"Marik?" Akefia grumbled, knocking on the door. The blonde hadn't come out since yesterday, and Bakura, for some reason, was staying at Ryou and Melvin's place, after sneaking in at night and stealing some of his things. It irritated him to no ends!

"Go away!" Marik called from inside.

"Marik!" Akefia snarled, anger rising into his tone. This was enough! He'd been outside this door for Gods no how long! Falling back onto his thief-skills, he retrieved a pin from his pockets, and shoved it into the lock, jiggling it open.

What greeted him was Marik, curled up on the bed, his back to Touzouku. He was dressed in simple black sweat-pants, and a purple t-shirt that was to big on him. Blinking, Akefia was surprised to see the usually fashionable Marik dressed in such things. The boy never dressed girly, but he usually didn't dress like a complete slob, either.

Walking over to the bed, Touzouku paused hesitantly beside it. He wasn't really used to dealing with humans; or, worse, a sad human. Rarely, in all of his life as a thief, had he had to interact with people. Grimacing, he prodded Marik's shoulder.

"Hey, kid. Get up," Akefia commanded, not quite sure how to react to the moping child. Marik grunted, but made no other response. "Okay, get your stupid ass up now you pathetic moron!" The thief snarled, grasping Marik by the bicep and roughly jerking the boy to his feet. Marik let out a cry of alarm, and revealed his face to the thief.

"Leave me alone. I think I deserve at least two more days of moping," Marik snarled, flailing a little bit in Akefia's grasp. It did no good, though, seeing as Touzouku held him up so high his toes were lightly scuffling the ground.

"No. You're not staying holed up in this room anymore... Mostly because I need you to get food, but also because I'm bored without you around to bug me," Akefia grumbled, shaking Marik for emphasis. Making a small noise of protest, Marik lurched out of the thief's grip, and flopped back onto his bed.

"Look, Touzouku I just... I thought Bakura was my friend!" Marik yelled, hands turning into fists around his comforter. Akefia blinked, and then nodded slowly. He'd already figured out that something went wrong on Bakura's supposed 'date'.

"What did he do?"

"He..." Marik took a deep breath through his nostrils. "You know the carvings on my back?" Akefia nodded. "Well, you know the story behind those... Unfortunately."

Yes, Akefia knew the story of Marik's carvings. Bakura had held it over his head, at first, that he knew much more about Marik then Akefia could ever hope to know, but that had all soon changed after Akefia pushed a back massager onto Marik's back. The boy had started screaming and yelling, kicked Akefia repeatedly to where the Thief had thought that his nuts were going to go back up into his body, and then ran off into his room. Bakura had been left to reluctantly tell Akefia what the problem was, so that the thief could apologize from there, coaxing the blonde out of the room eventually.

"Well... He had my dad..." Marik paused, "well my dad's dead, so I guess someone acting like my dad... Or maybe it was Shadow Magic? I don't know anymore! Either way, they pressed a hot blade to my back, and said things... Things that I know are true to me..." Marik's voice slowly died down, and he looked to the ground, shuffling his feet nervously.

"So what?" Touzouku barked, grasping Marik's arm again, and pulling the boy up from the bed. "Bakura's an asshole; we all know that. Hell, the psycho probably thought it was a joke! Forgive and forget! That's probably why he's at Melvin's, though, now that I think about it. Hiding from you, and laughing it up with your yami..."

Marik quirked an eyebrow, but Akefia just shook his head.

"Come on," the grey haired man commanded, and he began dragging Marik from the bedroom. The blonde squirmed in his grasp, but to no avail, as Akefia led him through the house, and finally, out the door.

"Touzouku!" Marik yelled. "What the hell're you doing?"

Akefia said nothing, and merely led Marik next door, a smirk on his face. He continued to pull Marik along until they reached the back of Melvin and Ryou's house. Marik fell silent, and watched Touzouku lead him around.

At the back of the house, Akefia stopped to notice that there was now a little pool there; one of the small blue ones that you could by at Wal-Mart for about fifty bucks. Grinning wickedly, he dragged Marik over to it.

"Akefia, seriously," Marik grumbled, "what the hell?"

