shredder laughed as Vegeta started choking. The Saiyan Prince started powering up, then he flexed his mighty arms, breaking the antennae that were wrapped around his body. He grabbed the antenna around his neck and pulled as hard as he could, ripping it off of Shredder's forehead.

Shredder started cursing, and Vegeta flew up and out of the large pile of antennae. He charged up an energy attack and blew them to pieces.

"Disgusting things," Vegeta said.

Shredder regenerated the two antennae on his head—to normal length, this time—then adjusted them so they were in a comfortable position. "I suppose that was a foolish attack," Shredder said. "Antennae are too thin to be used as ropes."

Vegeta smirked. "If you have to resort to stupid tricks like that in order to win, this battle is already over," he said.

Shredder rubbed his chin. "On second thought, maybe it was a good attack. It could easily have killed you."

Shredder's body seemed to glow, and it took Vegeta a second to realize what was happening. Shredder was growing in size. Soon, he was ten times as tall as he normally was.

"Let's see how you handle it when my antennae are ten inches wide, not just one!" Shredder bellowed. His antennae stretched out, flying at Vegeta. Vegeta quickly started dodging, slicing the antennae off with energy attacks whenever he could.

Meanwhile, at the Kame House, a very unique and not at all predictable scene was occurring.

Master Roshi and friends were in the living room, sitting on the couch. They were all reading girly magazines and/or watching a girly TV show. Suddenly, the great martial arts expert dropped his magazine and stood up.

"Oh, my," Master Roshi said. "Did you feel that?"

"What is it, Master Roshi?" Turtle asked.

"[Insert ominous warning here]," Master Roshi said.

"Oh no!" Turtle said.

"Will...will everyone be okay?" Oolong asked.

"[Insert vague comment here]," Master Roshi said.

"This is bad," Turtle said.

"I'll say," Oolong said.

Master Roshi nodded dramatically, then he smiled. "At least [insert generic lewd comment here]!" he said.

Turtle and Oolong fell over, then they started scolding the old pervert.

Fifteen minutes later, Shredder collapsed on the ground, his body covered with bruises.

"Pathetic," Vegeta said. "I expected more of a fight! You're only about as strong as those weak androids!"

"I...hate...Saiyans..." Shredder growled.

Vegeta shot a concentrated energy beam right into Shredder's heart. That would have been a killing blow, except Shredder was immortal. In thirty seconds, the wound was healed automatically.

"You can't win this fight!" Shredder said. "With every attack, you lose more and more energy! Eventually, you'll collapse from exhaustion, while I will live forever!"

"That is a horrible battle strategy," Vegeta said. Secretly, Vegeta was upset that Shredder's battle strategy was working. By Vegeta's count, Shredder should have died five times already. Vegeta was starting to run out of ideas, for ways to kill Shredder.

That was when Gohan and crew landed in the arena. "Shredder, you're finished!" Gohan said heroically.

"Oh, great, the cavalry is here," Vegeta said. "Go interfere in someone else's business."

"Sorry to interrupt, but I've got something important," Gohan said, holding up a small sack. "Remember these?"

Gohan turned the sack upside-down, spilling seven dragonballs onto the ground.

The green villain turned pale. "But—that's impossible!" Shredder said. "I used your planet's dragonballs yesterday! It takes a full year for dragonballs to reappear!"

"Piccolo isn't the only one who can create a set of dragonballs," Dende said, confidently. "I made a set immediately after your fight here started."

"But you can't collect all seven dragonballs so quickly!" Shredder said. "I stole your dragon radar!"

"We all flew into the air and caught the dragonballs, before they flew off to all corners of the earth!" Dende bragged, trying to take credit for one of Videl's better ideas.

Turning to Vegeta, Gohan said, "You can keep Shredder busy for another minute or so, right?"

"Of course," Vegeta said.

Vegeta smashed Shredder to the ground, then planted his right foot firmly on Shredder's back, pinning him down. Meanwhile, Dende started saying the proper incantations.

