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A Vampire's Ocean Gem:

Keeping A Bloody Secret

Mei snapped a few more pictures with the digital camera, taking several images of the scene before her. She took a couple of seconds to admire the young couple and quickly hid the device behind her back when they turned to face her. "My, my Kagome-chan. The dark coloring of the uniform makes your skin glow."

Takuma nodded in agreement and twirled Kagome around once more, making the dark skirt fly up slightly. The black coloring of the clothes really did make her pale skin glow and it look absolutely wonderful on her. She was just so beautiful and he was lucky to have such a creature as his. The sound of her pounding heart was music to his ears and when she blushed it was a sight for sore eyes.

"Ano...Takuma-kun? Could you stop spinning me? I'm getting a little dizzy." Kagome chuckled even though her head was swimming from being spun around so many times. "Arigatou, Mei-san. You did a wonderful job." the warrior miko bowed in respect, but the older woman waved it off and pulled her into a hug. The younger girl smiled and returned the embrace.

Mei grinned at Kagome when she saw that after she released her, she moved back to her place beside Takuma. Her dark oak eyes gleamed with a mischievous light and she could not hold back her comment. "Kagome-chan, Takuma-chan, you two make a fine-looking couple." the chiming of the desk bell stopped her from embarrassing the couple any longer. Mentally cursing the customer for ruining her fun, Mei dismissed herself, stating that she will return in a moment.

Takuma was the first to recover from their embarrassment, and he looked down at Kagome. He smiled when he saw the rose hue lighting up her beautiful face. "Why Kagome-hime, are you being shy?" his arm snaked around her waist as he tugged close to him possessively. "I see no reason for it. You are mine now, after all."

"Takuma-kun..." Kagome placed her hand on his chest and felt that his heart was beating at an alarmingly slow rate, but her fuzzled mind refused to work since her own drumming heart was beating far too loud. Her arctic blue eyes locked with his vibrant emerald gaze and the longer she stared, the more she wanted. She broke away from the hypnotic-like trance and buried her face in his chest, her cheeks aflamed. 'Why does he make me feel like this?'

"Kagome...look at me, please?" his slim fingers slipped through her long raven locks and his voice sounded in her ears. Somewhere, vaguely, in the back of his mind he wondered why he no longer felt the need to consume her blood. It was as if his bloodlust for her had disappeared around the time she kissed him. 'Was it...the kiss? My Kagome...such capability...wait? My Kagome?' he did not delve further into the thought since the weight on his chest lifted, signalling that the miko raised her head, and his name being said in the softest of whispers.

"Takuma-kun, what is it you want?" Kagome did as he requested and looked at him.

He simply adored the rosy blush on her cheeks. She gazed at him and he can see his own reflection in her clear blue eyes. 'Lovely.'

She thought him to be good-looking when she first met him, but now that he was hers, she noticed every little detail about him. His eyes had the slightest yellow sparkle to them, there was a tiny dimple in his chin, and when he smiled she noticed that his canines were slightly sharper than what they were supposed to be. She gasped when Takuma lifted his hand and caressed her cheek, his thumb resting on her full lower lip.

The blond felt a sudden urge to take claim of those petal soft lips that he only had the privilege to kiss once before and at the moment he was greedy for more. "May...I?" Kami-sama he was beginning to sound like a little child. "What I mean is..." Great! Now he was faltering in his speech! He growled low in his chest. He was a vampire. A creature of seduction. Everything about him will attract a female to him, but here he was. Trying to ask for a kiss for the girl he'd come to like so much.

Kagome giggled at the tall male. She knew what he wanted, but craved to hear the words coming from his throat. She wanted him to ask for it. Ask for the kiss. Teasingly, she tilted her head and lowered her eyelids. "What are you trying to say?"

She was purposely tempting him, it was an innocent seduction on her part. It was not like she has personal experience on the art. Kami-sama he want to kiss her. He paused at the shuffling of feet in the other room and the hushed voice of Mei talking to her customer. Takuma figured that they only had a few minutes before the tailor returns. "Hime-sama...may I kiss you?"

The miko grinned. "Yes, you may...my fair prince."

