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Now as many have probably know General Herbison my friend who wrote a story called "Next Generation". The story was about how Isamu Ishida and Raven's (from my story "The Teen Reaper" series) children came to the star wars universe after the good General's story "Markoneous Last Stand" where they met up with Ahsoka Tano. I won't say what happened in the Next Generation or NG as we call it for short is about. But if you want to find out go and check it out and tells us what you thought of it.

Now then the good general and I have been working on this for a long time now and have been throwing ideas on what we could do. And so far we have come up with some good ones that has helped up create…a certain number of stories I'm just going to leave it at that. This is the second one so we hope you like it as much as you all like our past stories.

Now time for the whole disclaimer thing, General Herbison and I don't own anything of star wars or of the DC universe. Nor do I own any of General Herbison's characters Markala and Katalina just my oc characters. Now then the story will take place a few weeks or a month after the first story so here we go enjoy.



I opened my eyes and saw that I was in some kind of tomb. I didn't know how I got here but all I know is that I didn't like it. It felt cold in the tomb and I could feel darkness all around the tomb. I continued walking around trying to find my way out but I saw that all the entrances were block. Then I looked over and saw what appeared to be a sarcophagus in the middle of the room. Seeing the sarcophagus seemed very familiar to me. In fact the tomb felt like I have been here before but for some reason I couldn't remember what that was. Then I heard a footstep coming behind the sarcophagus. I didn't know who it was but I wanted to be ready so I went to grab my weapon and activated it. My green lightsaber illuminated the dark around me just a bit as I waited to see who it was.

But then suddenly the footsteps stopped and I couldn't hear anything. Just then I heard a small laugh but it didn't sound like it came from behind the sarcophagus it sounded like it came from all around the tomb. It echoed all around and it was starting to get annoying for me because I wanted to know who it was laughing.

"Who are you? Come out right now" I demanded wanting to know who was laughing if it was an enemy for a friend. Judging however from the sound of the laugh I could tell it wasn't a friendly.

"Poor poor little girl what's wrong are you scared?" asked the voice which I could tell was a females voice though it sounded very familiar.

"I-I'm not scared of anyone now come on out right now" I continued demanding trying to show I wasn't scare of anyone.

I then heard the woman laugh again only this time it sounded like an insane laugh which was starting to annoy me more. "You can say you're not scared but I know deep down you are. You are a scared pathetic weakling who doesn't deserve to exist" said the voice again only this time it sounded like it was close. I looked around and saw no one but I still kept my guard up just in case.

"I'm not weak or scared, come out and I will prove it" I said waiting for whoever it was to show up.

"Oh yes you are, you allowed yourself to let something as pathetic as love weaken you. You think Ichiro loves you but he doesn't, especially one who tried to kill him" said the voice who was now getting closer.

"You're wrong I don't know how you know about Ichiro but he does love me. He risked his life to save me and loves me. I would never try to kill him either" I said as I was now becoming a little scared by how this person knows about Ichiro and me and where this voice was.

"Keep telling yourself that but deep down you know he doesn't love you because you tried to kill him. He knows you will turn again, it happened twice before and you know third time will be the charm" said the voice as she once again began to laugh.

"Shut up shut up right now I will never turn to the dark side again never. Now come out and tell me who are you?" I demanded wanting to know who this person was and how she knows so much about me.

"You still haven't figured it out huh? I should have known better for a weakling like you to guess who it is" said the voice as I prepared myself for whatever was coming my way.

I waited and waited but heard nothing. I thought maybe she left but I knew otherwise she didn't. "Where are yo-" before I could finish I felt something pierced me through the chest. I looked down and saw a red lightsaber going through me.

I turned around to see who it was and I was shock to see who it was. It was me, it was me except her skin seemed darker, her lips were dark red, and her eyes were yellow. She smiled seeing what she did and I couldn't talk much less breath. She put her arm around my neck and tighten her grip on my neck. "I'm you little Ahsoka, your true you" she said as she tighten her grip till suddenly and quickly she snapped my neck and then the last thing I heard was her maniacal laugher.

(Ahsoka's pov)

I woke up panting hard and sweating a lot. I tried my best to calm down but knew it wasn't working well. I put my hand on my chest where my heart and looked down to see there was no hole in my chest which meant it was just a dream. A horrible and terrible dream, the worst one I think I have ever had. I breathed in and out to try and calm myself down for a few minutes till I finally was calmed.

