Hey Guys decided to start a new story since I'm currently in Reno without any of my other works. Also of my ideas I decided to begin one that hasn't been done all that often yet so I hope everyone likes it. I'm going to be starting the Naruto/Medaka Box fanfic so I hope it makes many people happy.

Well then let's begin!

Initial meetings

"Hakoniwa Academy is it?" a blonde haired youth questioned looking up at the gates to his new school. "Bigger than I thought it would be." He muttered glancing at the pamphlet in his hands. The youth had striking blonde hair making him look like either a delinquent or a foreigner depending on who you asked. He was wearing a white School Uniform with matching blue pants as he carried his bag over his shoulder. His sapphire blue eyes darted around the area "No one attacking me…good" he mumbled as he rubbed his brow. The youth also had three odd lines on each of his cheeks birthmarks. "Finally I can live a normal life." He muttered to himself as he slapped his face a bit. "Come on Naruto you can do this."

Making his way to the auditorium Naruto took his time appreciating the view the school had to offer as the Sakura trees were in full bloom at this moment in time. "Yup truly a normal school!" Naruto cheered to himself.

"DO YOU FIND THE WORLD MERELY AVERAGE?" The student body president asked the audience in a booming voice. Naruto transferred in after the elections but according to rumors he had heard she had been elected with ninety-eight percent approval from the students. "DOES THE FUTURE BORE YOU?" she continued not waiting for the students to answer her. 'I think her name was something like…' Naruto thought as he listened to the speech "ARE YOU JUST GETTING BY?" 'Kurokami Medaka…eh?'

"Relax…" Medaka began as she smirked "Even then LIFE IS DRAMA!" She continued on to explain her idea for the suggestion box causing Naruto to sweat drop.

"So much for normal." He muttered getting a bad feeling in his gut. 'Twenty-four hours three-hundred sixty-five days a year she'll help anyone in need?' Naruto wondered as Medaka dismissed the assembly. Choosing to ignore the feeling of dread building within him Naruto calmly made his way to his classroom, first year class one. "Here we go." He muttered entering the room.

It was far more normal tan he had expected after having seen the surroundings mixed in with the crazy President. "Huh…nice." Naruto muttered as he made his way over to an empty seat and sat down. Glancing to his left he noticed a boy with slightly pale blonde hair sleeping at his desk. Ignoring the whispers of his classmates all of which involved the first year president Naruto looked around seeing if anything was odd, his unease from earlier starting to bother him again.

"However you look at it you have to be impressed she could pull off a bluff like that in front of the whole school." A small girl with pink hair stated in a sing-song voice as she approached the sleeping youth catching Naruto's attention. "I suppose you could say she's used to standing up in front of people." The girl continued causing the boy to raise his head angrily.

"It's not like she's used to standing in front of people, it's more like she's used to standing over them!" he declared in an annoyed tone. Naruto raised an eyebrow in confusion. 'He knows her?' he wondered as the girl continued.

"I suppose you could say that, otherwise she wouldn't have become school president in her first year the shorter girl conceded with a grin.

"Tch…this girl is hiding something." Naruto muttered already deciding that the pink haired girl was a schemer.

"You say something whiskers?" said girl asked turning on him. "I think I heard something rude coming out of your mouth just now." She continued narrowing her eyes a bit.

"I said nothing of the sort shorty." Naruto countered knowing full well he just said something rude.

"Ah! You just said something rude!" she screamed at him as steam poured out of her ears. The boy laughed seeing their interaction as he introduced himself to Naruto

"I'm Hitoyoshi Zenkichi, and she's Shiranui Hansode." He introduced both himself and the small girl currently fuming at Naruto who smiled.

"I'm Namikaze Naruto pleasure to meet you." He greeted shaking Zenkichi's hand. "About the school president…" he trailed off as Shiranui started to talk.

"It's all true; she received 98% of student votes…" Naruto ignored the rest of Shiranui's rant about Kurokami Medaka's perfection.