No sooner than when she spoke those words, Takuma dipped his head and claimed her mouth with his own, relishing in the softness of her lips. Kagome smiled into the kiss and wrapped her slender arms around his neck, interlocking her fingers, and pulled him closer. She felt him tighten his hold on her waist and held her as if he did not want to let go. Takuma briefly wondered if Kagome will let him do this more often...possibly even while they were in school.

'Because, I could get used to this.' He could hear his own deep chuckles echoing within his mind but decided to focus on the more pleasurable activity at the moment. He threaded his hand in her silky dark hair and gently pulled on it, tilting her head back further, wanting to deepen the kiss... But then there was a flash of white light!

Kagome snapped her head back, breaking away from Takuma, and looked in horror to the right. "Mei-san!" she whined as she spotted the camera in the woman's hand and the sneaky smile that adored her lips. Her face was a bright red as she pulled herself out of Takuma's hold.

Takuma was forced to reigned back his annoyance at the woman. 'Seriously, can her timing be worst?!'

He put on a smile as he turned to the woman, trying his best to keep the twitch from his left brow. "Saa, Mei-san. Do you think I can get a copy?" His cheerful tone caught her off guard evident by the look on her face. He had to hide a grin. The message was successfully received on her part, he held no shame on his action. Kagome was his girl after all. Mei's nod was rewarded with his charming social smile. Takuma spoke softly to his stunned girl and ushered her to change with a gentle push and a sweet kiss on the girl's cheek and promptly settled himself on the plush cushion of the armchair. Takuma simply waved to the frigidly standing woman as she stood frozen in place. 'Humans are weird.' And busied himself leafing through a sport magazine. 'Let's see what's the latest news in the tennis world are.'

Kagome lend against the wooden door of the changing room, her heart still pounding in her chest. Kami-sama, did he just...? Takuma-kun was acting...! Her face heated up, turning an even deeper shade of red. A deep rumbling chuckle echoed through her head and she scowled.

'May I ask what the hell you find so amusing, Naraku?'

"I find many things amusing, my dear Miko," he chuckled.

'Oh? And that would be?'

"Kukuku, oh sweet girl; leaving you guessing is half the fun."

Kagome huffed. 'Can't you give me a hint even?'

"A hint you say?" Kagome swore she could feel Naraku somehow playing with her hair.


"Kukuku, that dog must be rubbing off on you." He chuckled again. "I admit, I do find your modern idioms easy on my tongue; then again, you, yourself, do have your moments kukuku."

'You seems to be enjoying yourself, Naraku. Does my mind makes a good home?'

"Why Miko, are you hinting that you will make practice of inviting spirits in your mind?"

Kagome shivered. 'Ugh, don't say such things. Thanks a lot, Naraku. Now I'm all grossed out.'

"You're very welcome, my dear. kukuku"

Kagome sighed. 'You're enjoying yourself way too much.'


"Can you be any more annoying?!"

A sharp brief knock on the door broke Kagome away from her mental conversation with the dark youkai and the masculine voice of her boyfriend ebbed through the wood, "Kagome-hime, you're taking far too long."

Kagome gasped. "Gomen, Takuma-kun! I'll be right out!" she quickly changed out of the dark uniform and slipped back into her regular clothing. As she exited the changing room, her boyfriend was there to quickly grasp her hand.

"Shall we go, Hime-sama?"

The warmth of his hand transferred to Kagome's and she felt numbed for a brief second, lost for words as she stared into his deep green eyes. A quick squeeze brought her out of her hypnotic-like trance. "Oh! Uhm...yeah."

The young couple walked from the back of the tailor shop to the front where they spotted Mei talking to someone, a woman judging from the soft voice, and Takuma froze in his tracks. She looked familiar. Those long, long strawberry blonde locks, that soft, almost child-like voice, her pale white skin. It could not be?

The woman turned around, the act almost in slow-motion, and revealed a pretty face with glittering navy blue eyes and a polite smile. Her hands folded together, resting against her lap and she bowed. "Konichiwa, watashi wa Sharabuki Sara. (Good Afternoon, I'm Sara Sharabuki.)"

