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Playboy Chapter 1


A loud obnoxious shrill rang through a small room immediately disturbing the unusually pale occupant that was trying to sleep. He groaned weakly stretching in the process as he hesitantly pushed himself off of his futon like bed and reached out besides him. It took a bit of fumbling before he was finally able to finally switch, grab and turn off his phone's alarm. Sure it wasn't the best of phones or especially the 'latest' but at least it was something. His head was still ringing from the obnoxious tune. Listening to the same tune, over and over every morning was pretty annoying . He found that he had become used to it. He gave out another yawn almost leaning back and slumping back into air bed that his unusual white locks (for his age) revealing an intricate, bright red design that stood out on the left side of his face. It resembled art looking like a tattoo only adding to his appearance. After all, what type of teenager had stark white, long and not to mention rough hair along with pale skin that could almost make him look like a ghost; plus a bright red scar on the left side of his face that just stood out no matter how hard he tried to fit in. Of course he was weird. The teen stared at the wall in front of him before finally struggling to his feet to get a up at 8am, take a shower, get changed then have some breakfast before leaving for his college. He yawned yet again and staggered to the small bathroom grabbing his towel that was in a pile on his other dresser. Sunlight was trying to filter in through the thick grey curtains that it made Allen very thankful for the fact that he had closed them the night before. His eyes were still just adjusting to the light.

Allen stifled another yawn as he listened to the group behind him gossiping about the latest things that sparked their interests. His hair was still a mess from the morning as it refused to be tamed and his clothes were just baggy. Basically he had large glasses on that reflected light in a way that you couldn't see through them. He looked weird Allen admitted. Other people noticed it and of course he did to. Not that he cared. That was the reason he separated himself from others in his school. He didn't need to hear 'friends' opinions. Not that he had much anyway. Bout two in total.

He was sitting at a computer finishing off the latest assignment that had just been handed. Sure it hand been handed out just the period before, that didn't mean he couldn't get it over and done with quickly. The sooner he got the assignment's dealt with, the more time he had to himself. It really helped him relax and he enjoyed taking pictures like a professional photographer. Anyone could take professional quality pictures and it seemed that not matter what pictures he took, they would always come out great. It always captured the moment the way that he wanted to.

"Yo Allen!" His fingers stopped in place and his head perked over his shoulder before he quickly rearranged his uncomfortably large glass over his nose. All I all, he really was a geek, even to him (even though he didn't think he was smart enough unless it concerned money). He stared at the group before sighing and quickly saving his work feeling annoyance at the same time. He had already finished the assignment given but he liked to go over it in the virtual area since he had extra time. He quickly saved then switched the programme then turned to the group recognising each of the different people. He wouldn't get any of the rest of his work done anyway.

"Yes Rhode?" He asked. The blue haired teen grinned at him and from the look on her face, he could tell that a smart ass joke was coming his way. With these guys it wasn't really something that he could considered friendship, Well apart from Lavi and Kanda since he had known them from high school and they would give him company as much as they could, It was more like a situation where people talked to him just because he was there. He was sure that they didn't even think of him as a friend…or a human.

They sure showed it.

The liked to play jokes on him even at that age just because he was younger and a loser. And as a prank they made him do ridiculous stuff and even made him make a facebook profile just to see if he would ever gain any friends, Of course he only had two so it was like a joke for them to check out the page for a laugh. It did get annoying but he was used to it. It was life. He was used to be a loner anyway. At least he wasn't too invisible.

"let's check out your page shounen" Tyki said joining in. Allen sighed then put on a weak smile tinted with tiredness.

"Fine" At least the treatment wasn't as bad as before.

The pictures were simply beautiful. This place had great views no matter where he was. That was one of the reasons he chose to study photography. That and Mana used to be a photographer. He stared at the camera in his hands and continued on his way home. The camera was one of the only expensive things that he owned and it was also the only thing left to him from his stepfather before he died. That and a laptop from his latest 'father'. It was nice that at least he got something. It was one of the professional digital camera's that definitely cost a fortune. He could never even think about selling it though because of its sentimental value. And he was a person that could really do with the money. At least his current stepfather wasn't sending him debts anymore.

Allen yawned as he reached his small but homey bungalow and opened the door walking into the kitchen that was connected to the living room.

