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Summary: He has done it. Takuma has finally ended his grandfather's life. As he rests, a certain blue eyed woman comes upon him covered in blood and heals his wounds he received. Will he be able to keep his dark and bloody secret from her or will she find out what he really is?

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A Vampire's Ocean Gem: Keeping a Bloody Secret

The sounds of a vicious battle that dominated the gothic scene came to an abrupt stop

"You would kill your own blood?" an aged masculine voice sounded in the eerie silent atmosphere. +

The wind hallows foreboding songs. The rustle of fabric flapping back and forth as the two figures stand in perfect non motion. The blade, origin of the sound of the metals' voiced before is dripping with life-giving liquid and positioned for the killing strike.

"Blood and family are two very different things. Have fun in hell...


Hard footsteps drum on natural earthen road of Tokyo preserved nature.

"Kuso, why can't they just stop being so nosey? I do not like Hojo-kun, darn it. His personality is too blank for my taste" Kagome grumble in frustration while stooping wildly like a panicked elephant. She stopped suddenly when she hears a low groan from a bush nearby. Being the curious person that she is, she quickly searched for answer. What she found first surprised her then quickly she schooled her face in an emotionless expression.

Why do I always find tragic bishonen?

There in front of her was a bloody, hot, tragic looking male, who was soundly asleep.

Let's think about this later, I should really help him

With quick steps she bravely approached the prone figure.

"Hey, wake up. You should not be sleeping here." She splayed her delicate finger and gently shook his shoulder. The person did not stir. She took another look at him and making a decision she quickly search within herself and bring forth her miko ki. Her hand hovered over his chest and sent gentle waves of healing ki through his whole body. A sharp inhale of breath from the sleeping male tells her that he is waking. Elegant eyelids fold away to reveal captivating green eyes.

"Kirei" the word was softly breathed out that could be mistaken for nature's wind. "So blue, like the whole ocean was taken by the gods and compressed it into twin sapphire gems"

Kagome was taken aback by the simple words. She heard what he said only because so was so close to him. She quickly got her mind back to the current situation.
"Daijobu desu ka?" She asked in a patience tone.

He was silent for a while trying to take in the situation. He took in the vision of a girl before him. A beautiful face frame by black raven shine hair with subtle blue highlights an overall glowing from by the setting sun. Her bright cerulean orbs shone with concern for his well-being.

"Gomenasai for the trouble, miss...Ore wa Ichijo Takuma desu, Hajimemashite."

Kagome on impose put on a brilliant smile with a quick incline of the head. "Atashi wa Higurashi Kagome, Hajimemashite"

At that moment, the two makes a romantic picture together. The wind blows softly intertwining Kagome's long silky tresses with Takuma golden mane. It also swept his being with gentle caresses. The two figures silently studied each other with no reservation. The strong light of the setting sun shine on them like a grand theater spotlight, and the vast greens of nature surrounds them have little effect on this photographic masterpiece.

"Higurashi Kagome, ne?" the blonde haired male took hold of her hand, placing a gentle kiss upon the back of it. "A lovely name for such a lovely woman."

A pretty red hue formed in the girl's cheek. "Arigato. If I may, what happened to you? I found you laying here a bloody mess."

Takuma's bright green eyes darkened slightly. "I'm afraid that I cannot tell you that."

Kagome blinks as she catches the darkened gaze. Putting on a smile she elegantly rose from her kneeling postion and offered him a hand.

"Come, let's go to my place and get you cleaned up"

Takuma studied her for a short moment.

"You would so easily offer a complete stranger who looks like he just came from a battlefield assistance?"

She gave him another smile.

"Would you believe me i do not think that any harm will come to me for offering you help and that if i do not then i will be in harm way?"

This peaked Takuma's interest. "Really? How so?"

Tired of standing she plopped herself back down and wrap her arms around her shins while pulling her long legs toward her and rested her head on her knees.

"Well, I guess you can say that i have a really high morality and the evil guilt will eat me away for not offering assistance in this situation."

Takuma studied the girl's sapphire colored eyes, searching for any form of deceit, before he gave her a gentle smile. "I do not wish for you to be eaten away by guilt, but I am afraid that I must decline your offer. I am keeping a close friend of mine waiting."

Kagome frowned at this. "You wish to meet your friend looking as such. I insist that you come with me and clean some of the blood off."

The blonde's emerald eyes lowered to his white uniform, stained red with blood not his own. "I suppose that Kaname can wait a little longer whilst I clean up. Arigato for your compassionate hospitality. Not many would offer to help someone looking as I am." He laughed softly.

Standing, Kagome once more offered her slender hand to him, which he accepted gratefully.

"You are most welcome Takuma-san."

"Please no formalities, just Takuma is fine."

Kagome gave him a smile that seemed to make her cerulean eyes sparkle. "If you wish, then you may just call me Kagome. Come my home is not too far from here."

With a gentle tug, she led the emerald eyed man towards her home. Unknown that she has just allowed herself to be pulled into his dark secret life. What Kagome may never know is that Ichijo Takuma is one of the creatures said to be a mere myth, a fairy tale told to children to terrify them at night. Ichijo Takuma is a vampire.

