Hey guys I'm back! For now my Ryouzanpaku no Yami story will be on hold until I go back home for holidays. Anyways this chapter is an investigation chapter in which the Student Council tries to learn more about Naruto, this follows them not Naruto

Some people want me to keep Naruto out of the student council for the entire story, which may be hard for me since I'd need to think of a way for him to get involved anyways. Also there have been suggestions that I separate Naruto and the Council's little "arcs" on occasion I could try but we'll see.

Investigation part 2

Zenkichi looked around the fountain area where he had been told to wait. "What's Medaka-chan thinking?" he wondered scratching his head unable to spot Akune or Medaka.

"We will learn more about First Year Namikaze!" Medaka announced from behind Zenkichi mirroring his pose once again. "Or was I not clear when I called you this morning?"

Zenkichi, recovering from the shock of her sudden appearance, sighed "Well I get that…but, why here?" he asked looking around for emphasis. "We're not even near his place or his work."

"That's simple Zenkichi-kun" Akune announced stepping into view. "Sources say Naruto will be here today." The older teen smiled smugly as he flipped his hair back. "Very reliable sources."

Zenkichi frowned "It wouldn't happen to be a short pink haired girl would it?" he asked wondering how Shiranui knew everything she did.

"No, it was Nabeshima-senpai; she said something about Naruto going to the mall on Sunday." Akune replied easily

Zenkichi folded his arms as his face took a neutral expression "And how would she know that?"

Medaka grinned "Simply put, Nabeshima-senpai asked him on a date today!" she declared covering her face with her fan. "It is obvious no?" she asked looking at her childhood friend with a pleased expression.

"No… no it isn't." Zenkichi muttered hunching his shoulders trying to figure out how Medaka came up with these crazy ideas. Medaka covered her mouth and pointed to her right. "Oh…" Zenkichi muttered following her finger to the sight of Naruto meeting p with Nabeshima Nekomi, the ex-judo captain.

"Why'd you call me here?" Naruto asked bluntly as the student council quickly hid behind a bush to observe them. "I was planning on relaxing today."

"What a girl can't ask a guy out on a date?" Nabeshima asked coyly wrapping her arm around his, before leading him off towards the mall.

"Well, I guess you have a point, but why me?" Naruto asked politely allowing her to hang onto his arm. "I thought you had an interest in Zenkichi."

The Council members slowly trailed them relying on Medaka's miraculous hearing to learn what they could. "Only as a successor as team-captain." Nabeshima explained with a shrug on her shoulders. "I prefer my men to be bigger than me." She admitted tilting her head slightly to look him in the eye.

"I guess I am rather tall." Naruto muttered looking away. "But there are plenty of others." He continued to persist in evading any relations.

"But you're the most fun and mysterious." She countered causing him to click his tongue in annoyance. Laughing at her victory Nabeshima dragged Naruto into the first shop she saw, which happened to be a swimsuit store.

"I can't believe Nabeshima-senpai asked him out." Zenkichi muttered in surprise staring at the store the two entered "Didn't they just meet?"

Medaka chuckled under her breath "The human heart is a mysterious thing." She stated snapping her fan shut. "Even I feel a certain attraction to Namikaze." She admitted freely causing both boys to snap their heads in her direction. "I do believe it's part of why he was put in class 13 like myself."

"Class 13?" Akune wondered "You mean that supposed class for abnormal students?" he asked glancing at the student body president.

"The very same." Medaka confirmed with a nod f her head. "Though he continues his attendance in your class Zenkichi the chairman recognizes him as an "abnormal" student or so I've heard."

Akune made a soft "hm" noise as he considered the information "What is so abnormal about him though? Sure he can resist Medaka's will, but he hasn't really done anything noteworthy has he?" he wondered seeing that Naruto and Nekomi were still in the store, the trio opting to wait for them outside less they accidentally bump into them inside.

Zenkichi shrugged "Other than taming that dog two weeks ago nothing much really" he answered trying to recall anything odd about his friend. "I don't really know much about him though."

Medaka grinned as she placed her finger on her forehead "Which is why we're observing him!" she announced grandly "I've done my research and I've noticed that all of his record were fakes!" she held up her other hand in order to count off "First his birth record is too new for his age, at most it was only a month old ink and paper. Second his paycheck isn't nearly enough to live as he does. And last but not least…he wants a normal life, only one who has had too much excitement in their life would ever want a normal lifestyle."

