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My Father, My Program

Chapter 16

Clu watched with satisfaction as the disk locked into the system it would now control and support. The hum told him it was actively working. "With this disk, we can take this ship and everyone on it out into the User world."

Sam wondered if Clu's plan was really going to benefit the world, or just feed his own desires. Having real programs walking around like anyone else was going to be difficult to explain. How would they adapt? Would they become human, or show some other traits unique only to programs? How would the military of the world respond to that ship and Clu's formidable army?

Jarvis entered the room holding a data pad, on his face a frown. "Sir, I need to speak with you. It's really quite urgent." He added the last sentence when he saw the look of impatience on His Excellency's face.

"Sam, stay here. I'll be right back." Clu and Jarvis left the room while Sam continued to gaze at his father's disk. As much as he liked Clu, and appreciated the program's willingness to include him as maybe his father never had, something didn't feel right about all of this.

While Clu was being briefed by his aide, Quorra was sneaking her way up to the Command ship, hoping to somehow distract Sam long enough to get him away from Clu. Once she found him, they would get to the ship where Flynn was, hopefully, still waiting, and head for the portal. Slipping past one sentry, she ran smack into another. Activating her light stick, she spun around on the ball of her foot, and bending low, swung the stick at the sentry's legs, derezzing a wide swath, causing him to fall to the deck. Without stopping, she ran on down the corridor, leaving her stick on, just in case.

Quorra came to the corridor where on one side lay the Control room, and in the room across the way stood the power device. She saw Flynn's disk in the device, obviously fully operational. She went in and was surprised to find someone. She happily confronted the Creator's son himself. "You have to come with me, Sam. Your father is downstairs waiting for us with a light jet that will take us to the portal. We can leave the Grid together, but you have to come now, before Clu returns."

"I can't just leave, not without an explanation." Sam glanced toward the door, hoping Clu would walk in, giving him an excuse to ignore Quorra.

"We can leave now, while Clu is gone, but he could be back any moment." Quorra wished she could knock him out and carry him downstairs, but that wasn't likely to happen.

Sam thought for a moment, his mind torn between staying on the Grid or going back home with a man he felt he hardly knew. "I won't do that to Clu. He's shown me everything, and included me in his plans. Besides, what does Dad care anyway?" His thoughts were in turmoil. He wanted to be with his father, he really did, but he had been hurt once before.

"Sam, your father loves you. And Clu can't be trusted. We have to go now!" She tugged on his arm, also keeping her eyes on the door.

Finally deciding that he had to make choice, Sam grabbed the disk from the tower, let Quorra drag him from the room. He grabbed a pair of the light wings he'd seen on the wall. He'd meant to ask Clu about them, and see if he would teach him how to use them. Now he had to hope they were of simple construction and easy to use.

Heading across the corridor, the pair entered the Control room. Clu was not there, luckily, and as Sam set the wings, he took Quorra into his arms and held on tightly. They jumped through the window, and as the wings activated, they floated downward, landing on the deck below none-too-gently. Quorra led Sam to the light jet where they saw Flynn waiting for them. Starting up the ship, he smiled at seeing his son with Quorra. "Sam, I'm glad you could make it."

Handing Flynn his disk, Sam told him, "You might want to hang on to this."

Flynn took the disk, smiling at his son. "Strap yourselves in now. I have a feeling we won't be leaving alone."

An alarm had rung out, alerting the ACP to the theft. Sure enough, Clu had been briefed by Jarvis on the escape of Flynn and the ISO. He removed the baton from his hip, and took with him his best jet fighters. They headed for the flight deck, and jumping from the edge into open space, activated their own 1-man light jets.

Once they'd caught up to Flynn's ship, Clu ordered his programs to circle around from both sides and trap the fleeing vessel that held his maker and the boy he had trusted, along with the last surviving abomination. If he couldn't make use of them, he would destroy them instead. By their direction, Clu could tell where they were going. The portal. He had to stop them before they reached it.

