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Naruto smirked as he climbed to his feet as he climbed back onto the top of the roof. "That being said…you really do like causing problems for me Kaichou-san." He muttered dusting off his pants.

"So you say, but that smile says otherwise, Naruto." Zenkichi stated pointing at Naruto's face which had a small smile as if to say "What can you do?"

"Well what can I say?" Naruto asked with a shrug of his shoulders. "I can't help myself when it comes to my idiotic friends doing something far more outrageous than I thought they would."

"You just called us idiots didn't you?" Medaka asked with a blank expression as she stared at the blonde teen.

"You said it not me." Naruto pointed out simply. "Take it as you will." He paused to look into the sky before sighing. "Really…all I wanted was a normal student life." He muttered before shaking his head in exasperation.

"Even though you jump headlong into a lot of things…" Zenkichi muttered as he scratched his head while staring at their friend. "I really can't see you being anything but an abnormal."

"That's such a…distasteful word." Naruto muttered with a grimace. "It makes it sound like there's a set standard for humans to live by." He explained casing Zenkichi and Medaka to pause. "In the true sense of the word 'normal' it means that it's a quality or action that's considered to be what everyone in the world would do. However, in that sense everyone in the world is abnormal because there is no one person who will act exactly as described by a set formula or international standard."

"True…however those who are called abnormal here are those with inhuman powers." Medaka explained simply as she covered her mouth with her fan. "Like you and me."

"I fail to see how anything I do can be considered inhuman." Naruto retorted sharply. "If people put a fraction of the effort they do in complaining into work they could achieve much of the same things we can."

"Somehow…I doubt that." Zenkichi muttered as he waved his hand in front of his face as if to say "no way."

"Putting that aside, Naruto are you sure you're going with us?" Medaka asked looking at the blonde curiously. "If you do you're basically throwing away all chances at remaining 'normal'" she explained as a final ultimatum.

Naruto snorted. "You don't think I already know that?" he asked in a mocking tone. "In the end I'm not a man who can ignore his friends." He stated before running a hand through his hair. "I just know you idiots are going to do something truly stupid."

"You called us idiots again…"

"Are you going to do something about it?" Naruto asked in retaliation as he stared at the two. Seeing no response Naruto clapped his hands softly. "Well then in that case, let's head down and get this over with quickly." He stated. "The fewer people who know about me the better."

Nodding their heads Medaka and Zenkichi quickly headed towards the basement where the flask plan was being held as Naruto followed behind them. Upon arriving they saw two young looking boys standing in front of a large metal door with a keypad and the school symbol on it. "Welcome." They greeted simultaneously. The one on the left was wearing a black uniform as his black hair covered his right eye. The one on the right was dressed in white and had white hair covering his left eye. Upon closer inspection the two were standing in perfect mirror of each other.

"Twins?" Zenkichi muttered in surprise.

Before Naruto could answer Medaka stepped forward and addressed the two. "I'm the Seito-Kaichou, Kurokami Medaka." She intoned formally as she stared the two down who only smirked in response. "Are you two part of the 13 party?"

Naruto stepped next to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Of course not Kaichou." He answered for the two. "These two are merely doormen." He explained causing the two to frown.

"In truth we're only your average abnormals." They explained in unison once more. "You can ignore us and act as if we're not here." The one in black stated as the two gestured at the door. "Of course…that's only if you can get past the door of rejection." They intoned ominously.

"Basically…that thing changes the pass code after every entry right?" Naruto asked stepping forward.

"Quite right." The one in white nodded in assent. "It's a one in a million chance." The one in black continued on. "Furthermore, only the one who got it right is allowed to go inside."

"So what you're saying is that abnormals can get in no problem." Medaka summarized as she stared at the door intently.

"You really should let people finish what they're saying." Naruto muttered causing Medaka to stare at him oddly as the twins began shaking their fingers while making "tsk" sounds.

"Abnormals of our level are rejected by this door." They stated in unison as they parted to stand at both sides of the door.

