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"How's your schedule looking this year?" Chelsea asks me as we walk towards the quad.

"I don't even want to talk about it." I reply.

"That bad, huh?"

"Chels, I have gym! I hate gym, it's so pointless!" I yell as I flop down on a table, Chelsea soon following me.

"Well you could have been taken it freshmen year, but no you had to put it off until senior year. That's your fault, Spence." She's so right.

"I was hoping that they changed the graduation requirements. I mean, we are in high school not elementary school, we should not be forced to take it!"

"Yea yea, I've heard this rant many times before. You have to take it so just quit the whining."

"I hate you, you know that?" I give her a dirty look.

"You are only saying that because you know I'm right. I know you love me!" She said sticking her tongue out at me.

"Rigggghhhtt, I'll let you think that." Then the bell rings. "What do you have first period?" I ask grabbing my bag and standing up.

"Advanced Art, you?" Chelsea replied walking towards the Fine Arts building.

"AP Bio, yay!" Sarcasm dripping through my words.

"That's your fault yet again Spence. You are the one that signed up for all AP classes. Hell I bet if there was an AP Gym course, you would take it!" She laughed.

"That's so not true! You make me sound like a nerd!" I slap her arm.

"Well if the shoe fits…"

"I hate you, bye Chels."

"See you at lunch, Spence!" She yelled as I walked towards the science building.

I can't believe it's only fourth period and I already have a shit load of homework! What kind of teacher gives homework on the first day of school? Chelsea was right, maybe I shouldn't have signed up for all of these AP classes, but then mom would be pissed. I hate being so good all of the time. I am knocked out of my thoughts when I bump into someone. I look up and notice it's one of the cheerleaders. I mutter a quick "Sorry." "No problem" She replies and walks in the opposite direction and I can't help but stare. I shake my head to knock myself out of my daze and head to the quad for lunch. That was weird.

I make my way over to an empty lunch table and put my head in my arms. It's only the first day and I am already feeling the stress, and I haven't even been to all of my classes yet. I'm glad gym is the last class of the day.

"If you're dead, I want your car." I hear. I look up to see Chelsea taking a seat next to me. I notice a shorter girl with long dark hair standing next to her. She's cute. Wait what? That's normal to say a random girl is cute right? Whatever.

"Unfortunately, I'm still alive, so keep your paws off my baby!" I yell.

"Damn, wishful thinking." She sits across from me pulling out her lunch.

"I should go buy some food." The unknown girl says.

"No you don't want to do that. I would suggest you bring your own food from now on, that shit that they call food is gross." We laugh. "Here you can share mine today." Chelsea says to still unknown girl. That's weird, Chelsea is not nice to anyone she just meets. Hell she threatened me when we first met.

"Hi, I'm Spencer." I say giving her my hand to shake.

"Hey I'm Carmen. I'm new here." She says shaking my hand. Hmm nice and soft. There are those thoughts again.

"I'm so sorry for you." I say, we laugh.

"It can't be that bad here, right?" Carmen says taking a bite of the sandwich Chelsea gave her.

"King High is just your typical high school, you know dumb jocks, bitchy cheerleaders, different cliques, and don't get me started on rumors."

"You know, your brother is one of those dumb jocks that you were talking about." Chelsea adds.

"And your point is…"

"Uh he's your brother?"

"So you dated him. I don't have a choice, you did." I said with a smirk.

"Ugh don't remind me. I have no idea what I was thinking by dating Glen." Chelsea said rolling her eyes.

"That was so awkward."

"Why?" Carmen asks raising her eyebrow. That's hot.

"Have you ever had your best friend date one of your siblings?" I wait for a response. None. "Exactly."

"It wasn't that bad, Spence." Chelsea says laughing.

"Right, anyways changing the subject. What classes do you have after lunch? Please tell me we have a class together, at least one." I plead.

"I have AP Lit after lunch then my last class is Calc."

"Yay we have Lit together, why don't you skip Calc and come to gym with me, please?" I give her a pout.

"Sorry I actually need to pass my classes. You will just have to go to gym alone. It's not that bad."

"Whatever you're just saying that because you don't have to take it." I stick my tongue out at her. The bell rings and we head to class.

After Lit, I walk to gym extremely slow. I really don't want to do this. Why couldn't I just take this online or something? Because you dimwit, that would be pointless.

I finally make my way to the locker rooms. Holy shit, half naked girls everywhere. I cover my eyes and make my way over to any empty area. I glance around and I notice that a lot of these girls have done some serious tanning. Lexi must have been running a lot because those calf muscles are a lot more defined. Damn, looks like Sarah got a boob job over summer. Oh well the bigger the better. Since when have I thought that? I sound like Glen. This is not happening.

I quickly change and head to the basketball court. The coach split us into teams so we can start a game. I guess I can work on my game so that I can finally beat Glen.

Throughout the game, I notice how every girls' boobs bounce when they run, dribble, or shoot the ball. It's so fucking hot, and I am so wet. When coach tells us to hit the showers, I tense up. I ran to the showers, hoping I would be the first one in and first one out. No such luck. I see some of the other girls already undressing and I can't seem to look away. I shake my head to stop my staring for the second time today. What is up with me? Maybe it's waking up at the crack of dawn after going to sleep at three a.m. God I hate school.

I quickly shower, although I did steal a few glances at the other girls. I'm just curious, right?

After the bell rings, I rush to my car. I knew taking gym was a bad idea. As I'm waiting to get out of the parking lot, I notice Glen and Aiden surrounded by cheerleaders. Ugh whores, I don't know what they see in each other. How can two dumb people function in a relationship? Beats me.

Throughout my whole drive home, I can't help but think about what happened today. First it was staring at that cheerleader's ass, then it was calling Carmen hot, and finally the cherry topper, was checking out the girls in the locker room. Fuck, am I… No I can't be… How do you know if you're…? I can't even say it. This is bad.

I ignore my thoughts and head into the house. As I head in the kitchen I notice my mom sitting at the table reading the newspaper. She would shit bricks if I was…

"Hey sweetie how was your first day of school?" she questions like she really cares.

"Boring, my classes are hard and I have a ton of homework."

"You know you have to take those classes so you can get into the top colleges."

"Yes I know, mom. I'm going in my room to start my homework." I leave before she can reply. She really irritates me sometimes. I feel like she's trying to live her life through me. Ugh bitch.

Unlike most teenagers, I actually do my homework when I say I am. But as I am trying to read the chapter about reproduction, my mind wanders back to the girls at gym. I have never noticed how developed some of those girls are. What is going on with me?

I decide that the only way I will find out, is if I do a little research to get some answers. I open my laptop. Google is very resourceful. I search 'How do you know if you are gay?' I saw a few sites that said something along the lines of 'Are you not happy with your child being gay?' That would be for Paula. Then I saw 'Hot gay porn!' I don't think I'm there yet.

Then I decide that if I really want to know for sure, why not go to the source. I then Google search 'Lesbian chat rooms.'

I clicked on the first link. Here goes nothing…

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