And it was. Takuma felt his face fall as his eyes widened to the point where they almost bulged from their sockets and his jaw went agape. Sweat began to bead at his forehead, a few of the salty liquid dripped down his brow, sliding to his cheek, and finally his chin where it dangled before it fell to the ground. He unconsciously tucked Kagome into his side as he swallowed dryly and quickly schooled his face back. "Sara-san..."

Kagome looked up at her boyfriend and back to the beautiful woman who was slowly rising out of her polite bow. There was something vaguely and eerily familiar about this newcomer. The way her red-blonde hair swayed in an unblowing wind, and there was her dark, dark blue eyes seemed to try to pierce right through her very soul...She was the woman from Wacdonald's!

Kagome felt numb. She unconsciously leaned her head on Takuma's shoulder and seemingly relaxed, her eyes held a mysterious light. 'I don't like her.' she thought, her voice echoed eerily inside her mind. Within the confines of her consciousness, the miko felt Naraku stirring restlessly, but the dark youkai remained silent. Unknown to her, her deep blue eyes flashed red for a moment and the back of her hair seemed rise and glow with an eerie light like dark matter in space. Only the boy holding her hand and being so close to her felt the rise in her powers, a small bit of unknown yet comforting power was racing through her blood. The ruby-red jewel of her dangling earring shined like Mars in the night sky.

The shimmering six petal symbol upon her forehead reacted to the power coursing through her veins shined with an ethereal blue light that seemed to bathe the blonde haired woman.

Sara Sharabuki mentally hissed at the power the young woman was emitting. The girl was not this strong when she first set her sights on her. How has she gained so much strength in such a short amount of time? Her pleasant features twisted into a mocking look as she peeled her lips back into a smile. "May I have your name, Ojou-san?"

'What an ugly smile.' Kagome thought. Though she only tilted her head slightly in acknowledgment to what the woman said.

"You needn't know her name, Sara-san." Takuma's voice broke through the thick tension.

Navy blue eyes turned and locked with emerald-green as a dainty hand came up to cover her lips. "Oh, Takuma-chan. I didn't notice you."

'What a pathetic lie' Kagome sneered before scoffing mentally. She tugged at Takuma's hand and when he looked down at her, she gave him a heart warming smile. "Takuma-kun, walk me home?"

The golden-haired vampire watched his girl carefully, taking in the glow of her earrings and the faint shimmer beneath her bangs. 'She is more than a warrior...' He returned her smile with one of his own charming smiles although he mentally smirked at her as she played her I'm cute and innocent card on him. He did have to commend her for a job well done. 'She's adorable.' Lifting her hand to press a butterfly like kiss to the back of it, Takuma replied, "Mochiron, ore no hime.(Of course, my princess.)"

His expression changed dramatically as he turned back to the blonde female. Eyes stoic and face stoned "Excuse us, Sara-san."

As the couple bid Mei a pleasant farewell and brushed past the strawberry blonde woman, she swung her hand out and gripped Kagome's arm in a powerful grip and leaned in to whisper,

"I will have you and Takuma-chan in my possession, Ohime-sama."

Kagome jerked her arm away from the woman. "I don't know you, so please refrain from touching me." her eyes flashed both silver and crimson with her combined powers, the two swirling around in her irises.

The blonde Pureblood hissed as the skin of her palm burned and her inhuman heart skipped several beats in fear as a holographic shadow shimmered behind the young human girl. Bloody red eyes glowed in an ominous light. Wavy black hair flowed like a dark silk halo and outlined by the bleeding light of the setting sun.

"Don't touch what is mine." A voice hissed only for Sara's ears to hear.

A shadow tendril shot into her chest and she nearly collapsed in pain, but her pride as a Pureblood would not allow it. She stood her ground firmly, though her knees were buckling as another shadowy tendril wrapped around her throat, but never tightening just resting there and taunting her to try to touch the miko again. Her navy blue eyes watched the retreating couple, if she had looked at them a second later she would have missed the small almost devilish smirk the young woman sent at her. 'You've not seen the last of me.'


I hear silence in a noisy place.

I found solitude in the crowd.