Zenkichi gaped at his childhood friend "You managed to dig up that much about him?" he nearly shouted in shock. "Just where have you been doing your research?"

"Actually birth records are available at the city hall, and you can look up his paycheck if you know where he works." Akune pointed out "It just takes a bit of time to do so." Akune paused seeing the two exiting the store a shopping bag in Naruto's hand. "Hold on they're done in the store."

"She must've wanted him to buy her a swimsuit." Zenkichi muttered rubbing his head curiously. "I always thought girls went with other girls for this kind of stuff."

Medaka scoffed "Obviously you are a very pure boy Zenkichi." She stated causing the bleached blonde to sputter out a denial. "The truth is she just wanted to flaunt her body in front of him!"

"Well…it would suit her." Akune muttered scratching his head as they quietly followed after the two. Naruto was allowing Nekomi to lead him around by the arm as she happily shopped around the mall often him for his thoughts about a product or two she found interesting.

"How about this store?" Nabeshima asked leading him into a rather pink store causing Akune's mouth to drop open in shock. "I need help picking out some new clothes."

"Can we not?" Naruto asked shifting around uncomfortably. "You can do this on your own right?" he asked looking round nervously. Zenkichi glanced up at the sign unable to see the products on sale from where he was; his mouth fell open as well.

"But I need a man's opinion!" Nabeshima countered pulling him inside much to Naruto's own grief.

Medaka made an "hm" noise as she considered the store they were in. "Certainly a woman would want to bring their man here for his opinion." She conceded "But for having just met it is far too soon!" she announced "Obviously this is part of Namikaze's abnormality."

"H-how do you figure?" Zenkichi asked blushing softly looking at what he now recognized as a lingerie store. "Maybe she's pulling a prank on him."

"Even for a joke this is too odd! Would a normal girl show off her underwear to a man she just met?" Medaka asked haughtily pressing her own hand to her chest.

"Well no…but Nabeshima-senpai isn't exactly normal is she?" Zenkichi asked in return turning towards Akune for help.

"True Nabeshima-senpai did strike me as one to joke around like this." He admitted "But still don't you get the feeling she's trying to win him over? She's rather clingy to him and she was sitting in his lap at the dojo when you and Medaka-chan were helping choose a successor."

Medaka opened up her fan and covered her mouth with it. "I think I understand Namikaze's abnormality." She announced suddenly causing the two boys to snap their attention to her. "Based on what I've seen it is obviously Charm." She declared causing the boys to share a look.

"Charm?" Zenkichi asked curiously. "You mean like attractive?" he wondered.

"Precisely! I don't know if you've noticed but Namikaze Naruto has quite a few female admirers even though he doesn't really socialize nor does he hang around the school all that often." She explained.

Akune thought about it a bit before nodding "Now that you mention it, he was with Isahaya-senpai and Ariake-san when I first met him" he muttered rubbing his chin while looking up into the sky.

Zenkichi sighed tiredly "Wouldn't that just mean he's poplar with girls?" he asked scratching the side of his head. "I mean aren't there plenty of guys who aren't very social and still popular?"

Medaka shook her head "Listen to the crowd as he passes by." She ordered causing the boys to strain their ears as they passed a young group of women.

"Did you see that blonde boy that girl dragged into the lingerie store?" one of them asked her friends as they chatted by a fountain. "He was such a sweetheart; he was even carrying her bags for her."

"I know right he was the perfect boyfriend!" her friends instantly agreed seemingly ignoring his complaining before going in.

Medaka glanced at her subordinates "See what I mean? Namikaze is instantly favored by the women around him."

Akune blinked in surprise still processing what he had been told. "Well…that was…odd." He admitted slowly as he rubbed the back of his head "Certainly it was abnormal, hearing such praise about him from women who don't even know his name."

"Maybe, but I don't think that would warrant admission into class 13" Zenkichi added in not seeing the big deal about a popular boy. "I mean Naruto was being polite and carrying Nabeshima-senpai's bags for her."

"What about me?" Naruto asked startling Zenkichi as he nearly jumped away in surprise. "Yo." Naruto waved casually as Nabeshima smiled and waved at them their arms linked once more as they took note of another bag on Naruto's arm.

