Ok this is my first EZRIA story it will be very Cheesy/Mushy and very long when i start writing i cant stop much like i am doing right now so I hope you like it R/R please

After the season 1 finale. After the girls find Ian dead and get the text from ~A, and get taken to the police station, I am skipping that part

As the girls are leaving the police station Aria got in her car and got a text which she thought was from ~A again but when she checked it she realized it was fom HIM, the man that she left standing in her room the man that she knew she still loved even after what happened with Jackie. She didn't really want to open the text but she did anyway.

Aria's POV

~Aria I'm so sorry about Jackie but I honestly didn't know she was going to be working there. I LOVE YOU, can you please come over, call me PLEASE


I just sat in the car staring at the text. One part of me thought calling him was a bad idea and a bigger part of me wanted so badly to talk to him

I shook my head thinking I really shouldn't do what I was about to do but then I dialed Ezra's phone number, took a deep breath and put the phone to my ear. It only rang once before he picked up

"Aria I'm glad you called if I would have known about Jackie I would have talked to you about it and we would have figured ou-" I cut him off

"Ezra stop ok yes I still love you no I cant stop loving you but I am still really upset about it"

"look I completely understand but can you please come over so we can talk about it"

"I don't know Ezra"

"PLEASE . . . I will order some food since I know you probably didn't eat yet" it took me a minute to answer but I ended up caving in and telling him

"alright I will come over for a little while . . . I will be there in about 10 minutes . . . Bye"

"bye" as I was pulling the phone away I heard him say "I love you" I wanted to say it back but if I would have said it he would have thought that I forgave him so I just hung up and felt a couple tears fall down my face before I started the car and pulled out

I got there about 20 minutes late but he didn't say anything about it he was just getting done putting the food on the coffee table when he seen me. He stood straight up and had a big smile on his face but I had to try so hard to keep looking serious because it is hard just seeing his face, his warm smile and sparkling eyes takes my breath away and makes me smile but I ignored it

"hey" as he was walking towards me he put his arms out I think he wanted a hug

"hi" I just walked around him and sat on the couch

I seen him put his hands down and stand there for a minute then he came and st next to me

"so you're still upset" he said it more like a statement then a question but I answered anyway

"yes . . . I mean no . . . I mean . . . I don't know . . . Ok yes I'm still upset you didn't tell me about Jackie but I understand if you didn't know"

"I swear Aria I didn't ,and to be honest I haven't even thought about her like that since the first time I met you. The only women I EVER think about is you . . . I love you Aria"

"I love you too, I'm so sorry" he pulled me in for a hug as tears filled my eyes for a third time today

"there is nothing to be sorry about you had a right to be mad I would have been too if the situation was reversed" he pulled out of the hug and cupped my face with both his hands and kissed me

Then he got up and walked over to his night stand and pulled something out. When he turned around he walked towards me slow and took a deep breath.

The next thing I knew he was bending down on one knee and I felt me eyes just widen knowing what he was about to do then my heart started to race when he put a little black velvet box in my hand and opened it up to reveal the little diamond ring inside

He took another deep breath and said

"Aria ever since the first time I seen you sitting in the bar I fell in love with you" I felt tears running down my face "our first kiss in the bathroom of the bar" he smiled at the memory "and all the kisses since and even through the arguments made my love for you even stronger and I didn't think that was even possible. Aria you are the only person I ever want to be with ever again for the rest of my life . . . Will you mar-"I cut him off before he could finish asking me

"YES, YES, YES" he smiled picked me up and twirled me around but when he put me down I said

"I hope you don't mind waiting though" he smiled when I said that

"I don't care how long I have to wait as long as you marry me" and with that he kissed me softly and it built into a more passionate kiss. He got up and carried me over to his bed bridal style still kissing me and even though we didn't do anything it was still perfect because I knew that Ezra was mine especially when he held me close to him tightly and the heat from his body was making me tired

I wanted to stay the night by him so I will have to convince my mom I am staying at Spencer's and ask er to be my alibi

When I started to dial her number I realized Ezra fell asleep so I got out of bed slowly and went over to the couch

The phone rang twice before Spencer picked up


"hey Spence"

"hey why are you whispering?"

