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Meeting the family

(Ahsoka's pov)

I was in my room getting my stuff ready which wasn't much just my clothes, and some of my other personal belongings. Today was the day I was going to be meeting Ichiro and his sisters teammates. I was wearing my brown sleeveless shirt with a skirt, dark grey leggings, gloves, and brown boots.

I also had my two lightsabers attached to my belt and also added a new tool to use. It was a wrist gauntlet that can allow me to hack into some computer systems which could come in handy since I learned a thing or two from Skyguy about hacking. Plus to make sure no one knew what it was, Isamu had his friend make it look like a watch.

Once I was done I picked up my bag which had my clothes in it while I had a suitcase with my other belongings. I picked up my things and walked out the room. I glanced back at my room one more time before turning off the light and headed down the stairs. Once I got to the living room I lowered my bags and sighed while I waited for the others.

Since I got here I sensed my connection with the force was not as strong as in my world. Rachel had told me that our since both universes use different form of energy that it's possible that if someone came to the others universe they would feel weaker. This explains why the twins and Ichiro's powers weren't at their best when they fought Markala and his siblings. Luckily for me Isamu and the others helped me get stronger, enough for my connection with the force to remain strong.

"So you're ready to meet the others then?" a voice asked behind Ahsoka. She turned around to see it was Markala and Katalina. Both were wearing their holowatches their mother Katalia gave them so Rachel or anyone of the heroes wouldn't think they were with Katalia.

Markala was around 6ft with short black hair, grey/green eyes, and was medium build. While his sister Katalina was 5ft 10, had long brown hair, brown eyes, and was moderated build. Both siblings approached Ahsoka along with their stuff which was only one bag each since they didn't bring anything else with them.

"Yeah I am where's Ichiro and his sisters? Shouldn't we be heading over now?" I said seeing the clock was near 11:30 and we were supposed to be over at 11.

"Arella and Rowan were having an argument with Ichiro about who was going to tell their teammates the truth about Katalina and me. And apparently your boyfriend is afraid of what their cousins are going to do" Markala said as he sat hisbag down.

"From what I heard I heard brother it's just one cousin and she's supposed to be scarier than Ichiro's mom. Well almost scarier." Katalina said who didn't seem worried about this cousin of Ichiro and the twins.

"Mikazuki is her name right? Isn't she supposed to be two years younger than Ichiro?" Markala asked.

"Yep I still can't understand how Ichiro and the other boys could be afraid of someone younger than them" Katalina said.

"Well I'm sure we will find out, though what I am concern about is how the others will react when they meet you guys in your real form. Especially since Mikazuki's mom kicked your dad in the groin and killed General Grievous" I said remembering what Isamu told me about how his sister killed a four arm metal cyborg who was actually General Grievous.

"Why do you sound so surprised girl? Our mom could have destroyed General Grievous as well. Only reason she didn't was because they needed him alive as our dad's bodyguard" Katalina said.

"You haven't fought him before so you don't know how much trouble he gave me and my master. Well just me since he never fought my master one on one" I said remembering my encounters with Grievous.

"This Grievous guy doesn't sound too tough" Arella said as her sister and brother made their way down the stairs with only one bag each.

"That's all you're taking with you to the tower?" Markala asked.

"Most of our stuff is already at the tower since we live there. The rest we keep here at home when we come by to visit" Ichiro said as he explained why they weren't carrying too much stuff.

"All right does everyone have their stuff ready?" Arella asked.

"Wait I forgot, what about Prototype?" I asked almost forgetting about Prototype.

"Um yeah our dad told us he would take Proto to see our uncle. So that he can build him a body to be in. But unfortunately our uncle said he isn't sure if he wants Prototype around the tower especially after what I said to him" Rowan said remembering what Prototype did on the ship they were on when they were a month ago.

"What do you mean?" Markala asked.

"Well back on the ship he saw Ahsoka naked and so he doesn't want Proto in the computer system of the tower so he can peep on us girls" Rowan said remembering what happened when Proto was checking Ahsoka out and when Ichiro accidently saw her naked as well.

"Okay that's enough is everyone ready then?" Ichiro asked.

"Oh wait Ichiro I forgot to feed the dogs" Rowan said as she ran out of the house and outside to feed the dogs.

"That's right oh man I forgot" Ichiro said as he ran out too to feed the dogs.

I walked out of the house with everyone else as we saw Ichiro and Rowan getting food and water ready for the dogs. We saw some of the dogs come up to us and they began to growl and snarl at Mikazuki and Katalina who both hissed at the dogs.

"Back off you three now!" Arella said as the three dogs backed off but they kept growling at Markala and Katalina.

