Plot: After Marissa finds out that Bianca helped JR win her back she begins to have feelings for the other woman they get together but it is interrupted when Maggie comes back from Paris

AN: Thank you so much for the reviews for my other story Marissa's courage they mean a lot to me.

Chapter one- Realization

Marissa sat in the corner at Krystal's restaurant and looked at the music box JR gave... No Bianca gave to her it all made sense now every time JR did something romantic she wished it was Bianca now finding out it was Bianca behind these romantic gestures it made Marissa's heart beat twice as hard her palms began to sweat she kept glancing at the door hoping Bianca would walk through it and she could tell her how she felt.

How did she feel?

Her question was answered when she saw Bianca walking in laughing with another woman she felt a surge of jealousy and her fist clenched with great effort she stayed where she was sat and watched them. Bianca hadn't noticed her maybe she could just slip out.

Nurse the heartache she felt when Bianca moved towards the other girl and whispered in her ear or when the girl touched Bianca's arm and they shared a smile.

It was too late Bianca saw her Marissa looked away and quickly tried to escape the place she heard Bianca shout after her but she couldn't face meeting Bianca's new girlfriend.

Marissa wasn't sure where she was going but the walk did her good she found herself by a lake it looked perfect she sat against the tree and looked out it would be more perfect if she had Bianca in her arms whispering sweet nothings to each other. Marissa shook her head those thoughts were not going to get her though this and over Bianca.

Bianca looked everywhere for Marissa even ditching her new investor to search for the woman she loved but it was no good Marissa had vanished when she returned to Krystals Holly was sat waiting for her.

"Is there something wrong?" she asked as Bianca sat back down.

"I'm sorry just" Bianca paused Holly leant forward.

"Is the girl you just went looking for your girlfriend?" she asked softly Bianca looked up at her in surprise "Bianca I watched her stare at you with so much love and well she glared at me" Holly laughed as did Bianca "go I'm not backing out just because you want to see the women you love so don't be afraid take a chance" Bianca nodded and ran out of the restaurant.

Marissa wasn't sure how long she had been asleep for but when she woke up it was getting dark as she sat up she winced in pain as her back was sore from laying in an awkward position for too long.

Marissa made her way back to her car she had managed to not think about Bianca and that woman but now she wasn't distracted again it resurfaced ignoring it for now she started the car and went to the main road.

Bianca had been looking and calling Marissa for a few hours she was beginning to get worried she paced her living room trying to stay calm Kendall watched her sister from the stairs deciding she shouldn't interrupt whatever was going on she began getting the kids tea ready quietly.

Marissa checked her phone and saw Bianca had been trying to call her fifteen times she stopped at her mums place and began to ring Bianca but decided against it and locked her car and went inside.

Krystal looked up to see her daughter walking in she frowned when she saw how upset she seemed to be as Marissa walked over she placed the box she found were Marissa was sitting, Marissa looked at it not sure what to do she sobbed.

Krystal ran round the counter and hugged her Marissa broke down Krystal didn't ask why she just held her daughter until she calmed down.

"What's the matter darling?" she asked when Marissa had stopped crying.

"Bianca was helping JR win me back" she began "Bianca bought me the music box not JR" Krystal was a little shocked but didn't say anything "she tracked it down because the song meant something to me JR wouldn't do that I can't believe I thought he would"

"Marissa does Bianca have feelings for you?" she asked carefully Marissa looked at her.

"She told me she was in love with me when we went away" Marissa explained.

"Is that a bad thing?" Krystal asked Marissa shook her head.

"No of course not it's just I think I love her too but I'm too late" she replied sadly "she's with someone else now" Marissa pulled away and left Krystals.

As soon as Marissa walked out she bumped into some one "Sorry" they both said then looked at each other it was the girl Bianca was with before.

"Your Bianca's friend" Holly said smiling Marissa nodded "or should I say girlfriend"

"Oh we aren't" Marissa began but Holly stopped her.

"Don't start with the I'm not we're just friends do me a favour go to her house and tell her exactly how you feel" with that she walked away.

Bianca sat watching some stupid show that wasn't that interesting; she kept glancing at her phone every few minutes but no reply or call from Marissa. Bianca heard the rain beating against the window she sighed and snuggled deeper into the couch.

A frantic knock on the door had Bianca up and running to it before she could even think, when she yanked it open Marissa was stood drenched from the rain panting.

"Marissa what happened?" Bianca asked quickly Marissa didn't reply.