"I rather dislike that notion." Naruto muttered as he cracked his knuckles. "One in a million?" he whispered loud enough for the others to hear him. "I've had worse odds before." He declared boldly while punching in six numbers rapidly. Within moments the doors began to creak and groan as they opened letting Naruto through. "As I thought quite easy." Stunned silent the twins stared at the blonde with their mouths gaping in silent shock. "Well then…I'll wait for you guys on the other side." He declared before walking through the doors.

Once inside Naruto sat down on the ground and waited. "Peace and quiet." He muttered closing his eyes. "I get why Shikamaru liked doing nothing all day." He muttered as he let himself fall over to rest on his back. "Tch, if only we were outside so I could watch the clouds."

"We're only apart for a minute and you act like an old man?" Medaka asked as she stood over him.

"Ah…pink panties suit you." Naruto's response caused Medaka to step on his face harshly. "Ow…"

"For some reason it really pisses me off to hear you say that." She muttered as a vein bulged on her forehead.

"You know…you're still letting me see them." Naruto stated as he lazily stared up at her. He was met with another stomp as Medaka continued to step on him repeatedly.

"Uh…am I interrupting something?" Morgana asked as she walked into the room with them. Her face was red; probably from the compromising situation Naruto and Medaka were currently in.

"Not really." Naruto responded as he moved Medaka's foot off of his head and sat up to greet her. "She just awoke to her sadistic ways." Medaka's foot found its way to his face knocking him over with a loud thud.

"Hm…I wonder why I hit him impulsively like that." She wondered looking down at her foot as if it was a foreign object. "Anyways what are you doing here, Treasurer Kikaijima?" she asked looking at the former swimming ace.

"We heard about your plans from Shiranui." She explained causing Naruto to blink in confusion. "We're not letting you do something like this without us!"

Before they could continue their conversation the sound of metal giving way alerted them to Zenkichi and Akune's arrival. "Did he just break down the door?" Naruto asked while scratching his head in confusion. "What a weak ass door."

Getting up from his seated position Naruto greeted the two as they walked over to them. "Yo, glad you could make it." He called out getting a nod from them both. "So…shall we get going?" he asked looking back at Medaka who nodded in agreement.

"Well then…" she began as they turned their attention to the next obstacle. "I was expecting to have to walk a bit before this…" she admitted as they stared at the obstacle for a moment. "We went through one door…and now there's another one?"

"Wonder what kind it is." Morgana asked as Naruto looked at it blankly. "Isn't it an elevator?" he asked walking over to it and knocking on it to see if it would open.

"That elevator goes straight to the final floor, which is also the first floor of the flask plan, floor 13." The twins announced bringing attention back onto them. "If you don't enter the right combination of Kanji and Hiragana, the elevator won't open." They explained with grins on their faces causing Medaka and Naruto to stare at them silently.

"You know what…" Naruto began tapping Medaka's shoulder and thumbing over his own. "We'll take the stairs." He muttered earning a nod from Medaka. "I'd rather not try to think a lot."

"Isn't that the admission of being an idiot?" the twin in black questioned.

"It's the idiots who don't think that make the biggest changes to the world." Naruto replied with a small nerve wracking smile as he looked over his shoulder at everyone. "Wouldn't you agree?"

Quickly following after him the others glanced over their shoulders as they began descending the stairs. "Could it be you really believe that?" Akune asked looking at the back of the blonde's head.

"You mean about the idiots changing the world?" Naruto questioned without looking back.


"Would I say something I don't mean?" Naruto questioned back instead of answering the given question. "Tell me something, when has a genius ever done something new or innovative?"

Morgana began to speak but quickly closed her mouth as she considered his words. "Now that you mention it…" she muttered looking at Medaka. "While impressive Medaka-chan hasn't really done something I haven't seen before. She does it better than everyone else."

Naruto smiled as the others seemed to catch on. "Right?" he asked provoking them to answer, "Geniuses are called such because they can do the same things others can only better, they don't try to innovate because they don't need to."