"Sounds like they really don't like you guys huh?" I said as I walked up to the dogs and began to pet them. When it came to Markala and Katalina the dogs hated them but with me they loved me insatiately. When I first got here Ichiro showed me around and when I got outside I was tackled by all of the dogs as they began to lick my face. I didn't mind it because it tickled and Ichiro told me them licking me was their way of saying they like me. "I'm going to miss you guys."

"Don't worry Ahsoka maybe when they have puppies we can give you one" Rowan said as she brought a big bowl of dog food and Ichiro walked by with a pool of water.

"Really you guys don't mind?" I said surprised they would give me a puppy.

"Of course I promise" Ichiro said as he kissed Ahsoka on the cheek. "Okay is everyone ready to go then?"

Once everyone nodded Ichiro turned to his sisters and soon the twins closed their eyes and then reopened them with a black light glowing in their eyes. "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos" both girls said in unison as a dark aura surrounded everyone and soon they disappeared from the house.

Jump City

In the beautiful Jump city the city has changed much in the last 16 years. The buildings have gotten taller, there were more businesses taking old ones out of business, and there were more people living in the city than before. However the more the city grew the more crime did as well. Since the old titans retired they had a different group of titans take over. That was until a year ago when a new team of titans took over. The new titans live in the old titan's tower where the original titans lived. Except the tower was shortened a bit and they added some more land to allow the titans to build a small facility behind the tower.

Meanwhile on the roof of the tower a black aura dome was seen. Soon the black aura disappeared and in the middle of it was Ichiro, Arella, Rowan, Katalina, Markala, and Ahsoka.

"Oh man I don't know if I will ever get used to that?" I said as I rubbed my arms after the dark aura disappeared. The girls had told me about how their teleporting could get a bit cold but I didn't think it would be too cold.

Ichiro saw Ahsoka rubbing her arms so he walked over towards her and wrapped his arm around her. Ahsoka looked at Ichiro who was smiling. "Feeling better?" Ichiro asked.

"Yeah a little thanks" I said returning the smile as I felt myself warming up from Ichiro's hug.

"All right welcome to titan's tower this is the roof of the tower as you have noticed there is a basketball court and volleyball net as well where we play some games with each other" Arella said as she explained the tower to everyone.

"What's basketball and volleyball?" Katalina asked.

"Save your questions till after the tour, now Ichiro go with Ahsoka downstairs and introduce her to the others. While I show these two the tower from the top to the bottom" Arella said.

"Wait I thought you guys said you were going to be there when I tell the others about what happened?" Ichiro said.

"Yeah….let's start with the basement" Arella said as Rowan and her used their powers to teleport Markala and Katalina away.

"Ah man" Ichiro said who seemed worried to see his cousins.

"Don't worry Ichiro I'll be there when you tell them the truth" I said trying to help Ichiro relax.

"Thanks Ahsoka…well I guess we better head down now huh?" Ichiro said as I followed him towards the door and down the stairs towards the common room.

As we headed to the common room Ichiro explained to me some things about his cousins and his friend. His two cousins are Victor Jr. and Mikazuki who were twins. Both their parents were also part of the original titans. One was actually Isamu's little sister who was the same one who defeated General Grievous. As for their dad his name was Victor Stone but when he was part of the teen titans his name was Cyborg.

He explained to me how Victor is a good man and can help out with anything we need. He can be hard-headed at times but that's only when it comes to playing games. But when a real fight starts he would focus and help take out the bad guy. As for his sister Hikari is like her mom she can be nice and act like an innocent girl. But piss her off then she will as Ichiro say be your worst nightmare.

Their other friend his name was Ryu Yamamoto. From what Ichiro told me Ryu was the son of Isamu's old enemy Talsein Yamamoto. I wondered why they allowed Ryu to join the titans especially from what his dad did. But Isamu explained to us that despite what Talsein did, Ryu deserves a chance to prove himself that he wasn't like his dad. And so far he has proved it to everyone though I will keep an eye on him just to make sure he doesn't try anything.

Ryu as Ichiro explained to me is quiet and didn't seem to interact with the others at first. But then after a few weeks they finally got him to act like a normal teenager and he showed everyone why he was chosen to be the leader. He could make decisions and plans to help the others against any villain. He was strong, thinks before he fights, and can lead. Ichiro was actually originally supposed to be the leader but he turned down the offer and allowed Ryu to be the leader. I asked Ichiro why he did that and he told me that Ryu deserves to prove he can be a great leader and ally. That and he doesn't think he can lead as well as Ryu can.