I felt warmth from an un-beating heart.

I felt freedom in your embrace.

My eyes open and I see so much more now, being beside you.

Kagome eyes unveiled slowly and took in the slightly tilted world from her place on Takuma's shoulder. The heels of their shoes clinked in union as they walked at a leisure pace in the crowded walkway of the late Tokyo afternoon.

'So many types of people. So many faces, their expression are so colorful and diverse. The stories that they each have...makes me so curious.'

She exhaled a heavy breath and unconsciously rubbed her cheeks against the arm that she had in her grasp as she looked at the many modern day people of her city. 'I see the constructed masks of history but...what will the mask look like polished by Future?' She pondered on the thought as she gazed at yet another person with brown eyes and peachy skin.

'I have let go the hand of History. I walk on the path of Present. What will Future do with me?' She sighed as her heart sped up at the thought of her vow to Sesshoumaru, but that was not until this lifetime was over. Her eyes slid shut and her arms wrapped tighter around the boy walking next to her, almost wounding around the appendage twice while her steps halted. Her head tilted up to the sky 'I ask your guidance, Father in heaven.'

Takuma glanced down at the girl, wondering why she had stopped and was going to question her about it. But the faraway look in her deep ocean blue eyes stopped him. She looked...sad. And he did not like it."Ne, Hime-sama, what would you like to be once you finish school?"

Kagome slid her eyes away from the sky and to the blond standing next to her, slowly taking in that he had just spoken to her. She turned her gaze back to the warm colored horizon and pointed skyward. "Nani ga mite imasu ka? (What do you see?)"

The blond blinked at the question and slowly answered. "Pink." he deadpanned then raised a brow in challenge as if daring her to laugh at his answer."What do you see?"

The girl giggled. "The clouds, silly." another small chuckle left her throat. "What do you see?"

The boy turned his head this way and that for a long moment before he replied. "Cotton candy desu."

Kagome tapped her chin with a slender finger, thinking of something to say. "Hm..." she pointed to one of the fluffy sunset-shaded clouds. "That one looks like a neko."

Takuma glanced at up at the sky, following her finger. "Really? It looks more like an inu to me."

The miko gave the blond a skeptical look, her lips set into a frown. "Neko."



The emerald eyed vampire smiled charmingly down at his girlfriend and leaned in close, acting as if he were whispering in her ear. "Inu!"

Kagome jumped at the sudden loudness of the boy's voice and glared at him. "Takuma-kun..." She huffed then an idea struck her. She took out her cell phone and took a quick picture of the cloud and saved the image. She looked around for a short moment until her eyes found a printing store and quickly dragged the protesting boy in her strides to the store. Upon entering the store she quickly found an available printer and proceeded to printing out the image. While the printer processes the picture she left the confused but curious boy standing and walked around the shop in search of clear laminated sheet. "Aha!"

Takuma could do nothing but watched in silence curiosity as the girl practically skipped back to him with a triumphant smirk. He kept silent as she retrieve the picture and placed it on the available work space and place the clear sheet of plastic paper over the image and began to draw out an outline, where she got the marker he has no idea. He watched as she carefully traced the outline of the cloud and then proceeded to fill in the details.

She grinned as her drawing was complete. "Told you it was a neko!" she waved the laminated sheet in Takuma's face in triumph, bouncing around on her feet giddily.

The blond took the sheet from her, using his finger to wipe away some of the black markings before taking the marker from her dainty fingers. He then laid the clear, thin paper over the image and began tracing as well. The marker glided smoothly as he worked placing the finishing touches. He stood up straight and handed the sheet back to his girl.
Kagome's eyes went wide. "That's not funny, Takuma-kun." The boy had erased the head of her neko drawing and replaced it with not an inu, but a kitsune. Kagome cheeks puffed in a pout and her eyes narrowed in a mock glare.

The boy only chuckled a bit sheepishly and lean in to place a sweet kiss on her cheeks. "Gomen né."
The girl blushed and her eyes warmed as she gave into a bashful smile.

