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~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~` Chapter 1 `~`~`~`~`~`

"I HATE THIS!" Lauren shouted at her father as she slammed her bedroom door. She screamed, collapsed face first onto her bed and started crying. 1 week. 7 days until they would be moving to Middle of Nowhere, Virginia.

A few moments later Lauren's mom opened up the door to the room and Lauren mooved as far away from her as she could, sliding onto the floor and adjusted herself to a sitting position in the corner. Her mom slowly sat on the other end of the bed.

"You know when I was little and we moved, your aunt locked herself in her room so long my dad finally broke the door to get her." She said.

Lauren turned her head up to look at her with a tear streaked face. "You told us that yesterday." She said, unimpressed, and went back to her sulking.

Her mom shrugged off Lauren's foul mood. "Willow Creek will be great!"

Lauren rolled her head back up to give her mom an exasperated look. "It's going to suck!" She yelled.

"Oh come on, it's only half an hour away from D.C." Her mom said, trying to reduce her daughter's foul attitude for the town. "We can go visit there on the weekends." Lauren's mood didn't seem to grow worst during the last few minutes, and it was definitely an improvement from the previous week. "And of course it snows in the winter. That'll be fun." Her mom continued, although it seemed to make the situation even worse.

Lauren started crying again. "It snows here!" Her voice cracked. It snowed there! -Even if it was one or two days a year. Lauren turned to the window to conceal what little she could of herself in that state. "And it'll probably be too cold there in the winter to ride." Lauren took a deep breath to calm herself. The thought helped- of not being able to ride at all when they moved. It didn't make her sad again; just extremely preoccupied with the though.

"But if you can't ride in the winter, Bear is going to miss you." Said her mom, trying to hide her smile.

Lauren laughed quietly to herself. Bear would most definitely not miss her. "Bear will miss me now." She joked half-heartedly.

Bear was a small black pony who lived at a girl scout camp where Lauren sometimes volunteered. He was about 13.2 hands and 7 years old, but his breed was unknown. They said it was a draft pony cross, but it had also been suggested he could be a Merens pony. Lauren had taken English hunter/jumper lessons for a little over 5 years, so could easily handle Bear, who was ridden by little kids who had never been on a horse before all the time. Although she was a great jumper, she had never tried it with Bear. She had never actually ever ridden Bear with a saddle.

"Well then, when we get there, he'll be waiting, so you'll have to go visit him right away." Her mom said grinning.

"Huh?" Lauren asked. She had pieced it together, but didn't want to be disappointed if she was wrong...

"He's yours now."

For some reason, now Lauren couldn't wait to move.


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