Some Things Come Back To Haunt You

(I'm in love with Spoby! They are so cute together, but what if one of Spencer's ex-boyfriends comes back and wants her back? Enjoy!)

"Alex?" My curly haired ex-boyfriend stood in front of me with a small smile.


"What are you doing here? I haven't talked to you since you broke up with me"

"I came to talk to you, can I come in?" Alex asked

"Uh, sure" I moved so he could walk in. I shut the door and I led him inside.

"Who was it?" I heard Toby's voice ask before I walked in. Alex came in behind me. Toby's eyes widened slightly. I had told him all about what happened with Alex, and he knew who he was.

"Toby, this is Alex Santiago, my ex-boyfriend" I scratched my neck nervously, remembering how Toby's lips had been there mere minutes ago. "Alex, this is, Toby Cavanaugh, my, uh, boyfriend" I cleared my throat as an awkward silence filled the air.

"Nice to meet you" Toby stuck out his hand and Alex shook it.

"You too" Their hands then went back to their sides.

"So, Alex, what do you need to talk about?" I asked

"I was actually hoping to talk to you aloneā€¦" Alex glanced at Toby. "Sorry, it won't take long"

"It's fine, Spence, I'll be in your room" I smiled at Toby. I could see the jealousy burning in his eyes. I smiled at him reassuringly. Toby walked up the stairs and I walked over to the fridge.

"Do you want anything to drink?"

"No, thanks, I'm good" I nod and I grab my cup of coffee I had poured a little while ago.

"So, where have you been?" I took a sip of my coffee

"In Sweden" He said. I coughed as heard him say this. I quickly took another sip of my coffee to tame the burning in my throat.

"Really? You went after all?" He nodded "Alex, I swear that I didn't send that in"

"I honestly don't care anymore" Alex replied. We both stayed silent for a little while but then he spoke "The reason why I came to talk is because the whole time I was there, I thought of you" My eyes widened "And I was wondering if you wanted to get back together, but I see you moved on"

"Alex, I'm sorry! You should've told me before you left. I was really upset, but then I started to tutor Toby in French, and I fell in love with him"

Alex looked down "I'm sorry, Spencer" He sighed "When I left, he was the town's creeper. I thought he killed your friend"

"Yeah, so did I, but my brother-in-law did. Toby has been innocent for a while now" I defended him. It's like he was bashing him so make me want to break up with him. "No offence, Alex, but if you were gonna dump me over something so stupid, then you wouldn't have been able what has happened here in the last couple months."

"What has happened?"

"My sister got married to a creep that tried to kill me three weeks ago. Then he died and we found his decaying body in an old barn! Oh the most important thing was that I was a suspect for Ali's murder."


"Alex, Toby did nothing to hurt Alison, and he wouldn't do anything to hurt me. He loves me. He's just misunderstood, and so am I. And Toby's the only one who gets that" I didn't realize that I was so angry, but when I finally did, it was too late, my paper coffee cup had been broken open and the coffee flooded the counters. I placed it down and looked at Alex "I think you should go" He nodded and then walked to the front door and opened it and then walked away.

I grabbed some paper towels and started to clean up my mess. "Toby! He's gone!"

I threw my first paper towel, which was now saturated in coffee, into the garbage. Toby was now downstairs and he was chuckling at my mess.

"I got mad" I said simply. He walked over and took a paper towel and helped me clean up. "By the way, I knew you heard the whole conversation" I leaned against the island and smirked.

Toby smiled and placed his hands on the island, trapping me in his arms. He bent down and pressed a soft kiss to my lips. "You're right, we are misunderstood"

I smile and place my hand on his neck and play with his hair. "You stayed by me even when I was a suspect of a murder."

"Yes, well, I knew how you felt" Toby replied

"But, I don't get it. I was so cruel to you. Aria, Hanna, and I believed you killed Ali" I said "Emily was the only one who knew you wouldn't do that"

"It's fine, Spence, at one point, I thought you were Ali's little follower and I also thought you didn't have a personality"

"I'm hoping that thought changed" I teased

Toby laughed "Yes, it did" He kissed me once again and but this kiss was passionate but sweet.

"I love you so much" I spoke as I pulled away

"I wanted to say that first" He mimicked and I giggled as our lips met once again.