So, I had the idea for this story float into my head a couple of days ago and I've been writting like the wind to get it out. I really hope everyone likes this chapter. Sorry if anyone thinks it's a little short. I'll try to make the next one longer.

Chapter 1: Fear

121st Street Sidewalk
Manhattan, New York
April 6th

A petite woman with blonde hair with dark green eyes walked calmly down the street. She had her cell phone glued to her ear, making arrangements for a new gala for her foundation. She rounded the corner, chatting excitedly. She was oblivious to the man following her. Dressed in a dark hooded sweat shirt and blue-wash jeans with light green sneakers, he followed her for seven city blocks until they ended up in a quieter neighbourhood.

The man looked around discreetly and noticed there were only two people walking the street, talking animatedly with each other. He knew they wouldn't notice a thing.

Moving quickly, he ran up and shoved the blonde woman into an alley, making her drop her phone which then smashed to pieces on the concrete floor. The woman was knocked to the ground, scraping her hands and bare knees on the pavement.

Suddenly, her hair was pulled sharply so her head snapped back. Her attacker's deep green eyes glared down at her from under a dark hooded sweat shirt. The blonde woman also saw dark, neatly trimmed hair and a large fuzzy beard. Her attacker smiled and held a damp cloth over her mouth, forcing her to stay still when she struggled.

After a minute, her struggles succeeded and she broke free of her attacker. She elbowed him in the stomach and took off running. The woman tried to scream for help but whatever he had on the cloth had affected her ability to get her body to scream. Her vision blurred and she stumbled into the wall of the alley. A moment later, her attacker was back and this time, he resorted to more violence to still her struggles.

He slapped her across the face before he forced the cloth back over her mouth. The woman struggled again but her attacker began to hit her in her stomach and in her ribs. She cried out with each hit, the cries being muffled by the cloth over her mouth. Tears began running down her face, even as she was becoming more and more drowsy. One final punch from the man send a loud cracking sound echoing around the alley way. The woman screamed quietly before losing herself to the darkness that swam at the edges of her vision.

The man smiled sadistically, happy with his work. Lifting the woman up fireman style, the man disappeared further into the alley and opened the last door at the end. He slipped through there just as a jogger came running past the mouth of the alley way. Smiling to himself, the man carried the woman down the stairs into the dark and damp basement. Throwing her into a corner on top of a dirty and dusty mattress, the man sat in the room's lone chair, waiting for the perfect moment to disrupt her blissful unawareness.

About half an hour later, the woman began to stir. He ventured over to her and crouched by her side. He saw her face contort into confusion and pain. He slapped the face of the blonde woman, who still lay on her side in the small, dark and damp room. She was startled awake. Looking up fearfully into the eyes of her kidnapper, she asked him one thing as she began to back herself further into the corner. "What do you want with me?"

The man laughed manically, slapping the woman again, hearing her cry echo around the room. "Why, Julia, I don't want anything from you. You're just the bait," He said, snatching Julia's chin tightly so she was force to look at him, "I have been waiting for the perfect bait to use for fifteen years. Unfortunately for you, that perfect bait is you." The man laughed again. Julia began to breathe heavily, as a result of both the pain in her chest and the words that spilled from her captor's mouth.

"H-how do you kn-know my name?" Julia stuttered, the words a little mumbled because his grip on her jaw was still tight.

The man threw Julia's face away from him. "You're so stupid, you know? How else would I have known your name? I told you, Julia. I've been waiting for the perfect bait. Do you really think I wouldn't find out who my bait was? I know all about you Julia.

"Julia Annette Fletcher, forty-one years old, married at nineteen to Markus Fletcher, who is now a university professor who teaches legal studies. You have two children; sixteen year old Stacey Margret Fletcher and seven year old Adam Robert Fletcher. You're one of the head managers of the foundation you work at for rape victims, rape victims who become pregnant and for adults who are the products of rapes. The foundation is called: 'Every Life Is the Same'.

"Because of your involvement at that particular foundation, you are my perfect bait. I'd say sorry but this is all just so much fun that I can't bring myself to care!" He laughed again, swinging his fist and smiling evilly as it connected with Julia's already bruised face. He chuckled as she screamed in pain.

Rising from his crouched position by Julia, the man retreated back to his chair and grabbed the box that he had placed under there. Checking inside it, he was pleased to see that he had remembered everything he'd need.

Pulling a sharp, nine inch knife from the bag, along with a gag, the man went back over to Julia, pulling her up by her hair. She gasped for breath, her hands flying to her head, but the man quickly stuffed the gag into her mouth. "Can't have anyone hearing you now can we?" He said.

Using the knife, the man cut all of Julia's clothes off roughly, underwear included. Julia jumped from fright and tears leaked out of the corner of her eyes once again. Her captor looked over her body with obvious excitement and amusement. Her tears then came out much faster after the man stabbed the knife into Julia's shoulder and into the wall behind her. She screamed around the gag but the sound was muffled. Her captor laughed manically, ripping the knife out just as quickly as he had stabbed it into her flesh.

Looking back into his little bag of horror, the man rummaged for his next toy. His hands grasped it and he smirked at Julia's terror filled face. "You're exactly the bait I need to get a certain cop to remember her dear old buddy. I can't wait until she realises that your death is all her fault. Say 'goodnight', Julia. You won't be waking up again."

Julia cried out as the man hit her over the head with the object he'd pulled from the bag. The object turned out to be the last thing Julia Fletcher ever saw. A silver polished candle stick with remnants of wax remaining on the head.