"On the other hand, those who others consider idiots are always thinking of ways to improve right?" Zenkichi asked looking at his friend.

"Correct." Naruto assented as they continued to walk. "Therefore I don't really care if I'm called an idiot. Rather it's a complement."

"Hm, I suppose there is something to what you say." Medaka stated in a contemplating manner. "That said…could you do something about this maze we're in?"

Naruto made an "Hmph" sound as he closed an eye to stare at Medaka in a lazy manner. "Why should I, Kaichou?" he asked with a hint of mocking in his tone. "Don't you have the perfect candidate for that at your side?"

Medaka made a humming sound as she closed her fan and tapped it to her chin in thought. "So you even knew about that huh?" she questioned as she glanced at Kikaijima. "Treasurer Kikaijima, you can use that to help us get a read on this maze."

"Eh…really?" the swimming ace muttered rubbing her cheek nervously. "People got mad at me last time though, remember?"

"It's fine I give you permission." Medaka declared getting a nod from the girl.

Taking a deep breath Kikaijima suddenly let out a loud piercing scream causing everyone except for Naruto and Medaka to fall to their knees in pain. "What the fuck was that?" Zenkichi shouted as he glared at Kikaijima as she took a deep breath. "Forget shattering ear drums I thought my heart was going to burst!" he yelled as he pulled her cheeks.

"It's like sonar." Naruto explained as Medaka announced that she understood the maze's layout. "Of course it only works with a large enough lung capacity and someone who can understand the rebounding sound waves." He smiled as he patted Kikaijima on the head. "Now then…" he muttered not even saying anything to Kikaijima. "Who are you?"

"Tres bien!" a dark skinned male called out as he leaned against the wall. He was wearing something like boxing gloves, a pair of boxing shorts and training suit underneath a white coat. His hair was done up in dreads as he smirked at the group a confident smile on his face. "Not only is this the first time someone's used a method like that to get through it's also the first time someone's noticed me before I said anything!" he sounded pleasantly surprised as he stared at the group, more specifically Medaka and Naruto. "Don't be so cold by saying you'll go towards the closest staircase. By the way, I'm the 13 party's Takachiho."

Instantly Zenkichi and Akune leapt at the 13 party member ready for a fight, but faster than they could react he redirected their attacks and tossed them around dumping them in a heap before he began approaching Medaka, Kikaijima, and Naruto who hadn't moved. "That was pretty good." Naruto mentioned casually as the teen approached "You flipped them as they got close to you right?"

"Tch 'Joker' huh?" Takachiho muttered as he eyed the blonde with distaste. "I didn't think you'd show up as well."

"Is that what they call me now?" Naruto questioned while placing his hands behind his back. "Tell me something, what is it they think my 'special' ability is?"

Takachiho grumbled as he stared at the whiskered teen. "The current thought is that you have a type of hypnosis ability in which you can hypnotize yourself to be able to do things normal humans can't."

"Oh…getting pretty out there." Naruto mused with a laugh. "Of course…you're wrong, but hey I can't blame them for trying." He shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly causing Takachiho to glare at him.

"I came out here to welcome you, we were told by the chairman to show you around after all." The taller teen explained as he turned to face Medaka with a smile.

"Welcome? You mean to test us right?" Medaka questioned as she folded her arms. "I remember your face; you were the one in the chairman's office trying to provoke me."

"Provoke?" Takachiho asked as he held up two items. They were her hair band and Kikaijima's glasses. "You mean this?" he asked with a grin as Medaka looked surprised while Kikaijima quickly patted her face in surprise as she suddenly found it hard to see.

"When did he…" she muttered as she realized he had in fact taken her glasses from her. "I can't see very well…" she whined as she squinted her eyes to look around.

"Allow me to properly introduce myself, Kurokami Medaka. I'm 13 party's Hard Wrapping, Takachiho Shigusa I'm the man when it comes to battling!" he roared ripping open his coat showing the body suit underneath. "If you want to pass, you're going to have to beat me first!" he shouted with an eager smirk as Medaka snapped her fan shut once more as she regarded him seriously.