"Why don't we play a little prank on your yami? I'm sure it'll make you feel better," Akefia replied, a grin stretching across his face. Marik stayed stony for a moment, before melting into a grin of his own, rivaling the Thief King's.

"But what should we do?" Marik pondered, strutting around to the opposite side of the pool. He placed his hands on the rim of it, letting his fingers brush the glassy surface of it. Surprisingly, Marik felt that the water was heated, and paused to dip his whole hand within it.

Yup. Definitely heated. Looking to the side, Marik saw that there really was a small heater attached to it. Interesting... It looked home-made, since Marik had never heard of such a thing. Then again, Shadow Magic did some fucked up shit, and Marik had no doubt that Melvin had somehow manipulated it within this contraption.

"Oh, I was thinking we could break it," Akefia chuckled, circling around the ring of the pool to stand behind Marik. The blonde frowned, and focused in on the pool, leaning forward slightly, thinking.

"That seems kind of boring and normal, though," Marik complained, watching his reflection in the still surface. Suddenly, Touzouku's reflection appeared at his shoulder, and Marik realized to late that he should've have trusted the thief behind him(innuendos FTW).

He felt hands on his shoulders, and Akefia's voice whispered next to him, "Yes, but not the way I plan to," and he shoved Marik forward, sending the blonde toppling into the pool. Marik gasped as he was plunged underneath the warm water, forearms smacking against the soft bottom, and his forehead hitting his arms. Groaning, and causing bubbles to rise from his mouth, he began to push forward. Luckily, his legs had managed to stay atop the pool, though, and he began wriggling them, attempting to get them to touch the grass once more.

He felt a hand land on his rear end, though, and he began kicking frantically, hoping to hit Touzouku. From all his struggling, though, all he managed to do was break one of the sides of the pool. To late, Marik felt himself being sucked backwards as all the water left the pool. His only victory was that he'd managed to knock Touzouku over, as he lay wet and disgruntled atop Touzouku's chest.

Groaning, Akefia sat up, causing Marik to fall into his lap, laying there laughing breathlessly. The tomb-robber scowled down at his blonde companion, but Marik had his eyes shut tight, still laughing.

"That was fun," Marik commented, when he'd finally quit laughing.

Akefia arched an eyebrow, before gripping Marik by the front of his shirt, peeling him off Touzouku's lap, and setting the boy up straight. "That was not fun, and was not what I had in mind..."

"This was probably funner," Marik commented snidely, reaching up to wring out his hair. Akefia grumbled something, but didn't offer a complaint. Instead, he rose up from his position on the ground, and began ringing out his shirt and britches. Really, he hated this modern-day clothing. His short sarong and robe would've dried faster then these cotton, full-body clothings.

Marik rose too, and peeled off his shirt. Touzouku watched as the boy wrung his shirt roughly, and he did the same. It was amazing, after the secret was out, how easily Marik took off his shirt now. It seemed that once somebody knew what lay there, he no longer cared if they saw it.

"Ugh, I'm soaked... I don't even want to prank him anymore!" Marik exclaimed, stepping forward slightly, sneakers squelching.

"Then how about we go eat, after changing of course?" Akefia suggested. "We can ride on your motorcycle. Or walk, really." The thief would never admit it out loud, but he absolutely hated Marik's bike. To Touzouku, the fastest thing used to be a horse. Now there were metal contraptions in the sky, on the roads, and even smaller, lithe versions of demented horses that revved loudly and could out-pace an automobile easily.

"We can walk," Marik said, smiling slyly as he realized Akefia's suggestion. "Let's go get dressed then," Marik sighed, "though I'm not wearing anything special. We're going to fucking McDonalds, since it's so close."

Akefia grinned and nodded. He had no complaints against the choice of food. He found any modern day food, really, to be intriguing. "Fine, fine, as long as I don't have to drag you out of your room again, I'm fine."

"Agreed," Marik sniffed, and headed towards the house.


Bakura watched them through the blinds, fingers curling inwards to puncture his palms. He regretted everything. His only consolation, perhaps, had been the fact that Marik was holed up in his room, sad, because of something Bakura did.

