Kenichi rubbed his sore neck as the Saturday sun glared down at him in the sky.

Akisame-sensei didn't have to go that far with the last demon training machine" he mumbled to himself as the banging on the gate doors continued. "One moment!" he shouted in irritation and ran towards them. Suddenly the banging stopped.

"Huh?" he wondered, thinking the person had left. Then he looked up at a figure bearing down at him from above. The person jumped on to him and their bare thighs locked against his cheeks.

"Ah! Who are you?" he screamed hitting the ground with a thud. The woman smiled down at him.

"No one came to open the doors so I jumped the over it instead. My bag is heavy you know."

Her deep golden skin and eyes glittered in the sunshine. Her glossy white hair was a wild halo around her head. She looked young, no older than Shigure and just as beautiful and curvy. Just then Kenichi realized his face's proximity to her crotch and caught a glimpse of her lavender panties. Blood shot from his nose.

"Gross kiddo! You got blood on my thighs. Come to think of it, aren't you that really strong disciple I've been hearing about?" She asked him, pulling a lavender silk handkerchief from inside of her bra and wiping his face in a motherly fashion. "Um, yeah I'm Shirahama Kenichi, Ryonzanpaku's number one disciple. I would really appreciate it if you would get off of me. You're beginning to choke me with your thighs." He sputtered to only see she wasn't paying him any mind anymore.

"Ay…Megu. You've come back around." Akisame said calmly. She jumped from on top of Kenichi and onto Akisame. "My dear. You've grown handsomer while I was away." She answered happily, wrapping her legs around his waist and smashing his face into her breasts.

Kenichi's mouth dropped in shock. Ma Kensei dropped his ero book in his lap and Apachai stared in confusion. Sakaki spewed his beer into the dirt. "Akisame? Handsome? Ahahahahah!" He and Ma laughed riotously as Shigure looked on in surprise from the roof.

Akisame ignored them. "What brings you back Megu?"

She blushed and looked away. "I can never stay away from you or this place for long." She let go of him and stood. "Please tell me I'll get a chance to have a session or two with the kid?" She asked hopefully, grinning at Kenichi from over her shoulder.

"Oh course, Megu-chan. Your expertise will be quite perfect for our young disciple." The Elder answered, appearing suddenly. Her face lit up further. "Elder!" She jumped into his arms and hugged him as if he were her father. The Elder patted her back affectionately and set her back on her feet.

"Come Kenichi." the Elder helped Kenichi from the ground and rested his hand on his shoulder. She observed Kenichi, running her fingers across his cheek. His skin flushed from her touch and he searched around to make sure Miu wasn't looking. She was and her eyes squinted at him angrily for second.

"Oh now that I get a better look at you, you've got something special going on. And these muscles are so well developed in such short time." She chirped, squeezing his sore arms, much to his displeasure.

"Tea everyone!" Miu interrupted purposely. Everyone went indoors and sat down to drink.

"So how do you know Akisame-sensei?" Kenichi couldn't wait to ask. She grinned. "Much like Shigure, he found me and took me in. Except I was a teenager then. I was homeless and wandering the streets of London."

Kenichi's mouth opened in surprise. "London?"

Akisame sipped his tea. "Yes. Sakaki and I were there for a job. We decided we couldn't leave her there, so we took her with us back to Ryonzanpaku when we were done. The Elder accepted her right away."

"And that's when I gained a little sister in Miu-chan!" She laughed hugging Miu's face to her breast. Ma's tongue wagged as Kenichi looked away, his face red. "I'm going to lose a lot of blood around this woman while she's here." He thought to himself quietly.

"Yes, I did miss you Megu-sama. But while you were here you mostly spent your time training and your free time around Master Akisame." Miu admitted. Megu gave her guilty expression. "I'm sorry I neglected to be a better sister to you Miu-chan. But all of those insane training sessions I went through back then distracted me. Elder, remember the time we were in the Amazon and you pushed me off that jungle cliff with my arms tied behind my back with those piranhas in the river waiting below…" She started only to have Elder clamp his hand over her mouth before she could horrify the visibly shaken Kenichi further with the rest of the story. The Elder laughed nervously. "Megu-chan I told you not to talk about certain advanced secret training sessions, remember?" He reminded.

"Oh yeah, sorry Elder."

"You still haven't told us what brings you back around here." Sakaki interrupted, opening another beer. She reached into her duffle bag beside her and pulled out a straw covered bottle. "Is that what I think it is?" He asked gleefully. Kenichi hadn't seen Master Sakaki look that happy in while.

"Yup. Soju. Guarantee you won't be able to remember your own name after you drink this small farm homebrew. Got it while on a job in South Korea. I brought a bottle back especially for you." Sakaki snatched her into a hug. "I don't even care why your back now, stay as long as you want!" he blubbered. "Ouch Sakaki your hugs hurt. That's why I try to stay away from them." She noted squeezing out of his arms.

"I'm back because I have some downtime, and I heard about all the Yami/YOMI happenings. I wanted to meet Kenichi here and see just how talented he is."

Ma stroked his mustache. "Oh? Our disciple doesn't have any talent. I believe you've wasted your time." Kenichi could feel the arrow of despair piercing his heart.

"Apa! No talent whatsoever!"

"None that we've ever seen." Akisame added .

"He's as talented as this empty beer can." Sakaki answered last, guzzling the soju.

"Stop it! Look you made him faint with all your harsh words! Just as mean to him as you all were to me back then." She scolded. She crawled over to Kenichi and put his head on her lap.

"Listen Kenichi, that's just their tactic to keep you humble. You don't need talent when you can learn to utilize skill as quick as you have from what I've heard. I didn't have any talent either."

Kenichi sat up, hopeful. "You didn't?"

Sakaki laughed. "Lies! She had loads of talent! Why do you think we brought her back to Japan?" He bellowed. "Definitely one of the most talented disciples we've ever had." Akisame agreed. Kenichi's spirit withered again.

Megu glared at Sakaki. "Don't listen to them Kenichi. I want the honor of teaching you a few techniques. I promise to be gentle." She gave him an angelic smile. Kenichi thought back to when the supposedly "nice" Akisame easily offered to train him. And then all the torturous training sessions that followed. He hopped up.

"No way! Master Akisame was supposed to have been the nice master when I first got here! You two are close, so I bet there's some similar psycho training you're going to put me through that's gonna hurt! I refuse!" He ran, smashing through the sliding door.

"Oh my, he's trying to make a run for it yet again." The Elder said while stroking his beard.

"I thought we were past this point now…" Ma commented nonchalantly and went back to his book.

Megu sighed. "Don't worry, I'll get him."

Kenichi hopped up the wall, glancing behind him. "They won't catch me this time. I'll hide out at Natsu-chan's house for a few days until she's gone." He turned his head and a hand slammed down on his face. Kenichi crashed to the ground from the force, feeling the dirt rumble underneath him. He coughed and looked up, all of his masters and Miu staring down at him smiling. Except for Miu, the only one who looked frazzled.

"Wow Megu, that hole looks about 5 foot deep! I think you might have overdone it." Sakaki slurred, patting her on the shoulder. She scratched her head in embarrassment. "Yeah I kinda forgot to pull back my strength a bit more." She admitted.

"Nonsense. That's exactly what he needed. I'll let you have half of my training slots for the next few days Megu." Akisame said. Megu trotted over to him. "You will? That's why I adore you!" She purred happily while kicking Ma's camera out of his hand as he tried to take an up skirt photo of her. Sakaki laughed. "What do you see in that guy?"