I then looked over to my alarm clock to see it was 3 in the morning. I sighed and looked around the room I was in. It was one of the guest rooms Ichiro's parents had set up in case they ever had guests which was not very often. My room had a drawer to put my clothes in with a small TV on top of it. It also had a desk with a mirror in the middle of it. I looked over to see the closet which was empty since most of the clothes I had were actually in boxes. I remembered today was the day I was going to be joining Ichiro and his sisters to become a teen titan.

I laid back on my soft bed and looked up at the ceiling and to my fan remembering how I became a titan. When I came to this universe with Ichiro, his father Isamu made me and both of Katalia's kids an offer to become a titan. I had decided to join them so I could help out people like Ichiro and the others have done in the past but to also find a new home to live in since my old one was gone. Markala, Katalina, and I had to first register as citizens of the country Ichiro's family lives in and had to prove ourselves to be worthy to join the teen titans. All three of us passed both tests and we were now going to be part of the teen titans.

I got out of bed and decided to do some walking around the house since thanks to my nightmare I couldn't fall back asleep. When we got to this universe Rowan and Arella got me some pajamas to sleep in since they told me it would seem weird to sleep in the clothing I use to fight. They got me a long blue pajama pants and a white shirt which reached didn't go all the way down only reaching my belly button. Not that I didn't mind of course.

I opened my door and peeked my head out the room to see there was no one around. I sighed and was glad everyone was still asleep. I quietly walked towards the stairs so I could get something to drink. As I passed by I saw one of the pictures they had on the wall was one of Isamu and his wife Rachel along with their kids. It looked like this picture was taken years ago around the time Ichiro and his sisters were still young. They were at what I assume was a park and Isamu had his son on his shoulders and Rachel had the twins in both her arms. They were all smiling which made me smile.

I was glad to have met Ichiro and his family. They have helped me get used to living here on earth. Not only that they have treated me like one of the family. Of course Ichiro's mom Rachel didn't seem to trust me much. Ichiro told me though not to worry about it too much since Rachel doesn't trust too many people who she doesn't know but eventually she will so I was happy for that.

I continued heading towards the kitchen where I found a cup and poured myself some water. I drank all the water and set the cup down. I looked out the window of the kitchen and saw that the moon was still there. I sighed and began to remember the nightmare I had. It felt so real and the pain was so real. I grew worried about what she said about me turning to the dark side again. The first time I didn't know it until the son showed me turning to the dark side. After that he turned me to the dark side where I remember everything that was going on and I saw how I almost killed Ichiro. I didn't want to hurt him but I knew I couldn't control myself. I let my anger, hatred, and fear give the son total control. And he enjoyed every moment of what he made me do. I know Ichiro saved me from the darkness but I did wonder what happened if he didn't and what would happen if I did turn to the dark side again. More importantly what if I do and get my friends killed when I join the teen titans. What if I turn and try to kill them in their sleeps.

"Maybe I shouldn't join the titans. Maybe I should go back where I came from so I won't hurt anyone else" I said to myself thinking I should do what's best and leave.

"I doubt it, if you do that Ichiro would go looking for ya" said a voice nearby. I looked over at the kitchen table and saw Ichiro's dad Isamu sitting on one of the chairs. "He loves you Ahsoka and I know he would go to the ends of the earth to look for you and bring you home."

"Mr. Ishida? What are you doing here so early in the morning?" I asked surprise to see Isamu in the kitchen.

"Rachel woke up sensing you were having a nightmare. I told her I would talk to you to see if you were okay. I kind of guessed you would come to the kitchen so I waited here to talk to you" Isamu said as he explained why he was up so early. "Oh and by the way I told you Ahsoka call me Isamu."

"Oh okay thank you and sorry Isamu sir I keep forgetting and it was nothing, just a bad dream that's all" I said lying to Isamu not wanting him or his family to worry about me.

"Well if it's nothing then you don't mind wanting to talk about it then?" Isamu asked as it seemed he knew I was lying.

"Really Isamu it's nothing, this is something I have to work on my own. There is no need for you to concern about me I can handle this myself" I said not wanting Isamu to worry about me.

