Title: Bully

Summary: Being a Senior in High School is supposed to be fun right? WRONG. What's fun about getting swirlies every week and being shoved into lockers on a daily basis? "Oh Sakura he picks on you because he likes you." "Mom, what fantasy world are you living in?"

Chapter One

Sakura Haruno pushed her black, thick rimmed glasses up her nose as she continued to immerse herself in the latest novel of her favorite book series, Icha Icha Paradise.

'If only men could really be this romantic.' she thought dreamily to herself as she continued to walk to her first class of the day.

Her hair was up in a high pony tail, the tips of her hair reaching just below her shoulder blades. She was wearing the typical school uniform, khaki pants and a navy blue polo. Her shirt was carelessly un-tucked, revealing her white undershirt, and her book sack was slung sloppily over one shoulder, slowly inching its way down her arm. She wasn't exactly the picture perfect student. Her un-tucked shirt and black ankle socks were surely dress code violations. However, she was smart, made amazing grades, loved to read and write, and was exceptionally good at drawing comics and staying up late to play videogames.

She wasn't that worried about making friends at Leaf High, she was more worried about keeping in touch with the friends she had recently left behind.

'Ino, Shikamaru, Shino, Hinata…' she thought, reminiscing.

Her mental list of friends was soon interrupted when she accidentally bumped into someone on an account of she wasn't exactly watching where she was going.

Reading while you walked did that to you.

She looked up smiling, ready to give the tall handsome brunette guy an apology when his hand shot out suddenly and grabbed her bicep in a firm glip.

'What the hell-'

He shoved her roughly to the right, causing her already unstable book sack to slide from her shoulder and onto the shiny floor. She stumbled awkwardly into an open locker.

"Watch where you're going four eyes!" the crazy male student said harshly before slamming the locker door in her face.

For a few moments she stood frozen. 'Did that seriously just happen?'

She gripped her book a little bit more firmly as she pounded her fist against the locker door.

"Hey come back here you asshole! You can't just leave me in here! I'll tell! I'll get you suspended! I'll-"

"Ha! Go ahead freak show. The principal is my dad!" he yelled back as he rounded the corner and disappeared.

She stood there for a few minutes, breathing heavily as she stared through the small slits in the locker door.

"Help!" she started yelling as loud as she could.

"Help! Somebody! Anybody!"

'Well don't I sound hopeless.' she thought as she leaned against the side of the locker in defeat.

Well..while she was stuck in here she might as well get some reading done. It was a good thing she got her mom to buy her one of those book lights, or she'd be stuck in this dark locker with no form of entertainment.

Attempting to get into a comfortable standing position she began to read as she awaited the first bell so she could get someone to help her out of this mess.

"Are you kidding me…" she mumbled aloud to herself, trying hard not to cry from all the stress. The faint sounds of students entering classrooms could be heard. The last of them were finally getting to their destined rooms before the tardy bell.

The bell had rung a total of 14 times, letting Sakura know that it was now last hour, almost time to go home, and she had yet to attend any of her classes at Leaf High.

Despite her pleas for help, every student that had passed her didn't even attempt to help her out of her situation. In fact, most of them laughed, and some even snapped a picture with their stupid camera phones.

"I really hate Mondays." she thought as she turned the book light back on and continued to read, but it was hard to enjoy literature when you've been stuck in a locker for 7 hours.

It wasn't long before the 45 minutes were up and she heard that final bell. This was her last chance to get out of here. There was no way she was spending the night in this hell hole.

Besides, this locker had to belong to someone right?

Suddenly, the clicking sound of someone putting in their locker combination could be heard, and it was coming from right in front of her!

Saved at last!

She peered out of the tiny slits and her eyes widened just a fraction. Sakura might have even blushed if it wasn't for the fact that she was stoked about being free and finally going home.

The door rattled before it swung open and she came face to face with the pale, super attractive owner the locker.

He had dark jet black hair and dark eyes, and his shirt was half way tucked in, like he had recently un-tucked it since school was basically over for the day.

"What are you doing in my locker?" he asked, sounding annoyed.

She felt her temper flare up. Was anyone at this school polite?

"What the heck do you mean what am I doing? You think I put myself in here?"

"Well it wouldn't be the first time…" he trailed off as he looked her up and down with a blank expression.

She gave him a weird look. It was a look mixed with anger, confusion, and most of all, exhaustion.

She was too worn out for this.

"Whatever loser," he started, sounding bored and tired. "Just…get out of locker and go somewhere."

She was speechless. Was this guy for real? If she ever found some helpless victim trapped in her locker she'd be nice for god sakes.

She huffed and gave him one of her best evil glares before stepping clumsily out of the small space.

She leaned down and picked up her book sack before she started heading in the direction of the office.

"Hey, you forgot your….porno book.."

She closed her eyes and slowly turned back in his direction. 'Please no.'

When she opened her eyes to look at him he was smirking as he held open the book in front of him while he and a few other guys that just so happened to hear his statement began to read the dirty novel.

She stormed up to them and snatched the book out of his grasp before turning on her heal, trying to ignore the laughter coming from behind her.

She was going to give that guy who shoved her in that locker what he deserved if it was the last thing she did.

"You're giving me a detention?" the angry pinkette asked in disbelief. Surely this had to be some kind of sick joke.

"Well yes, of course." the principal eyed her with extreme dislike.

"After all, you skipped all of your classes and you're blaming it all on my innocent son Kiba. He's captain of the football team you know. So, detention for you."

"This can't be happening to me." she mumbled as Principal Inuzuka slid a pink detention slip in her direction.

"I'm afraid it is. Please sign on the dotted line. You have detention tomorrow during lunch time."

She angrily accepted the pen he held out to her and made sure to press extra hard when she signed her name.

She couldn't wait to tell Ino about this madness. Her blond friend was going to flip.

Sakura picked up her book sack and headed for the door.

"Oh and Sakura. Tuck your shirt it. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to give you a dress code violation. Which means detention Wednesday as well."

She clenched her teeth together, attempting to keep in the snobby retort that was begging to come out of her mouth in her head.

"Yes sir." she ground out as she slowly stepped out of his office.

As soon as the door shut behind her she took a deep breathe, trying to calm down her raging emotions.

"Sasuke Uchiha!" the principal said loudly from the other side of the door, signaling the next student in line to see him to come into his office.

'That guy from earlier!' she thought as she watched him get out of one of the chairs that was lined up against the wall in the spacious office.

He walked towards her with very little emotion on his face until he stood directly beside her.

He turned to face her with a smug look on his face.

"See you in detention nerd girl." he said, before entering the principal's office.

"God. Please kill me now."

Yaaaaaay, this was so much fun to write I actually didn't want to stop. But the chapter can't go on forever..(;