Chapter 1

"Perdura, Perdura, hurry up!"

I rolled out my bed and stormed down the stairs to find Nena waiting at the makeshift table with a plate of burnt breakfast.

"Eat." She said pushing me down into the chair.

Nena has been my foster mother since I was three. I don't know where my parents are or who they are, all I know is about one month ago they tried to get in contact and Nena moved me here to Volterra, Italy. Nena bought a small two bedroom complex with a small kitchen that leads off into and open living room with a very large bay window and the whole house is in an ugly egg shell white that has gotten a brown tint with age. I quickly gulp back my breakfast, it taste bad but I don't want to disappoint Nena so I act like it was okay.

I head up to my room to get ready for my first day of school. My room is the smallest of both rooms but has the large bay window just like the one down stairs. Boxes pile and block most of the room; we just got here a week ago and have had too much to do so I have held off on unpacking.

I already know I'm going to hate this, Nena has taught be some Italian but the only thing I can really say is "ciao" (hello) and "perdono" (pardon). The school has set up a translator for me , but shes only going to be with me for the first day, after that I'm on my own... fun right?

"Perdura, you will be late, hurry!"

"Yes, Nena I'm coming."

I looked at my box full of outfits and sighed, "okay," I said talking to myself and decided to wear the first thing that I pulled out. I reached in to my box and pulled out the dress Nena bought me for my 16th birthday this year. "Just my luck," I said again talking to myself.

I pulled the dress on and stood in front of the body mirror. The dress is made out of black silk with bits of gold, and it goes about knee high. "I can't ware this." I say twirling around in front of the mirror, "but I did say the first thing I pull out." I split my blond hair in two and braided one half from the ear to the back and the other half the same so they meet in the back of my head, then I tied the two ends in a bun. Nena made me cut my bangs so they go straight across my forehead, she says it suits me, but only when my hair is pulled back tight. Once my hair is done I stand back and look at myself in the mirror. My blue eyes look cold from my nervousness and I have dark bags under them. I decide that fussing over everything is no use and I grab my bag and head down the stairs to find Nena waiting for me.

"Have you been waiting there this whole time?" I was I was going to say, but before I could Nena cut it and said "Ohhhh, the dress looks so lovely on you; I don't know why you never wore it before." Witch made me want to run up stairs and change it right away, lovely? What the hell, I don't way lovely I was going for a"oh hey she's cutie let's say hi" look, not lovely.

One week later.

I have most of my classes down and I'm starting to get a hang of understanding what everyone is saying. I have met one friend since, her name is Jane and don't get me wrong I love being able to have a friend, it's just.. I fell like she wants to eat me, it that normal? Her brother, Alec, also stares at me like i'm from mars, but he is hot so I'm not complaining.

Alec and Jane are part of some royal family or something, so everyone avoids them and they avoid them. I have still yet to find out why Jane started talking to me, linka a girl from English says they never talk to anyone, and why me of all people? When I asked Jane she simply said I am "different" than the others and then ran off to find her brother. Jane is on here way to pick me up for some shopping, thou I don't think I'll buy anything, being broke and all. I plan to ask her just what "different" means today and why the hell is "different" about me.

"Perdura, your nice friend is here" I could hear Nena call from the kitchen.

"Okay, I'm on my way down" I said grabbing my purse and what money I had saved.

When I got down stairs I could hear Nena and Jane laughing and I hurried up before something embracing would be said that would make me want to die.

"ill be back late, don't wait up" I said kissing Nena on the check and pulling Jane out the door.

"Slow down Perdura, the store is not going very far" Jane said in her usual thick British ascent.

"Why do you speak in a British ascent" I said trying to change the subject.

"It's where I am from."

"Really, Then how did you become royalty here?"

"Long story, they we really do not have time for you day."

I laughed to myself quietly, everything is too much of a long story with her, I should really try talking to Alec once maybe I would have better luck getting answers out of him.