Isamu sighed and then drank some of his water he had on the table. "You remind me of Rachel when we first met. She was a bit hard headed at times and she thought if she had a problem she could deal with it on her own. But trust me Ahsoka she soon realized she couldn't and needed the help from her friends who love her and wanted to help her with whatever problem she had."

"Isamu this is different, what happened is something I need to deal with on my own I don't want anyone to worry about me I can handle this" I said as I knew Isamu meant well but I didn't want him or the others to worry about me.

"That's what Rachel thought too as well Ahsoka. Trust me you think I don't know what you're going through but believe me I do" Isamu said as he got up and walked towards me. "Don't burden yourself with your problems let us help you unload some of that burden."

"I don't want to trouble you guys" I said.

"Ichiro loves you Ahsoka, the girls love you too they see you like an older sister, and Rachel and I care for you too. Even if she doesn't show it yet" said Isamu as he placed his hands on both my shoulders.

I lowered my head and knew maybe Isamu was right. I know if I let this problem continue to affect me it would probably cause the others to notice it. But still for now I will try to see if I can work this out on my own before I ask them for help. "Thank you Isamu and I promise if I do have any kinds of problems I will talk to you or the others about it. But for now could you please let me try on my own?"

"Sure kid just remember my doors are always open to talk. Now get some sleep you and the others have a big day in a few hours and trust me your going to need plenty of rest for it" Isamu said.

"All right see you later then" I said as I was going back to bed when Isamu responded.

"Actually Rachel and I won't be here in the morning. Rachel needs to get to the book store early and I need to get in early for work as well. So I told the kids that you guys can head off to Jump City but just be careful" said Isamu.

"Okay and don't worry we will I promise" I said.

"Oh and tell Markala and his sister to keep wearing the holowatches I don't want Rachel or the others to know just yet about those two" Isamu said reminding me about the holowatches he got for Katalina and Markala.

Before we came to this universe Isamu told us how Rachel didn't like Katalia because of their past problems they had. So to avoid any problems with her recognizing Markala and Katalina as Katalia's species or kids their mom gave them two holowatches to disguise themselves as humans. I asked why I didn't get one and Isamu told me Rachel won't have any problem with her seeing me. Heck not even the humans since they have seen plenty of aliens in the past so I will fit in just fine with everyone else.

"Just remind them for me please. They can turn off their human forms when they meet the others but not around people got it?" Isamu asked.

"Yes I understand sir thank you" I said. Isamu nodded and headed off back to bed. I got one more glass of water and drank it all before heading back to bed. Where I hope to get a goodnights rest but I knew that probably wouldn't happen. So I decided to see someone who might help me sleep.

I quietly got to Ichiro's room and opened the door quietly. I saw Ichiro was sleeping without his blankets since he always said he didn't feel either cold or hot at night. He was wearing a similar pajama like mine except his pants was black as was his shirt. I crept slowly towards the bed and when I got close to Ichiro I tried to wake him up.

"Ichiro…Ichiro" I whispered trying to wake Ichiro up just enough to ask him something.

I saw Ichiro's eyes were beginning to open slowly. When he saw me he got up and rubbed his eyes. Now I was feeling bad waking him up so early that I wanted to leave but didn't when he spoke. "Ahsoka what's wrong you okay?" Ichiro asked.

"Not really um I couldn't sleep" I said to Ichiro. "Um Ichiro is it okay if I well….you know just for now could I just…" I hesitated because I didn't know how to exactly say what I wanted to say. We have only been together for a few weeks and I wasn't sure if he would be okay with me sleeping in his bed.

"Ahsoka are you asking me if you want to sleep with me tonight?" Ichiro asked knowing what I was going to say.

"How well yes but how did you know what I was going to say?" I asked surprised that Ichiro knew what I wanted to tell him.

"When my parents were out Rowan would have nightmares so she came to my room to sleep in my bed. Arella feeling lonely came to my room as well and slept in my bed as well. I don't mind you being in my bed either Ahsoka but if that's if you want to stay here for the night" Ichiro asked.

I nodded and Ichiro moved out to give me room to sleep. It was a good thing all the beds in the house were queen size which gave all of us room to sleep in. Ichiro leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. "Goodnight Ahsoka I love you" Ichiro said before dozing off to sleep.