"Okay now then Ahsoka when we get in the common room let me talk to them first while you stay out of the room please. I don't want them to know about you till I finish explaining to them what happened" Ichiro said as we were approaching the common room.

"Are you sure you don't want me in the room when you talk to them?" I asked I could tell he was nervous to tell the others about how we met and what happened.

"I'm sure just need to tell them what happened and then you can come in when I call for you" Ichiro said as they soon arrived to the common room. "Okay well here we go stay here okay?"

"Sure just be careful okay?" I said. Ichiro nodded then he breathed in and out getting ready to talk to his teammates.

"Hi guys what's (THUD!)" as soon as Ichiro opened the door a frying pan was thrown right to Ichiro's head sending the kid backwards and fell on the floor.

"Ichiro!" I shouted as I kneeled down to check on him. He had a large bump and he was clutching his head. "Are you okay?" I asked as I looked over at where it was thrown and I saw who it was.

"You've got some nerve showing your face around here cousin" I looked over and saw a girl who looked to be two years older than Ichiro. She was wearing a white shirt tank top that went down only by half showing her belly button, she was wearing blue baggy pants with a black belt, white shoes, and white gloves. She had short brown hair, brown eyes, her skin was slightly dark, and she looked angry.

Ichiro finally sat up and was rubbing his head as I helped him up on his feet. "Ouch! Mika what the hell I thought you told my dad you were going to give me a chance to talk" Ichiro said as I helped him inside the common room.

Inside the room I saw two more figures in the room. One was a man who was wearing blue baggy pants with a black belt, a white muscle shirt with a black vest over it, and black boots. He looked to be a year younger than Ichiro, he had blue eyes, short black hair, and his skin was black which I assumed he was Mikazuki's brother Victor Jr. and but was taller than Ichiro.

As for the other one he looked to be around the same age as Ichiro but slightly taller than him. His skin was slight dark; he had long black hair, green eyes, and seemed to be calm unlike his other two teammates. He was wearing black pants, belt with a dragon for the belt buckle, t-shirt, coat with no sleeves which on his right arm showed a dragon Japanese symbol I learned from what Rowan taught me, gloves, and boots.

"We were but Mikazuki had her fingers crossed. Though you're lucky it was just a frying pan Ryu was going to let her throw the fridge at you but I calmed her down enough for the frying pan" Victor said as he was leaning on the couch with Ryu watching from behind.

"Wish you did let me throw the fridge" Mikazuki muttered. "Now then you better have a good reason you missed a month's work…and who is that with you anyways, your girlfriend?"

"Um yeah she is" Ichiro said raising some eyebrows from Victor and Mikazuki. "Um it's a long story."

Ryu walked around the couch and pulled out one of the chairs near the table and sat down. "We got time so start talking" Ryu said as Ichiro began to explain how he met Ahsoka and everything else.

Little creak

Back at the town of little creak Rachel was in her store helping some customers find some books. Rachel had five people working for her. Three were working at the coffee side while the other two were working at the register. Rachel was there to make sure there weren't any trouble in the store. She knew there would be some dumb kids that would try to rob her store so she stayed around to make sure they didn't try anything. Some of the older folks recognized Rachel despite her changing her appearance. Letting her hair grow, she wears glasses, and even her outfit. But there were still some people that recognized her but luckily for her they didn't bother her with questions or autographs which was fine for her.

Rachel was sitting down on one of her favorite tables since it was close by the window that has a view of the park nearby. She also liked it because no one bothered her when she was reading one of her books while drinking her tea. Her employs only bothered her if they were having trouble with a customer or looking for a book. Rachel knows where all the books were and knew where to look for them in case one of them asks her where they are.

For Rachel it was another normal day in her job. Rachel was reading her book as usual till she heard one of her employees named Jenny came up to her nervously. "Um Mrs. Ishida ma'am…um there is someone…here to see you" Jenny said nervously.

Rachel knew most of her employs were nervous of talking to her because they knew who she was. "Who is it?" Rachel asked till she saw who it was. It was her husband Isamu who had some flowers on one hand.

Isamu walked over and kissed his wife who returned the kiss as well. "I missed you" Isamu said as they broke the kiss and Isamu sat down across from Rachel.

"I missed you too but what are you doing here I thought you were working?" Rachel asked.

"Well so far there haven't been any signs of trouble in the city so they let me get off work early. And I was thinking since the kids are back at jump city maybe you and I could have some alone time again" Isamu said which made Rachel smile by what he said.

"I like that…except there is something I need to talk to you about. It involves the kids" Rachel said which caused Isamu to lose his smile.

"What happened are they okay?" Isamu asked.