The rosy color on her cheeks darken as another kiss touched her forehead as light as a velvet petal and as warm as the first ray of sunlight after a season of snowfall. She leaned in and rested her head against his chest, listening to the sounds of his heartbeat. All too soon the intercom of the store buzzed, signalling that the building was going to close soon. Kagome sighed.

"I should be getting home before Mama gets worried." She placed her hand in Takuma's and together they walked out of the store, after paying for the picture Kagome had printed.

The setting sun closed its act and the theater of reality opened its veil and welcomed twilight. The god tree of Higurashi shrine stood majestically on its high place in the hilltop was the sight that greeted the young couple as they entered holy ground. Once again Takuma felt the indescribable tingling as he entered the premise of the grand formidable white tree. He could not decide if it was a welcoming feeling or not.

'The last time I was here...' Takuma could not help but remember his bloody state and secretly looked down at the small girl who was his benefactor... 'Savior.' A soft smile blinked on his lips for a short moment. 'I'm glad...meeting you Kagome...was' He mentally shook his head at the small glimpse of contradiction that began to brew. 'I'm so glad to have met you.'

The wind blew and as if magic the many paper lanterns scattered around the shrine lighted up casting a mystic atmosphere of olden Japan. Takuma caught the low gasp of the girl by his side and turned back in time to she her hand pressed over her heart. The glossy shine of her lips was beatifically highlighted by the warm lantern glow as she smile nostalgically. "It's like I'm back in time."

"Hn, a timeless beauty." Takuma whispered. 'Just like you, my dear.'

Kagome shifted her blue eyes up to the boy who managed to capture her heart in such a short time. A warm smile spread over her lips as she gazed at his handsome face, appreciating on how the glow of the paper lanterns made his blond hair more golden and brought that adorable yellow sparkle to his deep emerald-green eyes. Oh how she loved his eyes. They were always so warm, so gentle when they were on her and his smile...Kami his smile was perfect. It made her happy to know that she could call this great young man hers.

"Takuma-kun..." she whispered his name into the twilight air.

The young vampire hummed his attention before casting his eyes down at her, a pleasant smile on his lips. "Yes, Kagome-hime?"

"I like you a lot. You've made me happy today." she said, never taking her eyes off of his face.

Takuma gave her a gentle smile. "It's my job as your boyfriend to make you happy, Hime-sama."

Kagome reached into her pocket and pulled out her old worn out grey cell phone, sighing. 'I need a new phone...' She looked up at her boyfriend with a hopeful gaze in her eyes. When he finally looked down at her, Kagome gave him a bright smile. "Trade numbers with me?"

'Gosh! How can I say no to that? Seriously!' Takuma was only hopeful that his thought did not registered on his face and gave her a charming smile. "Of course, hime. With great pleasure I shall."

His words made Kagome giggle causing the male great confusion. Kagome noticed his cute clueless expression and suppressed her giggled enough to say, "Now all you need is an British accent and you can star in a Shakespear's play."

Takuma was not sure how to reply to that comment and was interrupted from his chaotic and somehow blank train of thought as she continued.

"Then again, I rather you not star in one of Shakespeare's plays as most of them end in tragedy. I rather have you as yourself any day, Takuma-kun." She smiled at him sweetly as she tipped toed to kiss his cheek.

The golden-haired vampire felt a strong and sudden urge to take Kagome in his arms and never let go. She saids the cutest things that make his inhuman heart pound away in his chest and the emotions she makes him feel. She treated him with such kindness and adoration and yet...he was keeping such a dark and bloody secret from her. Takuma actually did not want the dark-haired girl to attend Cross Academy, but he knew that her mind was set on going to the school. A wry smile nestled on his lips as he pulled out his own cell phone and handed it to her. Once they exchanged numbers, Takuma immediate drew the girl in a tight embrace.


His right hand traveled slowly down her spine sending electric shivers and vibrated her body that only intensified as he kissed the junction of her neck and jawline softly at an almost torturous pace. His hot breath caused her to heat up as he spoke in a low velvety voice. "You make it so hard to leave you, Hime." He paused again to kiss her and she absent mindedly registered in the back of her mind that her back as now rested on the grand body of the Sacred Tree. "Should I steal you away?" he bestowed another kiss on the length of her neck. "How tempting..."

