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=-=(Shizuo POV)=-=

"Shizu-chan!" I glanced up from the pan and the stove to see Izaya, strewn across the couch, his head hanging from the side of the arm rest. "Food~!" He whined.

"It's almost done." I growled, seeing him squirm and writhe on the cushions. Every day, it seemed harder and harder to hold myself back. Now knowing him as he really is, it's hard to over look. I'm being as delicate as I can be. Yet, Izaya still complains, moping, slouching and being lazy around the apartment we now shared.

I flipped the egg a final time before sliding it onto the plate. I may not be very smart, but if it's anything, I can cook. I carried the plate of various breakfast foods to the couch, handing it over to the half asleep flea.




"Now." I dropped the plate on his stomach, forcing a squeaky yelp from his throat. God, why did he have to make it so hard for me to resist taking him? I'm a man, I have needs. He mumbled and sat up as I slid in next to him on the two-seater.

"Why aren't you eating?"

"I already did, remember? It's like…12 in the afternoon."

"Oh…" The still half asleep flea muttered, staring blankly at his plate. He moved his legs to lay on top of my lap, the crook of his knee very close to a particularly sensitive area of the male anatomy. I gulped. He must be doing this on purpose, right? I mean, how his shirt slipped off his shoulder and the hem rode up his stomach, and his shorts riding just low enough for me to get a glimpse of his pelvic bone. That's just not fair.

He wiggled in my lap and I flinched, feeling his fine ass rubbing against the now hard bulge in my pants. Oh fuck.

Thinking fast, I slipped his legs off me and stood up. "I'm going to take a shower." I said, swallowing the lump that formed in my throat. I marched to the bathroom and had my shower; coming back I saw the flea sprawled across the couch, sleeping.

Oh dear god.

I don't know how long I can last if this keeps up.

He moaned quietly, stretching like a cat, causing his shirt to ride up even further, displaying his perky, pink nipples to me. I swallowed the lump in my throat, seating myself on the furthest end of the sofa.

The flea stirred and slid closer to me. I flinched, trying to not glance down. But, alas, I'm a man. I stared at the pale skin covered in scars, his soft lips plump and begging to be eaten. I worked my body over top of the flea, feeling warmth pooling in my stomach.

"I'm through waiting for you…" I muttered into his ear, my hands working up his thigh. "I don't care if this makes me just as bad as that guy…" My words were cut off by a soft moan coming from the body below me.

His eyes squeezed shut and he let out more groans and whimpers of pleasure in his sleep. "S-Shizu…"

I snapped.

All self restraint left me and I lunged at his delicious neck, sucking and biting. He moaned more, sleepily holding me close.

"Izaya…" I growled hungrily. He shifted and let out a quite gasp. I looked up to see his eyes wide, staring at me.

"Shizu…chan…what are you-MMHF!" I captured his lips in my own, sucking on them, provoking more lusty moans from his throat. Usually, his voice made my blood boil, but his throaty moans and pants; they were driving me to the edge.

I broke for air, preparing to be attacked by the flea for trying to fuck him in his sleep. But all that escaped him was a sigh and "Finally."


He sighed again. "Really, Shizu-chan? Did you seriously not notice me trying to seduce you? Or am I just not appealing to you…?" He pondered the thought "Well, you've only slept with woman, right? So I guess it would be hard to-"

"I haven't."

"What…?" It was my turn to sigh.

"Ever since I met you, which was in high school, I have only been able to think about killing you. I didn't have time to sleep with anyone."

"Shizu-chan…" His voice sounded soft, and sincere. He let out what sounded like a whimper, "You mean…"

"Shizu-chan's a VIRGIN!" He burst into hysterical laughter, tears of hysteria filling his eyes. I felt the anger rise in me and I knew that if I punched him, his sisters would kill me, since I promised I'd be nice. But I didn't have many other options to let out my anger.

Well, I could always just fuck him senseless; it's like killing two birds with one stone.

After deciding on my course of action, I grabbed the still-laughing flea's arms, flipping him over. His hysterical fit of giggling stopped, he tried to look behind himself at me, but I cut him off with a harsh kiss.

While I distracted him with our tongue battle, my hands moved up his shirt, massaging his stomach and chest, pulling on his nipples. He groaned and broke from my mouth, gripping the arm on the couch and moaning.

I smirked and bit him on the neck, drawing blood. His cries where muffled by the fabric of the sofa arm, but I could hear his lusty begs for more. I slipped my hand under his shorts.

"Now what should I do?" I whispered in his ear. Izaya moaned and tried to grind himself into my hand, but I moved further away. "Say it."

"Fu-Fuck me!" He moaned. I smirked, pulling the shorts down to his knees. I sat, staring very happily at the gorgeous display before my eyes.

"Nice ass." I say as I grab the pale flesh, massaging it in my hands. His moans grow louder and louder as he begs for me to enter him. "Oh no, no, no~" I cooed "Not yet."

"What~?" He whined. "Please, Shizu-chan, please fuck me~!" He whined more, pouting and grinding his ass against my clothed erection.

"Nice try." I chuckled, pulling a bottle of lube out of my back pocket, coating three of my fingers in the slippery liquid. "Breath deep."

He nods and I enter one finger. A groaned and some flinching as I continued to move in and out, coating his ass with the lube. I push in one more and he starts bucking out, forcing them deeper and deeper. I add the third and final finger, watching as he grinds on them, mewling and whimpering. I withdraw and he whines.


I smirk "Yea, I know."

I slipped my cock out of my pants, sighing as the cool air hit my heated flesh. Pressing it to his ass, he moans loudly as it enters him. I groaned loudly, forcing myself to continue despite the voice in the back of my mind telling me to be gentle. Fuck gentle, I know he wants it.

"Shizu-chan! I-I…I can't breathe…" He gasped, a hint of desperation evident in his voice. I panicked a moment before softly rubbing his back, whispering to him.

"It's alright, breath." I commanded in a soft voice. He took a few breaths before calming down. I continued in until I was engulfed in warmth. Izaya moaned under me begging me to move. I was more than happy to comply.

I pulled out almost entirely before plunging back in, earning moans of want from the flea. I continued to fuck him harder and harder, both of us failing to make any sense anymore. I grabbed Izaya's thigh, flipping him over to face me. He moaned, feeling me twist inside him.

I barely stopped a second before continuing with my almost inhuman speed of thrusting. I growled and bit the flea's most weak spot, his neck, while grabbing his cock in my hand. He whimpered and groaned, being over-stimulated by me.

"Please, I'm going to come!" He moaned.

"…me too." I growled, thrusting harder straight into his prostrate. I anchored onto my knees, the flea being pulled up with me, his hips high above his head.

"W-Wait! Shizu-chan-AH!-If I come like this I'll-AHGHAA!" He came hard, and due to the position we were currently in, his come flew across his chest, and onto his face. He flinched. If his muscles clamping around my cock weren't enough, he was moaning my name and his face was covered in come. I couldn't hold out any longer and came hard in his ass, filling him up with sperm.

"Ahhhh…" He sighed and whimpered as I pulled out, all the come gushing out after me.

"Oi, flea…" I glanced over to see him, completely passed out. "Well…shit."

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