"I keep trying to invite her to Ryonzanpaku for dinner like you requested Miu-chan but she just won't come. She' said she was busy with school and work for the last two weeks. Curiously she always finds time to meet up with me at her favorite sweets shop to talk." Megu explained to a disappointed Miu.

"Okay, we'll just try another time. I really want to meet her, she seems nice from what little you've mentioned. Here's your laundry."

Megu sighed. "Miu-chan I appreciate it but I told you to stop washing my clothes. I can do that myself unlike the rest of the lazy folks living here." She mumbled, eyeing Sakaki across from her specifically.

"Oh yeah, well why don't you say that directly to my face instead of that awkward glance!"

"I will then! How do you like that!" she yelled back, pressing her forehead against his. Miu jumped in and separated them as Kenichi tried to peek in on the argument while training with Ma in the yard.

"There's no reason to fight now." Miu tried to diffuse the crackling atmosphere. Megu crossed her arms and lifted her head proudly. "You're right my dear little sister. Because when it gets right down to it I probably would beat the 100thDan within an inch of his life."

Everyone froze except for Sakaki who spit his beer out. "What did you say?"

"You heard me!"

"You pipsqueak! I was one of your Masters!"

"No you weren't, you refused to acknowledge me as your official disciple remember!"

"But I still taught you techniques and gave you guidance…sorta!"

"HA! Only when you felt like it! You wouldn't even teach me the basics you kept teaching me advanced karate techniques and making me figure out things on my own! What a great Master you are!"

"You should be grateful I even taught you that for free!"

"Don't underestimate me 100th Dan, I didn't just sit around when I left Ryonzanpaku. I could make you eat those words."

"I bet you could! I never said I underestimated you, only a fool would do that. Let's go!" They both jumped up into their respective fight stances.

"Now, what is all the ruckus about?" The Elder appeared in the doorway.

"They…were arguing…and now they want…to fight." Shigure explained, the only other calm one besides Akisame in the room. Apachai crouched with Tochumaru on his shoulder, their eyes bouncing back and forth between Sakaki and Megu in excitement thinking they were only playing due to the smirks on their faces.

"There will be no physical infighting amongst the Masters." The Elder declared. Ma frowned. "Why not just a little bit? I hope he accidently tears her clothes off first. That's what I would do." He drooled at the thought. Shigure threw a shuriken at him over her shoulder which he dodged at the last second.

"No, no fighting at all. I could easily make all the beer and sake in Ryonzanpaku disappear…FOREVER." He threatened ominously with a cheerful smile. Sakaki backed off instantly. The Elder turned to Megu. "You know, I spoke to my good friend Garyu X recently and he feels like he deserves a rematch from that bout you two had before you left Ryonzanpaku a few years ago."

Megu jerked in alarm and tried to get away but the Elder held her firmly in place with two fingers on her shoulder. "He seems to think you could handle 0.0008% of his power instead of 0.0006% like the last time."

Megu went slack in his hand at the mere thought of fighting Garyu X again. Miu and Kenichi twitched in horror at what they heard remembering their own fight with him at the D of D. Sakaki backed away further and Akisame even seemed amazed.

"0.0006%? Master how are you still alive?" Kenichi asked Megu in terror at the thought. "Or maybe the question is how strong is she to have lived through that?" Akisame observed.

Megu shook her head and dangled from the Elder's hand. "I'm not sure myself. I went into unconscious mode many times during those sparring sessions." She responded as involuntary memories rushed back.

"So will there be any infighting?" The Elder asked again, his cheerful tone confusing everyone.

"No Elder of course not! I love Sakaki!" Megu stammered with a nervous laugh. He let her go and patted her head affectionately. "Good to hear. I guess I'll have to go disappoint my youthful friend Garyu X for now."

As soon as he exited the room Megu breathed a sigh of relief. "I don't think I could handle being blasted through twelve trees again."

"Twelve…trees you say?" Kenichi squeaked. "Yes, tall four foot thick oaks. I never had so many dislocated limbs. That was only my first bout of many with Garyu X." Kenichi didn't listen to the rest because he fainted just at the thought.

"I thought the Elder reminded you to stop divulging details of his advanced training sessions?" Akisame asked her. She smiled. "Sorry I forgot."

"Yes please remember. You're scaring our disciple." Ma added.