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Chapter 2- Welcome

Tired and Exhausted would be two things that meant the same thing yet they were the best things that described exactly how he felt. Allen gave a tired yawn still staring at all the documents that were given to him earlier. He was still sitting in the limousine even through it was passed 11:00pm.

Unfortunately Cross was in the car as well and was entertaining himself with alcohol and the TV which overall was very distracting. He was supposed to be looking through all the documents and taking note of businesses with the most valuable profit or something but being drowsy didn't help. (even though he had slept previously during the long limo drive from La to wherever he was currently) All in all everything was just exhausting.

With a sigh Allen finally dropped the sheets of papers finally given up when he had realised that he had been staring at the same details on one of them. At least he had finished skimming over all the information and pages so it shouldn't have been a problem for him to put them back into the brief case that they came in.

"You finally done?" The elder man asked barely shifting his position away from the TV that he was focusing on. He was sprawled against the leather seats enjoying a drink. It was a surprise that he wasn't drunk with all the alcohol that he had had already.

"Yes, what now?" Allen replied.

"Now I brief you in on a few things." The half buzzed man slurred. His chosen tone of voice easily created an uneasy environment in the vehicle for Allen and it helped wake him up enough for him to pay close attention. Although he still wasn't grasping the fact that he was currently going to enter the 'high life' full of luxury and indulgence (which to him was basically being able to afford proper food)he was sure that the things Cross planned to brief him about would help affect him and hopefully he would know more about what to expect.

The paperwork wasn't fake. Which meant what he had be informed about previously wasn't a lie. The fact that his skin stung when he pinched himself proved that he wasn't dreaming. Which meant that he hadn't gone crazy from desperation and tiredness. And the fact that he wasn't feeling dizzy proved that he wasn't in anyway drunk, which all in all meant that the fact of him being there and him witnessing every shiny, glossy curve and glare of light on glass that the 'hotel that he now owned was real and not a cool fragment of his imagination.

The building directly in front of him was real and if he step up those steps into it then Allen felt that he would never be allowed to leave. Finally it had set in. This was his new life. Mana was a loaded business man. He just inherited a fortune. And Mana owned a Porn company(and so much more).

How the heck could that be true?

He was rich!

Allen remembered clearly that Mana had been fairy 'rich' in his life as he remembered living in a big home where Mana was able to give him whatever thing that he wanted and did not necessarily need. He also remembered Mana being quite popular tending to have lots of guests over to talk 'business'. He also remembered that most of those 'boring' trips out that he had with Mana that tended to be boring parties of office meetings. Was that also why they travelled a lot?

The more thoughts that went through his head the more they lead to the same conclusion but he still refused to believe it. The limo door opened besides him revealing more of the night and lights that accompanied it and all thoughts were immediately replaced by one. It was surprising that he didn't notice himself.

"Are we in Vegas?"

Marie seemed to smile at the question signifying that yes, yes they currently were. Sure it was a stupid question to ask but hey, he had every right to. Cross did say that he was going to somewhere in Los Angeles, close to his college.

"Shut up and get out the car Brat I'm starving!" Cross shouted. Allen instinctively moved out the way. As much as he hated the man (even more due to keeping such a big secret) He was hungry too. When the elder man exited Marie had handed the keys of to a valet that Allen had failed to notice and proceeded to head towards the hotel.

All in all Allen was currently marvelling the new scenery. So this was Vegas. As much as he travelled he had never been to the city of sin in some ways. And as shown in advertisements , movies or pictures, the Las Vegas strip it really did look great at night. What with all the lights and neon colours. As he looked around he also couldn't help the slight excitement that took over. After all from quickly looking around he had spotted (easily of course) casinos, and he would be able to make a lot of cash, then again…he did just inherit a fortune right? Wow where things confusing. Still even if he didn't the fact that he was here meant that he could make more than enough money for his housing and school. That thought also brought up another question.