"They're fine they got to the tower okay it's actually about their new friends. Katalina, Markala, and Ahsoka" Rachel said.

"What about them? I thought you were getting along with all three of them" Isamu said wondering why Rachel would be bringing this up.

"I am but there is something about them that concerns me. I know they're hiding something and I think you know what that is" Rachel said as her tone became serious.

"Uh what do you mean?" Isamu said now getting nervous about what his wife may know and made sure she couldn't read his mind.

"I know your hiding something and I want to know what it is. And please don't lie to me Isamu I want to know what you know" Rachel said as she sounded very serious.

Isamu knew Rachel would try to find out about the three teenagers but he didn't think she would ask him since he would think she would ask the kids. "Rachel um listen these kids I don't know much about them. Only that our kids trust them so shouldn't we trust them as well?" Isamu said lying to Rachel. He didn't like lying to her but knew if she knew about Markala and Katalina being Katalia's kids or that Ahsoka tried to kill Ichiro she might not want her kids to see them.

"Isamu I do trust them but it feels like they're lying to me about something and that's one thing I don't like is being left in the dark. Please do you know something that you can tell me?" Rachel asked again. She had her hands on Isamu's and waited for him to tell her something.

Before Isamu said something they heard some men coming into the store wearing ski masks and holding up machine guns. "Hands in the air and everyone on the floor now!" one of the five men shouted.

All the people got on the ground except for Isamu and Rachel who stood there watching what was going on. One of the crooks saw Isamu and Rachel and approached them with his gun pointed at Isamu. "Hey asshole did you hear me I said get on the ground now!" the man shouted.

"There is no need to shout I heard you and to do this. So why don't you get your little buddies and leave this store in peace" Isamu said calmly.

"Oh we'll leave but with all the money" the man said till he noticed something shiny from Rachel. He leaned over and saw her necklace that Isamu gave her for their wedding. "And I think I'll take that necklace if you don't mind little lady."

Rachel sighed and knew what she needed to do. "Do you mind if I get this? It's been a while and I need this" Rachel asked her husband who nodded. He grabbed her book and tea away from her so she doesn't break them.

"Hey bitch are you deaf I said-" Rachel used her powers and hit the man with a dark aura blast sending him towards one of the other thieves knocking both men out.

The other men saw Rachel standing up and had both her hands and eyes glowing black. "You bitch take this" one of the men said as they aimed their gun and were going to open fire when she used her powers to grab the guns and incinerate them. The men looked shocked as Rachel glared at them. All three soon tried to run for it but Rachel caught all three of them twirled them around and around as the employs and customers saw Rachel beating up the men. Finally Rachel three threw them out of her store just as the cops arrived.

Once they were out the people clapped for Rachel and thanked her. Rachel turned her attention back to Isamu who disappeared and left a note. 'Dear Rachel sorry for leaving but I promise I will tell you what I know about the kids tomorrow. For now when you close up I will come pick you up so I can take you out on our date…if you're still up to it. Goodbye for now love your loving husband Isamu.'

Rachel sighed and knew Isamu would tell him sooner or later. For now she had to clean up the mess the thieves caused in her store before she went on her date later tonight.

Titan's tower (Ahsoka's pov)

Ichiro had just finished explaining the others about how they met me, meeting Katalia's kids, and our travels all around the galaxy. Once he finished he allowed Mikazuki, Victor, and Ryu to think about what Ichiro said.

After a minute passed Mikazuki walked up to me and I could tell she was examining me. I felt nervous wondering why she was looking at me till she surprised me with a bone crushing hug. "Welcome to the teen titans Ahsoka and I am so glad Ichiro found a girl who isn't a bitch or a slut….you aren't a bitch or a slut right?" Mikazuki asked as she released the hug but held me up with her hands holding my arm's arms.

"Um no I'm not a bitch or a slut I'm a Jedi" I said not wanting to upset Mikazuki.

"Good to hear so anyways where are the others then? Shouldn't they be here?" Mikazuki said as she turned to Ichiro.

Just then on cue in came Arella with Rowan, Katalina, and Markala coming into the room. "Oh hey guys what's up?" Arella asked.

"Hey Arella, Rowan, and two other people who I don't know where have you all been?" Victor asked as he walked over where the others were to introduce himself to the new teammates.

"We would have been here sooner but we took Markala and Katalina to their new rooms. So I take it Ichiro told you everything then?" Rowan asked.

"Yes he did" Victor said as he extended his hand towards Markala. "Hi I'm Victor Jr. Ishida Stone. Or as my friends call me just Vic will do."

"Nice to meet you too Vic" Markala said as he shook.

