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Spencer's POV

"Glen if you don't get up now I'm not going to get you up again!" I yell at Glens door. He yells something back but I can't hear him.

I go into my room and look in my closet. I pick out my outfit for the day which is my cheerleading outfit of course. I love this outfit, I look hott in it so why not wear it. It will get all the guys and girls looking at me. I love my attention. I go over and sit down on my bed and start doing my makeup. I always have to keep my appearance up, I can't let Madison and Sherri be hotter than me.

"Spencer! Breakfast is ready!" My dad calls from the kitchen down stairs.

"Ok I'll be down in a second!" I yell back.

I finish my makeup and get up to look at myself in the mirror. "Good" I say and I grab my book bag and head downstairs. "Good morning dad, it smells amazing in here."

"Good morning sweetie where's your brother?" He says as he kisses the top of my head. He made pancakes bacon and toast. It looks so yummy. My dad is always cooking, and his cooking is amazing. He makes the best chili ever!

"Well I tried to wake him up but I don't know if he woke up."

"Glen! Get down here breakfast is getting cold!"

"Dad, why do you cook big breakfasts on a school day?"

"What you don't like my cooking?" He smiles with a wink, I know he is kidding when he does that.

"No I love your cooking and you know that, but you know Glen is always late and I don't eat a lot in the morning."

"Well usually when I cook big breakfasts and there is a lot left over I take it down to the shelter and give it to them."

"I love you dad, you are a good man."

"I love you too." He smiles big.

"So where's mom? Did she have to go in to work early?"

"Yah something about an big accident." My mom is a doctor at a hospital. She is like the best doctor in L.A. I love her so much.

"Oh you gotta hate those. Well I'm off to school thanks for breakfast dad."

"Don't you have to get a ride from Glen?"

"No I'll catch a ride with Madison or I'll just walk."

"Ok just be careful."

"I will bye!" I say as I walk out the door. I decide to walk to school. It's so nice out why not. Fifteen minutes later I arrive at school.

"Hey girl! Are you ready for today's practice?" Madison comes up behind me.

"Yes, I'm excited! After all I am the leader of the squad."

"Well anyways there is this huge party tonight at Brad's house, are you going?" Sherri says with a huge smile. Madison and Sherri are my best friends. They have been since sophomore year when I tried out for cheerleading. Madison got mad at me when I took the head cheerleader this year, my senior year. But she got over it because she loves me. I know deep down everyday when we go to cheerleading practice she hates that she isn't the leader. Oh well I think I am a much better leader. We went to our first competition and we didn't even place. This year we are going to win because of me.

"Yes that's so much better than homework anyways."

They go to their boyfriends to probably make out. They are always making out with their boyfriends. It gets kind of annoying. I however keep it in the bedroom.

I'm sitting in the quad on my cell when I see Kelly walking by. So I stop her as I hold onto her hand to get her to stop. She looks over and sees it's me and her mouth turns into a smile. "Hey sexy looking for me?" I say with a sexy voice.

"Well I wasn't before but now I'm wondering why I wasn't." She says as she sits down next to me pretty close.

"How could you not be looking for me? I'm always on your mind."

"Yes every night when I'm touching myself."

"Oh is that right?"

"Oh yah it's amazing, I picture you naked and us doing it screaming my name."

"Well how about that fantasy become true, tomorrow night your place?"

"You're reading my mind aren't you?"

"No, not necessarily. I'm just that good."

The bell rings and I say "Well I have to go. Call me." I say as I put my hand up like a telephone.

"Oh I plan on it." she says with a wink and we're both off to class.

I hate English class. There are so many immature people in that class. On top of that the teacher is boring and he makes the whole class smell of body odor. He really needs to take a shower.

I walk over to my locker to check my hair and makeup. I know a locker is used to keep books in it but I keep my books in my back pack so I just make sure I'm still looking hott.

"Why the hell didn't you wake me up this morning?" Glen comes up beside me kind of yelling.

"Whoa hold up I did I yelled and knocked on your door, and dad yelled for you."

"You know you have to come in to my room and get me up."

"Well I'm not stepping in that room of yours, and anyways since when did you care about getting to school on time?"

"I don't, I just met this hot brunette the other day and she likes school and she's in my first class. I just want to impress her."

"What before you sleep with her and move on?"

"You know me best baby sis."

"Yah I know you a little too much."

"Anyways did you hear about the sick party that Brad is throwing tonight?"

"Yah actually I'm going to that with Madison and Sherri. Well we're all going to be there but they will be off with their boyfriends."

"Why don't you just bring Kelly?"

"Because I like to keep my options open. I could get anyone there to dance with me."

"Not anyone Spencer, be for real."

"Oh yah? Ok then, I challenge you."

"To what?"

"Let's see how many numbers we can each get by the end of the night."