"That's fine with me, Senior Takachiho." She announced as Naruto simply shrugged his shoulders with a suffering sigh. "I've also wanted to test how much I've powered up!" she shouted an equally fierce grin upon her face.

"Oi…your violent side is coming out again." Naruto muttered as Zenkichi and Akune gathered themselves back onto their feet. "Try not to go overboard alright."

"The last person I want to hear from about restraint is you Naruto." Medaka stated as she regarded him blandly. "I doubt you'd be able to hold back no matter who you faced."

"Tres Bien! I expected nothing less from you two!" Takachiho shouted as he quivered in excitement. "I couldn't ask for a better girl damn it!" Placing a hand on the chain around his neck Takachiho pulled out a flash drive and showed it to them. "Before we start." He began with a grin. "This flash drive I have here has the results of all the tests I went under here in the flask plan." The others stared at him in surprise "You understand what I'm getting at right?" he asked looking at Medaka wickedly. "If you're able to get this off my neck you'll be 1 of 13 closer to your goals of destroying the flask plan."

Naruto scratched his head as he regarded Takachiho. "Why would you tell us that?" he asked as he closed one eye once again giving off a lazy feeling as the others stared at him. "Are you trying to tempt us to use tricks to get that off you?"

"It's nothing really." Takachiho muttered as he grinned. "I'm giving you a reason to fight in a way that you won't have to make excuses for yourself later." He explained as he stared at Medaka. "Besides…if you think getting this off me is going to be easy, you better think again." Takachiho declared slipping into a standard boxing stance.

"I feel the same." Medaka declared taking the same posture as Takachiho. "None of you interfere." She ordered glancing at Naruto and the others.

"Fine, if you really want to waste time like this." Naruto muttered with a shrug of his shoulders as he leaned against the wall next to Zenkichi and the others. "There she goes again mimicking her opponent." Naruto muttered in annoyance as he watched the two fighters.

"Mimicking?" Akune questioned curiously. "Isn't it because she prefers to fight using the same style as her opponent?"

"Tch you guys have known her longer than I have and you haven't figured it out yet?" Naruto rubbed his head tiredly as he looked at the two trading words. "She has no style of her own, and doesn't really know how to go about things, so she mimics others giving the sense that she's playing at your level."

"That's ridiculous…" Zenkichi muttered "I mean I know she's really good at everything, but not even Medaka-chan can do something like that right?"

"Sit yourself." Naruto muttered with a yawn. "I get the feeling this is going to be an odd match." Suddenly Takachiho charged forward faster than Medaka could react and kneed her in the face. "Case and point." Naruto muttered as he placed his hands in his pockets. "I guess he's a kick-boxer."

"Well I guess it's true I didn't ask." Medaka muttered as she looked up at Takachiho's face. "But something like this isn't anything special."

"Oh she stopped the knee with a head butt!" Akune shouted happily, relieved that she was more or less fine. "That's our Medaka-san!"

"Then how about this?" Takachiho shouted launching a kick at Medaka's temple. Instead of blocking or trying to dodge Medaka stared at the flash drive as she reached out for it. Naruto didn't miss the confused look on Takachiho's face as he followed through and struck her temple as she grabbed the flash drive before being tossed aside.

"MEDAKA-CHAN!" the other members of the student council shouted as they ran over as Naruto calmly pushed himself off the wall and walked over as well.

"Can you not try to get yourself decapitated?" Naruto asked as he arrived next to her. "The data is useless if you're dead you know."

"Hmph, it's a good thing I underwent that mad dog's training then isn't it?" she asked rhetorically as she got to her feet.

Takachiho grinned as he stood upright. "Kurokami you're an abnormal within abnormals! If I weren't here, you could easily make it to the fourth floor!" he shouted catching their attention. "But as luck would have it, I'm the strongest guy in the 13 party! It's nothing to be embarrassed about, you ran into some bad luck running into me is all!" He shouted joyously causing the others to stare at him oddly.

