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Chapter 7

Afterschool, Colt and Jet glumly made their way to Rachel's house to work on their biology project. Neither was fond of projects, much less group projects, but as much as the boys dreaded it, they had no choice. Jet had offered to drive, and since the boys were going to Rachel's house as soon as school ended, River caught a ride with Rocky and Tum Tum.

Colt groaned from the passenger seat, and rested his forehead on the car window as he stared at the sights on the road. "Why can't we just let the girls do all the work?"

"Because your partner is the epitome of insane," Jet joked as he turned onto the next street.

Colt laughed. "I guess it could be worse. I thought I was going to be alone with the insanity."

Jet grinned. "So true, bro." He drove a few more blocks before stopping in front of a red brick two-story house. "Here we are!" he exclaimed with sarcasm as both boys got out of the car.

"Yay…" Colt said with matching sarcasm.

Stepping onto the front porch, Jet rang the doorbell with Colt standing behind him. A tall, blonde woman who looked like an older version of Rachel answered the door.

"Hello boys," the woman greeted. "You must be Rachel's friends. We've been expecting you. I'm Rachel's mother."

"Nice to meet you Mrs. Sanders," Jet said.

"You, too, boys." Mrs. Sanders shook hands with the pair. "Come on in. Rachel and Rosa are in the living room." Stepping aside, she gestured for the boys to enter as she welcomed them into her home.

"Thanks," Colt and Jet said together.

The boys exchanged glances before proceeding into the house, and almost immediately, they gasped at the sight before them. The house's grandeur was hard to miss as they marveled at the towering ceilings, the staircase that spiraled upwards towards the heavens, and the spacious rooms that could fit an entire army.

While Mrs. Sanders led them into the living room, Jet leaned over to his friend and whispered, "What the hell did we just get ourselves into?"

Colt smirked, but it faded as soon as they were greeted by an overexcited Rachel, who shrieked, "You're here!" upon seeing the boys.

"Let's just get this over with," Colt said indifferently.

"Yeah, projects are not exactly our cup of tea," Jet added. "Actually, come to think of it, we hate tea in general."

Rachel giggled and eyed Jet dreamily. Colt noticed and raised a questioning eyebrow before looking to his best friend who seemed completely oblivious. Jet sat down next to Rosa who was drawing what appeared to be cell mitochondria, and Rachel casually sat on his other side.

Meanwhile, Colt took his place at the nearest chair. He scoped the lavish living room, which also didn't fail to impress, as its space was vast with a Grecian theme. A white marble fireplace sat just in front of them and on the other side, a white grand piano. In addition, several statues without arms and clad in drapery sat in various places of the room.

On the far side, he spotted a grandfather's clock as it chimed four o'clock. Curfew was at nine o'clock on a school night, and he didn't think it could come any sooner. He sighed heavily as he began working on the cell nucleus. This was one curfew he wouldn't mind abiding by.

"Yes, that's right," a mysterious woman repeated on the phone to yet, another unknown receiver. "Yes, everything is going according to plan."

She paused to listen for a few moments, taking a long drag of her cigarette and blowing patterns into the air. "I have them within my grasp. I can taste the smell of sweet revenge."


"You'll handle it for me? Yes, tomorrow night." The woman nodded as her eyes flickered cruel intentions. "Okay, we'll keep in touch," she said finally.

She flipped her phone shut and walked across the room, a shadowy figure looming in darkness. The only light emanated from the window, the crescent moon weakly illuminating the room. Still, it was enough to see two newspaper articles and several photographs tacked onto the wall. As if by force of habit, she scanned a well-manicured hand softly across the articles. Again, she stopped at the photograph of five young teenagers, a bitter and threatening laugh escaping her mouth.

After another long drag of her cigarette, she untacked a single photograph and held it for a few moments. "Aw, don't they look happy," she sneered at the five beaming teenagers. "Too bad, I hate happy."

With photo in one hand, her cigarette stub met its end as she put it out on the face of her first target, watching as it burned a hole through the picture. "You first, my dear…" she hissed.