"Oy brat…"

Cross interrupted

"You'll be going to quite a few of these hotels and casinos for experience but this is one of your actual hotels that Mana designed. Got that twerp."

Allen just nodded still looking at all the inviting lights leading to different casinos and clubs. No wonder it was called sin city, with all the ways to earn money. The perfect place for him. Still, why he had never been Las Vegas, till now was still a question. He would have been able to work off any debts that Cross had miraculously caused for him. Speaking of which, did Cross just say a hotel designed by Mana.

He spun around to see the hotel half expecting to see a small building but was shocked instead at the sight of the large buildings in front of him reflecting the lights around showing off its height of pure riches. The night sky only helped dramatize each square window that designed it. He couldn't help but gulp. This was really real. Three large towers, sky scrapers even, stood out clearly making Allen stand in awe for being able to even stand in the presence of such a building. Then he saw it. A nice and clear design on the left building was a playboy sign while the rest read out PALMS.

PALMS Hotel!

Boy did he need to do his research on Mana. To be this rich he would have to have some articles about him on wikipedia or something.

Cross had already moved fast ahead leaving Allen to snap out of his reverie and follow behind. He caught sight of a restaurant by the side just by the entrance and gulped.

Yeah he was hungry but surprisingly due to his trouble with grasping the situation it would no doubt take a long time for him to adjust and control his sudden burst of emotions.

Palms Hotel. A two-floor bachelor pad featuring an 8-foot round rotating bed with mirrored ceiling, the Playboy Jacuzzi pool with a glass wall overlooking the Strip, poker table, media room, terrace, private glass elevator, pop-up plasma TVs, and a private gym with sauna/spa treatment room.

After reading the Hotels information handlet that he had gotten at the front desk, which by the way was huge and basically screaming VIP. He couldn't help but lean back nervously into the seat he was in and stare around. The place was huge. He had read all the amenities of the place. It basically, like Cross said, had everything that he would ever need. He was out of place.

Where he currently was only made him feel more self conscious of his very existence. Cross had even left him in the 'Alize' which was a beautiful restaurant with a great floor to window view of by the side of the restaurant to a view of the Las Vegas strip while he went to do something. In the meantime Allen was alone marvelling the gourmet splendour that was the restaurant. It was high class, DEFINETLY and if it wasn't for the fact that it was around two in the morning then he would have been sure to see plenty of people dressed to match a certain dress code. The way he looked he wasn't surprised to find so waiters that were probably clearing up, staring at him rather distastefully.

He sighed and turned back to the view trying to distract himself enough for his thoughts to calm down and only focus on what it was that he was to eat. In an gourmet restaurant food was expensive of course but he could eat whatever he wanted, right? Then back to the menu. What was he supposed to order if he didn't even know what exactly half the stuff was?

As he was deciding what to choose he failed to notice a group of women walk in. They stopped when they spotted him obviously surprised but quickly lowered their vices to slowly approach.

"Hi? Um sorry but…d'you know that this restaurants is closed at this time? Not to be rude by the way." A short black haired girl said interrupting Allen's thoughts and making him jump up to stare at her and her friends. The first thought that entered his mind was how he noticed that they were all…beautiful. They must have been models as all three of them definitely looked like it.

"Um…er?" Allen stuttered feeling momentarily stunned trying to find words. He immediately remembered how to answer trying to ignore how he was sure that he was blushing. "S-Sorry I was told to wait here by my mentor." The girls nodded .

"Sorry bout that, we normally come here and there's nobody around." She said, "By the way, I'm Alma and these are my friends Lenalee and Saichiko. We kinda work here and I haven't seen your face before. didn't mean to be rude"

The two girls on each side of her had reached out and shook hands before taking a seat around him since there happened to be four seats per table.

Lenalee had taken a menu off of the table quickly scanning it . They seemed nice. At least now. He didn't know why they would want to join him but he sat up straight and tried to hide his nervousness. They would probably think he was geeky and too ugly for their interests At least that how everyone was.