Medaka grimaced as she stared at him, "I have no idea what you're barking about." She muttered holding up the flash drive. "Luck seems to be on my side, I've already got the data."

Naruto watched closely as Takachiho made his move and quickly intercepted him by redirecting his hand which had reached for the flash drive into the air. The end result was the older teen to fly through the air landing on his feet behind them. "Quite the tricky one aren't you Senpai?" Naruto muttered as he grinned slightly.

Zenkichi and the others spun around on their heels in shock. "How'd he get behind us?" he shouted in surprise.

"Tch, you're more of a monster than people claim." Takachiho muttered staring at Naruto harshly. "You even saw me moving at my fastest and managed to force me around my target."

"Of course I did." Naruto declared as the others began seriously analyzing the older teen. "We're alike after all."

"You realized my ability?" Takachiho muttered while looking at the blonde seriously.

"Of course, it's reflex." Naruto declared simply "we don't think before acting. In example…" Naruto suddenly appeared in front of Takachiho his fist reared back. Without thinking the other teen quickly began dodging all of Naruto's attacks while throwing his own.

"So…fast." Akune muttered as the two quickly reached super-human speed.

"The most amazing thing is that neither one has landed a hit yet." Medaka declared as she tried to follow their movements. "Their reflexes truly are insane."

"Reflex…you mean like when you put your hand on something hot, and you move it without thinking right?" Zenkichi asked in a confused manner. "Or when there's dust in the air, you instinctively close your eyes?"

Medaka nodded her head "Exactly, 'without thinking' and 'Instinctively' before the stimulus reaches your brain and your muscles like a shortcut." She explained as she folded her arms over her chest seeing that the two were now completely engrossed in their fight. "That said there's no way for us, who think first and then act, to keep up with them. Though this is the first I've heard of reflexes being used in close quarters combat for counters and attacks."

"You serious?" Naruto called out looking at them despite the fight. "Close quarters is all about reflexes." He grinned as the two of them separated. "Not bad." He muttered noticing that neither of them had been able to land clean hits on the other.

"Heh, to think I'd find someone with a body type like me." Takachiho muttered rubbing his chin as he stared at Naruto more closely. "Like me you don't even need to focus completely on the task at hand either. I've also had a chance to figure out how you're superior." He stated addressing Medaka.

"Hm?" Medaka muttered looking at him in interest. "You have zero reflexes." Takachiho stated earning surprised gasps from everyone around them as Naruto made an "I knew it." Sound as Medaka looked at him warily.

"The reason you didn't react to my kick earlier is that you can perfectly control all of your muscles, so you have no natural reflexes." He smirked as he folded his arms. "Were you born this way, or trained this way." He made a humming sound before moving on. "It's not wonder you figured out our abnormalities. Then again you'd be our opposite. If me and Joker here are automatics, you'd be a manual!"

"I think you've got something wrong." Naruto stated as he rubbed the top of his head. "While I have good reflexes I don't rely on them." He explained simply as he glanced around at everyone. "I can consciously choose to use my head or to react reflexively."

"Oi, you mean you can do anything?" Zenkichi muttered in a tone that hoped Naruto was joking. "In a way you're even scarier then Medaka-chan."

"You know I resent that." Naruto stated simply as he stared at Zenkichi in annoyance. "That aside…" he muttered turning to look at Takachiho again "I really feel like the aspects that Kaichou-san doesn't have seemed to be gathered here."

Zenkichi bit his lip in thought as he mused over Naruto's words. "Now that you mention it…the human hating Unzen Myouri, the full of himself Miyakonojou Oudo, and the auto pilot Takachiho Shigusa. It's like these guys are Medaka-chan's missing parts.

"My missing parts?" Medaka murmured as she flicked her hair back while removing her shoes. "Don't say such weird things you two, you make it sound like I'm not fully human."