When the light jets had taken off, one program standing on the flight deck decided he had to assist the Creator. Activating his own jet, he jumped off the deck and headed for Clu and his team. Rinzler wasn't going to let the ACP destroy the Creator, for whatever reason that was compelling him to disobey his directives for an old one. Save Flynn.

Clu aimed at the blue and white bordered light jet, firing his weapons full on at it. The pilot was too skilled, and Clu missed. One of his fighters was also firing at the jet, striking a hit. The jet veered down as it attempted to avoid the laser bolts.

On board the jet, Flynn let Quorra control the weapons, while Sam sat in the turret. They shot at the approaching light jets, hitting two. The jets de-rezzed, and the programs fell into the Sea of Simulation and were de-rezzed themselves.

With Flynn's skilled flying, Sam shooting laser bolts at the pursuing jets behind and Quorra in front, it wasn't long before they found themselves on the way to the portal. They didn't know Clu was still alive and hot on their trail.

Clu, in his frustration, cried out in anger, and pushed his jet faster, aiming his guns at the 3-man jet. He fired relentlessly until he noticed another jet coming up on his left. It was Rinzler. "Take the shot! Finish the game!" Clu yelled into his communications device.

Instead, the formerly loyal program pulled back on his stick, bringing his jet up and over to place himself behind Clu. He fired his weapons at his former master, hitting the jet, causing it to de-rezz. Rinzler saw Clu falling toward the sea, just as his own jet was hit by de-rezzing debris. He felt himself falling through the air toward the Sea. Remembering his spare baton, he reached for it just as Clu reached him, the pair falling ever downward.

Clu kicked out at the traitorous program, grabbing his baton, and rezzing it, the ACP flew toward the portal.

Rinzler continued falling toward the Sea, until he hit the liquid. Dropping like stone, he knew he was going to de-rezz. At least he had helped his friend. His last image of the 3-man jet was it heading safely toward the portal. He knew Clu would be following though. As he waited for his systems to shut down, he remembered. His creation by Alan1. His first meeting and subsequent friendship with Flynn. His love for Yori. His assistance to Flynn in the creation and monitoring of the new Grid. The attack on Flynn by Clu. Anything that happened afterwards was just a blur. Rinzler noticed his circuitry had blacked out. This was it. Non-existence was upon him. Then he saw his circuitry re-light, only now it was his old blue-white. And he smiled. If he was to de-rezz, it would be as the Creator's friend.


Once the 3-man jet arrived at the portal deck, the three climbed out. "Well, Sam, we're almost home. Man, it's been a long time. I won't know the place."

Sam smiled. "I'll be happy to show you around, Dad, and Quorra, too." As they ran up the steps leading to the portal's bridge, none were expecting the scene that greeted them. It was a waiting Clu.

"Sam, I shared everything with you," Clu said, as he walked across the bridge toward the trio.

"I know," Sam responded simply.

"We were going to perfect the outside world, together." Clu came closer, his hands open, beseeching.

"As you saw it," Sam answered. "The thing about perfection is it's impossible to obtain. You wouldn't know that."

He looked over at his father, who said, "It's true, Clu. I didn't know that when I created you."

"Then everything you made me was for nothing. I refuse to accept that. You didn't care about Sam, so I was going to make him my son. I had plans for him, Flynn. He was going to rule at my side, even as he showed me your pathetic world."

Flynn was getting angry now. "Just because you look like me, Clu, doesn't make you, me. Sam is my son! You will never be anything to him. You're a program, Clu, my program."

Clu, in his rage, ran at Flynn, pushing Sam aside as his hands reached out for the Creator's neck. "I will kill you!" he screamed.

Sam picked himself up, and ran toward Clu, stepping between the furious ACP and Flynn. "Stop, Clu! Don't hurt Dad. I'll stay. Let him and Quorra leave the Grid, and I'll stay. We can still work on your plan, together.

Clu glared at Flynn and Quorra, then looked at Sam. He stood down, moving away from Flynn. "Alright, Sam, if you stay, I'll let them go."