Alma had short jet black hair with two bangs on each side of her face. He also noticed a scar that ran like a slit across her nose. In a way it only made her look daring. The girl known as Lenalee across him seemed sweet with a had dark green hair in two ponytails along with what looked like purple eyes While the last girl, Saichiko on his left had auburn red hair tied into a loose pony tail. All in all, they definetly fit the profile of models.

He managed to quickly memorise each girls names to their different looks and gave a smile back.

"It's not a problem. I'm Allen and I think I'll be working here. Not sure. Nice to meet you"

"You too. So what you gonna eat?" Sachiko had asked. Allen then felt his cheeks heat up. What did he want to eat? He answered honestly before he could stop himself.

"I don't know what half the stuff means"

When he looked up he was met with smiles that were holding back giggles. He just knew that he would now have to deal with 21 questions due to the curious looks that these girls were given him. And past experiences reminded him of his 'unique' appearance.

"Allen, How old are you anyway?" Allen paused in midbite still 'slowly' swallowing his meal to stare at Lenalee. She still seemed a bit cautious around him but that was to be expected.

"um..I just turned 18" Allen replied.

"Really? Then when's your birthday?" The girl continued.


"That's a great, rare, day to have a birthday" Lenalee had said. Allen couldn't help but blink at that. Was that really such a good day. Even after 10yrs he couldn't see it.

"Thanks" He murmured feeling his attention drop to his plate. He had been eating awfully slowly compared to normal in order to keep manners present and not freak out the girls around anymore than they would have to be. The had after all came to talk to him.

At least, even if for a few minute, he was having a normal conversation with people. The only thing that he feared was, were they expecting him to pay for all the food?

"So Allen, what's like. Your major?" Allen was snapped back to reality with Sachiko's question. Major?

"Um, I'm still in Uni to be honest"

Each girl at the table seemed to stop eating and stare at him.

"Your in university? What are you studying then?" Lenalee asked instead.

"I'm studying Photography, and I also did some business"

"So you'll be a photographer?"

"I honestly don't know?" Lenalee looked excited at the prospect.

He was of course curious about them as well and paused a bit in hesitation before gaining a bit of confidence. He just hoped that he was allowed to ask.

"Can I ask what it is that you do as well?" Allen whispered. He was heard clearly though. Lenalee just smiled.

"We're all pretty much models." At this Alma coughed and he had the sense that that wasn't necessarily the truth.

"Um…what?" Allen asked again. Alma just laughed. Nervously laughed.

"Actually I'm a …a…." She gulped. "Porn-n…star" A unusual flush graced her face and she settled on taking to look at her menu. That nervousness didn't suit her. Allen just stared her.

"But your working right?"


"…so, er….whats the big deal?"

The way everyone was staring at him and he couldn't help but feeling nervous again under his hood.

"What I mean is…the fact that you got up to work and not ….illegally…means that your…a…'serious' person. I know how hard it is to get a job and money so the fact that you got up to work means you…know life's…gulp… priorities."

Everyone was still staring at him and he gulped shuffling uncomfortable under the scrutinizing stares.

"I mean that…a job is a job and its better you have one than be some lazy person without money right?"


The food was rather small in proportions though. The French cuisine was of course nice but small. (Even though he had just realised that he was eating an appetizer.

"Are you not enjoying your meal Allen?" Someone asked. Allen looked up and saw that Sachiko was looking at him expectantly, in fact the other two along with some waiters or chefs were looking at him like that. He couldn't help but gulp, especially from the look of one particular waiter looking n his direction.

"It's great" Allen replied nervously scratching the back of his head. A five star restaurant was one of the places that he did not want to get in trouble with. In fact anywhere that would sell food he wouldn't want to get on their bad side. Still, nobody bought it.

"It's not enough food isn't it?" Alma asked. Allen twitched and automatically felt a sweat drop. Talk bout women's intuition. Hit the nail right on the dart board. He dropped his head down in embarrassment feeling his bangs sweep across in an effort to take away his embarrassment. So he had a big appetite and a high, high, high metabolism. What could he do about it?