"Eternal dragon, I summon you by your name!" Dende said. "SHENRON!"

The sky turned black, as Shenron appeared in the sky. Videl fell down in shock, while Erasa pretended to be undisturbed.

Not one for small talk, Shenron got straight to business. "You have only one wish," he said. "What is it?"

"We wish for three wishes!" Erasa said.

"Erasa!" Dende scolded. "Stop playing around!"

Shenron's eyes flashed. "Your wish is granted!" he said. "You now have three wishes. What is your first wish?"

Dende fell over.

"We wish that Shredder wasn't immortal anymore!" Erasa said confidently. "...We can do that, right?"

"Yes," Shenron said. The large dragon's eyes flashed. "Your wish is granted."

"NooooooOOOOOO!" Shredder yelled.

"Finish him now, Vegeta!" Gohan shouted.

"Gladly," Vegeta said. He charged up a powerful energy attack, then jumped up. Spinning forward, Vegeta threw the attack at Shredder's heart. The Namekian managed to dodge by half an inch, but it wasn't enough. The huge hole in Shredder's chest completely obliterated his heart along with injuring some other organs. Shredder died instantly.

"What is your second wish?" Shenron asked.

"We wish that, from now on, only good people can use the dragonballs!" Gohan said. "If someone is evil, they shouldn't be able to make wishes!"

"" Shenron said, his eyes flashing. "What is your third wish?"

"Hey, nice idea!" Dende said.

"Thanks!" Gohan said. "It was Videl's. She's really smart."

"Of course," Videl said, pleased.

"Your third wish!" Shenron said. "What is your third wish?"

Silence met this sentence question.

"...I wasn't expecting a third wish," Gohan said.

"Maybe we can wish everyone forgets about what happened today?" Erasa said.

"No way!" Dende said. "We tried that at the last World Tournament, and it totally backfired!"

"I kind of want to wish my dad wouldn't be so crazy, but that's a really selfish wish," Videl said.

Vegeta, on the other hand, did not have any moral problems with selfish wishes. "Make me immortal!" he said. "No, wish for the return of the Saiyans and Planet Vegeta!"

"I cannot," Shenron said.

"WHY NOT?" Vegeta screamed.

"Only good people can make wishes now," Shenron said.

Vegeta let out a string of curses which were so vile that no one questioned Shenron's claim that Vegeta didn't count as a good person.

"Make the wish for me!" Vegeta demanded of Dende.

"Uh, no," Dende said.

Vegeta grabbed Dende by the throat and gave him a threatening glare. "Do it!" he ordered.

"Fine!" Dende said. He stepped towards Shenron and held his hands up. "Shenron, I...I...I wish Erasa's memories were back, so she could remember falling in love with me!" Dende shouted.

"WHAT?" pretty much everyone shouted.

"Green Guy, you are a sick, perverted—" Erasa started to say.

Shenron's eyes flashed. "!" he said.

Erasa's eyes widened as memories were awakened inside her. The fight with Babidi...Majin Videl...Gohan turned into a statue...Erasa's near-marriage to Dende...

"...Dende?" Erasa asked.

"Erasa?" Dende asked.

"My love!" Erasa cried, hearts appearing in her eyes. She ran towards Dende, then picked him up in her arms and swung around in a circle. "I missed you!"

"I love you, too!" Dende said.

The two of them kissed passionately. Some of the people in the audience awwwed at the romantic reunion of the long-lost lovers.

"That' beautiful..." Shenron said, tears leaking out of his eyes. He pulled a handkerchief out of nowhere and dabbed the tears away. "I'm a sucker for a good romance story..."

After that, Shenron disappeared, the sky turned back to normal, and the seven dragonballs scattered.

"And the sky is back!" the announcer said. "Does this mean the delays are over? Can we move on to the adult division fights now?"

Our heroes left the arena together, happy that the nightmare was finally over.

"Thanks for fighting Shredder to give us more time," Gohan said to Vegeta. "It was a big help."