The albino had almost managed to make himself believe it was because Marik's feelings for Bakura would go unrecognized. This little display, however, had proven him wrong. Marik didn't care about Bakura's feelings; it had just been the replay of memories, and the absolute betrayal.

Sighing, Bakura turned away from the window, clenching his eyes shut tight.


Betrayal and regret.


Touzouku stood near the door, leaning against the white walls as he waited for Marik to come downstairs. When the blonde finally did appear, he was wearing his infamous lavender hoodie, along with tight leather pants.

Raising an eyebrow, Touzouku regarded his interest. "I thought you weren't dressing nice?"

Marik looked startled for a moment, before scoffing and pushing his bangs from his face. "I figured I should look presentable when heading out into public, though. That," Marik said, and stopped to pose, one hip jutting out, "and I need to please the lovely girls that work at McDonalds. They give me discounts sometimes."

Grinning cruelly, Marik walked past Akefia, and strode out to the street, heading confidently towards the fast food restaurant. The thief followed along behind him, enjoying the view that the leather pants gave him. With a smirk, he realized he'd just gotten a date with Marik unintentionally.

Upon reaching the fast food place, it turned out that neither Akefia or Marik were hungry.

"Why the hell did you agree, then?" Akefia questioned rudely, arms crossed as they hung back by the fountain drink dispenser. Marik huffed and mocked the thief's position, glaring angrily at the boy next to him.

"Why the hell did you suggest it?" Marik shot back. Akefia blinked, before waving his arms a little bit.

"That's not the question at hand!"

"Just order a milkshake!" Marik hissed.

"Fine," Akefia grumbled, and headed towards the counter. Marik walked behind him, and made sure to wink at the girl behind the counter. The girl-a purple haired thing- squealed slightly, and immediately clipped some of the money off their price, exclaiming loudly that they had some coupon or another.

Stifling his laughter, Akefia turned to run an appraising eye over the younger boy. "Lucky you can do that," the grey haired man commented as they received their milkshakes. Frowning, they tried to look for a place to sit, but realized that all the seats were full. Turning to face the play-house area, they saw that only one family inhabited the large room.

"To the play house we go," Marik grumbled, and started walking. "And luck I can do what? Wink? You could do it to." The blonde slurped on his shake a little bit. "You're sexy enough."

Akefia coughed around his straw, and looked sideways at Marik. "Did you just call me sexy?" Touzouku questioned, propping open the door for Marik and allowing the blonde to enter the playhouse room first. Marik didn't answer, however, until they were seated on the uncomfortable plastic seats, opposite each other.

"Yes, I believe I did," Marik answered, before a coy smile tugged at his lips. "Am I sexy Touzouku?"

Akefia bit down on his straw, and chewed at it thoughtfully. Marik made no move to rush him, and just took drinks of his milkshake occasionally, swishing the melting contents about.

"Let's go!" Akefia said eventually, reaching across the table and dragging Marik up from his seat. The blonde made an irritated noise as Akefia dragged him over to the playhouse.

"Akefia! I'm not getting in that!" Marik barked.

"I've never been inside one," Akefia commented, "I just want to see why children like it so much."

Marik paused, and studied his friend. "Oh... I've never been in one either..." Huffing, Marik got down on all fours and scrambled into the first little set of platforms, clambering up and up them, before reaching the highest level of the playground, Akefia right behind him.

Both of them sat, panting, on the plastic piece, practically nose to nose.

"I see nothing wonderful about this," Marik commented, shifting a little bit. Akefia grunted in unison.

"Your breath smells disgusting," the thief replied, nose scrunching up.

"Yours is no better!" Marik yelled. "We both had chocolate milkshakes; it's only natural!"

"Whatever... Let's go down the tunnel," Akefia said, pointing to the tunnel laying just behind Marik. The blonde grunted, and awkwardly turned around, ass shoved into Akefia's stomach as he began crawling down the tunnel.

The thief followed, finally seeing why these things could be so enjoyable.

Especially with Marik's leather-clad ass wagging right in front of you.

