Heard a song on an internet radio site and came up with this one-shot idea. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I don't own K-ON! and its characters but the setting/story is mine.

"So…Are you going to let me out anytime soon?"


"Mio. I'm serious. Let me out."


"Even if I bought you accessories for your bass?"





I heard Ritsu sigh as she lightly banged on the door of the closet.

"Will you at least open the package I got you?"

I opened up a package that had been tossed onto the bed earlier and felt my anger rise. Today was our one year anniversary but the idiot in the closet seemed to have forgotten and went out drinking with some friends from work. Like a fool, I had waited all day with a meal that took me more than 2 days to prepare in secret. I even bought a bottle of her favorite wine. At some point, I had opened the bottle myself and had begun drinking it, calling or texting her ever couple minutes, trying to figure out where she was at. Just when I had imagine the worse happening to her and was about to call the police, Ritsu showed up at midnight. But my worrying was rewarded by having her slightly drunk with, to my shock, a few lipstick marks on her dress shirt. When I started demanding she tell me what she had been doing all night and with whom, she ignored me and went into our walk-in closet to change. While she was changing, I locked her inside so she wouldn't be able to evade my questions, unless she wanted to spend the night in there.

"Look Mio. I know I messed up but you know I couldn't really ignore an invite from the president. She's the reason why we can afford such a nice place to live in, not to mention so much more."

At the mention of her boss, I felt my face heat up more than before and downed another glass of wine as I stood up.

"You know Ritsu…" I started, surprised at the coldness in my voice. "All I wanted was for us to be together today. I never asked for money. And yes, though I like it, I never asked for a place this big overlooking the city. I never asked for you to be gone for hours or even days just to afford everything we have now."

I paused for a moment to see if she would reply. She didn't, so I continued.

"And I certainly didn't ask for your trampy boss to throw herself at you. How many times have I allowed you to stay out and go to your so called 'corporate dates' with her? Even when we had planned things in advance, you almost always ditched me for your work. When I married you, this isn't what I agreed to. This isn't what I wanted. "

I felt fiery tears swell up in my eyes and tried to rub them away but they just kept coming. I heard her give a frustrated growl as she hit the door hard, making me jump. I turned away from the door and looked out over the city, watching the lights dance as if laughing at me. And then in a controlled voice, I heard Ritsu speak.

"Then what is it that you want me to do Mio? Tell me! Whatever it is, I'll do it. I thought I was doing everything I could to make you happy. You know how bad I wanted this job and what I did to get there. All those sleepless nights I spent cramming information in my brain just so I could pass the test to get accepted where I'm at now. Yes, it was hard, but I survived because of you. You being there by my side and believing in me allowed me to pull through. Throughout it all and even now, I have only one goal in mind and that is to make you happy. And now you tell me that none of it matters to you. I'm not happy Mio if you aren't happy. So please… Mio…I love you…"

When I heard how her voice began to crack at her last few words toward me, I felt my anger falter. I thought over her words carefully, trying to figure out what I was going to say next. I glanced over to the bedside table and looked at the group picture of us and our former band mates in high school. Though it took me a while, even then the picture showed how much Ritsu loved me. It was her eyes that gave it away. Those golden eyes that could always will me to do things that I didn't want to do. Those eyes that lit up when I told her I loved her too. Those eyes that sparkled the day we walked down the aisle, with our friends and family, cheering all around us.

How long has it been since I last looked at her in the eyes and told her honestly that I loved her? I tried to recall yet I couldn't remember. But now that I thought about it, every time Ritsu left or came home, and other times as well, she always ended our conversations with 'I love you.' Sometimes I'd say the same thing back, out of habit, but how many of those times did I truly mean it? Nearly every time Ritsu said it to me I could sense the overwhelming feeling of love and desire she gave to those words. And though I was happy when she did that, I'd almost always respond negatively and hit her on the head or refuse to look at her. And she'd just laugh it off, give me a quick kiss, and leave.


Ritsu's voice brought me out of my troubling thoughts.

"I don't know what to do anymore. I love you so much but sometimes it hurts because I can't tell if you love me anymore or just put up with me. If you don't want…"

During her pause I drank the remaining wine and felt the flush from before returning to my body.

"If I don't want what?" I whispered.

Ritsu took a strangled gasp of breathe and I realized that she was crying. I got up from the bed and slowly unlocked the closet door.

"If you don't want me anymore then maybe it's best we separate."