"Almost like a monster isn't she?" Naruto asked resting his chin on the back of his hand.

Zenkichi only nodded in agreement.

"So what are you going to do?" Shiranui directed a question at Zenkichi. "The fact that the little princess got elected means that of course you're going to join the student council right?" she asked causing Zenkichi to lower his head a little.

"As if! He muttered angrily "Like I could handle being messed about by her anymore!" he declared though he then muttered "Though she has been bugging me to join." Softly making it harder for Naruto to hear him.

"Childhood friend?" Naruto asked seeing Zenkichi's reaction. The boy nodded his head causing Naruto to grin. " Oh don't worry about it, she won't run you ragged…probably."

"You're not helping Naruto…" Zenkichi muttered tiredly causing the blonde to laugh. Zenkichi suddenly stood up and pointed at the two people whom he could call a friend "I'm resolute! I will definitely not join the student council!" Naruto sweat dropped as he peered behind Zenkichi seeing none other than the student body president herself mimicking Zenkichi's movements.

"You sure you want to say that?" Naruto asked calmly while looking Zenkichi in the eye. When Zenkichi nodded Naruto palmed his face.

Zenkichi broke out into a cold sweat when he felt a hand clamp down on his skull "Oh my, you shouldn't be so rebellious in your outbursts Zenkichi." Kurokami Medaka had her eyes closed and a small grin as she casually dragged a screaming Zenkichi behind her out of the room.

"He's so whipped." Naruto muttered having seen similar cases between various couples. "They engaged or something?" he asked only to notice that Shiranui had disappeared. "Huh?" he asked question marks appearing over his head.

"Eh where did Hitoyoshi-kun go?" the class representative asked looking around. "Also where's Shiranui-san?"

Naruto sighed "Shiranui disappeared and Zenkichi got dragged away by the Student body president." He informed the rep.

"Well it did seem like Hitoyoshi-kun helped with her campaign, but seriously what's their relation?"

"Eh…childhood friends or something like that." Naruto responded easily with a shrug of the shoulders. Once class was over Naruto decided to go look around the school before heading to his part time job. "Oh is that a dojo?" he asked aloud seeing a large and traditional looking building. He made to walk over only to notice two figures entering the building. "Wasn't that Zenkichi?" he wondered picking up the pace.

Making his way to the nearest window he peered inside just as the two entered the building. "Oh…bunch of delinquents maybe someone asked for the student council to figure out how to get them out." Naruto could be very observant.

"Mm? Who the hell are you?" The delinquent leader asked seeing Medaka and Zenkichi walking in.

Medaka holding a paper fan in her hand smiled "First year third class Kurokami Medaka Head of the student council…I'm acting as the student council…as a response to a request in the suggestion box." Naruto sweat dropped seeing that Medaka had dressed up for the occasion. 'This girl is unbelievable.'

The leader smirked evilly as he grabbed a bokken and stood up pointing the tip at Medaka. "Ah, I've heard of you…the chick president who went mad with power right?" he asked laughing. "I'm surprised to see that you'd bring yourself all the way here. You might have gotten 98% of votes or something but I should tell you…I got the other 2%!"

Naruto made a deadpan expression though no one could see him. "That isn't something you brag about." He muttered softly to himself.

"So you're the leader third year Moji." Medaka stated with a fearless smile "Kendo eh that takes me back…I tried my hand at it a bit a few years back." Naruto glanced at Zenkichi who rolled his eyes.

Turning back towards Medaka Naruto blinked in surprise "Eh…when did she disarm him?" he wondered having missed the exchange. By the looks of things Moji as just as surprised.

"Looks like this bokutou has been well looked after." Medaka stated inspecting the wooden sword. "The ebony finish is pretty thorough."

"Bare-hand disarm…I guess it's kendo…though not something someone who just "tried their hand" could do." Naruto muttered scratching his head when he realized what had happened.

