Disclaimer: I don't own Heroes.

So, I've ran into a bit of writers block. Okay, fine, more then a bit. I haven't written more then a couple words in something like a month. This was my attempt to break through. It's set some point in the future.

They are not a sappy love song.

The truth is, they wouldn't know how to be that type of couple even if they wanted to be.

Which isn't to say that they aren't in love. They are. They're so in love they put Romeo and Juliet to shame.

And when times are good, in between the blood and bullets and drugs pushed through tubes shoved up noses, they were happy. It was when the bad times came, when his power pushed through and he killed someone or she remembered all he had done and she killed him, that the inevitable overthrew the love.

Then he would run, and whatever version of the Company existed at that point in time (there had been so many- they would start out with good intentions, then grow corrupt, then employees and enemy's alike would overthrow them, think themselves free, only to start a new one not long after) would call her in, tell her to track him down at whatever cost which of course was code for we'll take care of any dead bodies you have to make and she would, she had years and years of practice and she knew him too well, loving him and him loving her and all.

So she would find him, sometimes it would take a few days, sometimes it was a different Company she was bringing him to then the one that sent her out in the first place. He would be locked up, drugged up, tied down. They would assure her he wasn't going anywhere.

Usually, a couple days later she was breaking into the secret holding facility and breaking him out, because, she did, after all, love him. And then they would go to the other side of the world where they could pretend whatever version of the Company existed at that point didn't know where they were, even though they both knew very well they knew exactly where they were.

Maybe this time he wouldn't turn homicidal, and maybe this time she'll actually forgive him. It's bound to happen eventually, since they do have eternity and that's a pretty long time. So why not assume it'll be this time?

This time, they will live happily ever after. Or not.

This time, they will be a romantic movie. Or a horror.

This time, they will be a sappy love song.

Yeah, right. That's not gonna happen.

They are not a sappy love song.