"Um, a bit"

Lenalee was simply staring at him while the other two seemed to find it a bit funny.

" Not your fault Allen. The waiters probably been a stingy prick again and told our favourite chef to not make us enough food again." Alma continued. At the last words her gaze turned sour till she was glaring at the waiter who simply glared back.

"Excuse me for trying to be considerate of all your weight's. After all commoners like you who got lucky should try to maintain there places."

Allen gulped. He felt a stab and gulped finding his gaze staring at the waiter who had just spoken and 'subtly' (not) just insulted them. Were waiters even allowed to do that? Wasn't this a five star hotel.

"Watch it spiky, you don't want us to get you fired for insulting customers on the job!" Sachiko interrupted. The atmosphere suddenly turned cold. Allen just knew that there was going to be a fight. 'Spiky' The brown haired waiter simply seemed entertained from what Sachiko had said.

"What can you do little prostitute? I've been working here longer than you and actually earning my money. Not sleeping around for it. Plus, due to your laziness I have to stay behind to serve you harlots in my free time. And you" The man simply stared at him. "We have a dress code that should be followed. These sluts don't know how but since your new you should. No hoods!"

Everyone simply got silent and Allen blinked staring between each of them. Alma and Sachiko were basically left glaring at the brunette man whilst…whilst Lenalee was weakly stirring her food. How could a guy say such a stuff like that to women? How could he be so rude? He was a Waiter. A Waiter. He couldn't help the annoyance. He couldn't accept that. He wanted to shut him up and make him leave for respect even though that got him no where.

And without hesitation Allen dropped his hood. The silence that met his hood was what was expected, along with the shocked face and wide eyes so it was enough room to let him speak. He was stupid. He knew he was. He was currently willingly throwing away his newly found 'friendship' but he was…in simple terms a gentlemen. He was raised that way to do stupid, good deeds as he had been told. It was his life anyway and he was used to it.

"Scuse me sir" Allen spat sarcastically. "But do I follow your 'dress code' now or would you try and force me to strip?"

He was answered with incoherent blabber that did help him gain more confidence. A little bit anyway.

"Sir, instead of insulting these women why don't you actually do your job before you get in trouble and fired from your boss. And while your at it why don't you get us 'Commoners' some more food, deserts and drinks."

The man huffed and looked like he was about to swear but was cut off.

And by who? Cross Marian of course.

As Cross walked in Allen suppressed the urge to shudder and gulp leaning back in his seat. Cross always brought that uneasiness in him.

"And what, might I ask is happening here?" The red haired man asked still smoking his cigar and blatantly ignoring the rule of don't smoke inside the hotel (specially expensive restaurant). He was sure that the eldest man already knew but was just asking to test if he would lie. He painfully inhaled for any clean air that hadn't been tainted by that guys presence.




"Not much"

Everyone stared at Saichiko but none dared to say a word. Allen just nodded and took a nervous sip of his drink.

It in all honesty would have been the first time that he successfully to talked to girls without them insulting him or making some snide comments in some way so he was relieved. They didn't even care about his appetite, well of course at first they did, but that was apparently cool in how he was 'like a black hole'. He didn't care if that was rude as he to agreed. After all, who ate food enough to fill a whole room. They had basically ordered Lenalee everything for him to taste and it was delicious and filling. Like it was a buffet.

The food was great. What other way was there to say that. Along with the food the company was good also.

Allen nodded feeling a sense of relief wash over him. These girls didn't seem to bad. At least for now. Still. The only thing he felt slightly uncomfortable with was being the centre of attention so from the look of it, the question would still be raining in. It would definitely be a long new night.

"So…what do you think of the new guy" Alma asked tucking one of her bangs behind an ear. IN all honesty, she looked more like a boy and preferred that look but being a 'porn star' and all people preferred a more feminine flair. You'd think that people wouldn't actually care in that situation. She was kind of surprised at how the new guy, Allen didn't actually have a negative reaction to her after hearing about her job like she expected. Normally guys would either start flirting like she or Sachiko were sluts, or people would look partially disgusted.