"Bianca that girl you were with was she your girlfriend?" Marissa asked shivering.

"Come in Marissa it's raining" Bianca tried but Marissa didn't budge.

"Please just answer the question Bianca" Marissa begged.

"No she was an investor for the Miranda centre" Bianca replied a big grin appeared on Marissa's face as she breathed a sigh of relief "Marissa what's going on?" she asked before Marissa kissed her.

Bianca was surprised but used this to bring Marissa in out the rain and close the door and pressing Marissa against it Marissa wrapped her arms around Bianca's neck to keep her there.

Bianca pulled away a little so they could breath "Marissa what's going on?" she asked in a whisper.

"I know about the music box" Marissa began "I've known awhile and it made me realise some things" she then let one of her hands fall to Bianca's and she held it "that I was wrong about JR being the one for me" she gave Bianca a peck "it's you Bianca I am totally and completely in love with you"

Bianca wasn't sure what to say Marissa was beginning to get scared she pushed Bianca away and got ready to make a run for it but Bianca surprised her by pinning her to the door again and this time she initiated the kiss.

After a long talk both girls fell asleep in each other's arms on the couch Bianca was the first to wake up and see her two little girls and Kendall all grinning at her from the other side of the room.

"So what happened here then?" Kendall asked smirking Bianca ignored her and focussed on the red head that was lying on her chest with an arm around her waist.

"Are you and Marissa together now?" Miranda asked Bianca looked at Miranda who seemed really hopeful.

"Would you be alright if we were?" Bianca asked Miranda nodded grinning "well we shall see" Bianca grinned.

Marissa woke up and looked up to see Bianca staring at her she smiled "what time is it?" Marissa asked still sleepy.

"Just after seven" Bianca replied kissing Marissa's head softly "You better get up you have work at nine" Bianca added.

"Yeah that is true" Marissa groaned as she sat up it was then that she noticed Miranda, Gabby and Kendall watching them amused.

"Ignore them they are being a pain this morning" Bianca explained "are you free for lunch today?" Bianca asked.

"I should be why?" Marissa asked folding up the blanket and putting it on the back of the chair.

"I wanna buy you lunch" Bianca replied shyly Marissa grinned.

"Your cute when you're shy you know" Marissa replied kissing her cheek, "and yes I'm free for lunch" Bianca nodded.

Marissa was on cloud nine she had to stop herself from skipping to court but she stopped when she saw JR in her office "what do you want?" she asked.

"I want to talk" he replied stiffly "I want to know why you're doing this to me" he strained; Marissa closed the door to her office and put her bag down.

"As much as you want it to be about you it isn't JR" she replied "I can't help the way I feel just like you can't help lying all the time" she added.

"I said I was sorry about using Bianca's idea's I shouldn't have but at least I tried" he argued Marissa really didn't want this argument JR opened her door for everyone to hear.

"JR I am not staying with you out of guilt or because it would be best for AJ because it isn't" she said folding her arms looking at him.

"Oh and I suppose you being with another woman is any better!" He shouted some stopped to listen Marissa shuffled her feet but didn't say anything "You're disgusting what were you playing a game with us"

"No JR I wasn't but after Bianca told me how she felt and then when I found out about the music box it clicked" Marissa sighed as she sat down.

"When did she tell you how she felt?" JR asked trying to control his temper.

"When we went away" Marissa mumbled JR laughed and ran his hand through his hair.

"That's why you came back and slept with me because it freaked you out!" he was being cruel.

"Get out JR we are done!" Marissa shouted she had enough JR shook his head still laughing then turned and left.

Bianca waited in Krystals for Marissa she was running late when she finally arrived she didn't look to happy, Bianca stood and Marissa hugged her tightly burying her face in Bianca's neck and took a deep breath. Marissa pulled back and kissed Bianca softly.

"What's the matter?" Bianca asked as they sat down.

"I had a visitor today" Marissa began "it was JR he was shouting the odds now most of the people I work with know about us" she sighed Bianca frowned Marissa noticed "I don't care who knows about us" she explained quickly.

"Well what is the problem?" Bianca asked.

"He still thinks it's about him" Marissa sighed "I just don't know what to do I need it to stay pleasant for AJ's sake"

"Listen to me" Bianca began as she held her hand over the table Marissa smiled when she saw the small gesture "JR is just hurting he is looking to blame someone and he's using AJ to make you hurt just ignore him he will soon get fed up" Marissa nodded though she had a feeling it wouldn't end here.