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Marry me, he says. Like it's that simple.

"Go back to bed, idiot," I say, knowing full well he won't. I can't even use the goddamn telescope if he won't let go…

"You don't want to?"

"Of course not. You don't just ask someone to marry you like it's no big deal."

"Hancock does it all the time."

"Yeah, well, good for her." I push his face away with my elbow and look through the lens, spotting Messier 105 and noting its position in the notebook…

"Hey, Nami," he says. For the love of all things holy…

"What is it, Luffy. What burning question do you have this time."

"What's that big shiny one?"

I don't even need to look through to know what he's talking about.

"That's Regulus."

"…You mean like, 'Regular'?"

"No. Regulus is latin."


I blinked, thinking of the irony of the name.

"It means 'Little King'."

He looked back up at it, apparently even more interested now.

"It's also known as 'the heart of the lion'," I continued, thinking maybe he might actually be paying attention…

"Why's it so shiny?"

Of course.

"I could tell you, but you wouldn't understand."

Do I enjoy sounding conceited? No, but it's hardly conceit when talking with him. He just wouldn't be able to appreciate the glorious scientific explanation I could give. He probably expects something like, 'It feels like being shiny'.

He puts his head on my shoulder again and sighs, probably pouting. I can't be bothered to check.

"Hey, Nami…"

"Hey, what…"

He glares at me, but I can't help it if it's fun to tease him.

"Marry me."


"Why not?"

Multiple reasons, actually. One, you probably have no idea what marriage is, but because you've heard numerous other people talking about it you have to-

"I'll give you that star…if you marry me."

"Psh. I'm afraid your hand doesn't stretch that far, Luffy."

"Well, you could look at it all the time from there then, right?"

"Yes, but it's a little impertinent claiming you can give me a star as famous as that."

"Don't mind."

Of course not.

"I refuse. I want a ring."

He looks thoroughly confused. "A ring?"

"Yep. An engagement ring. And it has to have a big diamond."

"Those are expensive aren't they?"

"Yep. You probably won't have enough money until you're Pirate King, so don't ask again until then."

I can't tell if his silence is contemplative or just…there.

"So…can you keep the star until I get it?"

Your persistence is impressive, Luffy. Really.

I sigh heavily. "If you leave me alone, then yes. I will keep…this...huge, famous star system as a personal sign of your affections."

"Good." A kiss on the cheek. Oh, you're good.

"Hey, Nami," he whispers in my hair. "Come with me, huh?"

"Nope. Not tonight."

"You can look at this stuff later, right?"

"It's only in this position for a few more nights. I need to document a couple more things…"

"Come with me," he whines, arms circling my waist. "Come on…"

"You're not very convincing when you're like this."

He ignores me and snuffles his lips over my ear. I'll never understand his mating rituals…

"I'm busy."

"You don't look that busy."

"Luffy, get off."


"Go to bed, dammit."


He picks me up and drags me away from the telescope; my expensive, moisture sensitive telescope that, if left there over night would-

"You can look at your star later, eh?"

"Shut up, put me down and-"

And then he's kissing me. And I guess I don't really care that much about anything else.

Law's of gravitation indeed.