Hello! I'm DS aka Drama Sapphire and welcome to my first Ferngully story! Have you ever wonder what has happened to Zak after the first movie? Well for the fans of Zak, here's the story which was like Zak's future and how he had changed his attitude ever since his adventure in the rainforest and becoming a hero along with Crysta, Batty, and the other fairies to protect Ferngully by defeating Hexus and they did. So now here's the story about Zak's new life! I hope you guys like it! ^_-

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from Ferngully but I do own this story that was in my imagination. Also, please don't claim any of my stories as your own creations but you can make up your own version if you want to.

It has been 19 years ever since Zak saved Ferngully with the aide of the fairies and Battty who has helped defeat Hexus who was of course defeated at the end by being sealed in another tree which was more taller than the original and was now kept hidden inside the tree as its prisoner forever as long as no one cuts it.

About a few days later, Zak returns to the city and quits his job because he has a sudden change of heart and vows that he'll never help humans destroy any forests again and leaving the animals homeless.

He then finishes high school and went to college to study business, journalism, public speaking, criminal justice, biology, medical, physics, languages, accounting, political science, humanities, health, hospitality, management, photography, college math, psychology, and art for 4 years.

He then graduate from college and became a very famous spokeperson about protecting wildlife and all the animals who would be extinct like the others from the past. Some people listens to him but others didn't because they don't care about the fragile life of the animals and their habitats since they only cared about making money.

But Zak still didn't give up and spents the rest of his life fighting to tell the humans to do the right thing. One day, he met a beautiful raven haired woman who reminds him of Crysta since they looked so much alike but her name is Crystal. She agrees with him and stays by his side to help him make his dream come true and she too was a spokeperson but her main goal was to teach people about the dangerous use of polution that can harm everyone and recycling any trash to re-use them in many different ways and stopping people from throwing trash in the ocean, forests, and city sidewalks and teaching others about the helpful ways that a trash can could do and the reasons why it was created because it keeps anywhere on Earth clean and can be used to dump trash in the garbage truck so that the workers can do be able to destroy them.

Zak admires her for having the same ideas of protecting wildlife and keeping the Earth clean and healthy like him. Then they both fell in love and got married a week later. Now they have a younger son named Max who has inheritied his father's blond hair and his mother's blue eyes and a older daughter named Rose who looks perfectly just like her mother.

But there's a problem within the family that has been going on for years. The youngest son has Autism and everyone in the family were devastated and desperate to find a way to help their son to be able to speak and be healthy even though it wasn't very easy but they are trying their best for years.

Now in the present, Zak is now speaking about helping disabled and handicapped children to help them live a better life on Earth with their family members and good friends by their side and protect them from many dangers that may harm them while his wife became a spokeperson for people who was sicken with cancer and many otheer diseases.

This is Zak's new life as he experienced himself changes to a new leaf during his adventure at the rainforest and became a very famous spokeperson who vows to do whatever he can to make the world a better place for everyone and was now living a peaceful life with his wife and kids until the end.

Oh and one more thing I'm gonna say, Zak is very thankful that his adventure in the rainforest has changed him and made him become a better man. He also was very thankful to Crysta for teaching him about life, humanity and love. He also promised himself that he'll never forget her and the rainforest forever until his death.

Bye guys! Thanks for reading! Oh and Crystal is my brand new OC character! ^^