Kagome let out a breathless sigh as her boyfriend nipped lightly at the flesh of her throat and kissed away the small sting. She curled her fingers in his shirt, pulling him closer to her. "Takuma-kun..." she whispered. Once she gained the blond's attention, the miko continued, "It's said that if a couple were to share a kiss under the God Tree that their feelings become mutual."

"Is that so, ore no hime?" Takuma whispered low in her ear. He kissed her cheek slowly, lingering for just a moment. When she nodded, the blond vampire pulled away and smirked down at his girl. "Why are you telling me this, Kagome-hime?"

The miko averted her eyes briefly from his curious green gaze before nibbling on her bottom lip. "Because..." she trailed off.

Takuma lifted an elegantly arched golden brow as he tilted his head to the side and tighten his arms around the miko's lithe waist. "Because what, ore no hime-sama?"

"Because...I want your feeling to be mutual." she lifted her hand and pressed it against his cheek, smiling when he, almost naturally, leaned into her touch. "I like you a lot, Takuma-kun. Please be mine always?"

The blond-haired vampire returned the sweet smile his girl bestowed upon him with one of his own. He pulled her even closer to his body and nuzzled the crook of her neck, pressing a small kiss to the tender flesh there. "That should be my line, Hime." Takuma pulled back just enough for him to look into her seemingly bottomless dark ocean blue eyes. "I shall be yours for as long as you want."

Kagome beamed up at her boyfriend, throwing her arms around his neck and pulling his head down. Slowly, she pressed her lips against his. The miko felt his surprise at her boldness in initiating the kiss, but Takuma soon melted into her embrace and full-heartedly kissed her back, moving his mouth gently along hers. The couple stayed like that for a few minutes sharing sweet kisses, some short and some long, but each of them were filled to the brim with their feelings. Twilight soon began to darken and Night made its grand entrance, the large, white full moon and twinkling stars bathed the teens in their comforting glow.

Takuma, with great reluctance, pulled away from his girlfriend's petal soft lips. He looked down at her with half-lidded eyes. A low chuckle slipped passed his vocal cords and he moved her bangs out-of-the-way and pecked her forehead. "Our feelings are mutual now, Kagome-hime."

"I hope so, Takuma-kun." the miko pressed her cheek against his chest and listened for his heartbeat.

The golden haired vampire smiled down at Kagome and ran his fingers through her soft raven-colored hair. "Hime-sama, we need to get you inside the house before you catch a cold."

Kagome nodded and slipped through the crevices between Takuma and the God Tree with ease. She grasped his large warm hand with hers and began to tug him towards the door. The miko paused, hesitating slightly before opening the shoji door. "Tadaima!" she removed her shoes, sliding her feet into her slippers, and glanced at her boyfriend.

Takuma caught his girl's eyes and smiled before removing his own shoes, putting on the extra pair of light green slippers left out.

"Okaerinasai, Kagome-chan." Nodoka exited the door of the kitchen with a cup in her hands, which she was drying with a checkered towel. Her pale greyish blue eyes widened slightly when she spotted the young man holding hands with her daughter. A warm motherly smile spread over her lips as she greeted him, "Konbanwa, Takuma-kun."

Takuma bowed slightly. "Konbanwa, Higurashi-san."

The miko shuffled her feet before speaking timidly. "Konbanwa, Mama. I want to introduce you to Takuma-kun..." she flushed lightly and averted her eyes to the ground as she trailed off in her words. 'Kami-sama, why as I so embarrassed to tell my mother that I'm dating Takuma-kun!'

Nodoka raised an eyebrow at her daughter. She looked at Takuma, noticing his wrinkled clothing, the happy smile on his face, the adoration in his emerald-colored eyes as he gazed down at her daughter, and the way his fingers were so intimately intertwined with Kagome's. The matriarch of the Higurashi household allowed an all-knowing smile to grace her face. "Kagome-chan are you trying to tell me..." she, too trailed off.

Kagome looked her mother in the eyes and nodded slowly. "Hai, Mama. Takuma-kun is my boyfriend."

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