Hi all!

My poll is now officially closed and I want to thank everyone who voted but the winning update goes to...


So for everyone who voted for that story, the update is in the works, with over 2000 words written. I want to make up for not updating for so long so I'm giving you either a very long chapter or two shorter chapters. Right now, I better get back to writing or the update won't be uploaded for another week! Eeeek!

Update will be within the next three days unless I either;

1. Get sick (my friend got this terrible cold and she came into my work and kept breathing on me and I've been sneezing all week so I think I've got it :( )

2. Get caught up with studying (my dad's on my case about it right now -.- )


3. I involutarily focus on a different update.

Keep a look out and the chapters for my other story should be up over the next few weeks.