"Yeah, I didn't know you had so much confidence in us," Erasa said.

"Hmmmph," Vegeta said. "I wasn't trying to buy time for you to make a plan. I didn't need your help in defeating that weakling."

Nobody was fooled by Vegeta's lie.

"It was a help, nonetheless," Gohan said. "Thank you."

"You can thank me by mating with Erasa," Vegeta said.

"W-W-WHAT?" Videl asked.

"E-E-Erasa?" Gohan asked.

"...He wants us to continue the Saiyan bloodline by having kids together," Erasa said.

"You knew about this?" Videl asked.

"It's not my fault that the Prince of All Vegetables is a perv!" Erasa said. "Look, Vegeta, I have a boyfriend, and his name is Dende."

"Aw, Babe," Dende said, giving Erasa a sideways hug.

"The Namekian is asexual," Vegeta said. "You can't have children with him."

"I don't care," Erasa said. "We love each other, and that's more important than sex."

Wow, that's not the Erasa I know, Videl thought.

"I'm trying to save an endangered species here, you idiots," Vegeta grumbled.

Vegeta went back to his family, Dende and Erasa left together, and finally, Gohan and Videl were alone in the fighters' area.

"So..." Videl said. "You saved the world again, Mr. Hero."

"You helped a lot," Gohan said. "If it wasn't for your great ideas, we would have lost."

"Hey, you're supposed to be the smart one," Videl said. "You're the one who studies all the time."

"You're smart in your own way," Gohan said. "Smarter than Erasa, anyway. And that's good, because I like smart girls."

"Great," Videl said. She flicked her head, in order to flip her braid over her shoulder. Once again, Gohan found this action to be utterly adorable.

"So..." Videl said. "I seem to recall you saying something about taking me out on a date, once the tournament was over."

Gohan blushed. "Yeah?" he asked.

"'s over now..." Videl said.

"Oh! Um..." Gohan said. "Where do you...what do you want to do?"

"Figure it out yourself, Smart Boy," Videl said.

"Well, I want to..." Gohan said. His voice dropped, then he shook his head. "No, we can't do that. In fact...I dunno, Videl. I'm not sure we can date."

"What?" Videl asked. She was more disappointed than she would have expected. "Why not? I thought you like me!"

"I do!" Gohan said. "I like you more than any other girl I know, but...well, Mom hates you, and she's probably going to lock me up in the house again to keep me away from you."

"Oh, yeah," Videl said. With all that happened involving Shredder, she had forgotten Chi-Chi's ultimatum against dating Gohan. "I forgot. We'll have to figure out a way to get past our crazy parents."

Gohan was going to offer to sneak out of the house at night, if that's what it took to see Videl again, when someone spoke up and interrupted him.

"We're not crazy," Chi-Chi said.

The two teens were surprised to find that Chi-Chi and Hercule were there. When did they appear in the fighters' area?

"Mom!" Gohan said. "Why are—what are you doing here?"

"We've been talking about the two of you," Chi-Chi said.

Hercule crossed his arms. "And we both think you're too young to be dating," he said.

"Dad!" Videl said. "I'm sixteen! All the other gives have been dating for years now!"

"And I turn sixteen soon," Gohan said. Technically, he was already sixteen, thanks to his half-year spent in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, but nobody counted that.

"But Bulma says that...she..." Chi-Chi said. She gulped. Bulma had made some very interesting comments about Chi-Chi being married at age nineteen, and being engaged to Goku many years earlier. " can..."

"We're...we don't..." Hercule said.

"I..." Chi-Chi said.

"Yes?" Videl asked, patiently. She had a good idea of what they were going to say.

"Yeah, what is it?" Gohan asked. He had no idea what was going on.

Chi-Chi took a deep breath. "You two can see each other," she said. "You're both...very mature, and we trust you."

"YES!" Videl said. She and Gohan high-fived.