"Nabeshima-senpai, I didn't know you asked Naruto-san out on a date today." Akune greeted bowing in respect to his former captain before bowing in a polite greeting to Naruto who returned the gesture.

Waving it off Nabeshima smiled "So what are you three doing here?" she asked looking around at them. "Not spying on us I hope." She joked causing the two boys to look away.

"In a sense." Medaka admitted shamelessly "We wished to know more about Namikaze Naruto, and what better way than to observe him in society?" she asked rhetorically causing Naruto to place his face in his palm.

"That's called stalking Kaichou-san." He muttered peering at her from between his fingers. "It's also a crime I believe." Sighing he scratched his cheek and looked away. "So why did you want to learn more about me?"

Akune straightened his posture and looked Naruto directly in the eye. "We were wondering if you were really part of class 13." He stated truthfully.

"Class 13?" Naruto wondered sounding confused. "No…I'm not. I'm part of class 1 with Zenkichi."

Zenkichi patted him on the shoulder "Class 13 is a special class for abnormal students who are considered geniuses amongst their peers."

Naruto frowned "I'm not part of it…besides I'm not abnormal I'm working hard to even keep good grades." He admitted with a shrug "Why did someone say I was?"

"The board chairman did." Medaka informed him "He has acknowledged you as an abnormal and therefore part of class 13, like myself."

"Putting me in the same league as the monster president?" Naruto asked with a chuckle "I'm afraid there's been some mistake then." He stated casually. "I'm no such person."

Nabeshima shook her head "Then why does everyone know you around the mall?" she asked curiously. "Everyone greeted you as if they were your friends; I even got a discount for being with you!"

"I used to work in the mall before I found that ramen place." Naruto replied instantly. "Everyone in the mall knows each other." Satisfied with the answer Nabeshima let the matter drop.

Akune coughed into his hands to get their attention "Then what about all the women that seem to praise you as the perfect boyfriend?" he asked.

"What?" Naruto asked blinking his eyes in surprise. "Someone said that about me?" he wondered looking around. "Alright I know I stand out in a crowd but come on making up things about me? That's just wrong."

"HEY NARUTO THOSE THUGS AREBOTHERING KYOKO AGAIN!" a janitor shouted running up to them. "They're in the alleyway out back!" Naruto narrowed his eyes and pulled away from Nabeshima.

"I'll be right back." He muttered somewhat coldly as he headed towards the direction of the problem at a brisk pace. The others shared a look before turning to the out of breath runner.

"What happened?" Zenkichi asked as Medaka turned to watch Naruto as he walked off.

"These thugs are always bothering Kyoko the waitress from the curry house on the second floor, recently they were stopped by Naruto once but they surrounded her when she went to take out the trash just now. I saw them and ran back here cause I saw Naruto earlier."

Medaka was already running in the direction Naruto had walked off forcing the others to run after her as they let the man catch his breath. "Are you sure you know the way Medaka-chan?" Zenkichi shouted as he caught up with her.

"Yes I know where he is!" Medaka affirmed as they exited the mall and entered an alleyway "There he is." She muttered slowing to a stop.

"I thought I told you guys to leave her alone." Naruto muttered staring into the eyes of a group of five thuggish looking men. Hiding behind Naruto was a young woman of round 20years of age who was wearing a green apron with the "curry house" logo on the front over a white blouse and black skirt combination. She had shoulder length black hair and a soft acne free face.

"I don't care what you said punk! This bitch has been leading us on and it's time to put out!" the leader shouted back brandishing a pocket knife.

"She's a waitress; they're supposed to be nice." Naruto pointed out causing the thugs to shout in anger at him something unintelligible. "Look I don't speak idiot, so get lost or I'll have to hurt you."

"That's it! Get him boys!" the leaser shouted as his cronies all charged forward. One of them was waving around a steel pipe and he got within striking distance first. He took a mighty swing which was dodged easily as was the follow up as Naruto simply took a few steps backwards and offered a shoulder should the thug actually manage a blow. Lashing out in return cutting the thug's face before planting his fist in the man's stomach dropping him. With no time to relax Naruto grabbed the incoming steel pipe of the second thug and lashed out with his foot knocking the man away keeping the weapon for himself. Using it as a baton Naruto slammed it into the man's stomach folding the man in half before he straightened him up with a blow to the chin knocking him out of the fight. Dropping the now useless pipe which was dented from the blows, Naruto used his left arm t push the next attackers off target before using his right elbow to strike the man's cheek jaw line knocking him out cold. As the fourth crony came rushing in for a double leg grapple Naruto hopped backwards just as the thug managed to grab him grabbing the back of the man's head Naruto brought up his knee hitting the man in the face loosening his grip before bringing his hands down in a hammer strike to the back of the temple knocking the man off of him and into la, la land.