I blushed a little and when he was asleep I leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek too. "Goodnight Ichiro, thank you, and I love you too" I said as I laid my head on his chest I felt his arm wrapped over me. I felt safe with Ichiro and knew Isamu was right. Ichiro would protect me and keep me safe no matter what. He would even go through hell to bring me back which in a way he did when he saved me from the son. I really do hope I don't turn to the dark side, I guess all I can do is hope and wish for it not to happen. I finally closed my eyes and dozed off to sleep for in a few hours I was going to go meet the other titans and begin my first day as a member of the teen titans.

Jump City

Meanwhile in the bad parts of Jump City in one of the abandoned buildings several men were in one of the rooms playing cards. All we're wearing business clothing, hats, and coats. Surrounding the men were several guards wearing black suits, hats, and jacket coats as well with some guard pit bull dogs.

"I heard some of our boys got caught by the teen titans again. These brats are becoming a bigger problems than the first titans Mr. Pain sir" said one of the men playing in the card game.

"I know that Mr. Smith but I assure you they will be dealt with soon. Tomorrow night we will strike on their little tower and wipe them out before their friends come back from their 'vacation'" Pain said who appeared to be the leader of the group.

"We have the weapons and the men we need to invade their tower soon the teen titans will finally fall once and for all" said one of the other men playing cards as all four of the men playing cards began to laugh till they heard some commotions coming from outside the door.

"Hey check it out I don't want any visitors interrupting our game got it?" Pain said as he ordered two of his men to take care of the problem. They opened the door and let the dogs go after whoever was causing trouble.

The dogs ran out the room barking as they headed towards where the commotion was. As they continued barking the men continued playing till they heard some loud yelping coming from the door and then silence.

"Hey what the hell where's the barking?" Smith asked. After a few minutes they heard some footsteps coming up the stairs. The guards went towards the door and aimed their guns at the door waiting for the enemy to arrive. After a minute passed the footsteps stopped and the men waited for the door to pen so they can start shooting. Just then something was thrown into the door. The men looked down and saw it was the pit bull dogs but their neck was snapped and their bodies looked twisted and covered in blood.

"Who the hell killed my do-" Pain suddenly was lifted out of his chair and it felt like someone was choking him. The men turned to the door and saw a man wearing a black trench coat and a black hood covering his face.

"What the hell are you?" Smith asked who had his gun out and aimed it at the dark figure while the other men were trying to pull down Pain.

"Who I am is not of your concern. What I came here to do is this. I want you all to lower your weapons or you will all die right now" the Figure said as he entered the room.

"We don't take orders from a freak like you now whatever you're doing to our boss put him down now" Smith demanded.

"If you insist" the figure said as he lifted his hand and soon Pain was lifted forward then the figure moved his hand forward causing Pain to be thrown out of the window and into the ground killing him.

"You bastard fire" Smith ordered as the men all opened fired at the figure. But as the bullets were going to hit him the figure did something to stop the bullets. The bullets all surrounded the figure but not one hit him. The men all looked shocked and some seemed scared by what happened.

"My turn" said the figure as he used his powers to send the bullets all around the room killing all the men except for Smith who had covered his arms to protect his face and chest. When he lowered his arms he saw that all of the men were dead and he didn't have a single scratch on him.

He saw the figure approach him and soon he backed into the wall cowering in fear. "Please don't kill me I'll give you anything. Money, women, anything just please don't kill me" Smith said.

"I want…your loyalty" said the figure which surprised Smith wondering what he meant by loyalty. "I have some big plans for several people who will be coming to Jump city. One who nearly killed me and the other is the first one to ever break free of my control."

"Uh sure I-I pledge my loyalty to you Mr…" Smith asked wondering who this man was.

The figure soon removed his hood and jacket revealing his appearance to Smith. He was wearing a red and black cloak over something, his eyes were glowing red, and his skin was pale complexion. "They call me Dakuripa (Dark Reaper), and now then Mr. Smith let's get everything ready for our guests."

Sorry for it not being long like the others ones but I just thought this would be a good way to end this chapter. Now then I want to thank my friend General Herbison for helping me with this story and I hope everyone likes this chapter. Also its actually pronounce Dākurīpā, I couldn't figure out how to put the lines on top of the letters A and I, so I hope everyone likes the name I picked and for those who don't know who it is check out the final chapter of Next Generation to find out.

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