Walking beside Takuma was so surreal. Everything around her is so perfect. Subconsciously she did acknowledge that she had not let go of his warm hand. She really should be worrying about the cause of his state of being but really to be honest that was the furthest thing from her mind. Taking a quick sideway glance at the handsome male beside her, Kagome decided to get to know a bit about her soon to be guest.

"Ne, Takuma-kun. Are you from around here?"

Glancing at the raven haired girl beside him he decided that it would do no harm to answer her simple question, after all he would be her guest for the time being.

"I'm a student at Cross Academy"

Kagome pondered at his answer searching her mind as to where she has heard of Cross Academy.

"I vaguely remember hearing a few of my friends whining about how our school not having enough cute boys and that they should go and kidnap a few from Cross Academy."

Takuma wore an expressionless mask and looked at her in disbelief. Blinking a few times, he let out a soft chuckle catching Kagome's attention.

"Gomen, you're so unpredictable. Saying something like that, I'm not sure if I should feel crept out or sympathetic."

Confused by his choice of words Kagome voiced her thoughts. "Nande? Sympathetic desu?"

"Hn" was his only reply.

Takuma turned his head upon hearing Kagome's bell like giggles. Raising a golden eye brow he inquired, "May I ask what was amusing to you?"

"I'm sorry Takuma-kun; it's just that when you said that, you reminded me of a friend, well actually an acquaintance of mine." Kagome reassured the tall blonde. "Well here we are. This is my home."

"A shine?"

"Yes, I forgot to inform you that I am a miko. This is Higurashi shrine." Kagome pulled Takuma up the long stairwell to her quaint little home. Opening the sliding door she was greeted by her mother.

"Welcome home Kagome-chan...oh!" Nodoka noticed the tall blonde haired male next to her daughter, taking in his blood stained clothing. "Oh my! Are you alright dear?"

"Mama, this is Ichijo Takuma, I found him like this resting against a tree in the forest not too far from here. Would it be possible for him to use the bathroom to clean up?"

Nodoka immediately agreed, rushing to the laundry room, she came back with a few towels and male's kimono. "Here, Kagome-chan will show you to the bathroom. These are some of my father's old clothing, you may wear these while i wash your uniform." she handed him the items.

Takuma gave her a small smile and bowed elegantly. "Arigato, Higurashi-san"

Kagome reached over and grasped Takuma's large warm hand with her small slender one, ushering him out of the kitchen and up the stairwell. Nodoka's grey-blue eyes shined warmly at the oblivious affection her daughter was giving to the beautiful young man.

Passing through the living room, Kagome's younger brother raised his head away from the video games he was playing. "Nee-chan..." he trailed off when he spotted his sister holding hands with a strange unknown man.

"What is it Souta?"

"Uhm...never mind. I'll tell you later." Souta resumed playing the action game.

"Okay, then? Come, this way Takuma-kun." Kagome led the blonde up the stairs and to the bathroom. "Uhm...well here the bathroom. You can place your bloodied clothes on the counter and once you finish I will come up and wash them for you, ne?"

Takuma nodded. "Arigato, Kagome."

"Just yell if you require anything. Soap is located in this closet" she pointed to the door on her far right. "I'll be downstairs."

With those words said, Kagome left the small room, not seeing Takuma's vibrant green eyes glow crimson for a brief second as she passed by him.

Takuma sealed his mouth shut when Kagome's sweet scent wafted to his sensitive nose. He would not let his bloodlust harm this girl. Once he was sure that he was calm enough he called out to her. "Kagome, would it be too much trouble to ask for a glass of water."

Kagome turned a warm smile at him. "No problem."

Once she left the room, Takuma sighed; his canines lengthen as he reached inside the breast pocket of his jacket. A small black and gold was produced, clicking it open he pulled out a single white tablet.

Kagome had a serene smile on her face as she made her way downstairs. Oblivious to the questioning gaze she got from her brother and the knowing eyes of her mother, Kagome set out to execute the request from her temporary guest. With a water filled glass cup in hand she makes her way back to the location she left her guest. After a few gentle knocks on the door she waited patiently. Soon after the door slides open to reveal, Takuma, in his ripped, bloody shirt unbuttoned, giving Kagome a glimpse of the lean muscles of his broad chest.

With a sharp intake of breath, Kagome froze at the sight before her. Unable to comprehend the chaotic activities of her mind and the deep rose coloring of her face, she almost failed to catch the falling of the glass she held. In a furious bust of motions and apologies, she quickly hands Takuma the item he requested and without a single word and a shy glance she depart quickly out of the room, highly embarrassed.

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Japanese Dictionary.

Kerei= Pretty.

Daijobu desu ka= Are you ok

Gomenasai= I apologize. (more formal than I'm sorry.)

Ore wa Ichijo Takuma desu, Hajimemashite.= I'm Ichijo Takume, this is the first time.

Atashi wa Higurashi Kagome, Hajimemashite.= I'm Higurashi Kagome, this is the first time.

Arigato= Thank you

Nande= Huh? What?(...etc).