"But that's not fair Spencer, you go after girls and guys."

"Ok then I'll make it fair, you pick who I can only get."

"Good, you can only go after…girls."

"Why girls?"

"Because when they reject you, I will be there to pick the pieces up."

"Ok then it's a challenge." We shake hands, and I start talking again. "If I get more numbers then you have to do the dishes for a month."

"Is that all you got Spence? Well if I get more numbers then you have to clean my bedroom, it is getting pretty damn dirty in there."

"Ewe no! I'm not cleaning that disgusting room of yours."

"We already shook on it Spence, you can't take it back now."

"Actually no you're on. I know I'm going to win anyways." I sure hope I do. I do not want to go into his room. When you walk by it, it stinks. I can't imagine what is in there. The bell rings warning us we have to get to class.

"Alright we'll go together."

"See ya." I go into my next class.

After school I go to cheer practice. It was fun and tiring at the same time. I'm at home right now getting ready for the party tonight. I pick out a royal blue dress that is a little snug so all the ladies can see all my sexy curves. It is knee length, it's strapless and it is showing just enough cleavage. I hear a knock on the door and Glen say "Are you ready yet?"

"Yah almost give me a minute." I say as I fix up my makeup. I put my black heels on and walk down the stairs.

"What are you all dressed up for?" my mom says.

"We are going to a party tonight." Glen says coming down the stairs.

"Where at?"

"At my friend Brads." Glen says.

"Well you guys be careful, and be home before midnight. Love you."

"Ok mom. Love you too." We say in unison. I love my mom. I came out when I was 16 and at first she wasn't so thrilled about it. After some time she got over it and loves me for me. She sometimes jokes about it now. Which makes it a whole lot better talking to her about stuff. My dad didn't have a problem with it when he found out. He is the most caring guy ever.

We get to the party and there are so many cars there that we had to park across the street. The music is so loud we heard it down the street.

"Are you ready to clean my room?"

"No, but I think you better get your yellow gloves ready because you'll be doing the dishes for a week."

"In your dreams baby sis."

We walk in the house and we split up. I walk over to a hot brunette and start talking to her. Her name is Katie and she is 18. I've always had an eye for older women. I use my charm on her and she gives me her number. 1 down many, many more to go.

The whole night was like this. I have a whole bunch of little pieces of paper in my pocket. I would sometimes dance with them or I would just talk to them when I was getting a drink. One girl even tried to kiss me. I knew I was popular and I could get anyone I wanted to give me their number. That is why I took this bet. He probably got 3 number at most. I look at my cell and see that it's almost 11:40. I text Glen to tell him I'll be at the car. I make my way out and when I'm at the car, this girl walks up to me. Damn she is fine.

"Hey sexy, looking for a ride?"

"No actually my brother is coming out in a minute."

"You don't want to come home with me tonight?"

"Not tonight but another night would be awesome." I say with a wink.

"Oh yah? What would we do?"

"Give me your number and you can listen for yourself tonight."

"Ohh..kinky I see."

"Oh you know it baby."

"Alright then." I hand her a pen and a piece of paper. She writes it down and sticks it in my bra. "Make sure you call me." she kisses me on the cheek and walks away. I might have to actually call her. I'm so glad this was a college party and not a high school party. Because if it was I don't think I would have gotten so many numbers.

"Hey sis I'm here let's get out of here quick get in the car!" Glen yells really loud and gets in the car and starts it. I run and get in the car and he is off.

"What was that all about?"

"Well I was hitting on some chick and her boyfriend seen me about to kiss her and started running after me. Luckily she held him back, because if she didn't I probably would have got hit."

"Wow Glen you're stupid. And I bet you didn't even get her number did ya?"

"OH FUCK!" he yells as I smile.

"So how many did you get?" He says after he calms down.

"I don't know we'll count them when we get home."

"Alright but you better be scared, I got quite a few."

"Don't worry, I'm not scared at all. I'm just picturing it now, you at the sink for a month doing the dishes. I really hate doing them."

"Well that sucks because you will be doing the dishes and cleaning my room."

"Ok we will see."

We arrive home and we are in my room counting all the numbers.

"10." Glen says and smiles. "Beat that baby sis."

I smile big and say "15."

"No you're lying!"

"No I'm not count them yourself." He starts counting them.

"Whatever, I'm tired I'm going to bed." he says coldly.

"You're just mad because I won. That will teach you to mess with me."

"Night Spencer." he says getting up off my bed.

"Night loser!" I say. I knew I would win. If I thought I would lose, I wouldn't have taken the bet. I wouldn't ever want to go into that room of his.

I get in the shower and get all ready for bed. I go over to my window to shut it. Something catches my eye. I look over and I see mover vans parked in the driveway. Oh great neighbors, I hope it's a smoking hot girl that loves cheerleaders!

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