Moji growled as he shouted "Guys surround her!" his underlings nodded and grabbed their bokken and surrounded Zenkichi and Medaka.

"Inappropriate dress, dyed hair, and accessories…" she stated counting all of the broken rules she was seeing. "A veritable parade of rule breakers." She handed the bokken she had taken to Zenkichi "Not that I can really talk." She admitted.

"True…" Zenkichi muttered looking away from Medaka as her assets bounced within their confines

Naruto watched in interest as Medaka suddenly dashed forward and disarmed each of the thugs giving the illusion that she had appeared in front of each one simultaneously. "Pretty fast for a civilian." He admitted impressed.

"These cigarettes are one thing you should definitely change though." She announced revealing that she had taken all of the packs the delinquents had been smoking. "These things can cause all sorts of health problems. Just think of this as good for your future selves."

On the verge of freaking out the delinquents all checked their pockets realizing that she had taken their smokes "What was that some ninja technique?" one of them cried out in fear.

Zenkichi sighed "It wasn't ninjutsu it was still Kendo, it was the step forward then retreat movement used in Kendo though at that level there is little difference between it and a replication technique."

"It looks like you've made a fine mess of things here." She began looking around with a sigh. To have dirtied one of this school's great facilities to this extent I'm almost impressed." She covered her face with her fan and sighed again.

"What's with the lecturing?" one of the delinquents shouted in annoyance. "This has nothing to do with you President!" another shouted "Don't think so highly of yourself!" another finished as they all glared at her.

Looking around from behind her fan Medaka sighed "How pitiful…" she muttered stunning the delinquents into silence. "All of you guys were undoubtedly once passionate loyal Kendo club members…I can only presume that there is some reason, some great tragedy, which has lead you to straying so far from the path." Everyone nearly fell flat on their faces.

Naruto looked at the delinquents and could guess what they were thinking. "Well…yeah I got nothing." He muttered seeing events unfolding before him.

"Were you thrown aside by your parents?" Medaka asked going into a very odd pose. "Did you fail to meet a teacher who could guide you?" she continued continuing her posing "Were you betrayed by one of your own?" by now she had her right forward lunging forward as she bent backwards to still face the delinquents.

"Ah I can see her tits." Naruto muttered impassively.

"Worry no more! I will help you be born again!" she declared shocking the delinquents "I will make it impossible for you to be distracted by anything other than the way of the sword! I will straighten you out! I will correct the wrongs! I will improve you, rebuild you!"

The delinquents were looking less and less at ease as they realized just what Medaka was going to do to them. "I will not see your thoughts led astray again…I will leave you unable to cry or even laugh." Suddenly her demeanor changed though she kept her odd pose "WE START WITH THE BASIC STROKES ONE-THOUSAND TIMES!" she roared, "DON'T YOU GUYS THINK YOU'LL BE ABLE TO WALK HOME TODAY!"

Naruto watched with a nervous chuckle as the delinquents screamed as they were forced to undergo Medaka's training from hell.

Naruto whistled a jaunty tune as he left the school "Well that was interesting" he muttered placing his hands behind his head. "Anyways now to go to work."

"I'm glad you found my methods entertaining First year Namikaze." Naruto froze as he looked over his shoulder. As he feared it was Medaka and she was even mimicking his pose.

"President." He greeted as he continued on his way hoping she would leave it at that. "Keep up the good work." He called out as he walked away. He paused after taking a few steps and looked over his shoulder Medaka was the exact same distance from his as when she had called out to him a second ago. Shrugging his shoulder Naruto continued on his way five minutes later he looked over his shoulder and sighed "Why are you following me?"

Medaka merely covered her face with her fan. "Why to find out why you were watching us at the Kendo hall of course." She answered simply.