Grinning, he reached forward and pinched the blonde, causing Marik to react violently. Touzouku felt a foot connect with his shin, and Marik ended up spazzing and knocking against the tunnel walls, but it was worth it, dammit.

Fucking worth it.

He heard Marik in front of him, grumbling curse words as he shuffled along. Touzouku paused sometimes to peer out the windows that were spattered around the tunnel, and he could see the family from before giving them odd looks, and holding their little boy back, obviously not wanting him in the same area as the two men.

Snorting derisively, Akefia focused back in on Marik's ass.

It was much nicer to look at.

The tunnel finally opened up into a little room that's floor was only a fishnet. Gulping, Marik crawled out onto it, fingers gripping the black thread like it was everything to him. Akefia ambled out into the small room as well, though he was less afraid. He found it quite natural to be on such a thing, seeing as he was used to heights and nets from his life as a thief.

Looking around, they saw that the only exits from this point were a red slide, and a little space-ship that hung away from the rooms, dangling in mid-air so that kid's could jiggle it and pretend to fly through space with the plastic steering wheel.

Grinning, Touzouku scuttled into the spaceship, and Marik followed. The spaceship was a simple, small, round yellow thing, with a large window at the front, allowing kids to see their families below, and to wave at them. Akefia and Marik got nothing from this, though, and were merely amused as they glanced down at the still worried family. It looked like they were leaving, though, and the son was pitching an absolute fit.

"What a brat," Akefia commented, turning to Marik.

"Yeah..." Marik replied, before smirking at Touzouku. He adopted a deep, official sounding voice, "Excuse me sir, do you even know how to fly this vehicular device?" For added effect, Marik even prodded Touzouku in the chest.

"Oh, why no sir," Touzouku simpered, catching on.

"Then I'm afraid you are under arrest, according to Mariksamazingabs Security," The blonde said haughtily, reaching forward and grasping Touzouku's wrists.

"Ah-ha! But I am the almighty Thief King! I shall escape you!" Touzouku cried, ripping his wrists from Marik's grasp and pinning the boy to the hard, plastic floor of the spaceship, causing the blonde to make a small noise of discomfort, before falling back into his role.

"Oh no!" Marik cried, wiggling pathetically beneath Touzouku. "The Thief King?-! Oh my! Whatever do you plan to do with me, almighty Thief King?"

Akefia resisted the urge to laugh, and instead looked down at Marik; the boy he'd liked for years. His blonde hair was splayed about his face, as he gave Touzouku a falsely scared expression, with humor glittering in his lavender eyes.

"I'm... Going to do this," Akefia mumbled, leaning forward and capturing Marik's lips. Marik made a small cry of surprise, but soon he loosened his hands from Touzouku's grip, and wrapped his arm around the grey-haired man's neck, pushing them closer and closer together.

Without even realizing it, Marik pushed forward, pinning Bakura against the dashboard of the little fake space-ship, bodies pressing together as the kiss grew deeper and deeper. Their moment of passion was interrupted, however by the fact that a worker's furious face poked into the space-ship.

"Hey! No adults are aloud in here!" The worker yelled at them, face going red as he saw the two men extract themselves from each other. Akefia smirked as he looked at Marik, before returning his gaze to the teenager.

"Oh really?" He questioned, moving forward slightly, causing the teen to stumble backwards, landing on the fishnet part of the playhouse. Akefia and Marik moved into the limited space as well.

"Yes... So I need you to leave!" The worker grumbled through trembling lips.

"Okay then... But you'll have to escort us out," Akefia replied, reaching out to his right and wrapping his arm around Marik's waist, pulling the blonde in close to him.


In a flash, Akefia had a knife in hand. With two quick strikes, he cut free the bindings on the fishnets floor, and all three people went plummeting towards the floor. Akefia, however, was experience on landing, and easily landed, with Marik in hand, softly on the floor.

Marik blinked as he heard a sickening crunch off to the side, and realized that the teen had probably just died from that fall; or been severely crippled.

"We need to run," Touzouku muttered, and Marik agreed, a smirk taking over his features.

"Lead me away, oh great Thief King!" The blonde laughed sarcastically.

After delivering another kiss, Akefia did just that.


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