When they finished another hand appeared near Victor. "I'm Katalina nice to meet you too" Katalina said.

"Oh um nice to meet you um too Katalina" Victor said nervously shaking her hand. He had met some pretty girls in the past but he never met one as pretty or in his mind beautiful before as Katalina.

"Hey Vic I think that's enough handshaking now" Katalina said as Victor snapped out of his thought and pulled his hand away embarrassed by what happened.

While Katalina and Markala were introducing themselves to Mikazuki, Ryu appeared behind Victor surprising him. "Way to play it cool pal" Ryu said as he approached Ahsoka. "I take it Ichiro told you about who I am right Ahsoka?"

"Yes he did" Ahsoka said.

"Good to hear, I am glad to have you with us Ahsoka. Especially from what Ichiro's father told us about your skills" Ryu said as he extended his hand and Ahsoka extended hers as well both shaking their hands.

Once they finished Ryu turned to Markala and Katalina. "Heard about both your skills too and I am looking forward to seeing them in action" Ryu said.

Just at that moment before the two siblings replied the alarm went off and Victor ran towards the computer to see what was going on. "Looks like Blaze and Zero are robbing the bank."

"Sub-Zero and Blaze are robbing a bank together well that is something you don't see every day" Ichiro said as he rubbed his chin.

"Well while you guys were gone our bad guys found out and have been working together these last few weeks" Mikazuki said as she explained to the others what has happened. "Last week a bunch of gangsters teamed up with their rivals to face us. And they almost won thanks to the new weapons they got."

While this went off Ahsoka, Markala, and Katalina stood in the back wondering who and what they were talking about. "Okay well you guys stay here we'll take care of Blaze and Zero" Ichiro said as he turned to Ahsoka and the two siblings.

"Correction we're staying" Mikazuki said as she pointed to her brother and Ryu. "You are going with your sisters and our new members."

"What why?" Ichiro asked confused on why they would send Ahsoka, Markala, and Katalina on this mission.

"Because we have been cleaning up the city for a month while you were off playing in the other universe" Victor said.

"We weren't playing we were-" "Think of this as a test, we will test you all and how you will work as a team. If you do well then congrats you're a titan. Fail and you will be benched until you have proven it" Ryu said interrupting Arella.

Ichiro looked back as the others as Ahsoka, Markala, and Katalina all nodded in agreement wanting to go through with it. "Well I guess it's on then let's go then" Ichiro said.

"Good now get going" Ryu said as Ichiro and his sisters ran out of the room with Markala, Katalina, and Ahsoka right behind them.

"Think they got this?" Victor asked as he talked to Ryu.

"I'm sure they can handle this if not then we will have a lot of work to do then to make sure they work as a team" Ryu said who didn't seemed worried.

"Hmmmm I hope so I would hate for them to come back all beaten and frozen" Mikazuki said as she only hoped the others came back in one piece.

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Jason: What a fine chapter I wrote I hope everyone likes it.

Ichiro: I like it except for what Mikazuki did to me that frying pan hurt.

Jason: Better than the fridge though that would be ruining the food that was inside the fridge…oh well.

Ahsoka: Um Jason I got a call from General Herbison's cousin and she told us that Rachel has beaten up Herbison when he refused to give her what she wanted.

Jason: Ooooooh that's bad how is he?

Ahsoka: I don't know but he will be out for a while. But apparently he left a tape that showed what she did.

Jason: Really let's see then.

The screen showed General Herbison hastily building a barricade at his door while the sounds of his security droids being destroyed were heard. He stood back and took a deep breath. The door was blown off its hinges and Rachel entered the room.

Rachel: You are General Herbison?

General: (Getting off the floor) Yes I am. And from what I know, you are Rachel Roth Ishida. To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit? And the destruction of my security?

Rachel: You and Jason and my husband know something about those people who came from this dimension. Ahsoka, Markala and Katalina. What are you hiding from me?

General: I… We are… I won't tell you anything.

Rachel lifted him into the air with her powers and tossed him around the room. Smashing into his computer, dunking him in a goldfish bowl then dropping him on his chair as she examined his bookcase.

General: Quote Shakespeare 'Art thou happy?'

Rachel: Are you going to tell me or do I have to do to you what I did to Doctor Light?

General: (Panicking) I… you see we…

Rachel used her powers; a thick book soared through the air and hit the General between the legs, hard. He collapsed, gasping for air.

Rachel: It's obvious you aren't going to talk, but one hundred and ninety nine books will be enough to get me to leave. Agreed?

The General weakly gave her thumbs up and she vanished with his bookcase.

Jason: Wow that really hurt…bye for now and General sorry hope you feel better bye.