"By following me?" he asked scratching the back of his head in confusion before checking his watch. "Look I have to go I'll talk to you some other day." With that said he turned around and started jogging. Glancing over his shoulder he freaked "STOP FOLLOWING ME!" he roared as he bolted. Looking over his shoulder… "SHE'S STILL FOLLIWING ME!" Eventually they reached a nice little Ramen shop where Naruto slumped to his knees she followed me all the way to my part time job…" he muttered dejectedly.

"Oi Naruto you're late!" an older man shouted as soon as he saw the blonde. "Get your ass in here and start cooking!"

"Yes sir!" Naruto shouted jogging into the kitchen where he kept his gear.

"Well Jou-chan what will it be?" the man asked seeing Medaka was now sitting at a stool.

Medaka closed her eyes in thought "hm…the Curry Ramen sounds interesting so I'll try it." She stated.

"Oi Naruto one Curry Ramen or your girlfriend!" The old man called out as Naruto came out behind the counter.

"She's not my girlfriend boss, she's the student council president from Hakoniwa Academy." Naruto explained as he began to cook Medaka's order. "Spicy or mild Miss President?" he asked making sure he made it to order.

Medaka smiled in thought "I'll try the spicy today." She declared. Naruto nodded and pulled out the dough used to make noodles. "Oh you make it from scratch?" she asked impressed.

Naruto glanced blankly at her "Doesn't everybody?" he asked in confusion. Having grown up eating Ichiraku Ramen he had never known Ramen Shops to use the instant stuff or pre-made batches.

Medaka did not comment as she watched him fluidly cook her meal. He level of intensity he displayed surprised her at first before she smiled. Within fifteen minutes her food was ready as he placed her order in front of her. "Here you go one spicy Curry Ramen."

Medaka clapped her hands together "Itadakimasu." And began to eat her food. "It's good" she stated happily as she began to slurp down her noodles.

Naruto laughed as he watched her eat "glad you like it Miss President." He declared joyously before attending other customers along the older man. As Medaka ate she casually watched as Naruto interacted with the other customers. Calling over the manager of the establishment she decided to learn a little more.

"How long has Namikaze worked here?" she asked gesturing at Naruto ho was delivering an order to a table with two girls.

"You mean Naruto?" the old man laughed "He just started a few weeks ago, but I've never seen someone so young make Ramen from scratch." The old man sighed as he watched the two girls flirt with his worker. "One day he just came in and asked for a job. I told him to show me he could cook and he made me a bowl of Miso Ramen right there it was so good I didn't bother asking anything else."

"I see." Medaka muttered "Do you know where he lives, his past even?" she questioned further trying to learn what she could about the blonde teen.

The man scratched his head "Well I know he lives in an apartment somewhere in town, but that's it. He doesn't talk about himself all that much." The owner admitted after a moment's pause.

"I see…thank you for the food." Medaka said as she placed the money on the counter "I'll be going now." And with that said she left the stand towards her own home sending Naruto one last glance before turning the corner.

The next day

"Namikaze Naruto, join the student council!" Medaka ordered as she pointed at a sleepy looking Naruto at the school entrance.

Naruto stared at her blankly for a minute before responding "No way." And continued towards his class. Medaka lowered her arm as he passed her by. Whipping around she made to lecture him on his attitude but Naruto simply interrupted her. "I don't have time to join any school groups." And continued on his way.

When Naruto waked into his classroom he noticed that Zenkichi had a few bandages on his face as Shiranui ate some food. "You know is there any chance that you're an idiot?" she asked casually stuffing her face. "Only you seem to get dragged around by the school president even though you're not on the student council."

Zenkichi glowered as he looked to the side. "Shut up." He muttered angrily nodding at Naruto who waved in greeting. "She's always been like this ever since we were kids…It's almost like she doesn't get that she's better than other people at things…and as a result she puts in effort to make those around her as good at things as she is." Zenkichi explained shrugging his shoulder.

Naruto laughed "Well her hearts in the right spot though she seems kind of air-headed in that respect." He added his own thoughts.