"umm can you do me a huge favor?"

"you're with Fitzy right now aren't you"

"um yea I um-"

"you want me to be your alibi"

"how did you know I wanted you to be my alibi"

"you're whispering to me at 11:30 at night at Fitzys asking me to do you a huge favor it's not brain surgery Aria" she was starting to giggle

"wow I need to stop being so transparent . . . But anyway will you? PLEASE"

"alright, I guess I can, my parents are still at the hospital with Melissa talking about the whole Ian thing but have fun . . . But not TOO much fun" I started giggling

"thanks Spence i love yo, you're the best"

"yea I know but you owe me" I heard Ezra get up so I had to hang up

"I know I do but I gotta go thanks again"

"no problem, bye"

"bye" I hung up the phone only for Ezra to come up behind me and kiss me on the cheek

"hey my SEXY fiancé" I had a big smirk on my face and started giggling while he was smiling his face turned a slight shade of red

"hey beautiful" I felt my face turn red now "what are you doing up so late"

"getting an alibi to stay the rest of the night but now I have to text my mom to tell her im staying at 'Spencer's' tonight"

"ok well I'll be in the kitchen getting a drink . . . Do you want anything?"

"ahhh yes iced tea please"

"coming right up" he walked into the kitchen as I pulled up my moms number

~Mom I'm staying at Spencers house tonight I will be home in the morning ok I love you goodnight


I looked up to find Ezra looking in the refrigerator for the iced tea then I got my moms text

~well I guess that's alright since it's so late I'm not gonna make you drive home but I want you home before 12 goodnight I love you too


"ok I'm all set I have to be home sometime in the morning no later then 12" I walked in the kitchen and put my arms around Ezra's waist while he was reaching up to grab a cup

"well in that case" he turned around and out his arms around my waist and smiled before reaching in to kiss me a minute later I pulled away and said

"I love you" then he responded sarcastically smirking

"really, I thought you said yes to marrying me because of my oh so good looks"he had a conceded look on his face

"well that's MOST of the reason" I kissed him and he pulled away and said

"I love you too . . . "

"GOD I cant wait to be and be a part of your family"

"me either" he looked over at the clock and said "it's almost midnight lets go to bed"

"OK . . . But I have a question, do you have anything I can wear so I can get out of these" I was pointing to my cloths

"well you could get out of those cloths but I don't know if I want to give you any of mine" he grabbed my hands and held them up between us while I just looked at him

". I guess you could borrow pj's and a shirt"

He gave me a Hollis shirt ad pj pants

When I went in the bathroom and got changed I looked at myself in the mirror then down at my beautiful ring Ezra got me

When I came out I found Ezra laying down on the bed and when he seen me he motioned for me to come over by him. I laid down and he put his arms around me and I was just staring at his beautiful eyes and rubbing the side of his face he kissed me

When we pulled away after a minute I said

"I have a question"

"Well I MIGHT have an answer"

"after about a month of you working at Hollis do you think I can tell Emily, Spencer, and Hanna about us. I mean us now not the public thing but how we are right now.I just need people to tell about how we met and how I fell in love with the most amazing man ever and how we progressed all this time and got past all the problems we been through" he just stared at me studying my face then he said

"I don't know Aria"

"PLEASE they wont tell anyone, please Ezra" he took another minute looking into my eyes and I guess he could tell I wasn't lying because then he said

"OK, OK just please don't tell them about the engagement yet ok, just take it slow with the opposite of how fast I feel in love with you so make it very slow" I sat up and said

"OK first I promise I wont tell them about that, second I love you and third you are very cheesy " I smiled at him as he pulled me back down on top of him

"I love you more then I can explain and that bad since I AM an English teacher" I smiled and kissed again but this time I didn't pull away from his soft and warm lips for about an hour the I finally got off of him and laid right next to him with his strong but also gentle and soft arms wrapped around me

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