"That's exactly what I'm saying." Naruto stated in a serious tone. Zenkichi on the other hand had taken note of her removal of foot wear and began to panic as he worked on getting the others to safety.

"Akune-senpai, Kikaijima, we need to move back!" he shouted pulling on their arms. "If we stand here's we'll get caught up in it!"

Naruto tilted his head curiously as he regarded the frantic Zenkichi. "What are you doing?" he asked aloud causing Zenkichi to look his way.

"Naruto you should get out of the way too!" Zenkichi began shouting as Medaka began bouncing on her feet.

"Uh…" Naruto muttered still confused. "Is it me or is the sound not synching right?" he asked as he and Takachiho stared at Medaka in confusion.

"Yeah the sounds seems…" suddenly Medaka shouted "Kurokami Phantom!" as she moved past them seeming to disappear as the shockwave of her movements destroyed the surrounding walls as she passed the two males slamming her fist into Takachiho's body destroying the data he had hidden away from them.

Naruto on the other hand was thrown harshly against the wall, having not been a target he was only subjected to the intense wind pressure created from her attack which was enough to throw him off his feet and into the wall. "And I thought she wouldn't get even more freakish than she already was." He muttered as he lowered his arms which he had raised to defend himself. "I barely had time to prepare myself."

"Oh you seem fine Naruto." Medaka declared as she turned her head to regard him. She was bloody all over and her clothing was torn to shreds.

"Yeah, you just surprised me." Naruto muttered as he slowly got to his feet leaving an indentation in the wall. "You really shouldn't do this to yourself." He muttered seeing the extent of her injuries. "You're not me."

There was a grunt of effort as Takachiho struggled to his feet coughing up blood as he did so. "Did that girl die?" he asked in an angry tone. "I'm going to dissect her as payment for destroying my data!" he shouted angrily as Zenkichi and the others spun around to face him, the shock written all over their faces.

"Well at least you have a hardy body." Naruto muttered with another sigh. "But as for that statement you just made, I'm afraid I can't let you do that."

"You are going to stop me?" Takachiho muttered staring at Naruto seriously.

"If I have to." Naruto stated as he regarded the older teen seriously. "You're in no condition to fight, get to the infirmary."

"Don't say something so cold Naruto, truthfully I also want to talk to him with my fists." Medaka stated as she got back to her feet with an excited grin on her face. "Why don't you and the others deal with the guys on the lower floors?"

Zenkichi sighed before a smile made its way to his face as he and the other student council members as they regarded their leader. "Don't worry we'll handle things down below. Just make sure to win"

Nodding in thanks Medaka walked forward as the two began exchanging blows, Takachiho's injured body unable to keep up with his senses to dodge letting many of Medaka's attacks land.

"Really…" Naruto muttered as he palmed his forehead. "Why do I even bother?" he muttered as he simply watched the two trade hits. Suddenly Takachiho jerked his head back at the last second in order to counter attack causing Naruto to blink in surprise. "Oi…that was a judgment call." However, before his attack could connect Medaka lashed out with her leg slamming it down on Takachiho's head grounding him as the others watched in awe.

"I guess I'm at my limits, my foot attacked on reflex." She muttered as she closed her eyes as Takachiho tried and failed to get back on his feet. "That was a good fight though." Medaka stated with a small smile as she looked at Takachiho's prone form. "You can come play tomorrow."

"Heh…hell no." Takachiho muttered unable to even lift his head to look at them.

Naruto sighed as Akune breathed a sigh of relief. "I thought we were done for back there." He admitted striking up a conversation with Zenkichi who regarded him silently. "Luckily things turned out like they usually do. In any case we've cleared this floor now."

Zenkichi remained silent as he thought about the recent events. "No, things went exactly as the flask plan wanted…" he muttered catching everyone's attention. "Medaka-chan grew in that fight becoming closer to the flask plan's ideal perfect human."

"Regardless…let's go, we've wasted too much time here as it is." Naruto muttered taking a step towards the stair case. "There's another twelve floors to go right?"

"Right." The others agreed as they followed after him.


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