Zenkichi laughed a little "I guess; for example in middle school after getting the results of the national mock exams she actually decided to teach the revision classes over the summer holiday. What she ended up teaching…was how to write '1' and '7' in a way that won't confuse the examiners and how to fill out the choice sheets. Everything she taught was to help prevent misunderstandings when the tests are marked." Zenkichi explained tiredly reliving childhood memories. "As far as Medaka was concerned people didn't make mistakes in tests they just didn't fill out the sheets out properly…She presumed from the start that everyone could get full marks." He paused seeing that Naruto was listening with interest "That was because that was always the case for herself." Zenkichi sighed causing Naruto to chuckle. "As such I don't think she'll ever really understand the feelings of those who try but don't succeed and just how depressing that can be."

Naruto chuckled nervously "Maybe…but it's good to remain positive." He pointed out "Though based on what you just told us I don't think she's done with that little request of hers yet." Naruto admitted causing Zenkichi to pause mid bite. He noticed the class representative Hyuga…something or other. Muttering under his breath, it also seemed like Zenkichi heard it. "You should probably check with her about what she plans to do next." Naruto suggested

Zenkichi seemed to mull it over before he left for the dojo. "Where are you going whiskers?" Shiranui asked seeing Naruto heading out as well.

Smiling as he looked over his shoulder Naruto shrugged his shoulders "Out…" he answered honestly before following after Zenkichi, interested in how Medaka would handle things. "Probably shouldn't do this since she'll probably notice me, but I'm curious." He mumbled to himself as he found his spot at the same window. "Oh wow, it's really clean now." He mumbled in awe.

"Zenkichi you're late" Medaka barked stepping in behind him wearing the attire of a housewife causing Zenkichi to blush. Training started ages ago, as punishment don't expect to be able to go home early." She glanced at the corner were other cleaning utensils were set up. "You're not the only one, it seems like no one arrives on time these days." She sighed in annoyance "I'll have to yell at them later."

Naruto turned away as Zenkichi started trying to talk her out of her actions and leaned against well yet." He muttered as he noticed all eight of the third years walking towards the dojo in full Kendo gear.

Moji glared at Zenkichi "We may be low-lives but don't confuse us for cowards." He stated glaring over his shoulder. "As if being beaten to a pulp will make us give this place up! I'll tell you now if you think you can reform us just try it!"

Medaka smiled as she removed the housewife attire "Fine then I'll take on anyone's problems; of course I'll also take on anyone's challenge." Medaka grinned "We'll start with 10,000 basic strokes!"

Moji was shocked as he exclaimed "It went up ten-fold?"

Naruto watched as Zenkichi left the dojo in a huff "Now where are you going Zenkichi?" he asked aloud. Silently following after Zenkichi Naruto debated about whether or not he should do something about Hyuga who was sneaking up on Zenkichi with a bokken in hand. 'Let's see what happens.'

Hyuga swung the bokken down and struck Zenkichi on the back of the head. "Damn it." The class rep muttered "You can't trust this damn student council to do anything. I told her to get rid of the low-lives right?" he muttered angrily "Who the hell cultivates weeds? Damn idiots!" spitting on Zenkichi he stomped off.

Naruto glared at his back as he pulled Zenkichi over his shoulder and carried him off towards the nurse's office. On the way he bumped into Shiranui. "Hey Shiranui could you tell President about this?" he gestured at Zenkichi's injury. "Nurse we have a problem here!" Naruto called out as he laid Zenkichi on an open bed.

The nurse a young blue aired woman wearing a conservative outfit rushed out from the adjacent office "What happened?" she cried out in surprise as she hurried over to inspect Zenkichi's struck

"He was struck on the back of the head with a bokken." Naruto explained as the nurse applied some disinfectant "How is he Sensei?" Naruto asked looking over Zenkichi.