"Just you and me now punk" Naruto muttered dusting off his hands. The man was unfazed unlike normal for street punks.

"You bitch!" he shouted rushing forward with his knife as he attempted to stab Naruto. Naruto simply used his left arm to wrap around his attacker's and forcefully straightened it causing the thug to scream in pain as he dropped his knife. Naruto stepped closer and brought his arm down in a chopping motion on a pressure point to knock the man out.

Naruto glared down at the unconscious thugs and brushed off the dirt from his clothing. "scumbags." He muttered distastefully "Kyoko are you hurt?" he asked his tone far softer than it had been just seconds before.

"No, I'm fine." She answered shyly playing with a lock of her hair. "Thanks for saving me." She muttered avoiding eye contact.

"No problem I'll always help a friend in need." Naruto grinned causing Kyoko to blush as she turned so that her back was facing him. "You okay, you look a little red." Naruto muttered staring at her oddly.

"I'm fine…just a little hot is all." She lied horribly though Naruto seemed to buy it as he let the matter drop.

"Well alright if you say so." He muttered with a shrug of his shoulders causing the others to shake their heads. "So what are you guys doing here?" he asked turning to the others. "By the way Kyoko, these are my friends from school." He introduced them one by one with simple introductions.

"Pleasure to meet you all my name is Sawato Kyoko a pleasure." Kyoko bowed her head as they responded in kind.

Medaka clapped her hands "A brilliant display of ability Naruto." She announced looking at his handiwork "Truly though you could have disciplined them a little better than simply beating them up like some barbarian."

"As if trash like this deserve my sympathy." He scowled at the thought "If they were from where I was from…they'd be dead. We don't take to predators very well."

Zenkichi nodded his head in agreement "Well I can't say I disagree" he admitted "But where did you learn to fight like that?" he asked recalling the brutal efficiency of each of Naruto's attacks.

"Street life." Naruto answered vaguely waving off the question with a flip of his hand. "You pick up some things if you live in ganglands."

Zenkichi let the matter drop seeing that it was going into bad topics. "Alright but hell…that was cool!" Naruto grinned in response as Akune and Nabeshima regarded him carefully.

"A little too fluid for someone without training, don't you think?" Akune asked loudly causing Medaka, and Nabeshima to nod in agreement Naruto inwardly scowled. "It was as if you've done it hundreds of times."

"Maybe I have." Naruto answered softly all traces of annoyance gone from his voice and words. "I lived a pretty rough life." He admitted with a shrug. "Now I do believe you're still on duty Kyoko. And Nabeshima-senpai I do believe we were in the middle of something." He smiled softly as Kyoko scampered back into the mall already late for work.

Naruto offered his arm to which Nabeshima happily accepted as they waved goodbye to the student council who waved them off. "What do you think Medaka-chan?" Akune asked once they were sure Naruto was out of earshot.

"Definitely training." Medaka agreed with a nod of her head as she pulled out a notebook and jotted it down. "Also a very caring person." She added in as a side note. "Truly an interesting person Namikaze is." She mumbled looking over what she knew about him. "Remarkable grades, very athletic, a skilled fighter, sharp deductive ability, a kind person, protective, charming, and most of all…still a mystery. We know next to nothing about him." She admitted putting the note book away within her jacket.

"So today was a bust?" Zenkichi asked as Medaka placed a hand on her hips "Ah, who knew learning about one guy was this hard?" he wondered running a hand though his hair.

Akune sighed as well "Well shall we get something to eat?" he offered gesturing at a frozen yogurt shop nearby. "I don't feel up to more snooping." He admitted getting a nod from the other two student council members.

None of them noticed a shadow moving or the soft sound of something popping. Naruto cracked small smile receiving the clone's information "Good…" he whispered so softly Nabeshima didn't hear him as she happily leaned into him.


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