Colt mindlessly drew the rest of his cell parts while leaning on his free arm which rested on the table. He sighed in boredom and without moving his head, allowed his eyes to travel upwards to cast a glance at the grandfather clock. "Eight-thirty," he mumbled.

Jet looked to his friend. "Yeah, but we're pretty much done. And you know what that means? Free weekend!" he exclaimed.

Rachel clapped her hands and sat up. "Speaking of the weekend, Christopher, do you mind if we talk in the other room for a second?" she asked him. Jet turned to face her and she added, "Alone."

Colt sat up a little straighter and raised a suspicious eyebrow. This couldn't be good. Jet seemed aware of this as he shot his friend a wary look before he answered her. "Err, okay," Jet said uncertainly. "What about?"

"I'll tell you when we're alone," Rachel said with a flirty smile. Colt rolled his eyes as Rachel stood up and eyed Jet, expectantly waiting for him to do the same.

Jet reluctantly followed suit. Rachel squealed in delight, grabbing his nearest hand to drag him into the kitchen. Once they had stopped, he spoke up. "You know, Rachel, you can call me Chris or Jet. That's what everyone calls me."

"No, I like Christopher better," she insisted.

"Um… okay. So what's this all about?"

Rachel stepped forward and walked her fingers along his chest. Jet took a step back and Rachel moved closer. This progressed several more times, but the girl moved in succession with him each time, closing the gap even more than the previous step.

Soon, Jet felt his back against the refrigerator, rendering him unable to go any further, and therefore, cornered. Jet never thought that when he was up against the wall opposite a female, it would be like this. Hormones aside, Jet still had a conscious, and this had made him uneasy.

Jet laughed nervously, and he raised a hand undecided on whether to push her away or let her continue. Instead, it hovered awkwardly for a few seconds until he settled on simply brushing his hair with it.

Rachel looked up at him and bit her lip. "I like you."

Jet didn't know what to think. Here, standing before him, was an undeniably beautiful girl, but still, he hesitated as several doubts ran through his head. Sure, he had joked to Colt about pursuing her, but that was what they were, merely jokes. He was single, but truth be told, he wasn't completely over his ex-girlfriend. Plus, neither his best friend nor his sister liked her. And wasn't she hitting on Colt just several days ago? "I thought you liked Colt," he said finally, resorting on an accusation rather than replying directly.

Rachel laughed while Jet frowned; that wasn't exactly the reaction he had been expecting. "Well, he's good-looking and everything. But I was really trying to get to you."

Jet raised an eyebrow and said nothing. He was still unconvinced. Rachel read the incredulous look on his face, so she continued. "Why do you think I invited you here?"

"Um… to work on the project?" he replied lamely.

Again, she giggled amusingly. "I wanted you to be here. I regretted not getting you as a partner."

"Oh… okay."

Rachel narrowed the gap between them, if that was even possible, and Jet shifted uncomfortably. "Do you wanna go on a date with me?"


"Yes or no?"


"Christopher, I know you heard me."

"Um…" Jet's awkward hand brushed his hair again.

"You like me don't you?"

"Well, yeah. I mean, no…" She frowned, but he recovered quickly. "What I mean is that, you're pretty damn hot. Believe me."

"So what's wrong?"

"I… um…" Jet could hear River chewing him out in his head.

"It's your sister isn't it?" she said sadly as if reading his mind. "I understand…"

If Rachel didn't know Jet's weakness, she had found it. Girls, in general, were his weakness, but Jet also hated making people unhappy. He sighed as several more thoughts ran through his head. Surely, one date wouldn't hurt him. In fact, he might actually enjoy himself, but he would never know if he refused. His sister, however, was another story, but he decided he would worry about her later. Exhaling deeply, he made up his mind. "Yes, okay."

"Yes what?"

"Yes, I'll go out with you."

Her sadness vanished as her eyes lit up. "Tomorrow?"

"Sure, tomorrow night." Jet nodded and smiled at her just to give face, but in fact, he was still feeling apprehensive. He could hear River's disapproving screams get louder in his head. He knew that she was not going to like this.

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