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It was a rainy night. The rain was pouring down the sky, the thunder roared like a hazardess monster in the night sky. The street lights were dim. The streets were wet. Splashes can be heard when people walk on the pool of water. People who does not want to get soaked with water was running as fast as they could.

A couple was seen holding hands crossing the streets and one of them was holding an umbrella. The orange haired guy was smiling at the raven haired boy.

"It is pouring heavily. And I'm sharing an umbrella with you." Ishida's hand was outside the umbrella, observing the rain. A slight blush is visible on his cheeks.

"Well thanks to the rain, we can be so close to each other." Ichigo grinned putting one hand in his pocket and the other hand holding the umbrella.

"Y...You." Ishida looked away and blushed furiously.

"Ichigo smirked and said, "Hey, Ishida."

"What, Kuro..." Ichigo held Ishida's hand suddenly. Ishida was stunned by Ichigo's sudden action.

"W-What are you doing , Kurosaki ! Not in public !" Ishida said as he tried to shake Ichigo's hand of his. But the more his struggle , the more firm Ichigo's hand held onto his.

"But it's raining , nobody will see us." Ichigo purred in Ishida's ear.

"..." Ishida sighed then turned away and blush slightly. Ichigo smiled at him passionately.

A certain auburn haired girl was driving in the rain. Some car who does not care for the traffic light dashed on the road. While they were crossing the road, a certain auburn haired girl saw them and gripped the steering wheel hard when she saw them. Then she saw the passionate smile plastered on Ichigo's face. The smile that she longed for. Tears of sadness began to form in her large grey eyes. She began choking on her tears on said, "Why Kurosaki-kun ? Why ? Why won't you smile for me? Why do you never notice me?" She then gritted her teeth and said, "Kurosaki-kun, if I can't have you no one can ! Gomen..." She then sped up her car towards Ichigo's direction.

"Kurosaki, watch out !" Ishida yelled on the top of his lungs at Ichigo when he saw the car dashing towards Ichigo's direction. Knowing Ichigo don't have enough time to escape from the dashing car, he pushed Ichigo aside thus taking the blow. Reddish blood can be seen when the car hit Ishida. His pale skin was stained with a huge amount of blood.

"Argghh it hurts! As long Kurosaki is not injured I'm fine." Ishida thought.

"Ishida ! Ishida ! Ishida !" Ichigo screamed Ishida's name on the top of his lungs.

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