"But no dating on school nights, and no dates longer than an hour and a half," Hercule said. "And no inappropriate touching, and no—"

"That's enough," Chi-Chi said. "I don't like the idea of you having a girlfriend, and I especially don't like Videl. But.. you like her, and...that's all that matters."

"Aw..." Gohan said. He hugged his mother. "Thanks, Mom. You'll learn to love Videl just like I do. She's wonderful."

Chi-Chi turned red and broke away from Gohan. "We're going home now," she announced. "Let's go get your brother and leave. It's been a long day."

Chi-Chi walked away, while Gohan went to Videl and kissed her on the cheek. Before he left to join up with his mother, Hercule grabbed him roughly.

"I don't care that you have freaky alien powers," Hercule said. "If you get my daughter pregnant, I will kill you."

"Yes, sir," Gohan said meekly.

The World Martial Arts Tournament continued like normal, without any interruptions, after that. Hercule managed to win the championship again, proving that he isn't entirely worthless when it comes to fighting normal humans. Hercule wisely decided to retire before the next World Tournament, when Gohan and his friends qualified for the adult division.

The judges at the tournament officially disqualified Shredder from the Junior Division, and so they announced that Erasa was the official winner that year, with Gohan coming in second and Videl coming in third. Gohan put the small trophy up on his bookcase, next to a framed picture of him and Videl on their first date.

The two of them had considered ending the date with a kiss, but they decided not to rush things between them. Besides, Gohan could sense that Hercule was lurking nearby the whole time.

Erasa changed her ways and stopped being a flirty playgirl. She officially broke up with all the boys that she was dating, so she could become Dende's full-time girlfriend. She never once called him "Green Guy" again, not even when the two of them got into fights. Erasa still continued her work as an occasional superhero, and they eventually made a movie about her work.

Dende was ecstatic that he had found true love in Erasa, and the two of them eventually got married at age nineteen. They used the dragonballs to wish for a child of their own. Their child—a girl—inherited Dende's healing abilities, along with Erasa's Saiyan ability to gain a lot of power after a near-death experience. She took unfair advantage of these two skills in order to become one of the strongest fighters in the universe.

At Erasa's suggestion, Bulma invented a device that located people with Saiyan blood. It was a modified version of the dragon radar, and it ended up revealing a planet with about 500 Saiyans, in the far edge of the South Galaxy. New Vegeta, as they called the planet, had become a refuge for Saiyans attempting to escape from Frieza, and Vegeta was absolutely thrilled when he visited the planet. The Saiyans gave a royal procession for Vegeta and Bulma's family.

Chi-Chi mellowed out a lot as she got older, and she let Goten start dating at age twelve. Gohan thought this was grossly unfair, but when it became obvious that Goten was interested in dating Vegeta's daughters—the only girls strong enough to fight Goten and live—Gohan adopted a strict "better him than me" policy.

Gohan ended up enrolling in Orange Star High School that September, so he could spend more time with Videl. He was in the same class as Videl, Erasa and Sharpener, for their junior and senior years of high school. As you probably guessed, Gohan became the school valedictorian.

Videl eventually grew a few inches taller, so she was no longer so small compared to the rest of her classmates. She became one of Orange Star High's official All-American Student Athletes, after leading the baseball team to the state championships. Some people were confused as to how a character from a Japanese TV series could be named an all-American, but nobody questioned it.

Gohan and Videl's relationship moved slowly—much more slowly than Erasa would have liked—but it didn't bother them in the slightest. As Videl said, "Love isn't a race."

Years later, when Videl and Gohan were engaged and taking marriage prep classes, they were invited to look back at the 24th World Martial Arts Tournament.

"It's so weird, when you think about it," Videl said. "Thanks to the dragonballs, nobody knows what really happened, except for us. It's almost like it's, I dunno, 'The Lost World Tournament' or something."

"The Lost World Tournament, huh?" Gohan said. "That's a catchy name for it."

"I know, huh?" Videl asked.

"But that was when I first met you," Gohan said. "So it wasn't that big of a loss after all."

The End