Even the damn waiter thought like that and because Sachiko rejected his attempts they always ended up arguing.

It was weird and out of the blue for someone to think of it simply as life or a job. He was nice in her dictionary because of that.

"He seems nice" Saichiko answered and both females turned to look at Lenalee, the odd one out who was simply just a model in the small group. Alma couldn't help but grin instantly recognising Lenalee's slow reaction and light blush on the topic.

Did somebody just develop a Crush?

Saichiko face told that she had drawn the same conclusion .

This would be fun.

"Hey Lenalee, at least we've all got his phone number and facebook account."

The model nodded diverting her eyes and Alma smile broadened.

She would definitely be looking into this.

Waking up had of course taken its toll as to wake up immediately seeing your own reflection instead of a dull ceiling was always an unusual sight to him. Instead of the uncomfortable hardness of the floor there was that airy softness of a bed. It almost caused panic to set in, but then as quickly as that tried to move in he remembered the previous day's events.

For a few minutes Allen simply lay there staring at the new ceiling that he would apparently have to get used to. At least for a few weeks apparently, depended.

After the rather luxurious midnight meal that included three rather beautiful and social girls Cross had finally joined them after dealing with some business. Of course that was still questionable as to what type of 'business' that was supposed to mean. After all from years of experience from just being acquainted with that womanizer Allen knew that Cross was a definite womanizer. Although…now that Allen had heard of Mana owning playboy and the fact that Mana was also deceased Cross must have actually been doing some work. Cross Working, that was a thought.

Still, before the man had helped interrupt an awkward situation. Still it was one of the nicest conversations that Allen had ever been fortunate to have with a girl, not to mention a group of them. It was a slightly rare experience and he actually felt like he was liked by someone. They were all nice. The way that they reacted to him and his (as they said) 'unique' appearance was nice.

He just hoped that they weren't faking.

Allen couldn't help but smile at his reflection that was staring back from the ceiling.

It would be nice for as long as he could handle it.

He had a lot of work cut out for him. He could understand that from the tally sheets about the active buyers for each different company that he now apparently owned. If everything was indeed true then he would definitely be experiencing a new life.

But, in a way, this would be the life that he had been dreaming of for years right. He just hoped that he would be accepted.

With a tired groan and a bit of strain he successfully pulled himself up off the sheets and stretched relieving his muscles of tight cranks. The sky was slightly dark with the sun peering over the horizon. The view was really appreciated so he was glad at the many windows identified. They came in very useful. Still he could admire them later.

He then he settled to fixing the bed. Hotel or not he didn't want to risk anything that could cost him at the moment. After all waking up in the morning could cause some delusion. That and confusion.

After a few successful minutes he finished then turned to his new goal. Just before he fell asleep he didn't actually look around the suite as the yawning him was led straight to the room in the 'Sky Villa'. Sure he shouldn't have been drinking due to manners and all but when the girls kept offering alcohol he couldn't help but accept. Thankfully he was only buzzed but he was thankful that he hadn't over drank and done something irresponsible. (worse than he had already done) All three of them had helped lead him straight the elevator where he had been given a key card for his 'suite', then he was led straight to his room.

If they jacked him he didn't know but at the moment he didn't have the energy to check.

He had realised that his stuff was already in the room though. He a slightly perturbed thought he took a step closer to the bath that was ironically position on front of the bed.

He really would need to check out exactly what content was in Playboy, along with other companies.

The creaking in his joints agreed with him. That and from the hot clothes that he was wearing he felt stuffy and hot. He needed a shower.

Which was ironic in how there was a shower right next to the bed. That and it was a giant jet tub surrounded by a curtain of beads. Pretty flashy huh. He dared o slip a finger through disturbing the order that the jewels fell and cleared a wider area to stare at the shower, which , dare he say, was big. Bigger than he was actually used to. It would be a jump to get in. It looked more like a Jacuzzi.

