Who am I?

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Summary: Harry reveals all in a letter to Lucius.

Who am I? I am the boy who loves another; I find pleasure in the male form rather than the female, I am the boy nobody knows but think they do, I find pleasure in worshipping his body, I am the boy who does not know himself, I find pleasure with him.

I am paraded around like some hero, I am hunted for a reason I know not, I am loved for something I don't remember doing, I am hated because a mad man killed my parents, I am worshipped for being something I am not, I am rejected for being a freak.

He doesn't see me as a hero, to him I am just Harry, He does not hunt me, he cares for me, He loves me for what I do in the present, He doesn't hate me, he cherishes me, He worships me with a love, that I willingly return, He does not reject me, he accepts me.

Who is he? Do you really not know? Have you really missed all the signs? Do you even truly care for him? I do. Do you know what he wants? I do. Can let him be him and not a mini version of you? Do you even love him?

Who am I? Such a complex question, I am Harrison James Potter, I am the boy who lived, I am the Gryffindor golden boy, I am the bane of Voldermort's existence, But most importantly Mr Malfoy i am the boy who is sleeping with your son.

Yours Sincerely, H.J. Potter