She smiled "He should be fine there was no damage other than broken skin; and please my name is Shibayuki Aoi"

"Then Shibayuki-sensei." Naruto grinned as he bowed his head in thanks. "Thanks for looking over my friend I'll be going now."

Aoi called him to wait. "Your name?" she asked with a kind smile.

"Namikaze Naruto." Naruto answered with a small smile before leaving the room to head to the dojo.

"Hyuga…Tch didn't think I'd find another one with a stick up their ass this badly." He muttered thinking back on his first bout with Neji. When Naruto arrived he found the class rep standing over the bloodied forms of the delinquents from earlier. Moving forward he grasped the bokken before the glasses wearing rep could swing it. "Heh…so I can't do Kendo's version of bare-hand disarm…no surprise." He grunted as he held the sword in place.

Stumbling back the rep glared "Namikaze so you plan on getting in the way then?" he asked pointing the sword tip at Naruto.

"Ah…I'm just pissed that you attacked Zenkichi from behind is all." Naruto replied glaring at the bespectacled teen.

Clawing at his hair in frustration the teen growled "Either way you should be thanking me! I'm getting rid of the weeds that had been dirtying this school!" He growled again "You think I'm right, right?" he screamed in anger.

"Medaka is more right" a voice cut in from the door way. "Zenkichi!" Naruto gasped moving to aid Zenkichi who stumbled. "Man you shouldn't be walking around yet."

Zenkichi nodded in thanks at Naruto before staring at Hyuga. "Everything Medaka does is right, ever since I was two I've watched her justice." He pause wiping some blood off his chin "I'm the one who understands her best. She might go over the top; it might not seem to make sense…But I'm the one who knows just how right she is!" Zenkichi grinned "I might not understand just what sort of pleasure she gets out of helping people…however if someone dares try and go against Medaka's justice. I will not forgive them!" he exclaimed

Naruto nodded his head in agreement "Face it Hyuga you've lost."

Bowing his head Hyuga glowered "Lost…forgive me?" he muttered "Who cares! You're all just a pain in the ass! Do you know what Kendo times three means?" he shouted in manic glee as he jumped towards them bokken raised above his head.

Zenkichi pushed himself upright and decked the maniac "Not a clue!" he stated seriously fist outright from hurling Hyuga across the room. Staggering away Hyuga made it outside before being confronted by Medaka.

"GYAAAAAAA~!" Naruto watched the scene with his cheek resting on his hand "I think this all worked out nicely."

Following this chain of events it appears as if everyone was sharing the Kendo hall friendly enough under Hyuga's instruction. As for Naruto… "No…" he replied to yet another attempt of Medaka's to get him to join the student council.

"I don't see why you're so insistent on not joining even Zenkichi already joined." She stated hiding her mouth behind her fan as usual.

Naruto sighed as he rubbed his forehead. "And I don't get why you keep on asking me to join when I've already said no!" he retorted. "I can't afford to join the council. It is as simple as that." He continued on his way waving at Zenkichi who was also walking home. "You already have Zenkichi, you don't need me." Increasing his pace he quickly disappeared as Medaka stopped following him.

Zenkichi placed his hands behind his head. "You wanted Naruto to join us?" he wondered aloud glancing at his childhood friend.

Medaka nodded her head. "Yes…he will be a valuable member of the council as one who will oppose me. I see it clearly he speaks his mind and is one of the few who only cares about my ability to follow through with what I say. If I don't keep my word he will no longer respect me."

Zenkichi blinked in surprise. "How the heck you figure all that?" he wondered watching as Naruto faded from view.

Medaka laughed "Zenkichi have I ever been wrong about a person's character?"

'Yes' he thought but didn't say.


Hope everyone liked this I know I did. I'm not really sure how I want to do this though the important parts will definitely follow closely to the manga.

Anyways key points of interest.

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Naruto's history – will have its own chapter

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Next chapter will be centered around Zenkichi and Medaka trying to learn more about Naruto.