Everyone hates twilight


Me: Ed…Ed…ED!

Ed: what?

Me: its disclaimer time! Come on!

Ed: OK, OK! *clears throat* Soulsnacker13 does not own full metal alchemist…

Me: sadly

Ed: do you want me to do this or not?

Me: OK sorry continue.

Ed: *ahem* nor does she own twilight…

Me: not that id want to…

Ed: Soul!

Me: sorry, sorry…

Ed: anyway enjoy the story!

Me: hey that was my line!

Ed: well you kept interrupting mine so I stole yours!

Me: that's not fair!

Ed: well I wanted to say SOMETHING without getting interrupted

Me: that still doesn't give you a right…

Al: sorry folk's minor issues here anyway enjoy the story!

It's been a couple weeks since she came to the world of amestris. You think it would have been all exiting having her boss assign her to look over Ed and Alphonse Elric to make sure everything went smoothly but instead they were walking to central so ed could get yelled at by mustang and later winry since ed broke his auto mail again.

You see there are people send from our world into other anime worlds to make sure everything goes right and stays n track. They are usually disguised as a character so you don't notice them. Anyway Rivvi was bored so as they were walking she opened her bag that transported stuff from her world to the one she was currently in. She fished around and pulled out a big black book.

The book said "twilight" on the cover so never having read the book cracked it open and began to read.

By the time they reached mustang's office she had read about 2 chapters ad looked disgusted. As her and Ed walked in the reached into her bag again and pulled out a lighter clicked it and as it spit a flame out lit the book on fire.

"Rivvi what the hell?" Ed exclaimed getting looks from Mustang, Riza, Havoc, Fury, Falman, and everyone else in Mustang's squad as the book burned in her hand.

"Be quiet Ed or the next thing in burning is the author" she said with a glare that would make winry proud.

"Just because you don't like the story doesn't mean you have to burn the book!"

"Here" she said fishing another copy out of the magical bag thing "read page 53" Ed took the book and started to read. The eyes grew big then grew angry. She held out the lighter Ed took it clicked it and set the book on fire and dropped it on the ground next to a pile of ash that was book number one

"Told you fire solves everything Ed" Rivvi said with a smirk.

Mustang finally deciding to speak up had to ask the stupidest question in the book. "Was that really necessary? I all ready have enough ash on the floor thanks to Havoc I don't need more"

"Me?" havoc said with a mocking look "im not the one always setting my paper work on fire colonel"

"Shut up havoc" mustang muttered

"Well now that that's cleared up im bored and I don't wanna stay here while Ed gets yelled at. Ill meets you and Al back at the hotel I wanna go to the garage they finally got my mustang back from the side of the road."

And being the idiot that the colonel is he said "but im right here"

"Not COLONEL mustang my FORD mustang" she said fishing a picture of a light blue mustang with white stripes up the front and a little silver horse in the front. "It's from my world and I crashed it so I need to fix it a little bit" she said stuffing the picture back into he bag "Ed can explain" she said walking out the door.

"Oh wait I forgot my lighter" she said popping back into the room and snatching it from Ed "names Rivvi by the way see ya" she said ducking out again.

"Is there ever any one normal in this town?" exclaimed mustang

"Jacob?" said falman said "he's pretty normal"

Falman never understood why Ed gave him such a strange look.

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