No electricity at the moment sadly. He only managed to afford gas. Work was exhausting but at least today was payday so he would be able to pay to have electricity again for about a month or so before the next set of debts and bills arrived and he would sadly have to watch the hard earned money disappear, or get snatched away. He couldn't wait till he could get an actual job like he wanted, instead of working in an electronics shop, factory and fast food joint. Sure the pay was just fine and the work most of the time wasn't bad (apart from filing millions of articles) he could do better. With the right qualifications he could earn more and be able to sustain himself and live more comfortably. Sure he kept the bungalow in top condition but he wasn't rich enough to risk spending on any other things. He couldn't exactly afford to waste money on paint jobs and refurbishment. College cost half his budget the way it was. His teacher helped him find this place at a very good deal..

At least he had a home and wasn't living on the streets. Allen stretched and reached for a candle and some fruits. He needed to do some shopping soon.

Allen stretched and pulled out yet another candle in frustration. It really did get annoying with the power getting cut because a candle wasn't ever enough light and he had to always carry it around. His eyes were getting used to the warm bathe which was always painful when dealing with a sunrise. It hurt. Summer break was coming up soon and he couldn't wait to the end of school work till the next semester. He would get to relax more but would also have to work more. At least he would earn more money.

The bell distracted him from his thought.

Allen's head perked up and immediately turned to the automatic clock mounted on the wall.

What time did they call this? It was passed 10. Who would be ringing at this time?

After a few minutes of thought the door bell rang again so Allen jumped up heading to the door with the candle. He would probably look like some cloudy Goth because of the dark house and the candle light no doubtable causing an ominous type of shadow form across his face. When he opened it his slight fear was removed.

"Night service Delivery. Have a package here for an Allen Walker" The postman had said. Allen sighed and discretely stretched.

"Yes? I am Allen Walker."

"Can you sign here please?"

Allen nodded and took the pen from the delivery man albeit reluctantly signing on an electronic notebook. He did learn from living with Cross that he had to be aware and cautious of what he was signing to as once debt collectors tried to make him sign his life over.

He was given an small white package and the man left. Allen closed the door and finally looked at the envelope. He immediately scowled. There was a very recognisable black bunny directly in the middle with thick black writing at the bottom. Playboy? Allen scowled. He dropped the package on a table.

It was Obviously Cross's.

Tired, Exhausted, Sleepy, that's was exactly how he felt. He was absolutely depressed and could cry out in weak relief for the sake that it was in fact now summer vacation. No more assignments. It was relieving to say the least. He would get about a months extra holiday to relax more but he would have to work hard to earn money. That and the fact that he would earn twice as much being able to work longer shifts.

Allen yawned as soon as he stepped off the bus fumbling around to pull out his keys. He would be working some night shifts from today for about 3 days and the good thing about that was that he would be paid more for night so his plan for the day was just to fall asleep till about 8 for his shift at 9. The door opened with a creak as always reminding Allen of the fact that it needed to be checked but either way it wasn't a problem.

Nobody could break in, or would want to break in anyway.

He finally dropped the bags down at the doorway flicking on a light switch. His eyebrow quirked in annoyance.

No electricity. AGAIN. With another sigh he walked into the kitchen/living room that was divided by a counter and tried his luck again.


He needed to go to work. Pay off some bills then work again for electricity. But first he needed some candles because at least there was still gas.

The candles lit quickly which was a relief as it felt like it was the only thing that had gone all day. Still Allen shook it off. Tiredness, that was it. He just needed to get some sleep. He then walked into his bedroom and crash on the bed. Sure he wasn't going to a party like the others but at least he was going to earn something at the end of the day. His classmates would probably just have hangovers which would be good for him as he wouldn't have to deal with them. He just wanted to relax. He quickly stripped out of his coat the slumped forgetting about his boots that he currently had on. And also forgetting set his alarm.

The doorbell rang and Allen head jerked up. He was frozen for a while staring out at nothing in particular till he caught sight of the time making him freeze.

11:00 o clock. It was 11 pm!

He was late! He was beyond late for his shift!

