Chapter five

AN: The drama will start soon I just wanted more minx moments seeing as you don't get many on the show so here is chapter five.

Bianca sat with her sister and Greenlee as they were chatting about business it was times like these when she missed Marissa who was away working on a case in a different state with Caleb and would be back tomorrow if all went well for her.

"Binx you listening?" Kendall asked Bianca blinked and looked at her sister and Greenlee staring at her Kendall with concern but Greenlee with an amused look.

"Sorry what were you saying?" She asked Kendall sighed.

"Seems to me like she was day dreaming about a certain red head" Greenlee said laughing, Bianca blushed and looked at the table.

"How is Marissa?" Kendall asked ignoring Greenlee's comment.

"She is fine doing well hopes to be home tomorrow" Bianca replied with a small smile on her face "I'm sorry I just miss her is all"

Kendall looked away from her sister and noticed a red head walking in once some of the people parted she saw it was Marissa she had a bright smile on her face as she walked to the bar and asked the barman something the pair talked for a minute then Marissa looked in their direction pressing her finger to her lips Marissa told Kendall not to say anything.

"What is it you miss about her?" Greenlee asked not noticing the exchange.

"Just her being next to me in bed, her laugh" Bianca sighed "we talk on the phone every night but it's not the same I never get to see her smile when we are laughing at something" Greenlee rolled her eyes but smiled in spite of it.

Neither realised Marissa standing behind them listening in with a smile on her face as Kendall tried not to laugh.

"She has been so great with everything, I mean the divorce then finding out about Michael then there is the thing with JR and Babe she hasn't run a mile" Bianca said Greenlee grinned.

"Marissa is something special not likes the others you have dated in the past" she said.

Marissa decided it was time to announce her presence she leant down near Bianca's ear "that's because I love you" she whispered Bianca jumped and turned to look at her she got out of her chair and pulled Marissa into a hug "you AJ, Miranda and Gabby are the most important people in my life" she whispered before pulling back and saying 'hi' to Kendall and Greenlee as she sat down next to Bianca.

"Binx said you weren't getting in till tomorrow" Kendall said Marissa nodded.

"I was supposed to but the trial finished early so I got an earlier flight" Marissa explained letting her fingers trace Bianca's palm.

"Its good your back Bianca here hasn't been much fun to hang out with" Greenlee stated Bianca blushed whilst Kendall slapped her arm "what was that for?" Greenlee shrieked.

"Just be quiet" Kendall hissed Marissa watched the pair with an amused look on her face before she turned to Bianca.

"You missed me then?" She asked Bianca leant in closer and nodded shyly.

"Just a bit" she whispered Marissa pretend to look offended.

"Just a bit? Might as well not have come back then" Marissa said with a pout getting up and going to the bathroom Kendall and Greenlee watched amused as Bianca got up and followed her.

Once she was in the bathroom she found it empty she frowned as she double checked, she was sure she saw Marissa walking in here; she nearly screamed when someone pulled her into a cubical, she saw it was Marissa as she pushed her up against the door and pressed herself in her.

"You don't realise how much I have missed you and the kids" Marissa whispered against her lips Bianca grinned as she put her hands on Marissa's hips.

"We all missed you too" Bianca replied Marissa gave her a disbelieving look "ok the kids missed your for like ten minutes then they started playing games and forgot" Bianca grinned sheepishly.

"Did you miss me?" Marissa asked shyly.

"Of course I missed not having you with me" Bianca replied sadly "it felt like half of me was missing and I don't want to feel like that again"

Marissa felt her heart swell as she began stroking Bianca's hair running her nose along Bianca's jaw taking in Bianca's scent Marissa loved the way Bianca smelt it was intoxicating and she couldn't get enough of her.

Sometimes she thought about those women who had hurt and let Bianca down, she thought how stupid they were. To let someone as fantastic as Bianca go, someone who was loving, kind, caring, someone who put her partner before herself.

"What are you thinking about?" Bianca asked letting her finger trail across Marissa's jaw.

"You mainly" Marissa whispered "about all those people who hurt you and how I want to punch each and everyone of them for being so stupid" Marissa admitted.

"Don't worry about them I really don't care anymore I have you" Bianca smiled.

"Still I think they were stupid" Marissa mumbled Bianca laughed "we should head back out we don't want Kendall and Greenlee to send out a search party do we?" Marissa asked Bianca shook her head and followed Marissa out of the cubical and went back to their table.

The pair noticed Kendall and Greenlee staring at the bar "What are you two staring at?" Bianca asked as they sat down.

"Binx I think" Kendall was cut off by another voice.

"Bianca?" Bianca and Marissa turned to see a woman standing behind them with a smile on her face, Bianca gulped.

"Maggie" Bianca whispered.

AN: Maggie is here but is she there to cause trouble or just pass through peacefully?