Allen just sighed as he stared at the whole room again marvelling everything. He really hoped that Cross wasn't playing a cruel joke on him.

As this was to nice to be true but he still hoped.

That and everything really was remote controlled, which was totally cool.

He had heard knocking in the room at 9:00, after he was able to explore the hotel room, or more like penthouse as it was two stories. Simply huge! The silverette was only left to blush the size and amenities that came with the 'apartment' as well as some obscene pictures that came. There was about four rooms as well.

When he opened the door he was greeted by the previous emerald haired beauty from the night before. Lenalee had then taken him down to breakfast at a different restaurant by the way, where, just like last night, she had helped choose what to eat.

And of course, the dish was complimentary in every way in how he had a divine selection to choose from. From, waffles, eggs, bacon, toast and even freshly cut fruit to choose from. He all but nearly scarfed it down like a starving man who had never received food in years. Plus it felt exactly like that. Lenalee had just laughed eeating his food and when they had finished she had agreed to give him a tour.

That was when he finally noticed her full appearance and even he would admit that he was looking down most of the time unless something caught his eye or she told him to look. After all she was wearing skinny jeans with heels and a very low cut blouse that was awfully tight.

Finally it was around 12:30 pm when Lenalee had decided to end the tour and led him somewhere else.

He silently followed feeling relieved at a nice conversation and full meal for the second time in a very long time but could only sigh. Now to have the next schedule. No doubt Cross would finally choose to shock and scare the life out of him leaving him in some probable permanent damage. That was what he was dreading, one day of heaven, then the next a complete pposite.

Like he said, living with Cross, one could never relax, they would always have to be on edge for the life of themselves. That or you'd willingly allow yourself to be devoured alive by debts, women, and more debts.

The two hard metals doors opened automatically and at that moment Allen felt a new unusual feeling hit him. Cross was standing at the door smoking, as usual. But that wasn 't the reason that pure nervousness hit him like a ton of bricks. When Cross noticed them he put the thick cigar out. He then grinned. The whole hall was almost like a conference or party room but the difference was all the people that preoccupied the seats, and some that were even standing. From the looks of it some looked like hotel workers while many looked like models and a few business people.

Allen was guessing at this moment that this was the shock.

"About time. Now EVERYONE!" Cross bellowed catching everyone's attention and succeeding in making everyone in the room or 'hall' silent. He then signalled for a now shivering Allen to join his side while Lenalee went to sit down.

Allen could feel the stage fright claw at his skin and as everyone's eyes fixed on him it doubled the feeling from clawing to stabbing at him. Again, he was thankful at his choice of clothes being another hooded fleece as it was helping hide him if only a little bit. But of course that little defence was quickly shattered and destroyed by Cross. His hood was yanked off his head not hesitating to reveal his stark white hair and his glasses were ripped of his face.

Cross, again, just merely grinned.

"Now, Ladies…." Cross purred before turning to a few 'odd ones out' in the room.

"And gentlemen." "He scoffed. Allen could feel everyone's eyes still peering at him but their attention went back to Cross and silence allowed the elder man to continue.

"As you all know, since Mana Walker died I have taken over his 'enterprise' till his only child would take over. And now is that day. This brat here is Allen Walker, so I trust that you'll all treat him well. And don't worry too much about his appearance. I'll deal with that tomorrow." Cross scoffed slightly at his own joke. Allen could only sigh feeling irked at the man words. Sure he didn't look good but he didn't need to make horrible jokes out of that, even if Cross's jokes were never funny.

"Throughout this summer he'll be learning the ropes and hopefully working with all of you but for now have fun showing him around and hopefully getting to know him. I'll be back tomorrow with instruction." And with that Cross took his leave.

All the girls and males in the room smiled and all cheered and Allen couldn't help the sharp clear blush that formed.

"Welcome to PLAYBOY!"

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