Allen gasped jumping to his feet then quickly pulling on his coat in a hurry. He was late. He felt remotely grateful for the fact that he was practically already dressed. The doorbell rang again and Allen found himself frozen remembering that someone was at the door. It scared him. Was it his boss? Was he fired? Who could be looking for him at this time. Another playboy letter? Another debt collector?

The doorbell rang yet again shaking Allen out of his frozen trance and he quickly walked to the door. Maybe he could still make it to work and pay back the time. Who knows? Allen opened the door and the sight scared him that he found himself staring in shock. This couldn't be right, could it?

As soon as he opened the door he was met with the sight of a very well built toned man at his door and a limousine parked behind him. He sweat dropped.

"Ur…I think you might have the wrong house. H-How may I help you?" Allen gulped meekly feeling small in comparison to the bigger man. He looked like a heavy weight champion with what looked like large sport headphones that covered his whole ear thrown on casually despite the formal get up. His hair shaved (or bold) but braided at the top. The only thing that helped him remain calm was the guys stoic expression helped for some reason as despite his size made him not seem like the …most…violent…person? Still, with the black suit Allen couldn't say that he was comfortable in his position as this guy kept making him think of the mafia which from experience, wasn't the easiest to escape from or pay back as they added interest.

"I sure I'm not. Are you Allen Walker?" The man asked. Allen quickly nodded hesitating to repeating his earlier question.

"H-How may I help you?" The man smiled and outstretched his hand in a friendly gesture which Allen hesitantly shook. What did the man want?

"I'm here to pick you up as arranged." He said. Allen blinked.

"Excuse me?"

"I was told to pick you up at the end of your semester"

"By whom?"

"Your father. Um, Cross Marion. Apparently you were given a package?" The man continued. Allen continued staring at him working out the explanation in his head till he found himself staring out in space. Pick him up to where. What package?

"What package are you talking about? It might help jog my memory" he questioned nervously. He felt his worry wipe off replaced with minor uncertainty. Either way any thing to do with Cross, there was no point trying to get out of it. Explains why he was busy paying so much debts. Allen shook his head and came to his decision about letting the man in. The quicker he could deal with things then fine.

"Did you receive any package with a black bunny printed on it?" Allen paused. A black package? Oh yeah!

"I did! Um…please give me a second. You can sit anywhere." He quickly shouted watching the older man take a seat on the couch before he ran into his room. Now where did he put it?

Oy Brat!

This letter is about how your spending your holidays. Some extra work. And you must be there! Pack a bag with all your special belongings as you probably won't have a house to return to by the time your done. A big guy named Marie will come and get you and accompany you to Los Angeles where I am currently staying and when you get here I 'll explain everything to you. Make sure that you prepare and pack. (Even though you don't have much stuff) You'll be working hard in photography so make sure to be prepared. When you get there we'll deal with the rest. You'll be driven to and from airports In a hummer and you'll be taken in the jet. Again I'll explain everything when you arrive. Marie will be your driver and body guard. The rest of the contents in this envelope are for your use as Id and a credit card. Have your passport ready! The credit card is for your own personal use so be thankful. And the other cards are for your rooms and other stuff. Use the card if you want but I'll advise against it until you see me. You don't have to worry about debts as I hit something like a jackpot so enjoy yourself cause when you get here your gonna be working.

Was this more debts? Had he been sold? Was he going to be a slave now! Allen was shocked. He was worried. And he was admittedly scared. The letter, most likely written by Cross, should have been read a long time ago so that he would have been prepared. Expected the visit. Expected the plan of him packing up all of his stuff to leave to Vegas where he would be taken to a bank before taken to Cross himself. Joy. He groaned and turned to stare over at the man in his 'living room' turning away before the man could catch his stare. What was he supposed to do now?

Thanks a lot Cross

After fully and quickly packing his stuff into a worn out rucksack Marie had taken his stuff to the limousine and he had nervously slipped in fully aware of the situation. Good thing that he didn't have any valuables and was contently 'poor' so he didn't have long to pack but he made sure to pack all that was important to him as he doubted that he would return back to living in that bungalow. It was cheap and people wanted to destroy it to build a better home. That was why he constantly had people coming round to check that he had paid his rent. Sucked huh?