Flynn came to stand beside his son, placing a hand on his shoulder protectively. "No, Sam, you can't do this."

"Dad, I won't let Clu hurt you, I won't. Just...just go." He gave his father a final smile.

Flynn waited a moment, then nodded. "Ok, Sam, we'll leave. But don't think this is over, Clu. I'm not done with you yet."

Flynn hugged Sam tightly, as the boy whispered something. Then he turned to Quorra, saying, "Let's go, Q." Giving Clu one last glance, Flynn led his ward across the bridge and to the platform where a beam of light shot straight up into the air. That was the way out. The pair stepped into the beam. "Good bye, kiddo. I love you," Flynn called out. He reached behind him, and removed his disk.

Sam watched his father and his companion step into the light. The portal bridge started to retract, as it prepared for the burst of power from the beam. Sam had only a second to think and react. He looked at the ACP and said, "I'm sorry, Clu, but I don't belong here." He went for the break in the bridge as fast as he could run, and jumped the gap. He reached for the edge, just missing it, but Flynn quickly ran to his son, and pulled him up. Father and son gazed at one another for what felt like an eternity. "Let's go home," Flynn said.

Clu held out his hands as he cried out at the boy he'd taken under his wing, and shared with him, his dream of perfection. "Sam, why?"

Sam looked at the program he had befriended, over the growing gap in the bridge, and answered, "He's my dad." Turning away, he ran to the beam, and stepped in next to his father and Quorra. Flynn lifted the disk up over his head, and the trio waited as it rose high into the beam before disappearing. The last thing any of them saw was Clu yelling unheard words at them, his clenched fists raised high in anger.


One by one, Flynn, Sam and Quorra appeared in the basement office beneath the arcade, as the laser re-constructed their forms from the energy it drew from the Grid. "We made it, Sam," Flynn said, hugging his son. He drew Quorra close, glad to see she had made it too. He wasn't sure if that would even have been possible. He spun around and turned the computer off, then did the same with the laser. No sense in tempting fate, and possibly allowing Clu to somehow enter into this world.

"Dad, what do we do with this knowledge we have, and what about Quorra?" Now that they were home again, Sam knew he had made the right decision. This was where he belonged.

"Hm, well, maybe we can contact Alan, bring him into this, before we reveal my return to the media. It's going to get out anyway, but just not yet." He looked around the disused office. "Man, it's been too long since my last visit here."

Quorra regarded everything as new, touching the books and furniture, before glancing over the photos of a young Sam that Flynn had placed on the wall board. "Can we go out now? I can't wait to see your world, Flynn."

Sighing, Flynn placed his arms around his son and his ward, leading them up the stairs. "I couldn't agree with you more, Q. It's going to be a new world for both of us."

Standing in the middle of the dusty arcade, Sam found his cell phone back in the pocket of his re-constructed jacket. Dialing Alan's number, he waited for him to pick up the line. He watched as his father regarded the cloth-covered gaming consoles of the arcade nostalgically, showing Quorra as he explained that these were the kinds of games Users once played. A voice spoke into Sam's ear. It was Alan Bradley, his godfather and Flynn's best friend. "Alan, this is Sam. I'm at the arcade. Can you get down here quick? There's something I have to show you."


The Sea of Simulation was a quiet place. Little activity disrupted the occasional waves that lapped at the shore. That is, until now. A head rose from the dark fluid, as a figure walked toward shore. It wore a light suit which was bordered in blue-white, and held a disk which was also lit in blue-white. The symbol at the throat of the suit blazed brightly in blue-white. Three squares topping a single square.

The figure, dripping wet, exited the fluid. He didn't know where he was, or how he got there. He'd have to re-boot if he was to remember everything. Turning toward the city in the distance, the resurrected program headed in that direction. He stopped, and placing his disk on his back, tilted his head and said low, "Tron once fought for the Users, and he will again." Smiling, the figure continued toward the city, the city named after him. He had a new future to face, and this time, he wouldn't let any program divert him from his directive, no matter who it was.

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