OK…here goes. A while ago, I put up a poll on my profile asking which clichéd storyline you'd most like to read (I'm still working on that one) and Kricket Williams threw down the gauntlet and said she'd like to see me write a story about Derek involving a case of Lacunar Amnesia. Needless to say, I can never back down from a challenge! ;)

FYI—if you do not like clichéd plot lines, you may not like this. This story was written strictly for fun and is not meant to be serious, so please proceed with a light heart!


~ Angie


"Speak and be dazzled by my—"

"Garcia?" Prentiss cut in shortly.

"Emily? Everything OK?" Penelope asked panicked. Her friend's voice sounded ominous. The team was close to home, but sometimes it seemed the closer to Quantico they were, the worse things got.

"No, Garcia. Everything is not OK," Prentiss answered bluntly.


"We're on our way to Potomac Hospital. Derek was pushed from the top of a building, and—"

"He what?" Penelope shrieked as she jumped to her feet and grabbed her purse, running for her office door.

"He hasn't regained consciousness yet," Prentiss continued.

"Well, how…never mind," Penelope said. "I'll get the details later. I'm on my way."

Too late Penelope realized she was still wearing the headset from her office, but it didn't matter. She'd return it tomorrow. She hit the button for the elevator, but three seconds later, when the doors still hadn't opened, Penelope sprinted for the stairwell. When she finally reached Esther, she threw her bag into the passenger's seat and gunned it out of the parking lot.

Six hours later, she, JJ, and Reid were waiting for an update from the doctors. They'd seen him once, but he still hadn't woken up yet. The doctors wanted to run test after test, so they'd asked the trio to remain in the waiting room while they did so.

"Gin," Reid said for what Penelope guessed was the tenth time since they'd arrived.

"I give up," JJ said in defeat, dropping her cards on the table. "You can't be beat."

"Vegas in the veins," Reid informed her with a grin.

They were like background music to her jumbled thoughts: Was Derek OK? When was he going to wake up? The doctors had said it was only a matter of time, but with him unconscious and not able to tell them anything, did they really know that for sure? And just how old were these doctors anyway? One of them looked like Doogie Howser, M.D. for crying out loud! Derek needed an experienced doctor. He needed the best!

Should she call his family? Derek had always said in the past that if anything happened to him, his family was not to know about it until they had an idea of what was going on, and they really didn't. But what if, God forbid, something went terribly wrong and they didn't get a chance to see him one last time? Would Penelope ever be able to forgive herself? She'd met Derek's mother once when she'd come to Quantico to visit her son, and Penelope adored the woman. Was it really her place to keep this from her? Just as she was pulling her cell phone out of her purse to call headquarters for Derek's mother's number, a doctor that Penelope recognized from earlier walked into the room.

"Derek Morgan?" he asked.

She sprung to her feet, her jacket and purse all but forgotten; Reid and JJ were just a few steps behind her as she made her way to the doctor. "We're here for Derek," she said quickly.

"He's awake," the doctor announced.

"Oh, thank God," Penelope said. "How is he?"

"I'm not exactly sure," the doctor said carefully. "Maybe you could come see him and tell me?" she suggested.

Penelope nodded, falling into step next to the doctor as they made their way down the dimly lit hallway. Penelope was confused by the woman's words. How was she supposed to know how Derek was doing? The doctor was the one with the medical degree! She stopped a few feet from Derek's room, turning to face the three. "I want you to go in there, and talk to your friend like you always would," she instructed. "And if anything seems…different, please let me know."

Penelope nodded, anxious to get to Derek. She quickly walked into his room; he was propped up against his pillows, eating green jell-o out of a clear plastic container. "Hello," he said with a tired grin on his face. "Do you want some more blood?" He held an arm out to his side. "I was just finishing up with my snack anyway."

"Derek?" Penelope said carefully.

He grinned back. "Hot nurse?" he returned.

"Wha…?" Penelope's voice trailed off as her brow furrowed in confusion.

"It's just as I thought," the doctor said, appearing in the doorway of the room.

"What?" JJ asked, confused.

"Amnesia?" Reid mused in amazement.

"Precisely," the doctor confirmed.