Allen was still just confused about the situation. Even if he would see Cross he would still have some financial difficulties. But why would he be given a credit card if that was the case? Who knows how long he would stay there as well. It worried him if he would end up dropping out of school. Allen sighed calmly to himself and finally, properly looked at the interior design of the hummer. He gasped. It looked like…no, he couldn't describe what it looked like, but he was shocked. The blue neon lights above and underneath the seats, black leather sofa or seat that wiggled comfortably inside curving at the end and just across the other seat was a nicely designed bar, or something like that. Two screens seemed to merge in on the ceiling and by the side which would provide entertainment and smooth flooring reflecting the neon glow only helped to enhance the limo. It all looked good that he felt like taking a picture. He nervously shuffled into it and stared at each design feeling his nervousness take over, as well as thirst. He had just woken up after all. Maybe this was all a dream.

"Would you like a drink ?" Allen head snapped to the front of the car where Marie had settled to the driver seat.

"If you would like anything sir please enjoy."

"Thank you" Allen barely audibly whispered. He stared at the cocktail glasses and bottles in front of him along with the cooler that had opened obviously thanks to Marie revealing more bottles in crushed ice. It looked appealing. There was soda, and there was alcohol. Alcohol or not, Maybe it would be a good thing if he got drunk, even though he hated it. At least that way he would wake up from this weird dream. It couldn't be real. He knew that even if it was, the real problems would start soon. He had just realised that he left his glasses behind but hey, he didn't actually need them. Cross just gave him them to help cover the unusual bright colour of his eyes. To add to his random appearance his pupils were silver. There was a whole reason as to why but it was pretty long to go over.

Allen reached calmly to the drink removing his camera from over his head. After positioning to a nice enough camera angle the shuttle clicked. He weakly smiled a thumbing the camera. Hopefully the picture would come out nice enough, it could be used as a momento of something nice…or evidence. But for now he was going to somehow enjoy himself. Allen thumbed the camera for a last second then put away the camera into rucksack of all his belongings putting it away then turned back to the bar. Rainbow colours stood out. He took a ice clear liquid and a green one in clear glass bottles and poured them into a cup at the same time watching them mix. Then he stared at it.

The car smoothly drove out from the front of his house and he stared at the small bungalow that got further the more they drove away. Then it was gone and he gave a sigh raising the glass to no one in particular. Debts, Debts, Debts and more Debts. Somehow he would have to pay, including this limo and the trip to Vegas. Somehow he would pay. He gave a half-heated grin bringing the now lime green coloured drink to his lips catching a whiff of apple and feeling the lens of his camera. Take pictures and gamble then pay off more debts.

"Let's see what happens this time at least."

When the limo got to its destination Allen was in awe and felt a bit light-headed. Strangely dizzy. The alcohol was strong but he had spent a long time thinking about things. And trying to stay sane. It was like he was living in someone else's fantasy and nightmare at the same time for some reason, literally.

Allen couldn't help but feeling his 'British' nature come out a bit. Apart from feeling the effects of his previous hangover. He'd been driven all the way to Las Vegas! How the heck could that even be possible. He remembered falling asleep in the limo, then he woke up to find that he was in the city of dreams as they called it. He couldn't help feeling more and more distressed the more he thought about it. Just what the heck was going on. Only rich people could afford to have limousine hummers, correct. Rich people. He could barely afford internet at times and Cross couldn't work ever as he was to lazy a git to do anything other than sex and alcohol. Just what type of summer was he going to have now?

"Do you know of the adult empire known as playboy?" Allen stared at the man weakly feeling nauseous. He didn't exactly like the sound and tone in the mans voice even though he seemed to be struggling to stay calm. They guy just looked intimidating but in an opposite way than Marie with a white fringe and black hair slicked to the back( And he thought his hair was bad). He sounded pleased about something that wasn't exactly a comforting subject.

Anyway, back to the question.

"Yes sir. Who doesn't?" He questioned back. It was a bit amusing the way it sounded in his head. The lawyer/accountant would probably think that he was like the other guys in his school and not some sexually deprived teenager that wasn't interested in anything on the topic of sex due to his adopted fathers shenanigans. It was amusing. He sighed.

"How much?" Allen asked. He felt more and more exhausted. How much did he owe now. It was best if they just got to the point. At least this time the situation was civil. The man looked surprised then he rubbed his temple. The sympathy act, yay.

"In these statements…" He began looking through the paperwork on his desk. Just how much did cross owe, and to playboy?

"The full amount is…57 billion dollars." Allen sighed and massaged his temple not really hearing what the man had fully said. He was distracted in the case that he owed money again. It hadn't even been a month since the last time. Plus, what did Cross mean when he said that he had hit a 'jackpot'. The liar. Too pay off he could probably gamble, but that wouldn't be enough to earn past 20,00 and he had 57 billion…Wait what?Allen literally froze with his neck cracking to face the man that had dared to say such words. He had to be joking.

"Please repeat that" He whispered. The man had the guts to smile.

"57 Billion dollars, Sir" Then Allen snapped.

".! Not even a million but a billion. HOW THE HELL CAN I PAY THAT KIND OF MONEY! IF I EVER HAVE GRANDCHILDREN THEN THEY STILL WON'T EVER BE ABLE TO PAY IT OFF! I'LL BE IN DEBT FOR LIFE!" He screamed. What the hell. This time Cross was going to far!

The man had apparently sensed his dismay and began to panic standing up quickly almost throwing the desk over with him.

"I didn't mean that. Please Sir, you've misunderstood me!" He shouted. Allen was in his own panicked state to could he not panic?


"You've misunderstood me!"

"Shut up and listen baka deshi!" Allen froze. His eyes widened then dangerously narrowed in recognition of the new voice.

"Crossssssss" he hissed. "You have guts" He spun to the direction of the bastard that had spoken and felt like he was burning because of his anger.

"Shut up and sit down so I can get this explanation done and done with" The red head said rather grim for himself. Allen froze and stared at the man resisting the burning urge to commit murder. He was better than that. Wait for the guy to explain,

then kill him.

Allen was speechless. In, fact, he was staring at Cross, The accountant and the documents in his hands. All the documents in his hands. He owned what!

"57 billion … dollars?" Allen asked feeling his voice wavering. He possessed… fifty seven billion…dollars?

"How?" He already knew the answer to that question. It was just unbelievable to believe.

"Like I told you. Before your father died he created and possessed half of the entertainment industry." Allen nodded still not really listening. How could he. One night ago he was the struggling yet just barely comfortable student on a budget. Now, he supposedly owned more than enough money to live as the richest guy in the world. Mana created half of the most of the entertainment industry. Not only that, but… the, mostly adult…ehem…industry. He created playboy. His father (adopted or not) created Playboy and some other industries. The…Ah, there were not even proper words to describe how he felt. Confusion, Anxiety, SHOCK? What the heck were even the words?

"How?" His mouth formed the words before he could control himself. He snapped out of it when he was hit over the head and a glare formed quickly.

" What was that for?"

"That's for making me repeat myself" Cross shouted. Allen only stared at him finding no use for arguing. He was still confused.

"Then what now?" He whispered as his voice betrayed him. He received no answer as Cross just stared at the documents that had fallen over earlier. A white bunny print caught his eyes. Did that mean?

"Theses, as you can see, are all the businesses that you now own but over this summer your going to be working on the most important one as it is your actual business" Cross shoved the paper into his lap leaving Allen to stare at it weakly. His eyes went over the logo and then he stared up at Cross, all his previous annoyance disappearing.

"When you say…?"

"Yeah, you know what I mean" Cross interrupted taking the seat in front of him. "I'm sure you know of the million dollar industry known as playboy. What guy doesn't?" Allen just blinked. Did this mean that…

"Before you was adopted, your father Mana Walker was a photographer and artist. He enjoyed taking pictures of anything that interested him. Mostly landscapes and human anatomy."

Allen paused and blinked again. That didn't explain anything. Cross just sighed and shook his head.

"This conversations boring me" . The man abruptly stood and pulled out a cigar. Not cigarette, cigar. That, in itself, must have cost a fortune. Then, Cross looked back at him with a smirk.

"Basically Mana created playboy. You'll here the rest later." He muttered and without warning he turned away. Allen, getting the silent message, quickly gathered all the documents together and ran after him like the apprentice he used to be. It was obvious things would change. Still, not without some answers.

Now, as their…um…his, limo drove down to where his new supposed home was. All Allen could do was groan and worry about how his life would be from now.

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